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There’s bound to be something for you… wait and see!

Thanks to everyone who sent emails, cards, messages on Twitter, and FB messages wishing me a speedy recovery. I am doing incredibly well. My foot is healing and the pain is diminishing.

However, my patience is another thing. You can read what I mean at my Daily Awareness Blog.

Only a few more weeks (probably 7) of wearing this festive purple cast. I figured if I have to wear this thing for nearly two months I want it to be a color I like.

If nothing else, recent events have allowed me to once again realize how quickly things can change. I feel very blessed that my experience is minor compared to what could have happened.

As mentioned in last week’s updates, another blessing is how wonderful it is to be able to keep my business going in spite of what occurred. Actually, I am using this time to evaluate my business direction.

Read below on how I have generated nearly $7,000 in a few short weeks from making reports available to my market.

Over the next few months you will be seeing some fun additions and changes to enhance my product and service offerings. I will also be rolling out a new course on making six figures a year with information products.

I had planned on offering this course sooner but with the accident, well, let’s just say, the time was not right.

FreeThis week I have lots of outstanding event announcements, many of which are free! Keep reading.

Get indexed on Google's first page for $12

Recently I purchased this product from Joe Marsh. I have found it to be one of the best purchases I have made in quite some time.
If you are looking for ways to get indexed on Google’s first page fast, check this product out.

And for a very limited time the creator of The Google First Page Formula, Joe Marsh, has agreed to let me make his outstanding program available for over 50% off the regular price of $27.

His information works. I know because I used it and got indexed within a few minutes on Google’s first page. Not only does Joe guarantee his program, I do too. If you are looking for great visibility through media releases this is a program you need to have.

It includes audio, PDFs explaining the step by step process and video. A real steal for $12.

To access click here.

Only a few hours left to get the best price for NAMS3.
As you may know, a few weeks ago I was one of the presenters at the NAMS 2 Conference. What a great event that was. NAMS 3 is already filling up and for a very limited time you can save a lot of money on the registration fee. Right now you can save $500 off the regular price of $697.

The $197 price is only good through Midnight, August 31, 2009. After that it will increase substantially. (The full price is $697) Click here for the early bird price.

One thing that happened at NAMS 2 was when four internet marketing masters created a revenue generating product in 90 minutes. It was an incredible demonstration of the power of vision, focus and action.

To learn more about how you can do the same click here

Speaking of information products, to give you an idea of the earning potential of reports, over the last few weeks I have made nearly $7,000 from low priced reports. That’s in addition to other revenue streams.

Reports are likely one of the best ways to get your information to market and make money. There are some people making a living from making low priced reports available to their market. Isn’t it time you did this too?

It doesn’t matter the industry or topic, reports can generate a lot of revenue. Whether it be nutrition, dog care, how to clean your house in less time, gardening, collectibles, gift buying, or cooking, reports are a fast and easy way for your customers to learn something specific.

Check out my report at

You will also receive a one hour MP3 on product development.

Something that every author would benefit from knowing is how to be a welcome and in-demand guest on radio. Check out the free report and teleseminar by good friend and colleague Lorraine is offering.

The teleseminar takes place on September 1st and is absolutely FR*EE. Click here to register.

If you are thinking of writing a book why not join two amazing women, Lynne Klippel and Christine Kloser for 7 Success Strategies Every Entrepreneurial Author Needs to Know… Before Writing a Word! Click here to register.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern

Enjoy Soft Sell Success Marketing What You LOVE
September 2 & 3
6 p.m. Pacific
Join my friends, Jim and Judith for this ground breaking (and FR*EE) program. You will learn … How Selling Can Be Spiritual Service (when you know the mindset that works every time)

3 Key Elements to Soft Sell Profits (and they’re probably not what you’re imagining)
Secrets to the Success of Other Key Soft Sell Marketers – who will make Guest Appearances on the Tele-calls

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Back by popular request – Christina Hills
Get Your Website Built Without Being a Slave to Your Webmaster
Tuesday, September 15th at 3 p.m. Eastern
Have you ever wished you had more control over your website design? Well, now you can. On Tuesday, September 15th at 3 p.m. Eastern join me as I interview Christina Hills on Get Your Website Built Without Being a Slave to Your Webmaster

Ready for a website that’s easy to create, that YOU have control over, that releases you from the grips of your webmaster, and is a magnet for search engines?

