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Your Recommendations Just Don’t Work!

Something I specialize in is teaching clients and prospective clients how to gain visibility and credibility on the Internet by way of no-cost and low cost strategies. When done right the visibility can lead to increased revenues.

One of the most effective methods to accomplish this is through online distribution of articles specific to one’s market. At the end of the article is an offer for a high value information product such as an eBook, white paper, report or tips list. There is no cost or obligation to download the information product other than leaving a name and email address.

I have been using this method for years with great success, as have many of my clients and colleagues. There is no doubt in my mind that article distribution works to build a responsive, opt-in database regardless of industry or market.

Recently, I received a heated email from someone on my opt-in subscriber list claiming article distribution for visibility, credibility and increased revenues absolutely does not work. The writer was very upset and claimed she has tried this strategy with no success at all. She went on to say many of her friends and colleagues have had similar results as her.

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