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Marketing your book is a cinch

Just when you think you've found all the fun ways to market a book something new comes along. Such is the case with This is an easy to use marketing method that virtually anyone can use.

As an author you need to be on the lookout for as many effective methods to market your books as possible. Cinch is one such way.

It's easy to use, intuitive, fun and fast. You can set it up to feed into several of your social networks.

Check out how simple it actually is by watching this short video.

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Top reasons authors won’t market, but should

Successful authors need three things:

  • A book
  • Buyers
  • Marketing

A book is the obvious. Without a book you have nothing to sell. Without something to sell you can't make money.

Next, buyers; lots of buyers. This is again very obvious but for some reason many authors don't put much thought at all into how they will find buyers or the buyers will find them. They seem to think the book is simply going to sell. Not so. Virtually any author needs to have a hand in connecting book with buyers.

This is where marketing comes in. To attract lots of buyers you absolutely must market. Yet, a huge question is. “Where do you put your time, money and energy?”

The fact is you absolutely must put time into marketing. There’s no getting around it. If you are the person doing the marketing you will have to hire someone to do it for you. Finding the right “someone” can be tricky and that’s for a different discussion.

If you are strapped for time, money and knowledge here’s the best way to get started. Do a Google search for free resources on social media marketing. General information can take you a long way in your knowledge level.

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Facebook Friends are Great Potential Book Buyers When Treated Right

Would you buy a friend's book upon publication? It's likely you would if they asked you to.

Some authors might have an issue with asking friends to purchase their book(s). Yet, isn't this what marketing is all about? We want people to buy our books and our marketing is one way to do this; selling to friends is another.

With the onslaught of social networks we can now build friendships with people around the globe. One of the best locations is on Facebook. What a great way to build a network of potential book buyers.

Yet, many people go about building their Facebook network in the wrong way. Rather than building based on quality they build based on quantity.

To effectively build and optimize your friends' list here are three tips that are sure to help.

1. When you invite someone to be your friend give a point of reference. If they can't immediately identify you they may not accept your invitation. If they do accept the invitation how valuable is the connection?

A point of reference could be referring to other networks you know them from. Do you read their blog or ezine? If so, tell them. Were you referred by somebody they know? If you were, let them know.

2. Don't immediately try to sell something. Recently I had an invitation from a woman I don’t know who wrote in her invitation, “Kathleen I want to be your friend. By the way I do relationship coaching for people who need it. Visit my website at ……..” Sales

If you go into an immediate sales pitch this is a huge turn off. Build rapport first, sell later if appropriate.

3. Avoid saying, “We have X number of friends in common so we should be friends.” Who cares about how many friends you have in common? Point #1 explains why this is irrelevant to the invitation.

As you build your friends' network with sincerity you build solid friendships. You are then in a better position to have many people who would love to buy your book.

Take your time laying a foundation for potential buyers by being authentic. Everyone wins in this situation.


Name that Author Marketing Tune!

If there were a game show called, “Name that Author Marketing Tune” it would likely be “There's Not a One Size Fits All for Authors.”

Although true, far too many authors are quick to discount a marketing strategy as ineffective without even attempting to try it. Or they point fingers at authors who are making a great living from their writing and claim their marketing strategies are not “real” strategies.

Take social media marketing. In several author groups I belong to there is enough discussion, posts and threads to talk about how social media marketing is not a proven commodity and just doesn’t work.

Although fairly new on the book marketing terrain there are plenty of authors who KNOW the value of social media marketing. Sure, it may not be in direct ROI or sales, but when an author builds a platform, name recognition, fans and a following selling their books becomes much easier.

Yet far too many authors either give social media marketing a lukewarm attempt at best or no attempt at its worst.

So where does an author new to social media marketing begin? The first place is with a blog. The blog should be the hub of all your marketing efforts.

From there you need to determine where your readers tend to congregate. Are there specific forums they gravitate to? If so, this is where you should invest time building name recognition and relationships.

For example, if you have a book on Boomer Women Car Repairs it would make sense to find boomer women forums.

If your book is about the care and training of Boxer dogs, there are plenty of forums for avid Boxer owners. I know this for fact; I belong to some.

What about a book on elderly care? I can assure you there are forums on elderly care.  Elder

Regardless of what the interest there are forums and social networks specific to virtually anything. Your job is to identify your reader, find out where they “hang out” and spend some time building name recognition in these locations by providing high value to potential buyers of your book(s). You do this by participating in discussions, posting articles when allowed, offering tips when asked and simply being seen.

A targeted and consistent approach to social media marketing will pay off. But you have to be willing to invest time in this. It's not a “show up once and you are a star” proposition. It's all about viewing your book marketing in the long term.

Why Media Releases Need To be a Part of Your Book Marketing System

With the ever changing terrain of book marketing it is essential for authors to stay on the leading edge of how to effectively promote their book(s). Unfortunately, many authors have never taken time to learn even the most basic aspects of marketing.