Now you can have it all! Simply join Internet Marketing expert Christina Hills as she explains how you can create your website and update your website without a webmaster.


Get Over Stage Fright
FR*EE Teleseminar
featuring bestselling author, Janet Esposito
Monday, September 21st at 1 p.m. Eastern

Do you want and need more confidence when you are asked to public speak? What about networking at business meetings? Are those uncomfortable? Maybe you want more control when you are talking with clients on the phone.

Whatever your reasons, if you are ready to Get Over Stage Fright, join me as I interview bestselling author, Janet Esposito.

On Monday, September 21st at 1 p.m. Eastern join me as I interview Janet Esposito on how to Get Over Stage Fright.


Realizing Your Worthiness For Success. Just one of the many topics you will enjoy with Spirit in Your Business. New Thought / Ancient Wisdom On Developing a Business that Reflects the True You

Free Access to a Live Teleseminar and the 6 Part Business Course You Can't Afford to Miss
• Are you an entrepreneur, service professional, or small business owner who has been turned off by traditional business models?
• Do you wonder if it is possible to stay true to yourself and at the same time be ultimately profitable?
• Do you long to create something different in the world of commerce – a business that honors spirit?

If those questions often pop into your head then our free course Spirit in Your Business is perfect for you. It was created by six spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who faced the same questions and who found answers that satisfy their souls.

Spirit in Your Business will help you take that all important next step — from just dreaming about your business to actually living it.

Join us at 3PM Eastern on Tuesday, September 22nd, for a live teleseminar to kick off the Spirit in Your Business course, where the six entrepreneurs will share secrets to getting the maximum benefit from the course. The five modules of the course will become available to you immediately after the live call.

Have a wonderful week filled with abundance, joy and health.

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

Get indexed on Google’s first page for $12

Recently I met Joe Marsh at the NAMS2 Conference. Joe is known for helping people get indexed on the first page of Google – fast!

Joe has a formula for teaching people how to write a powerhouse media release and get indexed on the first page of Google within a couple of hours. I thought, “Here we go again. Somebody else who has the Holy Grail of online marketing.”

Willing to give him the benefit of the doubt I have to say I was pretty impressed when he put his formula to the test in front of over 100 people.

Here’s what Joe actually said before he demonstrated his method, “I Got On The First Page Of Google Within A Few Hours…And So Can You! And guess what… It's not as hard as you might think.”

Joe passed with flying colors. A woman from the audience followed Joe’s step-by-step process to write a media release. She then posted it on some media release sites Joe recommended. Within minutes her release was indexed on Google’s first page. Needless to say everyone was pretty impressed with the speed at which this happened.

I thought, “Okay, let’s see if this is possible for me. I know it worked at the conference but I want firsthand experience.”

I bought Joe’s program and followed his step-by-step formula. I didn’t deviate from any of his steps. Sure enough I was indexed on Google’s first page. But….not in a few hours. It was within 5 minutes. It blew me away.

Joe has a whole section on keyword optimization in his Google First Page Formula package. The word combination I used in my releases was “bestselling information products.”


It worked! Wow! I made in on the first page faster than I could have believed possible.

Check it out. Go to and put – bestselling information products – in the search box. You will see I am in the #1 and #4 position on the first page of Google. (at least as of this writing)

The media release was about my report on making money with information products. Not only did I rank on the first page of Google, I sold lots of reports in the process. There’s something to be said for first page position on Google.

I’ve been writing media releases for decades. There were a couple things in Joe’s formula that I had not been doing. When I made a few minor changes on how I was writing the release it made a huge difference.

Joe sells his The Google First Page Formula for $27 and people willingly pay this price.

