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Small Businesses Say They Don’t Know How to Utilize Teleseminars to Build Their Business, Yet They Want To!

Earlier today I conducted a survey with several hundred people who are registered for my upcomging FREE teleseminar, The Truth about Making Money with Teleseminars.

The majority (79.3%) of the respondents have moderate to above average experience with the Internet. Over 80% don't use teleseminars as part of their business offerings although they would like to.

The primary reasons for not utilizing teleseminars are:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Managing various aspects of their current systems
  • Time

The majority of respondents want to learn how to:

  • Convert leads into sales
  • Streamline the process
  • Effectively incorporate teleseminars into their overall business model
  • Marketing a teleseminar
  • Knowing where to find the market for the type of teleseminar

If you are someone who is ready to learn how to utilize teleseminars as a viable part of your business and add thousands of dollars to your revenue stream then you are ready to join me on Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 6 p.m. Eastern for my FREE teleseminar, The Truth About Making Money with Teleseminars.

In success,

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

Willie Crawford’s session is going to be GREAT!

I am thrilled with the response I have received for my teleseminar with Willie Crawford. With over 700 people registered, I know we are going to have a great time.

Anyone on the call is going to learn Secrets To Lucrative Joint Ventures. The call takes place very soon. July 29th 9 – 10 a.m. PST.

If you are even thinking of attending, now is the time to register. This will likely be one of the most informative calls you will ever be on.

Willie will reveal the secret to tapping into other people’s assets to grow your business at hyper-speed. During the call you will learn:

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What’s all the hype about money-making teleseminars

As a solopreneur I know what it's like to have to reach my market fast, effectively and with the most cost effective methods I can find. I also know I have to get a high return on my efforts.


The problem many people encounter is knowing what is hype and what is real. I've been in your shoes.


I have learned how to make thousands of dollars virtually on command with very little cash outlay hosting FREE teleseminars. I would love to share my formula with you.


Discover how to use teleseminars to make more money than you dreamed possible…


Find out during my FREE teleseminar – August 5th – 9 – 10 a.m.


Take an hour to join me and learn how you can create a new revenue stream for your business.


Kathleen Gage

Discover Secrets to Lucrative Joint Venture Partnerships

Lots of people want to “make money on the Internet.” What many fail to realize is making money on the Internet requires that you treat this like any other money-making opportunity. You must work at it, you must establish market reach and you must gain visibility. Also, you must develop a solid foundation.

Before you do just about anything you MUST complete your market analysis. Unfortunately, many people want to skip this important step. The fact is, until you gain incredible clarity on your market you will be unable to optimize all you will be doing.

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Which is better – eBooks or physical books?

“How do you sell your books on-line; in ebook download form or physical form and ship them? It is quite a hassle to print books and send them through postal service. Which is the better way? What steps do I need to take if I want to sell it in ebook form?”

Earlier today I received these questions from one of my readers. These are all great questions, but to give a pat answer without more detail on the goals of the gentleman who wrote, what his marketing budget is, who is market is and a number of other factors, it’s rather difficult to give a “one size fits all” answer.

Granted, there are some general recommendations I can make, but if an author wants to know the best route to take, he needs to consider a number of factors. Here are a few:

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Willie Crawford, Internet Marketer Extraordinaire is my next featured expert on July 29th

I am so pleased with the response I am receiving about my featured experts for The Top of Their Game Expert Teleseminar Series. I have already gotten quite a few emails from people who were on Peggy McColl's call today about how much they got from her information.

Next week listeners are in for an incredible experience with Internet marketer extraordinaire, Willie Crawford. Willie is one of the most successful online marketers around. Find out how he went from selling a cookbook online making a few bucks here and there to becoming a multi millionaire and a highly respected leader in the industry.  The session takes place on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 9 a.m. Pacific. It will go for about an hour, maybe a bit longer.

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The lies of Internet Marketing

In the years I have been involved in Internet marketing the four top myths I see are:

1. The Internet is a get rich quick proposition.
2. You have to be a techie to make money.
3. Nobody will buy on the Internet.
4. Everybody is my market. Here is my response to each.

Get Rich Quick You CAN make incredible amounts of money on the Internet, but it is not about getting rich quick. If you want to do well and make great money you have to treat this like a business. You have to lay a proper foundation, build your market reach, your visibility and your crediblity. This takes time, focus, training and commitment.

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What is Twitter and is it a waste of time?

In recent months Twitter has become very popular in many circles. Yet, what is Twitter?

Twitter is a micromedia tool that allows you post short messages to other Twitterers who want to get your information. Your messages are limited to 140 characters, which forces you to think about the most important information you want to send.

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Join me for my free teleseminar The Truth About Making Money with Teleseminars


The Truth About Making Money with Teleseminars

July 19, 2008 – Eugene, OR –If you're like most people, you have a wealth of information that your customers and clients would benefit from learning. Information that can change the lives of your customers and make you lots of money.

So what's wrong? Why is that some people make tons of money with their information while others struggle to do so?

Find out during Kathleen Gage’s FREE teleseminar – The Truth about Making Money with Teleseminars.

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The Truth about Making Money with Teleseminars

For the last few years I have made a lot of money hosting free teleseminars. I often get asked what my process is to consistently generate thousands of dollars each time I host a call. Some people have learned the process because they participated in my private mentoring courses. Those mentoring courses run thousands of dollars per person.

Because I know there are a LOT of people who want to know how to develop and facilitate money-making teleseminars, but may not have thousands to invest, I decided to offer a FREE one hour session, The Truth About Making Money with Teleseminars.

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