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A shift from unethical to conscious business has taken place and there’s no going back

I began a very joy-filled day with a one hour plus power walk. What I love most about my walks is having the time to clear my head and acknowledge all I have to be grateful for.

One thing I'm most grateful for is how conscious entrepreneurs are emerging on the business horizon. Millions of men and women are making their mark in business like never before.

Although many people are just beginning to notice the change others have been aware of this change for decades. A huge shift occurred in the 80's. Entrepreneurs were merging their spiritual beliefs into their business practices.

Corporations are also joining in this shift. Prior to this there was a lot of focus on how much a company could acquire on a material level, often to the detriment of employees, customers and society at large.

During the time the Enrons, WorldComs and other such entities were getting away with highway robbery and destroying the financial well being of countless numbers of people, there was a movement underway of men and women who said, “Enough is enough! This is not the way to run a business.”

With a high level of integrity and concern for the well being of others, the shift in business began. Men and women who had worked under the leadership of those with unscrupulous values chose to either join companies in alighnment with their own conscious business values or start their own businesses.

The old adage, “You should be happy to have a job!” no longer works. It's not just about having a job, it's about living our purpose. It's about knowing that one person can make a difference by virtue of the fact of how they conduct themselves on a daily basis.

What is your experience with conscious business?

Comments welcome.

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Lynn Terry – Internet marketer extraordinaire explains why this site works … or not!

Ever wonder what makes a site convert from visitors to buyers? Lynn Terry, Internet Marketer Extraordinaire, evaluates a site to show you exactly how well it is doing. Lynn is one of the most knowledgeable and highly respected experts in the industry.

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Sell more books with this simple method… plus NAMS4 almost sold out

Most authors have the desire to sell lots of books. The challenge for many is the marketing. How do to it.  When to do it. And how to do so cost effectively.

Here are a few tips on how you can market effectively to sell more books… and lots of them. First, you have to know who is interested in your topic. From there, you must plan out a book marketing campaign.

There are three phases to a successful campaign

  • Phase I Pre launch preparation
  • Phase II Launch
  • Phase II Post launch

Setting a success time line

Giving yourself enough time to handle all the details of the campaign is essential to your success. It is better to take as much time as you need to do things right rather than rushing through and experiencing less than stellar results.

Where to sell
Not only do you want to think in terms of selling books from a website, blog or online book stores, but also by creating opportunities.
Many authors realize that if they get speaking engagements they could sell lots of books. However, many organizations don’t have budgets for speakers due to tight economic times.

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Turning teleseminar content into reports that generate thousands of dollars

Recently, I hosted a private call for a group of entrepreneurs on how to build a sustainable business.

Two questions I received on how to do this were “What's one of your most effective ways to make money?” and “What's one of the best ways to build an opt-in list?”
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Conscious selling is when no means no

A few days ago I received an email from someone I don’t
know excited to share some “great news” with me.  He was sure his “opportunity” to become a
member of his network marketing team was a perfect fit for me. Rather than ask
what my business interests are he made a lot of assumptions.

Within a very short period of time I knew his
opportunity was not a good fit for me or my market. I thanked him for his
offer, graciously declined and assumed that was the end of any conversation on
the topic.

I received another email a short while later from the
same man trying to convince me this was a great opportunity and I would be wise
to join in.

Once more I declined, again assuming this was the end
of our discussion.

A third message from this man put my patience to the
test. This time he came from the perspective that it was not so much about how
I would benefit from this opportunity, but rather about how much he would
benefit from my network.

Although a part of me wanted to completely ignore his
third message I responded with, “I'm not sure how to get across that I’m
not interested in what your are offering. It doesn't fit in my business model
and I would appreciate no further conversation on this.”

He finally got it. “Finally!” I thought to

The fact is, some people are still selling based on old
school methods. I began my sales career nearly three decades ago. In the early
days I read virtually every book I could get my hands on about how to sell
persuasively. I listened to records and cassettes (yep, back then we had
records and cassettes), went to workshops and talked to others who were in

Something I read, had been taught and heard more than
once was, “If someone says no it simply means you haven't asked the right
way for the sale.” Another common teaching was if the prospect said no
they obviously didn't know what was good for them and the salespersons job was
to show them the error of their ways. Palllllleeeezzeeee!

Many a salesperson was taught all you had to do was ask
enough, push harder and eventually you would wear the prospect down. The fact
is, that’s the old way of selling. Rather than a happy customer you had irate
men and women wondering when you would leave and hoping never to see or hear
from you again.

The good news is there is a much better (and more
ethical way) of selling. Today, things are different. More and more men and
women sell based on a high level of integrity and consciousness. Actually, some
sales professionals have sold on a very conscious level for years.
Interestingly, they are likely the highest performers in an organization and their

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