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Becoming the Complete Entreprenuer – Joyful Business Podcast #23

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Laura Howard West, CPCC. Laura is the founder of Center for Joyful Business. She provides inspiration, resources, and perspectives to women entrepreneurs who are creating Passion, Purpose and Prosperity in their work and life.

Here is the latest episode of the Joyful Business Podcast. Laura features
interviews with some of the most talented and joyful entrepreneurs on
the Internet. Each interview is full of nuggets of wisdom about how
being joyful and mindful in your business brings you the success you
deserve. You'll find tips, stories, and real life ideas for keeping the
joy, passion and creativity alive.
Find out some of my spiritual principles that have been so instrumental in building my business and my passion for what I do. This interview may surprise you.

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Is becoming an Bestseller worth anything?

Recently, I held a free teleseminar to teach authors
how to become an bestseller. Not only have I achieved bestseller
status on, I have helped several clients do the same.

I was amazed at how many people registered for my free
call. Between this one and another I hosted a few weeks ago, I had over 1,750
people who registered.

I held the calls to educate authors and soon to be
authors on what it takes to rise on the charts of Amazon. The information comes
from my own success as an author and having coordinated numerous campaigns for

Every time I coordinated a campaign I received multiple
inquiries from authors who wanted a similar outcome as the client I had just
worked with.

Although every campaign I have coordinated has been
successful and my clients have reached #1 in various categories on Amazon, the
reality is that for many authors my fees are prohibitive. Also, I feel for most
authors I offering a better service for their particular needs by teaching them
how to coordinate their own campaign. You see, many authors have no idea where
to begin when it comes to marketing their book.

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Authors! There’s Power and Profit when you get FREE Publicity

One of the greatest ways to promote a book is with
free publicity. It is not difficult to secure publicity if you know what you
are doing. With all that is available on the Internet it’s even easier than
ever. The fact is, many times your potential readers will pay attention to free
publicity more than they do with paid advertising…especially when it comes to
promoting a book.


There are ample opportunities to get publicity if
you keep your eyes and ears open. Some authors make a feeble or one-time
attempt at gaining publicity and if they don’t immediately get massive coverage
they give up. They are under the mistaken notion that either they will never
get free publicity by their own efforts. They either give up or they believe
they have to hire a PR firm.


For someone on a limited budget, hiring a PR firm
may not be a solution. The fact is, you can learn how to get publicity by your
own efforts; and lots of it. You can literally get thousands, tens of thousands
or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity if you know where
to focus your attention.


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I can’t stand those long sales letters…Why would anyone use them?

a recent teleseminar a listener asked why anyone would write long sales letters
to sell something on the Internet. Here’s the exact question, “I’m still not
sure I understand how effective they can possibly be. Because who would have
the patience to read something that long?”

love this question because it gives me the opportunity to explain the pros and
cons of this type of sales tool.

me begin by saying, not every product and/or service needs a lengthy sales
letter nor does everyone read these types of letter. Marketing and sales are
not a one size fits all situation.

people require long letters to make a buying decision, while others don’t. The
fact is, there are many different types of people who read sales information.  Some read a headline and immediately scroll to
the bottom of the page to see pricing. Others skim the page catching bits and
pieces of the copy. Still others read the entire letter down to the very last

how do you know if the long letters work? Conversion rate and revenues. Simple
as that.

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Are you immobilized or energized during these uncertain times?


In these
uncertain times it’s essential to have a systematic approach to how you run your
business. This includes how you market your business. Those who have systems in
place are likely to stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, they are positioning
themselves for the upturn of the economy.

than sitting around talking about how bad things are, why not use the time to
research, develop, plan and market.

 While some
people are immobilized by what is occurring with the economy, others are taking
stock of where their business has been, where it currently is and what the
potential for the future is. Which best describes you; immobilized or energized?

Why not
use this time to evaluate where you can streamline and those areas you need to
beef up? What products and services do you need to discontinue and which ones
do you need to develop and repurpose?

area you may need to pay very close attention to is how you are spending your
time. If you’re constantly reading, listening or watching how bad things are
you need to change your focus. Simple as that.

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5 Proven Methods to Build Your Business

In today's uncertain times it is more
essential than ever to have a solid plan for growing your business. Here are
five proven strategies virtually any speaker, author, coach or consultant can

Teleseminars – Very effective method of gaining visibility
and credibility within a target market. Teleseminars can be offered to the
public or as a “by invitation only” session for your current clients and


Articles – Writing
articles is a great way to gain recognition as an expert in your field or
specific industry. By providing practical information, you can reach targeted
audiences. This can create exciting opportunities for you and your business.

Presentations – One of the most effective ways to market your product or
service is to offer a complimentary information seminar. When you provide great
information that is of interest to your market you have become a resource
before you are a vendor. By positioning yourself as a resource you are marketing
in a very unique way.


Joint Venture
Join together with others who have a
complimentary market to expand your market reach, message and stretch your
marketing dollars.


Write a
book –
Not only does a book increase your credibility, it can double as a
“robust” brochure to gain a potential clients attention.



