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This is how top money makers online generate great revenues

One of the best ways to generate revenue online is with information products. There are lots of people making thousands of dollars from easy to develop information products.

The thing they do that is different than many people is they have speed to market. When they get an idea, they act on it.

Far too many people try to be perfect in what they develop. The fact is, you don't have to be perfect. What you do have to do is provide great information.

The more of a solution your information offers to your market the more they will be eager to invest in what you develop.

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Selling books online is one avenue that generates abundance in my life. My report gives lots of detail on how you can do the same. The teleseminar will cover a wealth of information any author (or soon to be author) will benefit from.

Become an online bestselling author

If you're like most authors you dream of selling lots of books and becoming a bestseller. Sadly, many authors know how to write a great book, but have little knowledge on how to gain visibility and secure sales for their books.

In my newest report – How to Become an Online Bestseller – I share some of the most important information on how to position yourself for success.

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Award-Winning Author to Share Promotion Tips on Free Podcast

MaAnna Stephenson will interview author advocate Carolyn Howard-Johnson on her series of Just the FAQs podcasts on Thursday, August 14. The interview will be available at and on iTunes sometime after that.

Stephenson is an author in her own right. Two decades of technical writing, web design and marketing for countless private clients and community groups led her to produce this nstructional series titled Just the FAQs, the ultimate user-friendly guides to the technical aspects of internet marketing and promotions. Her book is The Sage Age: Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom, which was featured in Publishers Weekly shortly after its debut.

The FAQs Podcasts feature informative interviews with industry professionals in the business of writing, marketing, and the creation of online media who will help writers create a top-notch product and help them reach their target audience.

The two writers will do what both do best, that is give their listeners lots of tips and ideas based on their professional experience and practical approaches based on practical experience promoting their own books.

Howard-Johnson instructs at UCLA Extension's world renown Writers' Program. Her first novel, This Is the Place, won eight awards. Her second book, Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered, creative nonfiction, won three. She is also an award-winning poet. Her how-to book for writers, The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won't is recommended reading for her classes, was named USA Book News' “Best Professional Book” and is an Irwin Award winner. Her second book in the How To Do It Frugally series is The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success. It, too, is a USA Book News award-winner as well as the winner of the Reader View's Literary Award.

She is the recipient of both the California Legislature's Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment Award and the Glendale American Business Women's Association's Woman of the Year award. Her community's Character and Ethics Committee honored her for promoting tolerance with her writing. She was also named to Pasadena Weekly's list of 14 “San Gabriel Valley women who make life happen.” She is a popular speaker and actor.

Learn more about Howard-Johnson at and Stephenson at

Emails! What a time waster and what to do about it

Emails are by far one of the greatest time wasters for most people. Below is an outstanding article by Karen Leland on Five Easy Steps to E-mail Organization. This is an excerpt from her newest book.

And now for a topic near and dear to everyone’s heart — e-mail organization. To establish an e-mail filing system that allows you to access past e-mails quickly and easily, use the following methods to archive and prioritize messages:

#1. File by client name. If your work is account based, with lots of different clients, it makes sense to set up a folder for each customer; for example: Client A, B, C and D. However, if you have several hundred clients to keep tabs on, create general folders that divide the clients into broader categories; for example: Engineering clients, retail clients, banking clients, healthcare clients etc.

#2. File by product or service. If your work has more to do with products and services than clients, make general folders for all the main product and service categories that you deal with. For example, the products folders might be labeled: Flab fighter, joyful gerbil, kitty crave, turtle polish and catnip sauce. Examples of service folders might be: Consulting, speaking, training, writing etc. Within these folders, place all related topics en masse, or with subfolders for each product or service category.

#3. File by project. Some people prefer a project-based filing system, in which folders are created for each of the major projects you are working on. For example: New web site, quarterly sales, annual picnic, family reunion etc.

Within each folder, subfolders can be created to store messages that relate to one area of the project; for example, under the project “new web site,” you might have the following subfolders: Design, ideas, notes, input, management and webmaster.

#4. Take advantage of automated filing. Microsoft Outlook, Entourage and Apple Mail have features for automatically assigning e-mails — from specific senders or about certain subjects — to pre-assigned folders. E-mails then show up in your main inbox list, but are also filed under their specified topic.

