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What are you saying to yourself?

What are you saying to yourself?
from featured expert, Jeannette Koczela

We go around all day with an inner voice that is talking to us.  This is called self-talk and for the most part it is unconscious.  When you are learning to use the Law of Attraction to attract your desires it’s important to become aware of your self-talk and guide it more consciously so it works in your favor.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter on self-talk in Jeannette Koczela’s new book, “Money Mindset Makeover:”

You can use your self-talk to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction. You do have a choice—to focus on mere appearances or focus on the underlying truth.  You can make this choice by deciding what you say to yourself.  Your self-talk determines your mindset.  Your mindset determines your power to attract.

What is your self-talk or inner voice saying?

  •  Are you telling yourself that your desires are on their way to you, or are you telling yourself that you will never have enough money?
  •  Are you telling yourself that you can create your wealth, or are you telling yourself that you can’t get out of the financial struggle mode?

This is where positive thinking comes into play.  You can admit to yourself the truth—that the universe is on your side, that the universal substance wants to deliver your desires to you, that your natural state is one of abundance. Wallace Wattles, in his book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” is emphatic on this point:

“ The thinking substance is friendly to you and is more anxious to give you what you want than you are to get it.” -Wallace Wattles

Do you realize the implications of this statement? This means that whatever you decide that you want, you have a friendly, all-powerful ally—“the universal substance.”  Its desires are your desires; it wants what you want.  What can you do to harness this great power to your benefit?

The mentor of Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale tells us that you must act, speak, and think as if you are already rich. Have you ever tried this?

It is a necessary step in the process.  It is putting yourself into your dream.  And it all goes back to trust.  Do you trust that the universe is friendly to your plans to get rich?  If you do, then you can act like it.

If you were already rich, how would you think and talk and act?    What would you say to yourself?  To others?  Wattles said simply to believe that you are getting your desires, and consider it done.

You can start reminding yourself that wealth is on its way to you.  Have that quiet assurance that everything has been put in motion for you to get rich—because, in reality, you ARE getting rich.  This is how you can use your self-talk to make your money mindset makeover.

Your mind listens to your words and then creates that reality. That’s why your self-talk is so important.  Your thoughts are powerful, and your internal dialogue is even more powerful.

Jeannette Koczela began her career as an Impressionist oil painter and has exhibited all over the country. A growing interest in computers led her to become a graphic and web designer. These businesses combined her talents and interests for many years.

Then she discovered her passion for life coaching and found that after a decade of casually coaching colleagues, she decided to train to be a certified spiritual life coach.

Her coaching business, Empowered Spirit Coaching, teaches people to partner with Spirit and raise their vibration to a place of empowerment so they can attract more ideal clients and grow their business. She has created several coaching programs, a home study course, and is a published author. Being highly sought after for her insights and coaching abilities, Jeannette is also the founder of the “International Association of Professional Life Coaches,” a premiere professional membership and online directory for life coaches.

The metaphysical and esoteric has always interested Jeannette and she has practiced Transcendental Meditation for 35 years. She is a member of the Invincible America Assembly, a group of 2000 people who meditate together daily for world peace.

To learn more about how to use your self-talk to deliberately create more abundance in your life, get a copy of “Money Mindset Makeover,” which is being launched Oct. 17.  When you purchase it in the next 3 weeks, you will have access to over 20 special gifts from leaders in the self-development industry. You can find out more by clicking here.

Editors Note: I can personally recommend Money Mindset Makeover. I read it a short while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Get your copy now. Click here.




Lisa Orrell, , Author of Boomers in Business – Interviewed by Kathleen Gage

Lisa Orrell, The Promote U Guru, is an award-winning Branding and Marketing Expert, Certified Success Coach, Speaker and Author, who has just released her third book, Boomers into Business: How Anyone Over 50 Can Turn What They Know into Dough Before and After Retirement
Boomers into Business: How Anyone Over 50 Can Turn What They Know into Dough Before and After Retirement” (Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing, Inc.). The book is now available on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle versions, and the demand for it is rapidly growing due to the fact that almost half of the Baby Boomers do not have enough retirement savings to support themselves.

I sat down with Lisa to discuss her new book, and the importance behind it, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: Lisa, you share some startling statistics in your book regarding Boomer’s retiring. Can you share some of the main ones with us?