I wanted to be able to offer my readers something special – real special. I asked Joe if he would let me offer his product for a fraction of the cost.

He said he would make this available for a very short period of time for only $12. You read right, $12. I have no idea how long he is going to let me keep it at the $12 price point, but I have a feeling it’s not for long. Maybe a couple days.

Not only does Joe fully guarantee his formula, I also personally guarantee it is worth many times your $12 investment. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you’re ready to learn to write powerhouse media releases and get indexed on the first page of Google faster than you thought possible then you need to get this product.

Click here to get yours right away!

Should you offer PayPal as a payment option?

Recently there was a discussion in a forum I am a member of as to whether or not offering PayPal as a payment option is a good idea. There were several opinions as to whether PayPal is a good choice or not. Some people thought it was a great idea while others are convinced it’s not worth the effort.

Years ago, I resisted offering PayPal as a payment option due to basing my opinion on limited information. After doing some research and having my sister convince me it is a must have, I decided to give it a shot.

That was over two years ago. Wow! Was I way off base by not offering it sooner. I have to wonder how much business I lost due to not offering the option sooner. I know there are times I have not made a purchase (especially on a low ticket item) if PayPal payment wasn’t available.

I have products and services that range from a few dollars to several thousand. 70 – 80% of low priced items are usually paid through PayPal with 40% or so on mid-range items and 20 – 40% on higher end products and services.

I recently contracted a web designer for a fairly high investment. I am very pleased to have the PayPal option for payment.

I had a transcriptionist I utilized for about a year who preferred PayPal payments. This made payment very easy and fast.
When the transcriptionist moved out of the States and decided to close her business I found another excellent resource. However, there is one downside; I have to pay her by check. Writing a check is an added step I would be happy to do without.

I would invite anyone who is wondering whether or not PayPal is a good option to offer to your customers to try it for a while and then make your decision.

What is your experience on either side of using PayPal – as a service provider or as a customer?

Can you make money online with a broken ankle? Absolutely! I’m doing so right now.

That’s right. I am lying on my living room couch, right leg elevated in a cast while making money. This is amazing.

First, let me tell you what happened. I had two back-to-back strange (and painful) days this past weekend. As many of my readers know I am training for the Portland Marathon that takes place on October 4th.

My training consists of power walks, jogging, bicycling, core training and some weight training.

Friday evening I headed out to Alton Baker Park in Eugene with Karen excited to begin our 10 mile ride. At about the 5 mile mark a man who appeared to be high on drugs barreled down a hill on his bicycle at an unbelievable speed. Before I had a chance to get out of his way he broadsided me forcing me and my bike to the ground.

After the initial shock I evaluated my injuries (a road rash on my left shin, bruise on my hip, a bump on my head and a somewhat bruised ego). I realized I was okay. I then inspected my bike and quickly realized the impact rendered it unsafe to ride. We proceeded to walk our bikes back to the truck.

Not sure if I would be in any condition to train on Saturday, I went to bed knowing by morning I would make my decision. Feeling amazingly pain free when I woke I proceeded to head out to meet my coach and mentor for my 8 mile training.

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Have I got a deal for you! Not!

HandoutLast weekend I had the distinct pleasure of meeting face to face with many of my colleagues during the NAMS conference. People who make a living (and a very good one at that) from the power of the Internet; Willie Crawford, Mark Hendricks, Jeff Herring, Lynn Terry, David Perdew, Joe Marsh and more.

At one point a few of us had a lively discussion about people who contact us to do business with them. This is not at all uncommon for any of us. We look for new opportunities. However we are often approached by people who are proposing something that is not a good match for what we do.

Often the caller, Twitterer or Facebook Friend starts out by telling us what a great opportunity they have for us, but have no budget to contract us and want us to give our time for free. They are convinced we should partner with them for “future gain.”

Not that I am opposed to both future gain nor donating my time when appropriate (such as for the horse rescue organization my company is contributing time and money), but often people who approach experts with the next great idea have not done their homework. They may not have a solid enough idea nor have they put a lot of thought into the entire scope of the experts involvement.
When we decline any of the countless “opportunities” most rational people will thank us for our time and let it go at that.

