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Is This Preventing You From Selling Books?

Most authors dream of selling lots of books, but often fall short of this goal for one simple reason; fear! This is like being in bondage with no way out.

Although the fear may not be overt it shows up in many different ways. One would be the resistance to market and the other not pursuing speaking opportunities where you can sell back of the room.

Considering my primary market are authors, coaches and consultants who write nonfiction books such as self help, spirituality, business topics and personal development this is who I am addressing in this article to.

Even if you write fiction you may still want to read this. After all, fear is not limited to non-fiction writers. It strikes all types of writers.

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Isn’t it time to get over the fears that are holding you back?

Do you know someone who has been trying to figure out how to make money online by buying program after program and is still floundering? Could that someone be you?

The fact is most people won’t make money online. You might be wondering why I would say this. It’s simple. Because it’s true.

Why is this? With so much information around why would anyone NOT make money? Because they either try to do too much too soon, get the wrong information, are learning from someone who can’t sell their way out of a paper bag and is literally full of hot air or give up way too soon.

Believe me, I know how frustrating it is to buy something from an “expert” only to find out that they haven’t a clue of what they are talking about.

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Avoid this common (and costly) solopreuner mistake

Something entrepreneurs strive for is securing big contracts with fabulous clients. Although a good thing on the one hand, this can be a downfall if the consultant attempts to do all the work themselves.

How do I know about attempting to do all the fulfillment of a contract? In the past I've been guilty of doing this. The first time I secured a relatively big contract I made the mistake of thinking I had to do all the work myself. Although I delivered as promised, I was exhausted and I limited myself from securing more work from other clients due to lack of time.

Additionally, I was at risk of becoming resentful at how hard I was working. Resentment toward anything in our business can be detrimental on many levels.

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Sell more books by answering three questions

Many nonfiction books are created to solve a problem or teach prevention of a specific outcome; often doing both. When marketing you need to know what problems your book can solve or what it is designed to prevent.

Take a book on health and nutrition; some are designed to help the reader lose weight thus solve a problem. Others are intended to help the reader avoid strokes, heart problems, cancer or any number of life altering diseases thus preventing a problem at some point in the future.

A sales book may teach selling principles on how to close more deals. While another book of the same genre may be designed to help someone avoid the loss of their job due to low performance in sales.

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