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Teleseminars – 3 Types you can offer

Offering teleseminars as a part of your services is a great choice for many entrepreneurs. Knowing which is the best can be a challenge. There are dozens of “types” of teleseminars to choose from. Below are three very popular types.

Preview Calls

If you are new to teleseminars, I recommend you start with a preview call format. This type of teleconference will be one of the most popular types of teleseminars that you offer.

Basically a preview call is just what it sounds like. People get a taste of what a paid course will be about.

However, to have a successful call, you have to be able to market it and sell on the backend. Marketing and selling will be covered in an upcoming lesson.

FAQ Call

Another purpose for teleseminars is to provide the most commonly requested information to your clients. If you have customers who seem to be asking the same questions over and over about your products and services, you could prerecord a session. When new clients come on board, you can give them a copy of the recording. This helps the client and saves you time.

For example, let’s say you are a nutritionist and you sell a very unique type of nutrition program. When your customers buy the program, they receive an instant download of the most common questions they will may have.

Expert Interview

Expert interviews are great because you can bring an incredible amount of value to your market.

Hosting expert sessions is a great way to bring added value to your market. However, before you approach an expert you need to be prepared for the conversation. Know what you will say, why you are asking this particular expert and what the benefit to the expert is for joining in with you.

As with any aspect of running a business, with teleseminars the more organized you are the better.

Learn 5 Simple Steps to Make Money with Teleseminars. FREE online course


Internet marketing; The sad truth is – most will not succeed

.16 of 1% – According to Mark Henrick's this represents the number of people who will succeed online. When I shared this statistic with my readers a few days ago the response was interesting.

One woman wrote to tell me this was very disheartening.

Another was upset I would pass on this information because now she was as sure as ever she couldn't succeed online.

Another got really excited saying, “This is great to know I can be in that small percentage of those who will succeed.”

Wow! What a spread of opinions. There were more but you get the idea.

The fact is, most people won't succeed on the Internet. And many would prefer not to know this because it will burst their
“fantasy bubble”.

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Teleseminar – What is correct etiquette?

Hosting a teleseminar is becoming more and more common every day. However, if not done
right they can leave a very bad impression with listeners – many of whom could
be potential clients.

When you host a teleseminar there are any number of things that can go wrong. The
more prepared you are the better.

One part of preparation is to inform listeners how to get the most out of the

If your call includes Q&A time, you may have some participants who are not as
respectful as you would hope. The sad fact is some people either don't know
about call etiquette or if they do, they simply don't care. Your job is to make
the entire call experience as pleasurable for as many participants as you can.

Callers of Proper Etiquette

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Teleseminar success – 8 Simple Steps to Successful events

Teleseminars are likely one of the most effective methods for promoting
a product or service, building an opt-in subscriber list, increase credibility
and establish your expert status.

However, to achieve optimum results you must have your systems in place.
It takes more than simply hosting a call to make this work.

Countless individuals have attempted teleseminars as a route to business
success, yet failed miserably when they have attempted to make money from
teleconferences. Often it is because they have not been trained in how to
position the call, create enough of a market demand for what they are selling,
there is no call to action, nor do they have a solid follow-up plan.

With the right vision, planning and action steps, you can do extremely
well with teleconferences. Here are a few of the steps involved in successful

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Teleseminars – 5 Things You Must address before hosting a teleseminar

To optimize your effectiveness (and revenues) with teleseminars, or any aspect of your product or service offerings, you not only need to know how to develop a great teleseminar you also need to know who is interested in your information, how to market your offerings and how you will sell.

Let's begin with foundation. In virtually any marketing course, a primary area of discussion is defining your target market. Without knowing specifically who your market is, it is difficult to develop products and services your customers will be interested in and be willing to pay for.

 Here are a few considerations.

 Who is your market?

What do they want and need?

  1. What is their most
    challenging problem that you have a solution for?
  2. What keeps them awake
    at night?
  3. Is your expertise
    what they are looking?

 A consideration many
people never take into account is, “Who do you ideally want to do  business with?”

 Start from the space
of, “There are qualities I look for in my clients that will enhance our
working relationship.”


After all, you will
be putting time, energy and effort into any working relationship. Why not make
them the most enjoyable relationships you can?


This is just the
beginning. The challenge many professionals have is they have not taken the
time to identify who wants and needs what they have to offer, but who they
ideally want to work with.


Without knowing this
you may drastically miss the mark. Take time up front to do your homework so
that you will benefit your market over the long run and have a great time doing


5 Simple Steps to Make Money with Teleseminars. FREE online
course from Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer. Kathleen Gage
works with spiritually aware speakers, authors, coaches and consultants
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Teleseminars – Getting through the noise of the competition

When it
comes to offering teleseminars the fact is there is an incredible amount of competition.
In years past this was not the case. There were a handful of people offering
their training by way of a teleseminar.

this is not the way it is. Teleseminars are a dime a dozen. Does that mean you
shouldn’t offer them? Of course not!

What it
means is you have to raise your own bar in what you are offering. You also have
to know what sets you apart from the competition. And…you need to know what
your competition is offering to the market.

To offer
teleseminars without doing research on what your market wants, what your
competitors are up to and what is the most needed solution to a problem is
likely to set you up for a lot of frustrations.

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Teleseminars – 3 Simple Steps to Making Money with Teleseminars

If I could sum up making money with teleseminars in 3 steps, here’s what they would be:

  • Host
    a teleseminar
  • Record
    the session
  • Have
    the recording transcribed


It doesn't matter
what type of business you have, teleseminars can be one of the most essential
offerings you make to your current and potential clients.


A more in-depth look
at each step would be the following:


Host a teleseminar

All you need to do in
order to host the teleseminar is secure a bridge line and let potential
listeners know you are hosting the call. If you are just starting out you can
use a free service like Free Conference Calls. Simply do a Google search to
access their website.


Record the session

If there is one thing
you need to make a regular part of your teleseminar process it is to record the
session. Do this from the very first one your offer. There are lots of things
you can do with the recording including offering the MP3 as a bonus gift, sell
the recording, bundle it with other products to create added value for any
products you sell.


Have the recording transcribed

As with recording
each session, I highly recommend you get the recordings transcribed. This may
seem an unnecessary expense to those who are new to offering teleseminars, but
the transcripts can be developed into other products.


The transcripts can
be given out the same as with the MP3 files. You can also turn the transcripts
into a very valuable report. Some people make great money from this one


You can turn the
transcripts into a chapter for a book or eBook. You can take portions and turn
them into articles, blog postings and tweets.


The possibilities are
endless. The key though is to get started as soon as possible offering
teleseminars to your market.

5 Simple Steps to Make Money with Teleseminars. FREE online course from Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer. Kathleen Gage works with spiritually aware speakers, authors, coaches and consultants who are ready to turn their knowledge into money making products and services.

3 things you must know before you create information products

If you've been researching ways to make money online I can bet you've heard about developing information products. Information products that can make you thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Many people have heard about what to do but they are not quite sure how to identify what is really a money making product.

There is an art and a science to the process.

Information products include (but are not limited to) eBooks, eReports, MP3 files, podcasts and membership programs. Yup! Membership programs.

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If you can write articles you can start a membership program

One of the ways you can improve your relationship with your clients and customers is to create a membership program specific to their needs. While some experts are making incredible amounts of money by offering a membership program most people never attempt this because they think it is really hard.

With traditional membership programs it can be. Well, throw tradition out of the window. If you can write articles or talk on the phone, you have what it takes to build a membership program. It's truly that simple.

Start a Membership Program in 7 Days or Less!
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