This will only take a couple of minutes – Not

Recently, I have had conversations with several of my colleagues who have been bombarded with people who are on their subscriber list asking for one on one phone time that “will only take a couple of minutes.” Time that they are asking for at no cost.  Time from experts who have programs set up where clients pay for one on one time.

I too have received these types of calls and emails. The fact is, all of us would love to be able to answer these types of inquiries, but we are unable to. The reasons vary. The most obvious being that every “this will only take a couple of minutes” usually amounts to 5 – 15 minutes.

Often the person requesting just a moment of someone’s time doesn’t realize that there are others doing the same. Imagine if during any given day six people were asking for a few minutes of “free” coaching. This would add up to a minimum of an hour out of our day.

Besides the time on the call there is the time to get refocused on what we are doing. Whenever you move from one thing to another there is a re-entering of your attention to whatever you were working on.

It’s not that we don’t want the inquiries, but the reality is we may seriously not have the time to do this without setting aside a time to give you our full attention. Our full attention may mean that you will have to pay for the time.

The next time any of us say, “This will only take a few minutes of your time” what does that really mean and how would we feel if someone does that to us?

In success

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

Teleseminars for Virtually Any Need and Any Market

When you ask many people online how many types of teleseminars there are many people stop at one or two. Actually, there are dozens of types of teleseminars and reasons to host one.

Regardless of the type of teleseminar you host or participate in, many of the steps to create and develop one will be similar.  However, how you promote a session is determined by whether it is open to the public, free, fee based or used as an added value tool for existing clients. Some of the different types are:


  • Preview calls

  • FAQ calls

  • Expert interviews

  • Paid sessions

  • Free sessions

  • Corporate trainings

  • Open to the public

  • Private sessions

  • Membership benefit sessions

  • Affiliate training calls


For many small business owners such as consultants, coaches, speakers and authors a preview call is going to be one of the most popular types that you offer.

Basically a preview call is just what it sounds like. People get a taste of what a paid course will be about.

Another purpose for teleseminars is to address the areas your existing customers have a lot of questions about. Say you have customers who seem to be asking the same questions over and over about your products and services. Here’s something very simple to do. You host the call, invite your existing clients, record the call and when new clients come on board, they get the recording. This is great added value to your customer care.

Say you are a nutritionist and you sell a very unique type of nutrition program. When your clients buy your program they get an instant download of the most common questions they will likely have.

Another type of teleseminar is expert interviews. These are great in that you can bring an incredible amount of value to your market. An expert series is one of the most beneficial types of teleseminars for anyone who wants to bring top level information to their market.

Your opportunity to utilize teleseminars in your business is only limited by your imagination.

Join me at Willie Crawford’s Birthday Bash from March 27th – 29th where I will be teaching more on how to use teleseminars to build your business, sell more books, have a greater market reach and much more. Go to to learn more.

The measure of success

I just finished a conversation with yet another person who is feeling the pinch of the current economic situation. When I asked what the specific problem is they said, “Business is way down, people are not spending like they used to and we fear for the future.”

I then asked what they were doing to market their business and website.

“We are continuing to post the items we have for sell,” they lamented.

“What about marketing? What are you doing to bring awareness to your business and your site?” I pushed.

“What can I do? We don’t have money to market,” they commented with an obvious air of frustration.

There are plenty of things that can be done to market your business that cost virtually nothing. Nothing that is, but time.

The fact is, many people are going deeper and deeper into a space of despair, frustration and resignation around the outward appearances of what is currently happening in the world. They see things as they appear to be, accepting that things are just the way they are and there’s not a lot they can do about it; often to the point of emotional immobilization.

Granted, there may be some aspects of what is happening that we have no control of. owev On the other hand, there may be an incredible amount we can do.

If you are overwhelmed and feel  you are drowning in all that is going on here are a few recommendations you might want to immediately implement.

1.       Conduct an honest assessment of where you and your business are at.

2.       Determine your priorities in order to have a more productive day, week and month.

3.       Be willing to let go of activities that are time wasters rather than results producers.

4.       Put together a list of ways you can market your business.

5.       Commit to implementing a minimum of two things a day you can do to market your business.

6.       Begin your day by marketing rather than going right into email to see what new messages you received. The emails will be there when you have completed you marketing tasks.

7.       Watch your language patterns. You may be absent mindedly thinking or saying things like, “This is terrible. It has never been this bad. What am I going to do if I lose my business?”

8.       Post affirmations around you of what the ideal situation would be like. “Business is good. Customers love doing business with me. I love my customers and clients.” With this step, feel the feeling of what these statements mean.

It is very easy to get caught up in what is wrong to the point of immobilization. The only person who has control over how you respond to the current situation is you.

The question that begs to be asked is, “What are you willing to do differently to change your current reality?”

If you say nothing can be done, you are SO right. That’s because you believe this to be true.

If on the other hand, you are willing to get outside of your comfort zone and do things differently, you will likely be amazed at the result.

Oh yes; one other thing. Affirm in the space of gratitude the good that surrounds you. If you make a sale of $10, get excited and give thanks. Avoid saying, “Shoot, it was only $10. That won’t fix anything.”

The fact is, enough $10 sales can generate a complete shift in your business.

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In success,

Kathleen Gage

The Street Smarts Marketer™