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Information product development for making money on the Internet

Information products are one of the best ways to make money online. You can sell your own or another expert. The greatest profit margin will likely be with your own. But what if you just don't know how to take a product to market?

Check out this less than two minute video on how to quickly (and easily) develop product. 

Warning! This Internet marketing posting may upset you….

Think back to January 2009. Did you have professional goals that included a profitable business? Did your goals include learning how to effectively use the Internet to market your business? Did they include turning your knowledge into money making information products and services? Did your goals include impacting the lives of clients around the globe? Did your goals include having the freedom to live the life you desire?

Now come back to today. Are you where you want to be? Is your business where you want it to be?

If not, there may be one very simple reason why; you are not investing in your success. That’s right. To succeed you have to be willing to make some investments. They could be of time, money, resources, and energy.

Let’s look at those who are succeeding compared to many who are not.

What is one thing the great majority of successful entrepreneurs have in common?

If you answered, “They invest in their knowledge base,” you are correct.

All of my colleagues who are making six and seven figures a year invest in themselves and invest heavily.

Whether it be an easy to download eBook or eReport, a live conference, mentors, group coaching sessions or membership programs, we all know that we have to constantly increase our skill and knowledge base. And we know this costs money.

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You’re not succeeding with Internet marketing because of this!

In the
years I have been involved in Internet Marketing, there is one activity a great
many people avoid; building their opt in subscriber list. This is a huge
mistake and likely the primary reason the majority of people who attempt to
utilize the power of the Internet to market their businesses fail. It doesn’t
have to be this way.

cornerstone of virtually any successful entrepreneur using the Internet to
market their products and services is a responsive opt in subscriber list.
Notice I didn't say Internet marketing guru, but rather entrepreneur.

I am
talking about anyone who is using the Internet to market their business. This
means authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, artists, musicians and brick and
mortar business owners. All can benefit greatly from building a responsive opt
in subscriber list.

There are
countless ways to build your list, but I recommend you begin with something
simple. Don't implement advanced strategies until you have had some success
with the more elementary ways.

To move
right into advanced strategies before you have a foundation in place is like
trying to run in track and field in the Olympics before you have run around the
block. You would give up very quickly.

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Kathleen Gage is crowned the Love Your Life Publishing Person of the Year for 2009

“Every so often something happens that renders me speechless.
Just such an occurrence took place when Lynne Klippel and Christine Kloser of
Love Your Life Publishing announced that I was selected their Person of the
Year for 2009.” comments Kathleen Gage.


Known as The Street Smarts Marketer Kathleen Gage is a bestselling
author, award-winning keynote speaker and an award-winning entrepreneur.
Kathleen works with spirituality-minded speakers, authors, coaches and
consultants who are ready to turn their knowledge and expertise into money-making
products and services that they can sell on the Internet.

“Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer, has been crowned the Love Your Life
Publishing Person of the Year, for having the biggest positive impact on our
business in 2009.”  says Klippel and Kloser.


Love Your Life Publishing started from a casual lunch conversation
at a seminar. The founders, Christine Kloser and Lynne Klippel, realized they
shared a passion for helping entrepreneurs write and publish books that built
businesses. They joked about how one of them would have to buy the other out,
depending on which business grew the most rapidly.


Two years later, Christine and Lynne met at the Hershey Spa in
Pennsylvania. Sitting in spa robes, eating peanut butter pie, they decided not
to compete, but to merge their two publishing companies and work together,
blending their skill sets to bring authors more services.


Since then, Lynne and Christine have joyfully entered into
relationships with some of the top names in book marketing, internet marketing,
and PR, to create a full service publishing company dedicated to producing
great books for conscious entrepreneurs with a positive message to share with
the world.


To hear a recent interview with Kathleen, Lynne and Christine go


Product development is your ticket to recession proofing your business

5 seats remain for the By Invitation Only private group training product development!

When I began my career as a professional speaker in 1994, many “seasoned” speakers and trainers offered sage advice on how to build a profitable business. Not only should we treat our business like a business, in order to recession proof ourselves we were well advised to write books, develop multimedia programs and diversify our service offerings.

Looking back, I wish I would have jumped on the product development bandwagon a lot sooner than I did. I was into my business a few years before I developed my first information product. Immediately, I saw the advantages. I get paid for my keynote speaking and corporate training and I could also generate revenue as a result of book sales.

Not only was this beneficial to my business, those who purchased books also benefited. They could continue the learning experience long after the training was over.

Since my first 60 minute cassette tape (yes, cassette tapes) and my first inspirational book, I have developed countless information products including eBooks, eReports, books, multimedia programs, podcasts, teleseminars, webinars, mentoring courses, home study courses and much more.

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Do you want to make money speaking online? Then do this!

Recently I was reviewing transcripts from a training program I facilitated with a colleague on how to become a successful professional speaker – a six figure a year speaker. I had to smile when I read our recommendations. Not only are they spot on, they hold as true today as the day we hosted the training. Some things never change.

Granted, I didn’t always know the things I know about professional speaking. Actually, prior to 1994, I knew none of what I know about the profession.