#5. Finally, when new e-mails come in, don’t let them linger in your mailbox, hoping they will read themselves. For every incoming message you have, take at least one of the following four actions:

•Reply immediately whenever possible

•Delete the message

•Forward when appropriate

•File the message in the appropriate folder

Warning! Don’t fall into the trap of using “ignore” as an option for dealing with incoming messages. Anything you are trying to ignore becomes a loose end and a big energy drain.

Buy a copy of Time Management In An Instant the week of July 20th and receive a free license to view the Essential Email online course. To buy the book and claim your bonus, or just to buy the book go to:

Karen Leland and Keith Bailey are the bestselling authors of six books including Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day. They are the co-founders of Sterling Consulting Group, which helps organizations and individuals learn how to fight distraction and find their focus in a wired world. For more information please contact:

Ducks and Internet Marketing…there is a connection.

My friend, Deb LaQua recently gave a great comparison between ducks and Internet Marketing. It makes perfect sense.

Ducks and Internet Marketing…there is a connection.
by Deb LaQua

I didn't expect to learn a lot about starting an online business from the ducks and ducklings who summer on the river in front of our cabin. But I was surprised to find that I did.

We've been at our cabin in SW Colorado all summer, and have had the never-ending joy of watching ducklings grow from fuzzy balls floating on the river to developing feathers to learning to fly.

Yesterday, as I was sitting here at my computer and looking out at the river, a group of two duckling families floated by…or maybe I should say whizzed past…on the river. Some of the ducklings were older and more skilled, and some barely had their
adult feathers.

They were moving fast, and making a wake behind them as they appeared to be trying to take off and fly. Some of them got above the water for a second, and then plopped back down. They were really working hard at this new skill.

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Two reasons you may not be making money with the Internet

“How do you expect to make money if you don’t have anything to sell?” Believe it or not this is a question I frequently ask people.

I am amazed at how often someone will tell me they are not making any money by using the Internet in their business and when I ask them what products and services they have available for people to purchase they tell me they don’t have any.

How in the world does someone think they are going to make money if they have nothing for people to buy? Let’s get real. You cannot expect people to give you money if you have nothing in exchange for the money.

Seems like common sense and yet, this is not an uncommon scenario.

Another common scenario is developing products and services in a vacuum. What I mean by this is someone will spend time developing something they will attempt to sell before investigating if there is a need or want.

This is another huge mistake. How in the world can you know what to develop if you have not taken time to check with what your market is willing to pay for?

A very simple way to do this is with a short survey. To see how simple the survey can be click here.

Once you find out what people want you can more efficiently (and cost effectively) develop products and services to meet their needs.

To put time into development before you know what your market wants is like putting the cart before the horse. You likely will not get very far and you will literally be spinning your wheels.

Lots of great activities for your business enjoyment

What a wonderful holiday weekend it was. Lots of great activity, time with family and appreciation for freedoms.

On Saturday I was in the Eugene Butte to Butte 10k marathon. Had a great time and felt a personal victory for having committed and completed the marathon.

Read more about the big marathon I am going to be participating in October 4, 2009 in Portland, Oregon.

Gold Medal Teleseminar Marketing Program begins this Wednesday.

Only 4 spots left!

Learn how to develop, marketing and generate great revenues from teleseminars. Reach a global market. Get your message out to the right market fast, easy and cost effectively.

Here’s what one Street Smarts graduate had to say…

“I’ve attended dozens of teleseminars and webinars on all aspects of Internet marketing and I can say without reservation that Kathleen Gage’s session on creating teleseminars was the most engaging and the most valuable of any of them.

With other teleseminars, I’ve learned to glean little nuggets of helpful information from thinly disguised attempts to sell high-priced product. By contrast, Kathleen offers a wealth of information that is practical and that I can recognize as offering immediate value to my business.

Kathleen has a low-key, clear and engaging style. She presents her information in an organized fashion that is easy to follow.”
Kathleen Barnes

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What are you agreeing to when you sign up for something?

There are lots of opportunities to get products and services at discounted prices. However, with many of these offers you are also agreeing to something else such as becoming a member of a membership site. More times than not this is spelled out somewhere on the sales page, check out page and initial message you receive with your purchase. Sadly, many people don't pay attention to this and then become upset when they find a charge on their credit card. Even more sad are those who immediately sling accusations that they were “ripped” off.

To avoid this type of situation be sure to read everything before you make your purchase. For those selling this way, be sure to make it obvious what the terms of agreement are for the buyer.

This creates a win/win for everyone.