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What if you really don’t need social media marketing?

If you haven’t heard how important social media is in your overall marketing you likely have not been paying attention. To not incorporate social media into your promotional activity is a huge mistake.

However, you need to think through why you are using social media as well as what outcome you desire.

The really amazing thing about social media marketing is how rapidly it is growing. This can be a major challenge for many. Trying to keep up can drive even the sanest man or woman a bit crazy.

Over the last few years an incredibly powerful industry cropped up with virtual assistants, project managers, consultants, speakers, authors and content experts who assist business owners at all levels with their social media marketing needs.

Another area that is growing in leaps and bounds are the DIY (do it yourself) entrepreneurs who may prefer to do their own social media marketing because it is so fascinating to them or they are simply not in a position to hire someone.

Regardless of what level of involvement you have you do need to keep up on some degree of information. For example, lots of people think of social media in terms of only their computer when in fact iPhones and other such devices allow interaction virtually any time, any place.

To help with this I found a blog with 70 Plus Free iPhone Apps for Social Media Mavens. Click here to access.

Something else I have for you to take your Social Network knowledge to an incredibly high level is a free webinar with two leading experts, Sean Malarkey and Lewis Howes.

Both are recognized around the globe for their knowledge, expertise and easy to apply strategies to give you optimal results for your efforts. Lewis Howes is the author of LinkedWorking that teaches individuals how to generate revenues and success using LinkedIn.

Sean Malarkey is a highly sought after mentor and consultant recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Join us on April 5, 2011 for Advanced Social Media Training.


3 Reasons Not to Publish A Kindle Book

Kindle eBooks are all the rage. Authors are led to believe making your book available in a Kindle version is a must do. But is the Kindle version really the way to go?

Let’s look at the facts.

  • In 2007 there were 88,000 Kindle titles.
  • In 2010 there were 500,000 Kindle titles.
  • There is 60 second worldwide deliverability.
  • The Kindle version is often an impulse purchase that satisfy the “instant gratification” buyer.
  • Currently over 850,000 titles including 107 of 111 New York Times Bestsellers.
  • Amazon sells 143 Kindle titles for every 100 hardcopy titles.
  • Continued growth is projected with no end in site.
  • You don’t need a Kindle reader to enjoy the Kindle version. You can quickly download the Blackberry App here. 
  • You can also access Free Kindle For iPhone App here  

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Article Marketing – Is Your Panic Setting In?

Now that the dust has settled with the recent Google announcement there are new levels of dialogue about what this means.

For some it’s, “Business as usual” while others have to rethink just about every bit of information they put to market.

Those who have produced quality information all along have nothing to worry about. Those who have cranked out garbage are fast falling off the article marketing cliff.

Panic May Set In
Many consultants routinely recommended to their clients to use article marketing as a part of their promotional efforts. Some consultants are in a panic because now they have to come up with something else to recommend to their clients. Others are not concerned at all due to always emphasizing quality and relevance when recommending their clients use article marketing in their mix.

Here's the deal; anything that improves the quality of information people are developing (and limits the garbage) is a very good thing. Thumbs up to Google.

It Becomes Obsolete
Something that’s important to keep in mind with this change (and many others we have already experienced and will experience in the future) is this… a recommendation to our clients today may be obsolete at some point in the future. We don't have a crystal ball we can peer into.

However, we can always focus on quality, value and integrity. When we do this all is well in the world.

Flexibility is essential for virtually anyone who is using the Internet to market their business. The rules are constantly changing and there's not a lot we can do about this. What we can do is keep the right perspective. Additionally, we can strive to ALWAYS deliver excellence.

Bottom line; the recent Google change is a very good thing for anyone who has been producing great content all along.

What are you thoughts on content quality? Comments welcome below.

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With Google’s change is article marketing dead?

Over the last few days article marketing is a top conversation (and concern) in many online circles.

If you haven't heard about the big announcement Google made on Thursday of last week about the change to article farms you need to know about this. Especially if article marketing is a part of your overall online promotions strategy.

The fact is, if you use articles in your marketing you may need to make some changes to how you market in the future – or not.

The change Google announced is designed to weed out shallow and low-quality content from its top search results.

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A major reason your business might be sluggish

Have you ever thought about the correlation between optimal health and business? Actually, the two have a great deal in common.

Like many people I slipped into a pattern of unhealthy eating, little exercise and the “I'll get around to it tomorrow” syndrome. This led to low energy that was not my desire for my personal or professional life.

Before I knew it I was not where I wanted to be with my health. Not that there was anything drastically wrong, but being a middle aged woman I know the risks that even a 20 pound weight gain can have.

A few months ago I decided to take control of the situation. I began working with a nutritionist who guided me through the process of reclaiming my health.

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Your Business Mastermind Group is The Secret to Achieving Larger Business Goals

Mastermind groups are one of the most powerful business tools available. Yet, many people don't know how to start a matermind group or how to properly utilize them once they are formed.

One person who does know is Cathy Demers. I have invited Cathy to share insights into the power of mastermind groups and how to achieve larger business goals with them.

The Secret to Achieving Larger Business Goals

The power of a business mastermind group is that each of the members is striving for similar things, with each member achieving larger business goals by supporting each other along the way.

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