My career shifted over 15 years ago when I began getting paid to do keynote presentations as well as corporate training sessions. I have made a fabulous living as a speaker. I have also seen countless individuals come and go in the industry due to not building a solid foundation in their business.

As with virtually any industry, you have people who flood into the world of professional speaking with stars in their eyes of all the fame and fortune they will experience. They mistakenly believe all they have to do is have a great speech and the rest will take care of itself.

Within a year, many who thought it would be a walk in the park to build their speaking business are out looking for other work.

The fact is, whether one speaks in the traditional sense of keynote presentations, corporate trainings, and conference breakout sessions, or one uses the Internet to generate revenue as a speaker, there are some key essentials that must be put in place in order to succeed.

One is to become visible, get known within a market or markets, know how to promote yourself and be able to stand out in the consumer’s mind.

Granted, there is always the exception to the rule, but generally speaking, there are specific things that must happen. Among them is to focus on growing your database. Without a solid database, you are making the job of building your business tougher than it need be.

There are countless ways to do this. During a live presentation you can have a giveaway in which audience members fill out an entry form or drop a card in a basket. At some point during your presentation you select a few “winners”.

If you‘ve been on the Internet for even the shortest period of time, it is very likely you have opted-into someone’s database in exchange for something they offered such as an eBook, MP3, teleseminar or report. This is called an ethical bribe.

This is a “must do” if you speak professionally online. Some people might wonder what speaking professionally online means. If you host teleseminars, teleclasses or webinars and there is an exchange of money, you would be considered a professional speaker.

Unfortunately, lots of people are throwing together online events without the proper training, but that is a topic for another discussion. Back to ethical bribes to build your database.

If you want to make the job of building your business easier, keep this question at the top of your mind, “How do I grow my database with highly valuable and responsive potential clients?”

This is not a onetime event. Rather, this is something you need to incorporate into your overall business activities. If you are not doing something on a daily basis to gain visibility within your market (and building your database is definitely part of this) you are likely leaving a lot of opportunity and money on the table.

To learn how to gain massive visibility online register for my FREE teleseminar called, How to Gain Massive Online Visibility for Little or No Cost. Thursday, December 17, 2009 – 3 P.M. Pacific.

A very underutilized strategy to build your online credibility

I don’t know of anyone doing online marketing and selling online who isn’t looking for ways to establish their credibility with potential clients and customers. With all the fluff and hype, it is more important than ever to position your expertise.

One of the most effective methods for you to enhance your credibility and trust with prospective clients is with strong testimonials. Everything you do will be enhanced by utilizing effective testimonials.

Simply put, testimonials are third-party evidence as to the benefit of what you are selling. They are much more likely to be believed than ads, direct mail or you telling the world how great you are. Often, the decision to purchase can be influenced based upon a testimonial.

A testimonial consists of a written or spoken statement about the experience someone has had with you, your product or service or your company.

The most common is a written testimonial. However, more and more people are moving toward an audio and/or video testimonial.

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The world of Internet marketing has changed….drastically!

When I began my journey into the world of Internet marketing in the late 90’s, things were very different than they are today. Back then, there was very little competition, the methods we used were very archaic compared to today’s “slick” methods, and you actually looked forward to receiving emails announcing something.

Today, most of us are so overwhelmed that to have a day when we don’t get a bunch of “junk” mail is a glorious day. Everyday there is the next great idea, next “must attend” event and next “have to read” ebook or report.

Sadly, for many people trying to market online, they are simply going for numbers.  They seem to have forgotten there is a real person behind the email address they are sending something to. The fact is, things have become so dang impersonal.

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Are you still singing “The Economy is Slow” Blues?

Singing Over the last few days I have had several conversations with friends and clients about their businesses.

Many are thrilled with the fact business is picking up while others immediately go into, “The economy is still slow. That’s why my business isn’t picking up.”

For some, The Economy is Slow song may be one they have been singing for so long they don’t even realize how often they might be affirming this way of thinking.

The fact is, in many industries things are picking up. For some of us, we never felt a dip at all in the last year. Actually, there are some entrepreneurs who have had an increase in business rather than a decrease in 2009. How is this possible?  Read on…

During a recent conversation one friend said, “I know you don’t like to admit it, but the economy is slow.”

My response? “I’m not going to have this conversation. I’m not going to engage any energy in that train of thought.”

We both laughed at my response (because she has heard the same response numerous times from me) and started in on another topic of conversation.

Is my refusal to engage in conversations about a slow economy denial or is it smart? It depends on who you ask.  Believe me, there have been plenty of people are eager to “show me the error of my thinking.”


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An Often Overlooked Step in Information Product Development

Many experts enhance their product offerings with high quality services. Regardless of what you make available to your market, you need to take one very important step.

Before you invest time, money or effort into product development make sure you understand the needs of your market. You must have enough information to address these needs. The more you know the more focused you will be on what solutions you create by way of products and services.

Pay attention to what your customers/clients are asking for. You can determine what your market wants by studying your own market, studying your competitors’ products and services and what your competitors’ customers are buying; and…. by asking.

The more you know, the more targeted your approach to development and delivery of products and services; this equates to higher revenues and higher profit margins.

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