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Coaches and Consultants – This one thing WILL get your more (and better) business

If you’ve been using social media for any period of time you’ve heard about LinkedIn. Chances are you’ve put up a profile hoping to attract business.

Whether or not you’re getting the most out of LinkedIn may be open for discussion. The same holds true for virtually any social network. You may have an account and a profile, but are you getting the most out of your efforts?

Each social network has specific strategies you must implement in order to optimize what you are doing. With LinkedIn your profile plays a big role as to whether or not you are easy to find beyond someone simply imputing your name. Ideally when someone inputs keywords that are specific to what you do your profile is near (or at) the top.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for most people listed on LinkedIn. Only a fraction of active members are found based on keyword searches. Why? Because most experts are incredibly ambiguous in how they describe themselves, who their market is and what their background is.

Although there are some profiles that are very detailed and specific to an area of expertise there are countless more that are not.

The one commonality in the majority of the profiles is an ambiguous identification of what the person does and who their target market is.

For example, in the coaching industry there are life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, marketing consultant, etc. Although some may think this is enough of an identifier to attract the right type of client… it's not.

The question that begs to be asked is, “What kind of Life Coach and for whom?” “Who are you a marketing consultant for? What industry and type of client?”

A life coach for recently divorced professional women is very different than a life coach for professional athletes. A marketing consultant for the equestrian industry is very different than one for the entertainment industry.

Ask most coaches and consultants what their major challenge in business is and they will likely answer, “Attracting enough of the right kind of clients.” The right kind of clients would be those you are a great match for and they are a great match for your expertise.

The solution… be clear on who you are and who your ideal client is.

To attract more than enough business you have to be much more specific about who you are and what makes you an expert.

Ambiguity won't work. In the past it might have, but today there are far too many coaches and consultants for a client to choose from. This means the more specific you are the better.

Some may believe that by being too specific they are eliminating business. Actually, you are. But it's likely the business that is a better fit for someone else rather than you.

When you are viewed as an expert for a specific market (or markets) you actually have an easier time attracting an abundance of clients for your practice/business AND you will attract more of the types of clients you want to work with.

If your business is not where you want it to be start with the basics:

  • Who am I? What is my expertise? What is unique about what I do?
  • Who do I enjoy working with? Who am I qualified to work with? Who do I want to work with?

Consider this:

  • Is your profile clear and specific?
  • Will you stand out from the thousands of others who might be vying for the same business you are?
  • Will potential clients have an easy time finding you?

If you answered NO to the “consider this” questions rework your profile as soon as possible. To see what’s working for other experts do a profile search with the keywords your potential clients would use to find someone with your expertise.

Notice which experts rise to the top of a search. Review their profile. How have they positioned their expertise AND how does the description of the type of clients they work with read?

Reworking your profile is not something that should be put on the “someday I will do it” list. Do it immediately. After all, don’t you want to begin attracting more business immediately?

Here's a Solution
Because I know how essential doing this is to the success of one's business I have put together a FREE video series called – How to Build a Successful Coaching and  Consulting Business.

To learn more about defining your market and expertise, creating multiple streams of revenue, effectively marketing your business, positioning your expertise, having the right mindset and have a great vision for your business CLICK HERE to access the first in this free series.

What is your experience with clearly defining your market? Share your thoughts below.


Coaches and consultants – New Horizons are upon you

What are your goals for the coming year? Do you plan to grow your business like never before? Do you want to impact more people than ever? Are you passionate about what you do and know you would benefit your market by offering more of what you do?

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You reap what you sow when building a business

Not a day goes by that thousands of people decide to take the “BIG LEAP” to attempt to sell something online with the dream of making untold amounts of money. As quickly as they dare to dream  most  will let go of the dream because they have not had a flood of buyers clicking their “buy now” button.

Discouraged, they shake their head, shut off the computer, sigh deeply, convinced they will never make money online nor fulfill their dream.