In many ways marketing a nonfiction book is easier than fiction. Yet, there are ways to market any type of book that are inexpensive and very effective.

Some of the most effective (when done right) are:

  • Media releases
  • Appearances in your local market
  • Teleseminars
  • Articles as they pertain to your book(s)
  • Email updates to potential readers
  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Audios such as MP3 files

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Marketing a Book is A Cinch…. when you know how

Ask virtually any author if they want to sell books and with a quizical look on their face they wonder why you even asked the question.

Of course we want to sell more books! Isn't that obvious? If you go by the amount of marketing the average author does, no it's not obvious.

The fact is, most authors spend little, if any, time marketing their books. There are three main reasons for this that I wrote about yesterday.

Sadly, most authors will never make much money at all with their writing. Some of us have never NOT made money. So what's the difference?

Those of us making money see our writing as not only the obvious, our passion and craft, we also see it as an avenue into other opportunities.

Would you call us opportunists? I hope so! And yet for some authors they seem to think there is Opportunity something wrong with this. I can tell you, I see nothing wrong with putting food on the table, paying my bills on time, being able to donate to charities of my choice and downright living a very, very comfortable life. All due to my writing and knowing how to market my writing and creating backend opportunities.

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The 3 Biggest Fears That Stop Authors From Succeeding

Most people would never guess that authors have some very common and debilitating fears. The three top are:

  • Fear their book won't sell.
  • Fear someone will criticize their writing.
  • Fear they only have one book inside of them.

Are these valid fears? Any fear can be a valid fear. This may not be the question one needs to ask themselves. A better question is, “How do I get through the fear?”

Let's start with the fear of your book not selling. The fact is most books don't sell enough to financially break even. It's true. The majority of books will not make money for one main reason; authors do not take enough control of marketing their book(s).

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You’re not going to please everyone with the way you market your book… so get over it

Whenever I do a major book launch I have countless individuals who love how I market the book and give me (and those involved) great feedback. Then there are those who don't like my methods of marketing at all and have no qualms about how they tell me this. In some cases, they are downright vicious.

Over the years I have learned to separate the valid from the “crazy” feedback. For the sake of comparison, I am going to compare book launch feedback to platform speaking feedback.

I began my professional speaking career nearly 17 years ago. From the first time I stepped on the platform I was “home”. I loved (and still love) motivating audience members, sharing great information that improves someones personal and/or professional life and knowing this is what I am meant to do. This is definitely part of my life's work.

Being evaluated by audience members was a standard practice with one company I contracted with. At the time I contracted with SkillPath there were over one hundred other trainers.

Although I was consistently at the very top of the top of the evaluations, every so often there was someone who gave feedback that ripped into my heart.  1applauce

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Repurposing: How Experts Build Empires FREE session with Janet Switzer

Anyone who makes a great living with information products knows one thing; you can't learn how to do this in a vacuum. There are those in the know who can teach you things that will cut years off your learning curve and save you tons of mistakes while you learn how to make money.

If you've known me, or known of me, for any period of time you know I am committed to bringing great information to my market to help them achieve their business goals in the most efficient way possible. Today is no exception. I have three very exciting events I want to share with you. First…

BOSS 2010 from David Mathison.

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Janet is the go to person for repurposing knowledge. I can assure you that when you know how to repurpose you are literally sitting on a goldmine of products that can be turned into real cash with little to no extra work on your part – and you may not even know about it!

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You likely heard about the exciting book launch on October 19th for Align, Expand and Succeed. Within a very short period of time we hit #1 on in several categories. Was this by luck? I daresay NO!!!!

It was with a very strategic process I have developed over the last few years. Each campaign I coordinate gets better and better.

Are you an author (or wanna be author) who dreams of becoming a bestselling author? A writer who will reach people around the globe and make a positive difference in their lives?

Not sure how to do this? Let me share some of the most important information you need to know to make this happen.

And I'm going to do it for FREE!

On November 16th at 10 a.m. PST join me for a one hour session where I will share as much as I possibly can to help you gain an edge on the book marketing game. An edge that will help you to sell books, make money and reach a global readership.

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For the first time ever, Denise Wakeman and I are hosting a limited seating, highly exclusive live event where 35 serious minded professionals will learn from us up close and personal.    

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Until next time….

Why Authors Should Promote with an Online Book Launch

No matter how you slice it a visible online book launch has incredible benefits. Take the book to bestseller status and the benefits skyrocket.

A few of the obvious ones are:

1. Book sales
2. Credibility as an author
3. Revenues
4. Backend revenue opportunities

When done right not only is this a very strategic marketing process, it's also one that can create incredible long-term benefits.

Before you jump into a book launch you need to know there are some people who don't view an online bestseller launch as a viable marketing strategy. Some have gone as far as calling online campaigns a scam. Scam

There are those who seem to think all you need to do is get a bunch of people to offer a bonus gift, send out an email message and sales pour in.

I daresay there's a lot more to a successful launch than getting your buddies together and blasting out an email.

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