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Can you meet me this weekend with Brendon Burchard?

I am going to be at Brendon Burchard's Promotional Partnership
Crash Course this weekend June 3 – 5, 2011 in
Redwood City, California.

If you plan on being there let me know and we can meet.

If you are going to be there visit my Facebook
page and post on my wall.

Meet me in Atlanta too!

In August you can catch up with me in person at NAMS6 –
Niche Affiliate Marketing in Atlanta, Georgia. Lots of
people will be there.

David Perdew (founder of NAMS) let all the instructors know
there are a handful of seats left. He's almost maxed out.

But you can still get a seat AND save $100 when you
Coupon code “100SPECIAL”. [Read more…]

Gratis issue of Insights Magazine – I’m on the cover!!!

For all my friends, I want to give you a FREE gift. And who doesn't like free gifts? If you're like me, you'll say YES!

I was pleased and honored to be featured as cover interview for Insights Magazine.  It gave me an opportunity to share my success secrets along with 7 additional experts.  Part of the cover story arrangement was allowing me to give all of my friends access to this outstanding 60-page issue with my compliments.

Check out this great gift of informative interviews with world leaders in business success for yourself. Just click here and you'll get FREE instant access to the issue.

Enjoy your gift!


Bestselling books don’t just happen…. Marnie Perhson tells all

According to a 2002 article in the New York Times by author of over a dozen books, Joseph Epstein, 81% of the adult population dreams of writing a book.

“Beyond the obvious motivation for wanting to write a book — hoping to win fame or fortune — my guess is that many people who feel they have a book ”in them” doubtless see writing it as a way of establishing their own significance,” comments Epstein.

Yet, most never will get a book completed let alone know how to market it. Actually, the great majority won't even begin writing and out of those who start the process will be sporadic at best.

Then there are those who spend years and years getting their first draft done. I've met some “authors” who have been working on their book for ten years. TEN YEARS! That's crazy. Yes, you read right. Crazy! [Read more…]