The bad news is, this is a more common scenario than not. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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7 Steps to Making Money with Affiliate Partnerships

If you’ve been around the Internet for any length of time, you have likely heard you can make money through Joint Venture partnerships and affiliate programs. You may already be doing so, but not at the level you know is possible.

Without a doubt, partnering with the right people increases your market reach, credibility and revenue stream. It’s a great way to do business. Unfortunately, many people attempt to do so without really understanding how to gain the greatest benefit for all concerned.

There are numerous types of affiliate and joint venture partner arrangements and relationships. There are those where as an affiliate you simply search out products and services that you think your market wants or with very little interaction between the you and the affiliate. Conversely, you have those who seek out your products and services for their market, but have very little interaction with you.

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Using Your Kindle Book To Gain Market Reach

Looking for a new way to get in front of potential book buyers? Try your hand at publishing a Kindle book. It's one of the easiest ways to get your material published…fast!

I couldn't believe how simple the process was from the very first attempt.

What's great is you don't need an ISBN to publish your Kindle version book. You can publish just about anything including:

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FREE reports are a great marketing tool for authors

Looking for a great way generate interest in you and your books while developing a revenue stream. Try your hand at low cost reports.

We’ve all heard stories of people making boatloads of money online by selling information products. Yet for most people making their first $100 would make them very happy. You see, once you make your first $100 the next $100 is much easier.

And, once someone has expressed an interest in one of your information products they are more likely to buy your books. That is if the reports contain high quality information.

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5 Mistakes Authors Make When Doing an Online Book Launch

One of the best ways to sell lots of books from the comfort of your home is to do an online book launch campaign. When done right you can sell hundreds, even thousands of books in a very short period of time.

However, one launch is not the end all be all to a successful book. It is the start of other great opportunities. Your job is to continue to promote your book and other products and services you have available.

However, before you  can do that you need to always provide incredibly high value to your market.

To get the most out of any book launch you must take specific actions and avoid common mistakes. Take a look at one of the common mistakes people make when doing an online book launch campaign.

  • Inconsistent or no follow up. If you have your systems set up you would be able to collect the contact information from many of your buyers. Once you do you can follow up. Many authors don’t. Automation will lessen or alleviate this challenge.
  • Too much follow up. Over saturating the market. Be careful not to be overzealous. Keep in mind that readers are inundated with emails coming from a number of people. Do what you can to keep your value high and plan out your campaigns.
  • Getting sidetracked with unimportant tasks. Prioritize what you need to do, write a daily to do list, and learn to say no.
  • Not laying a solid foundation.This will cause you to build a campaign that can quickly fall apart. It is better to take time to put your systems in place in order to have a smooth running campaign rather than jumping from thing to thing not achieving the results you desire.
  • Resting on your laurels. Simply put, keep at it. Think of other ways you can serve your readers. Look at the big picture.

Take time to put a good promotions plan together to reap the greatest benefits. You will be glad you did.

Join Marianne Williamson, Ali Brown and me for an amazing event

What an amazing 2010. It is likely one of the most intense years of my life. I am looking forward to an incredible 2011. I know it will be.

How do I know? It’s simple; I choose it to be. Regardless of what life puts in my path I know it is all a part of the tapestry of life. Each experience, no matter what, takes me deeper into the person I am destined to be.

This is true for all of us. Although there are many people who fully understand this, there are still more who let outward circumstance determine the quality of their life.

When we get to the point that no matter what life has in store we know we are blessed, life becomes very magical.

I can’t say I always felt this way. No, no, no.

Many years ago my life was the complete opposite. You could say it was a royal mess.

So what was the catalyst for the change? A journey I began over 30 years ago. A journey that I fully understand includes sharing insights with men and woman who are ready (and have the desire) to learn how to have an incredibly fulfilled life.

Because I know how valuable learning how to live the most fulfilling life possible is I have some very special programs I want to share with you.

Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series

This truly unique global tele-series will inspire and empower you to think bigger, strategize better, and make the contribution you're capable of making.

