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In success, Kathleen Gage The Street Smarts Marketer

Do you know your market?

To have effective marketing campaigns it is essential to know who your market is, what motivates them and address their motivation.

Recently, Cadillac began a campaign targeting a very specific market; women with confidence who are successful, powerful and like to live large. If the woman watching the commercial does not define herself as such, she may secretly desire to have these attributes. Cadillac has successfully conveyed this message and stirred the urge.

The first time I saw one of their new commercials with actress Kate Walsh, I was captivated. The commercial stuck. With each viewing of the commercial I find myself becoming more and more intrigued by the message. (And yes, I have started looking for my red CTS)

Not only is the message enticing (for their market), it is being shown numerous times. Another essential factor in a successful advertising campaign – repitition.

If you haven't seen the commercials yet, go to

Click on the picture for the Turn You On and My Favorite Things. They convey confidence, success and powerful women.

A masterful campaign.

As you think about your own marketing campaigns, your target market and the message you convey, are you creating a winning formula.

Granted, small businesses certainly don't have the advertising budget a company like Cadillac does, but that doesn't mean you can't have an effective marketing campaign.

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

The Street Smarts Marketing and Promotions Ezine is ready

The April issue of The Street Smarts Marketing and Promotions Ezine is ready.

You are in for a special treat this month. There are two articles on our thoughts and how they pertain to marketing. Find out why social networks are essential for most people in today’s world of Internet marketing. Find out why I believe intuition is essential to our level of achievement.

On April 1st I am launching a great FREE product giveaway featuring experts from a variety of fields. Read more in this month’s issue.

Take a peak at a couple of my rescue pets, check out Catchin’ Up with Kathleen. Six of the seven four legged critters who reside with us are rescues.

I have lots of events coming up. Some are teleseminars while others are live events. Find out if I will be speaking in your city or a conference you will be attending by viewing my upcoming events.

In the recommended resources area you can access some wonderful information for both your personal and professional interests.

Have a great month.
In success,

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

Do this and you may be negating your marketing efforts

Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to people about marketing. Since marketing is what I teach and do, it stands to reason this would be so. In all the conversations I have had I realize that often people lose sight of what marketing is. There are some who believe marketing is an action and that is it.


I contend that marketing also has to do with one’s mindset. If someone takes a physical action in their marketing; advertising, media release, online campaign, etc., that is one aspect of marketing. Even more important is the belief behind the action.


Say you take an action to market a product or service with the assumption that the action will bring a result. However, throughout your day you talk about how slow business is or you comment on the fact there is a recession going on.

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Do you know how to keep in touch with those who are searching for you?

Are you seeking ways to gain visibility online? One of the most effective ways is with blogging. The way the search engines work is such that you can increase your rankings by blogging.

Blogging is also a great way to let your market know what you are up to. You can use a blog to write a book; establish market reach; build your visibility; and increase market trust.

To optimize your blogging efforts you need to post to your blog on a regular basis. Additionally, blog with information that is relevant to your market or genre.

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This is NOT smart marketing…nor is it considerate!

I have a bone to pick. It has to do with how some people choose to market their products and services.

Before I tell you what my gripe is I feel compelled to give you a point of reference. I have been marketing on (and with) the Internet for years. I have been very strategic in building an opt-in subscriber list of interested readers. Everyone on my list requested to be there.

When people sign up for my list they occassionally receive information on upcoming events, teleseminars, free offers, tips, articles and my ezine. At any time they are free to opt out of my list.

I completely respect someone's decision to get off my list. If my information is no longer of interest or serves a purpose for them then they should opt out.

This leads to what my bone to pick is. Lately, I have been receiving numerous unsolicited messages from people who opted into my list and seem to feel that because they are on my list that they can automatically send me sales messages regardless of the fact I am not on their list nor did I request to get their information.

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An often missed aspect of defining a market

Marketing involves finding and defining target markets for your products and services. Your marketing must be able to match the product to specific groups of people that are willing and able to buy the product and to know the differences of each of these target markets.

Rather than assuming that you will go through the process of defining your market once and be done with it, you must treat market identification as an ongoing process.

Target market information allows you to increase revenues, decrease cost of marketing, refine your sales processes, determine more clearly who a prospect is and is not, discover market changes, and find more new customers.

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Internet Marketing takes more than a one time effort

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who claim to want to build their on-line presence, yet they give their marketing effort a half hearted effort. The fact is, generating business is an ongoing process, not a one time experience.

Additionally, it is not about trying one method of marketing and promotions to get your name in front of your market. You must seek multiple ways.

With the onset of numerous ways to utilize the Internet, your possibilities for marketing are many. Some will cost; many are free.

The one virtually anyone who has been on the Internet for any length of time has likely heard of is

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Finding hidden marketing dollars

In the mid 80’s I was an account executive for a radio station located in Santa Rosa, California. During that time I became very familiar with what is referred to as co-op advertising. Co-op advertising is a great source of advertising dollars. And there is so much of it available to people, yet most people know very little, if anything, about co-op dollars.

Interestingly, I was one of the only reps at the station who made sure my clients knew about this benefit. The reason was simple, there was more work involved in getting my clients set up, and yet, there was financial gain for both my client and myself by taking time to help them stretch their marketing dollars.

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