However, every so often we get someone who gets upset and even antagonistic when we decline. I can assure you, becoming antagonistic is hardly the way to win someone over.

The point of this blog posting is to bring a level of awareness to those people who approach others with your opportunities. Before you approach someone, stop for a minute and think about how often some of the really well known folks are likely to be approached with great ideas. It is probably every day and often, several times a day.

Many times you can’t even reach the expert because they have found it necessary to have a gatekeeper who handles such requests.
This may seem arrogant, but the fact is…if someone is spending any portion of their day trying to siphon through the multiple requests that come their way, most of which are not a good fit, much of the day is wasted.

Here are some simple recommendations that will get you further. Research those you are approaching. Find out how they like ideas presented (email, form on their website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Realize that time is money. Not that they are only interested in money, but facts are facts. One of the main reasons we have a business is to generate revenues. When we don’t stay focused it does cost in time, money and/or energy.

I’m not saying not to approach someone with your ideas and opportunities. What I am saying is if they decline your offer you either need more information, you mismatched the offer to the person or the expert is not taking on any new projects at this time.

What it boils down to is common sense, market match and respect. Yours and theirs.

Did you know? If not, you better!

Did you know…

China will soon be the #1 English speaking country in the world

The top 10 in demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that today's learners will have 10 – 14 jobs by the time they are 38

Want to learn more about why you need to know ……

So what are you doing to prepare?

Progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman

Thanks to Cam Williams of Cam Williams from Marketing For Gurus for alerting me to this.

Making money 35,000 feet in the air

Right now I am 35,000 feet in the air flying from Atlanta to Salt Lake City. From there I catch a plane to my home in Eugene. The most amazing part of all is I can blog while up in the air thanks to WIFI and I am making money too.

That's right. In the 20 plus minutes I have been on the plane I have made about $75. That's in 20 minutes. By the time I get home I will likely have made several hundred, maybe more.

Lots of people are also making money while they are away from their office. How? By having the right products and services available and having their systems in place.

The reason I am up in the air is I have been at the NAMS2 Conference in Atlanta for the last few days. NAMS is Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems. For 3 solid days experts from around the globe shared our insights and strategies for how we have built successful businesses using the Internet.

A common thread throughout the sessions was “sustainable business.” Each of us has portions of our business that are sustainable. Some of us more than others.

What sustainable means is “the ability to generate revenue whether or not you are working or in your office and the ability for your business to run itself (to a degree).”

One way to do this is with information products. Information products are essential to many businesses reaching a high level of success.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs flounder in their business because they either don't have information products, they are selling the wrong products to their market or they have not even figured out who their niche market is.

If any of this sounds familiar I would invite you to check out my report and teleseminar about information products. The report is filled with great details of what you can do to get your revenues flowing with info products. The live teleseminar (it's a bonus when you get the report) goes into greater detail. I will even have a Q&A period.

I will also be introducing my next mentoring course called, Make Six Figures a Year through Product Development”. Anyone who gets the report will be privy to a great opportunity for this course that those who don't get the report won't. Simple as that.

Something else that was a common thread at the conference is how important it is to get to the point, take responsibility for ones own success and not expect anyone to rescue you in your business.

As my friend and colleague Lynn Terry said, “Our responsibility this weekend was to give the best infrormation to the participants as we could. Now the rest is up to you.”

To access the report and get a seat into the teleseminar go to

In success, health and abundance,


Information product in 90 minutes or less

Lots of people want to create information products but aren’t sure where to begin. Or, they make the process much harder than it needs to be.

The fact is information products are simple to create and can be done much quicker than many people realize.

Today I witnessed four leading experts develop a brand new product in 90 minutes. That’s right … 90 minutes.