I am honored to share the stage with some of my personal heroes, NY Times #1 best-selling authors, self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, and global visionaries such as Marianne Williamson, John Robbins, Ali Brown, Fabienne Fredrickson, Julia Butterfly Hill, Bill Drayton and more inspiring pioneers of social change.

Please join us and discover how these people came up with brilliant ideas, and against all odds, succeeded at creating humanitarian products, services, and organizations that are transforming the world.

Get the details and RSVP

You will leave with numerous valuable strategies you can implement right away, including the latest thinking on: social change, green marketing, conscious marketing, mission-based business, online movement building, client attraction, book authoring and marketing, branding, niching, outsourcing, generating a mindset for success, the blueprint for launching a social enterprise, standing out on the web, attracting a global following, building a financially-successful enterprise, product launch formulas, time management secrets, social media strategies, leading fundraising methods, and more to help you triple your bottom line – people, planet, and profit!

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Daily Awareness Radio Show

On 1.11.11 join me for my newest venture. Daily Awareness: Spirituality in Business will feature leading conscious business experts and world visionaries as weekly guests.  The show's focus will be to explore the impact of spirituality on business.

Join me as I share an insightful conversation with Tom Terwilliger, author of 7 Rules of Achievement. The process of real, acute and lasting change almost always comes as a result of taking some sort of “LEAP of Faith.” More often than not the LEAP is taken consciously but leaper has no clue of the process that is taking place. Tom has identified and teaches that 4 step process. Tom and Kathleen will discuss the process and how understanding and mastering it will allow anyone to consciously take massive LEAPS forward in their life.

Click here to access show page

The Transformational Life Home Study Course

The Transformational Life is perfect for anyone who wants to take your exploration of life to one of the deepest levels possible. You will learn exactly what I do to create a life filled with joy, abundance, contribution, caring, creativity, vision and passion.

I am giving 100 programs away. Find out how you can get your own.

NAMS5 – Niche Affiliate Marketing Telesummit

Jan. 14-16, 2011

Featuring top Internet and affiliate marketers.

The price has gone up to $397 but David Perdew (founder of NAMS) gave me a coupon code that will get you $100 of the full price.

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You get everything (including my program The Transformational Life) for only $297.

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In success,

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

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How to Secure Lots of Great Book Reviews

Most authors know if they are serious about positioning their books in the marketplace they need to have them posted on Amazon. In order to get the most opportunity from Amazon you need to optimize your page.

Some of the essentials are a detailed book description, ISBN number, page count, cover image, look inside feature and reviews.

You have control over submitting most of the information but you don’t always have control over how many, if any, reviews you receive. However, there are a few simple ways to boost your reviews.

  • When a reader tells you they enjoyed your book ask them if they would post a review on Amazon.
  • Ask colleagues, clients and friends to read the book and do a review.
  • Search out books of a similar genre and read the reviews for these books. Contact the reviewers to see if they will review your book.

There’s a good chance that if someone enjoyed other books of the same genre they will enjoy your book.

Although this does take time to do it right it’s worth it. Imagine getting dozens of reviews for your book. Think of the credibility this will give you and your book.

To make this a smooth process commit to attempting to obtain at least two book reviews a week. This is enough to make a difference but not so many that it will be overwhelming.

It’s likely once you begin you will find it to be easier than you thought. And the easier it is the more action you will take.

Begin today to get your first, or next, review.

How do you secure book reviews? You comments are welcome.

Why Blog Tours are Great for Book Promotions

If you’re like most authors you have set a goal of selling more books in the coming year. In theory setting goals regarding selling books is great. In reality many authors who have the best intentions soon give up on their goal for any number of reasons.

A primary reason is not knowing where to start. It’s not for lack of what to do. Quite the contrary, it’s due to so many choices.

One of my favorites is a well planned and executed blog tour.

A simple definition of a blog tour is a virtual tour where you stop at (visit) a number of blogs and post relevant information.

New vs. Old
Participating in a blog tour has replaced the need to make “personal” book store appearances. Not only do you save time, fuel costs, shipping expenses and the frustration of only a few people showing up to a traditional book signing, you can do a blog book tour from literally anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet access.

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