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This is a hot online marketing opportunity

I have two great opportunities I want to share with you.

One, the chance to get my report – Discover how to make your first $100 online with my easy to use system for Creating Money Making Reports!  for only $17 ends on Tuesday, June 1st at 5 p.m. PST. After that it goes up to $27. 

Over the last few days lots of people have purchased their copy. And, they know my other reports are going up soon so they got those too.

Two, get $300 off NAMS4 for only a few days more (or until all tickets are gone) whichever comes first.

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Would you take advice from a plumber about making money online?

A few days ago I was coaching a client when the topic of email mailings, landing pages and online sales letters came up.

We began our session with a conversation about how important it is to be cautious of whom we take advice from about virtually anything, but in this case running a business online. There is no shortage of men and women eager to give advice who are not be qualified about this.

Yet, they state it as gospel that something is so for no other reason than they personally don’t like it.

In the years I’ve been making my living exclusively from online means I have heard over and over about what to do and what not to do from people who really aren’t that savvy when it comes to what works and what doesn’t with online revenue streams.

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Was it luck when one client made $30,000 in a downturn economy?

Although I'm a strong believer in the fact that every day is a great day as long as I wake up alive <grin> the past weekend was especially great.

Myself and four of my colleagues watched what was merely an idea a few months ago become an amazingly incredible event. Nearly 70 people flew in from around the United States and Canada to enjoy the Radiant Success Event – RSE.

Specific purpose
The purpose of RSE was to bring entrepreneurs from around the globe together to gain insights into running a successful business. All five of the experts (Janis Pettit, Marnie Perhson, Ellen Britt, Denise Wakeman and yours truly – me) shared our knowledge, insights, tips, strategies, how to's, and systems that have allowed each of us to build successful businesses using the Internet.

However, we also talked about using offline methods to build one's business. Many entrepreneurs don't want to stick solely to the Internet to make money but rather, have a combination of the two.

One person who has done well with offline speaking engagements is Sue Henry. I was thrilled to learn how my information products (and one in particular – How to Become a Six Figure a Year Professional Speaker) has helped her make $30,000. See the video below posted by Coach Shelli.

Want to see what program Sue Henry was raving about? It's my How to Become a Six Figure a Year Professional Speaker home study course

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FREE Social Media Marketing Summit features 5 top experts

Okay, so when it comes to social media, you're likely in one of two places. Maybe you've embraced it wholeheartedly and are using it effectively to promote your business


If you're like many, every time you hear it, you want to run away with your fingers in your ears, chanting, “I caaaan't hear you.”

Social media is spreading like wildfire. The GOOD news is this fire doesn’t have to burn out of control. You can jump in now and get control of the social media wildfire and get it to work for you.

I’ve been asked to speak at an online social media telesummit with other experts who are going to tell you how to use social media to move your business forward.  They're incredibly well organized, full of practical “put-it-to-work-tomorrow” information, and with an exceptionally reasonable price – FREE! This event is going to help push you down the path to social media marketing success  and will deliver the goods no matter which of the above two groups you're in…

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VIP Club doors close in 7 days

A few months ago I introduced my VIP Club membership program. The response has been amazing. So much in fact, I am closing the door on this opportunity in 7 days – maybe sooner if all available spots are filled.

If you're already a member you know this is by far the best program for the price (less than $1 per day) to teach you the ins and outs of making mon*ey on the Internet.

Here's what a some members have to say:

-You over-deliver
-Everything is interesting, informative and useful!
-The information is clear, concise, far-ranging and easy to implement.
-The clarity of the information.
-The quality of weekly assignments
-All the information has been wonderfully useful.

If you are new to Internet marketing or have been using the Internet for any period of time but are not where you want to be finan*cially, this program is for you.

Doors for registration WILL be closing and I don't know when I will have open space again. So if you're thinking of joining now is the time.

All current members will continue to receive the same quality information for the remainder of your time as a member.