A: Absolutely! And they terrified me so I’m sure many of your readers will feel the same way: According to the 2010 report, The EBRI Retirement Readiness RatingTMby 47.2% of older Boomers (56-62) are at risk of outliving their retirement savings. And 43.7% of younger Boomers (46-55) are at risk of not having enough money for basic monthly expenses when they retire.

That means that almost HALF of the Boomers are facing a less-than-stellar financial situation as they hit retirement age and then when they enter into their future elder years; especially the Boomers who are now 46-55. This is a very serious issue for not only the Boomers, but for our country as well when the financial support for them needs to kick-in. I, personally, find this all to be a really frightening situation on a lot of levels.

Q: Is this what prompted you to write your new book?

A: Yes. Due to those sobering financial facts, we currently have millions of Boomers wondering, “What can I do to generate income, full-time or part-time, or on the side of my current job, that is flexible, interesting, fun, possible to start on a tight budget, and do into my golden years?”

Therefore, I wrote Boomers into Business to provide some answers and options to that question.

Q: Your book explains how a Boomer can become a “Topic Expert”. Can you explain what that means and how it can improve a Boomer’s financial future?

A: I believe most everyone knows something, from their career background, life experiences or from a hobby that other people will pay money to learn about. Whether you’ve been an HR professional your whole career, or a construction worker, homemaker, dentist, Life Coach,  housepainter, or a lover of growing roses, my book teaches Boomers how to monetize what they know to create a good income, in a wide variety of ways, as a Topic Expert. And, health permitting, it’s something a person can do for years…way past 65…and, as we just discussed, for many Boomers, working past 65 years old is going to be necessary.

Basically, readers of the book learn how to take what they know to develop an “expert” brand platform that can lead to: consulting others; conducting training seminars online and offline; developing many strategies for on-going passive income; creating simple “how to” products to sell; and much more.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been an employee your whole career or whether you are currently self-employed. Nor do a person’s education level, career background, or business experience matter. The book was written to take a lot of guesswork out of the process.

Q: That sounds like something many people would be interested in doing. And I know you have quite a few examples in the book of how other people have turned themselves into a Topic Expert. Can you share one example?

A: Sure! One example I share in the book is about a typical “mow & blow” neighborhood gardener who was struggling financially and the physical nature of his work was affecting him as he got older. But, during his career, he had developed a unique method to bring totally dead lawns back to green, lush lawns. And neighbors of his clients started to ask him for help with their brown lawns, and then he started charging other gardeners to learn his method. This then led to him being an in-demand speaker at local and national Home & Garden Expos and industry tradeshows, as well as conducting his own workshops for homeowners that he charged people to attend.

Needless to say, by branding and marketing himself as a “guru of growing green lawns” he went from an income for years that was in the low 5-figures to one in the 6-figures, and he was able to leave his daily “mow & blow” gardener business behind. Plus, this all happened in his mid-60s and he was able to do it for many years afterwards…thus greatly improving his financial situation and his quality of life.

Q: That’s a great story! But what if someone doesn’t have the desire to travel a lot for speaking engagements, especially as they get older?

A: That’s the beauty of modern technology! I have clients who have NO desire to travel or speak in front of audiences in-person. So they consult with people over the phone, conduct webinars and teleseminars that they charge for, and create products they sell on-line, therefore they never have to leave their homes, but they generate a good income. Or, if they do like to speak in public, but want to avoid travel, they just conduct in-person seminars and workshops in their local area.

The bottom-line is that, whether you’re already self-employed or an employee, you can expand on what you do and offer outside of your actual “job” to increase your income and notoriety. For example, if you’re a CPA, rather than just focus on doing tax planning and tax returns to generate money, you can increase your income by also conducting presentations that you can charge for, or you can develop products that people will buy, or you can do things like create a 2-day “financial success” boot camp with other guest experts/speakers…and you can charge people a lot to attend those.

But, as I mentioned, speaking, consulting and product development are just a few money-making strategies. There are tons of ways to generate more income by sharing your knowledge with people, however I find that MOST people don’t do any of them and then wonder why they’re struggling financially.

Q: What if a Boomer has no Marketing, PR, or Social Media experience to effectively promote themselves?

A: That tends to the challenge for most people! I’d say 99% of the clients who come to me are good at “what they do” but they have no clue about how to market themselves well. So there’s over 20 chapters in the book (some of which were written by other marketing experts on their areas of expertise) JUST on different marketing-focused strategies that are easy, free, or inexpensive, to implement to attract business and generate sales.

