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First time authors are becoming bestsellers … fast!

Most authors dream of becoming a bestseller. The
reasons vary; prestige, influence, changing the lives of their readers and
increased credibility.

On the flip side, one of the greatest challenges for
many authors is knowing how to effectively market their books. Especially, first
time authors.

There’s great news though. Virtually any author can
learn to gain massive visibility for your books as well as sell lots and lots
of books in a very short period of time AND become a bestseller too.

You do this by knowing how to use the Internet to drive
sales to

I would love to share the process with you. I have done
this for my own books and for books of many authors, each making it to #1 in
many categories.

There are two ways you can learn my strategy. One is to
listen to my teleseminar where I give you a great overview of what it takes to
become a bestseller.

A better choice for those who are ready to go to the
top of the charts is to take my in-depth mentoring course that begins on
November 12th.

This is an easy to apply step-by-step program that
gives you the exact formula for the success of your book.

Not only will you get the full course for a full $200
off when you register by Monday, November 2nd, you will also receive
a full year into my upcoming VIP Membership Program. This is a 52 week course
on how to build a six figure online business for speakers, authors, coaches and

To register for my mentoring program and get on the
fast track to becoming a bestselling author go to  Seating is limited to 50 people and lots of
spots have been filled up. bestseller – What’s your most pressing question?

Recently, I asked a group of authors (and soon to be authors) to submit questions about what they would like to know about becoming an bestseller.

Here are just four of the nearly 100 questions I received.

QUESTION: Why does being an best-seller matter? Underlying question: why should the time spent to become an Amazon bestseller take priority over time spent on other marketing efforts?

ANSWER: Be on the call tomorrow to find out why being an bestseller can make a HUGE difference in what you can do in the future as an author.

QUESTION: Do you recommend pitching to corporations to sell big lots of books?

ANSWER: Depending on the genre of your book would determine the answer to this question. During the call I will give you specifics about this. During my bestseller launch in 2006 I was able to secure an international association to sponsor some of the marketing efforts.

Since that time, I have sold in quantity to some organizations. Be on the call to find out more.

QUESTION: Once you've made it onto Amazon, is it necessary to market your book elsewhere?

ANSWER: Marketing is the backbone of any successful book. I will share ideas on how you can keep the momentum going.

QUESTION: What is the most important step to take in becoming an bestseller?

ANSWER: Find out on Thursday, October 29th during the teleseminar. Register at

Be sure to submit your questions and to take the short (two minute) survey.

If you want to learn great ways to market your book, be on the call. bestseller – achieve more with Social Marketing

In the past it didn't take nearly as much to watch a book rise to bestseller status as it does today on

There are a number of reasons for this. One, more competition due to more books being released today than ever before. With all the options of taking a book to market, virtually anyone can become a published author.

However, there is a huge difference between being a published author and having a stellar book.
Once you have your book published, you must market it. There is no getting around this unless not selling your book doesn't matter to you.

One of the best ways to gain visibility and sell lots of books is with a well planned online book launch. This would include using Social Marketing in the mix.

On October 29th I am going to share with you one of the most effective strategies I used in my most recent bestseller launch.

Watch this one minute video to learn more.

Click here to register for this FREE teleseminar – How to Become An Bestseller on Thursday, October 29th at 10 a.m. PST.
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85.5% of authors don’t use the Internet effectively to market their books

If you’re an author I would venture to say you
would love for your book to become a bestseller. How do I know this? Because I
have been working with authors for years, teaching them to market and sell


Actually, a primary goal of most authors is for
their books to become bestsellers. It’s not necessarily about the status of
being a bestseller and all that comes with achieving this outcome, it goes way
beyond this. It’s about the visibility your book will get; visibility that
allows your message to touch the lives of readers around the globe.


After all, isn’t it true that you have a message to
share that changes lives and your books are one of the vehicles you use to
accomplish this?


Unfortunately, the majority of authors do not know
how to market themselves. Not only do they not reach potential readers, they
often lose money by not selling very many books. It doesn’t have to be this


With all that is available today, virtually any
author can learn how to market themselves in order to reach more readers in a
shorter period of time in extremely cost effective ways.


In years past, authors were very limited in how
they could market their books. Besides, the costs for traditional book
marketing were very cost prohibitive to most authors.



However, with the Internet, this has changed.
Today, there is no reason at all that any author cannot succeed at reaching a
global market, selling lots of books and having a sustainable income from
book and all the opportunities a book opens up.


Recently, I conducted a survey to find out primary
challenges authors struggle with and what kin
Twi3d of information would be helpful
to them to achieve their goal of selling books.


Hundreds of men and women responded. Amazingly,
85.5% of those who responded said they don’t use the Internet effectively to
market their books; primarily because they just don’t know how.


The Internet is a powerful way to market and sell
books. I have been using it for years and teaching countless authors how to do
the same.


