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One simple step to increase traffic to your blog

If you're looking to increase traffic to your blog or website, be viewed as a credible expert and gain visibility start commenting on other blogs.

However, you have to put some thought into your comments. The best comments are those that have substance to them. For example, rather than writing “great post” and leaving it at that write something specifically about what you liked.

Realize that eyeballs will read your information and judge you on the quality of information. Make your comments worth reading, keep them relevant and of interest to the initial post and the readers.

For example, let’s say you are a disaster-relief expert and you read a blog posting by someone who is viewed as a leading expert in this industry. Say the post writes something about steps communities can take during a disaster.

Add comments with something like, “Excellent points on dealing with a natural disaster. Something I have found to be extremely important is to put systems in place for the protection of pets. This is an often overlooked area during a disaster, but one that most pet owners need to know about.”

This is prime “real estate”. A good practice is to have blogs you visit on a regular basis that you can leave comments on. Imagine the traffic you could generate if you were to have 12 blogs you regularly visited that have lots of traffic and you leave comments on a regular basis.

Simply subscribe to the blog and when something comes up you can comment on, presto, in a matter of minutes you've left your mark.

You don't need to comment on all the blogs every day. However, if you schedule 15 minutes a day to leave your comments within a very short period of time you will notice an increase in traffic to your site.

What has your experience been with commenting on other blogs? Leave your comments.


He may be wacky but he sure is smart!

I have a friend who prides himself on being a bit wacky.

He doesn't exactly wear the shirt that says, “I'm wacky” but if you ever get the chance to meet him you'll know what I'm talking about.

The thing about my friend (and colleague) David Perdew is that he's always giving away great information that most people would charge for.

He's created a 10-part video series  that leads you by the hand as he creates a niche income stream in a very good niche market.

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He starts with the foundation of niche marketing and finishes with a
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Video And like I said, it's FREE. The 10-part video series is completely transparent instruction

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16 Leading Experts Are Ready to Share Top Business Building Information – FREE!

16 Leading Experts Are Ready to Share Top Business Building Information

When a great opportunity comes along do you take advantage of it or do you let it pass you by?

Many people let opportunity slip through their fingers, but you don't have to.

FREE tele/web Symposium for Women Entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and service based helping professionals.
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Here are the experts you will learn from

Suzanne Falter Barnes
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David Riklan
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Melanie Benson Strick
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Tom Buford
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John Rasiej
Linda Hollander
Rosey Dow
Hazel Palache

Whether you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur, I encourage you to take advantage of this free event.
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Event Two 

Discover How to Create eBooks – the Simple and Easy Way

VIP Club Bonus group coaching teleseminar

Tuesday October 26th
10 – 11 a.m. PST featuring Val Waldeck

Over the years I have developed dozens of information products with eBooks being among some of the most profitable. The first eBook I launched over 7 years ago generated nearly $15,000 in revenue. Imagine how that would feel to be able to generate incredible revenues by simply sharing your knowledge in an eBook. You can! And my featured expert, Val Waldrek, is going to show you how.

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Learn how Internet Marketing is done for pennies on the dollar

By now you know there is a lot of hype about how to use the Internet to build your business. There are also experts who are telling the truth about how this is done. If you know anything about me you know I tell it like it is, give great content and do all I can to continually bring you great information to build your business.

The problem is, my hourly fee is beyond what many people can afford. A while back I came up with a great solution for those who want to learn from me but want to do so at a very, very affordable price. I created my VIP Club Membership program. Right now it's less than one dollar a day.

This month we are near the end of the 12 month mark for many of the members. What this means is I have several hundred spots opening up.

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