In success,

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

Achievement takes more than simply wanting it

year (just about this time) I committed to something I had never done before; complete
a marathon. Registering for the Portland marathon, taking place a few
months from the day I committed, was my gift to myself for my 55th
birthday. Now mind you, I had never been in a marathon at any point in my life.

from the moment I made the vow to enter the event my focus was such that I read
whatever I could get my hands on, talked to others who had been in marathons,
blogged about it, joined marathon forums and changed my eating to accommodate having
the energy to do 5, 10 and 15 mile training sessions. I was stoked.

was going as planned until late August of last year when my foot hit a pothole
and within seconds I knew my dream was over; for now. My ankle was broken, but
not my dreams.

realizing what life had in store, I was about to embark on one of the most
incredibly difficult years of my entire life. Not because of my broken ankle.
That was the least of it. I was about to find out what concerns many boomers
deal with, aging parents and all that comes with this.

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Are you risking your reputation with incorrect content?

Most people have heard content is king. But the truth of the matter is there’s a lot
of garbage on the Internet. You may unknowingly be someone who is promoting
less than stellar information.

I’m almost 100% sure you have searched the Internet for content for your articles, blog
postings, eBooks, and other information products you develop.

The fact
is there is so much information floating around the Internet that is incorrect,
misleading, false or downright unusable. If you don’t know the right way to
search for information you may soon be viewed as a less than credible expert.

So what
can you do? Read the rest of this message to find out how to make sure this
never happens to you, that’s what.

David did it again
My good
friend and colleague, David Perdew, has joined together with Dr. Pauline Wallin,
a renowned psychologist and an expert in marketing and search techniques for
professionals, in order for you to learn how to quickly (and accurately) find incredible
content for virtually any information product you want to bring to market.

Learn how
to gather information that is not only current, verifiable and true, but also learn
how to retrieve much of that information quickly and without copyright

Anyone who
has ever gotten any of David Perdew’s information knows he ALWAYS delivers way
above and beyond. Between you and me, I think he is compulsive, obsessive and
this definitely comes out in the delivery of his material. It’s beyond compare.

I use his information
How do I
know? Because I have relied on much of what he takes to market to build my own knowledge-base.

Hey, don't
miss this. For just a few dollars today, you can improve the quality of your
content immediately with these research tips and techniques. Hands down, you
will be known as one of the few info product creators online who give great

For a limited time you can get over 27% off the regular
price. And you won’t believe how low the regular price is. David is practically
giving this information away. But you must use coupon code intro201. Click here  right now to get your own copy.

Did I mention with the dis.count you pay only $27? You
won’t find this quality for this price anywhere.

just a bit of what David and Dr. Wallin reveal

  • Uncover the
    goldmine of information in the .gov domain
  • Get a librarian
    at the Library of Congress or the New York Public Library to do your
    research for you
  • Avoid the seven
    deadly sins
    of content creation
  • Use Google to
    reveal much more in-depth and related searches while generating massive
    keyword lists
  • Go beyond Google
    to discover the hidden nugget of info in specialty search engines you've
    never heard of
  • Combine search
    filters to remove all the hay and reveal the needle hidden there
  • Obtain
    statistics to lend authority to any argument
  • Create a FAQ
    almost instantly
    to help your readers and reduce your support issues
  • Distill
    scientific jargon and papers into articles that can be read by the average
  • Discover
    recession-proof and growing markets with timely market statistics from
    verifiable economic data
  • Get constant
    updates of specialty content feeds for your websites, articles and reports
  • Organize your
    so you can always find it and back it up
  • Create fast
    information products
    for any field to add value and build relationships
    with your prospects, clients or customers
  • Ensure that you
    stay within the U.S. and international copyright

I give you my personal guarantee that this is
definitely worth getting. David Perdew and Dr. Wallin give a 100% money back
guarantee too. So you can’t lose.

Get your copy here Use code intro201 to get the best price.

This is a very limited time offer so act now.

Teleseminars: Learn the right way to make money with Teleseminars

I have coached several clients who came to me after a great deal of
frustration with the amount of money they wasted searching for the Holy Grail
of making money with the Internet. Sadly, they were misled into believing the
BS of getting rich quick on the Internet. Rich with no work.

Unfortunately, there are so-called “experts” telling people
when you buy program X, Y or Z; go through a short class; put up a website or
blog you can sit back and watch money pour in.

Hopefully you are not buying into this baloney. Sadly, countless
individuals are.

They are being told all they have to do is sit on the beach sipping a
refreshing drink while making a ton of money.

I can't begin to tell you how frustrating this is for me and other
reputable experts.  I'm appalled at the
number of unscrupulous people feeding others a line of crap that you don't have
to do anything but buy their information, put up a website and presto!, you
make a fortune.

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