Just last week I coordinated a book launch for an
anthology book written by 38 authors. In addition to publishing a stellar book,
the goal of the publisher and the authors was to take the book to bestseller
status on Amazon. Blog tyalk


Not only did we accomplish this goal, the book made
it to #1 in three primary categories; spiritual, motivational and


The book became a bestseller due to a very
strategic marketing process. A process that virtually any author can implement,
but few know the ins and outs of how to do this.


How would you like to learn my system? A system
that works? A system that new and seasoned authors can use? Well, you can.


Join me this week for a FR*EE teleseminar on How To Become
an Bestseller.


October 29th from
10 – 11 a.m. PST, I am going to cover some of the most important details of
what you absolutely must do to market yourself and your books.

If you're serious about selling your book and being a recognized author
and expert you will want to be on this call.  To register go to

A limited number of spots are available. Claim yours today!

if you can’t make the call, you can listen via the Internet or to the
recording, but you must be registered to do so.

This is information packed teleclass designed for
coaches, speakers, authors, and consultants who want to learn how to make 2010
the year you market and sell more books than ever before.

To learn more and register visit


Life offers us many opportunities to dig deep and find meaning

The last couple of months have been challenging, yet, rewarding. During a time that personally my life transformed in a number of ways, I have also been involved in an amazing project that brought me much comfort and fulfillment.

Many months ago I got involved in a book project in which I was not only a contributing author, but also the marketing director.

Little did I know that when I first got involved in the project I would be going through much of what I have. Because of the way everything has unfolded, this book has taken on a deeper meaning to me.

Myself and 37 other men and women have contributed to one of the most inspirational books you will find. In my chapter, Second Chances, I share about my teen years in which I made some very poor choices that led me down a road with little choice but to either keep going like I was or make some much needed changes and turn my life around.

I also share about how making different choices gave me a second chance to have an amazing relationship with my father. Again, little did I know when I wrote my chapter how much it would mean by the time the book was published.

To read what I am referring to, check out my blog posting at:

I encourage you to get your own copy of this newly released book. It is a special book that will bring comfort during even the most challenging times in life.

Become an bestseller and get free one-on-one mentoring sessions with Kathleen Gage

am giving away one-on-one mentoring with me. Before I tell you about this I
want to share some thoughts I have had recently.


the last few weeks I have done an extreme amount of soul searching about life and
the legacy we leave behind. As an author, I know how important it is to leave a
legacy behind; especially in the form of books.


Sadly, many authors live in the space of
“Someday”. “Someday I will finish my book; someday I will get my book to
market; someday …..”


most people know, tomorrow is not promised. Sure, we can hope to see tomorrow,
but life can change in an instant.


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Will your book stay inside of you and never reach its potential?

Over the weekend I was in San Diego for the 21st
Century Book Marketing Conference. My colleagues and friends, Christine Kloser
and Lynne Klippel and I were exhibitors.  We knew this would be a great experience and
create amazing opportunities, but the event far exceeded our expectations.

The 21st Century Book Marketing Conference was
the vision of Arielle Ford and Mike Koenigs. Their goal was to provide a great
learning and networking opportunity for all who attended. They definitely
achieved this goal.

Not only was the event held at a wonderful facility, the
lineup of speakers was beyond compare. Over and over the speakers, which included
Jack Canfield, Dan Poynter , Marci Shimoff, Debbie Ford, John Kremer, Peggy
McColl, Rick Frishman, Mari Smith and more, gave insights into the absolute
necessity of using social marketing to promote virtually anything…especially  books.

Things have changed
The terrain for book publishing and book marketing has
drastically changed in the last few years. Options we have today were not
available in the past. Amazingly, the things we absolutely must do to not only
survive, but thrive, are often ignored by struggling authors.

According to one expert the average yearly income for
authors is only $14,000. Holy cow! I was shocked. Read more…

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How To “Tour The World” Like A Rock Star in your Internet Marketing Niche

One idea will show you how to increase your blog traffic in leaps and bounds. Traffic that equates to more money; faster and easier than
ever before.

But… this information is available to first 250 people who
access it. 

The best part of all is I am one of only a handful of people
who know about this opportunity so I wanted to tell you about it right away. This is an opportunity that can change the way you
view blogging and making money forever.

Over the summer I was one of the featured speakers at NAMS2.
It was a spectacular event with some of the top Internet marketers who were
keynote speakers, breakout session presenters, panelists and trusted mentors.

All the experts shared great information. Not only did the
participants learn from the experts, we also learned from our peers; sometimes
by sitting in on their sessions or over a meal or a drink.

One evening I was able to join my two friends and colleagues,
Lynn Terry and Nichole Dean. Over dinner we shared some of our best practices
and did a ton of brainstorming. One idea Nichole gave me has since that time
made me a lot of money
. It was something very simple and yet, up to that point,
I hadn’t been utilizing the strategy.

It made me realize that generating revenue is actually very
simple if we know the formula. Read more…

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Bad economic times made better when you can Write, Publish And Market A Book With No Out Of Pocket Expense

What if you could take a book to market with no out of pocket money?