I was in the session today at NAMS and watched David Perdew facilitate an amazing, fast paced discussion on product development. The group of experts included Jeff Herring, Lynn Terry, Mark Hendricks and Cindi Dawson. In less than 90 minutes the shared more tips and strategies you can use to develop your own money making products.

Here are just of the few things they covered. How to do your first teleseminar and immediately turn it into a product. How to repurpose your material to generate ongoing revenues. How to use portions of your repurposed material to drive traffic to a website to build your opt in subscriber list. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

To begin your first product think of something you are passionate about. List 7 things people would want to know about this passion.

For example, if you are passionate about rescue dogs what 7 things would someone want to know about before getting a rescue dog?

You have the start of an information product. Want to learn from the four experts? If you know anything about the four experts you know they are well worth listening to.
To get your own copy of this session go to

Online Book Launch – Can You Become a Bestselling Author Using the Internet?

Over the last few years a countless number of authors have utilized the power of the Internet to market and sell their books. The question that begs to be answered is this, “Are online book launches a viable way to market your book?”

Absolutely! However, you will find criticism from some who believe this is not a valid way of selling books while others feel this is an incredibly effective way to promote, sell and profit from your book.

With my book launch of The Law of Achievement we sold over $22,000 in a 24 hour period. To say that this is not a viable way to market and sell books is beyond my scope of comprehension.

Every author needs to determine for themselves if this is a good fit.

The fact is, most books never make any money and countless authors do not take responsibility for marketing their books. They write the book and hope it will somehow sell itself. Or they assume the publisher will do all the marketing. Although some publishers will help with marketing, others do not.

Regardless of who publishes your book, the more you know about marketing, online strategies, becoming visible and profitable, the better off you will be.

Setting a success timeline
Giving yourself enough time to handle all the details of the campaign is essential to your success. It is better to take as much time as you need to do things right rather than rushing through and experiencing less than stellar results.

Ready to learn the formula for becoming a bestselling author? Access my report and a bonus teleseminar at

All paths lead to success … if we want them to!

I had a most amazing weekend. Between my marathon training, meeting with friends to catch up and share good times, planning a trip to Africa sometime over the next 6 months to a year, attending a wonderful Sunday service at the spiriatual center I attend, meeting with two women who run the horse rescue our little Dustin’s mother was rescued by (well, at 2 months little Dustin is not so little anymore) and enjoying time in my garden it was as close to a perfect weekend as I could have asked.

It started with a great training on Saturday. At 6 a.m. I met Jackie (my mentor) at Spencer’s Butte for our 15 mile speed/power walk. Wow! What an exhilarating feeling it was to complete the 15 miles.

Not only did we accomplish a great energy balancer, we had a wonderful conversation about the fundraising aspect of the marathon. I have raised nearly 80% of my targeted goal. I can’t thank those who contributed enough. Without you, I could not have done this. In order top continue to raise funds I have a great opportunity for you to access the MP3 and transcripts from a call I did with Amy Scott Grant called The Shortest Path to Abundance.

To access your copy of both go to

Back to Saturday. Later that day I went to an event at a local park. I connected with many friends I haven’t talked to in some time. When I shared what I had done earlier in the day, many asked if I was exhausted. “Not really,” was my response. Why? I learned a long time ago if I am going to do something, do it right.

From the very beginning of my training back in May, I was taught specific things I can do to minimize pain, injury and over training.

BathWhen I do a long session my coach recommends I take a very cold bath (as cold as I can stand it). I was also told eat something really healthy within 45 minutes of the training. This is in addition to the fueling I am doing while training. Every 45 – 60 minutes I consume glucose and carbs. This prevents me from “hitting the wall” and having my energy shut down.

The most amazing part is by doing what I am trained to do I have not had any injuries, my energy replenishes quickly and I feel great.

The more I train the more I relate the experience to business. Lots of people go into business and flounder. Why? Because they try to figure it all out by themselves or they get advice from the wrong people.

I would no more take marathon advice from someone who is a couch potato than I would take business advice from someone who has not “earned the right.” Over the years I have had some amazing business mentors. Mentors who had “been there, done that.”

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