Kathleen Gage, Internet Marketing Expert, reveals How to Leverage Your Knowledge to make tons of money and reach a global market in her new, revolutionary report, The Book Publishing Report.

“Find out how I take a book to market, make it a bestseller and make lots of money with no out of pocket expense”. Gage shares while inviting listeners to, “Imagine what it would be like if you could have your book to market in less than 90 days and not have to take a penny out of your own pocket.”

You will learn…

•    How to write, market and publish a book with no out-of-pocket expense
•    How to time line your book project to get your book to market  FAST!
•    Proven strategies to complete a manuscript in 60-90 days
•    Ways to sell thousands of dollars worth of books before your book is even published
•    How to discover the power and profit that comes from being an established author in your market
•    The pros and cons to writing your book and becoming a published author
•    Discover amazing opportunities that come from being a published author
•    How to set up your own publishing company even if you are on a very limited budget

Kathleen's simple process for completing your book in record time. A process that she has used for dozens of books (both traditional and eBased). A process that you can use to make thousands upon thousands of dollars, position yourself as an expert and immediately increase your credibility with your market.
Whether your expertise is in the holistic health market, dog training, animal rescue, childcare, boomer women and/or men, relationships or just about anything the information in this report can work for you.

This report may be ordered at

Regardless of what is happening you can make great money … here’s how

the last few weeks I have spent a great deal of time with my folks due to my
father’s health. To say I am grateful to be in a position to do this is to
minimize how I feel. I am overjoyed, grateful and most of all, relieved.


am able to literally “pick up and go” due to the way I have structured my
business over the last few years.


I began my company over 15 years ago, little did I know that at some point I
could literally do business from anywhere in the world as long as I am able to
access the Internet.


have had lots of people tell me how lucky I am to be able to do this. Do I feel
lucky? Absolutely!


it simply luck that made this possible? Not at all.


had to do with having the desire to create the type of business and lifestyle
that at one point I only dreamed of.


people ask me how I have been able to do this, the long and short of it is I
learned from some of the very best mentors on how to structure my business so
that even when I am not present I can make money.


the years I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to learn how to do
this. Truth be told, I continue to invest in my knowledge base. I am fully
aware that I must continually learn.


the time I have been attending to my father’s health needs I have purchased everything
from $10 reports to programs costing hundreds of dollars. I have listened to
hours upon hours of information via DVD, CDs and MP3s. I have also read
hundreds of pages of information that is allowing me to take my business to an
even more sustainable level.


down, the way a business becomes sustainable is by packaging one’s information
and providing products that you can sell from a website or blog.


the last few weeks I have not been in a position to do any live events such as teleseminars
or webinars. If you know anything about me, you know I offered anywhere from a handful
of teleseminars in a month to dozens in a month.


I could have done them, but my focus has been with family.


I continue to watch sales come through due to the information products I have developed.


thing I am completely sure of is that I am very qualified to write and sell
this information. Everything contained in each report comes from real life
experience that has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the
last few years.


on the fact that I have successfully generated lots of money with the very
information I teach and I continually have people asking what the formula is, I
continually package my information.


the last couple of months I developed four products that my market has been
asking for. Beyond market need I developed these products for a few reasons.


1.    All information
contained in these info products is the very information I have used over the
years to continually generate great revenues.

2.    The information has
been used by many of my clients to generate great revenues in their businesses.

3.    I have suspended teleseminars
and webinars for an indefinite period of time due to family health concerns.

4.    Lots of people
crave this information and want to get it in a VERY affordable format.

5.    My one-on-one
private mentoring costs thousands of dollars. Not only is this out of range for
many people, currently I am not taking on any new clients and have no idea when
I will decide to do so again.


you have been looking for great information that is amazingly affordable, then
these products are for you.


of the information products have been developed as eReports (each with over 50
pages of great information). Each comes with an audio recording of a live teleseminar.


fourth product is a radio directory with nearly 100 web based radio shows
seeking great guests. This is Version III.


can guarantee you there is nothing on the market today that contains this much
information for the low price you pay. And…the information works.


can’t even begin to tell you how comforting it is to know that even when I can’t
(or don’t want to) work, I can still generate great revenue.


would your life change if you could do the same? With the information I have
packaged in a very usable format, you can be well on your way to doing the


just one caveat; you MUST take action on the information. When you do you will
be amazed at your results.


what is available.


Want to make money with your information? Then you
need to discover how to make your first $100 online with my easy to use system for
Creating Money Making Reports!


Want to take a book to market but have no
budget to do so? The Book Publishing Report – Discover how to Write, Publish and Market a book with no out of pocket
expense! has just what you are looking for.

to take your book to bestseller status but not sure how to do this. Then

How to become an Online Bestseller and fulfill your dream of being a
recognized expert and author once and for all!


to Keep Your Name Top of the Mind while You Sell more Books,
Reach more Customers and Secure more Speaking Engagements. This reports for