Furthermore, we live in a 24/7 media world now, therefore the media is constantly looking for experts to interview on interesting topics so I also included several chapters on basic PR strategies and media outreach.

It’s amazing how quickly someone can land media interviews when the media perceives them as “an expert”. And, obviously, media coverage can quickly help build awareness for you. And THAT can also lead to attracting more revenue-generating opportunities to you.

Boomers just need to start thinking outside the box and start monetizing their years of knowledge & experience!

Q: Agreed! And thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview, Lisa. You’re certainly addressing a timely, and very serious issue, and hopefully the options you provide in your book are ones that help many Boomers improve their financial futures. Good luck with it!

A: Thank you! I really enjoyed speaking with you, too, and I appreciate your interest in my book topic!

BIO: Lisa Orrell, The Promote U Guru, is an in-demand Branding & Marketing Expert and Certified Success Coach with over 20-years of experience. Recently she was voted one of the “Top 30 Most Influential Brand Gurus in the World”, and she is also the recipient of over 75 awards for marketing excellence. Lisa’s clients include: Small business owners, coaches, consultants, entertainers, academics, speakers and authors. Plus, she herself is the author of 3 popular business books and a professional speaker. And, based on her expertise, she has been interviewed by countless media, including: ABC, MSNBC, NPR, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Cosmo, China’s HerWorld Magazine,, American Express’s, and For more info visit:

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Are you forgiving of online marketers?

I just recieved an email from a woman regarding an event I am promoting. Her message read, “Aren't you the gal who cancelled an event at the last minute?”

I looked in my database to see what event she had previously signed up for. Yes, in fact, the event had been cancelled – at the last minute.

Like my colleagues, I will do whatever I possibly can to never cancel events. In the 17 plus years I have been holding platform presentations, webinars and teleseminars I have cancelled fewer times than I can count on one hand.

The reason for cancellations: death or serious illness of a family member.

I suppose I am venting a bit but I wonder if some people fail to take into consideration that online marketers will occassionally have “life” happen. There are times where we have no control over what is occuring and have to do what we feel is the most appropriate based on the circumstances.

The question that I pose is this, “Is someone ever justified in canceling an event? If yes, under what circumstances?”

If you have ever had an event cancelled that you planned to attend were you forgiving of the expert or did you simply assume they had bad business etiquette.

Have you ever had to cancel an event? If yes, what were the circumstances?

The fact is, those of us doing business online are human. We do make mistakes, we have life happen and sometimes technology fails to cooperate with us.

We do all we can to assure we don't have to rock the boat, but it may be unavoidable. And the more activity we have going on the more likely it is something could turn out differently than planned.

So I ask, “Are you as forgiving of others as you would want them to be with you?”

Comments welcome and encouraged.

Keys to An Author’s Blogging Success

Expert Guest Blog Posting By D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., Authors of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online

Blogging as an integral part of your online book marketing strategy. Your blog is the hub of your online empire. Create an attractive, interactive environment where people will want to visit often.  Creating a blog and writing a few posts every week isn’t going to help you sell more books unless you also work at promoting your blog.

Online blog marketing opportunities abound, and most of them are free. Make use of every chance you get to find new followers and get links back to your blog posts.

Here are some easy ways to promote your blog:

  • Begin using social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Automate announcements of new blog posts by using the “Twitter Tools” plugin on your blog and the “Networked Blogs” application on Facebook. This will automatically submit new blog posts to such sites every time you post. Doing so is an important way to gain new readers and subscribers.
  • Use every post to invite readers to subscribe or follow. Add a footer to your posts that says something to the effect of, “Enjoy this article? Receive email alerts when new articles are available! Just click on the follow button or subscribe above.”
  • Seek out guest bloggers to post to your blog, and when you use one of their posts, ask that guest blogger to help promote it by tweeting to his followers and posting a link on his blog. This approach gives your audience exposure to a wider range of topics and lines of thought. It also induces reciprocity, as other bloggers will likely want to have you become a guest blogger.
  • Become a guest blogger. Offer other bloggers high-quality articles in exchange for a link from their site to your site. Add a line below your email signature with a link back to your blog. Every time someone reads one of your email messages, you’ll be advertising your blog.
  • Use quality search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in your blog description and in every post you write. Use your keywords in the title and throughout your post. This way, you will get better search engine results when people search for the topic(s) you write about.
  • Post comments on other blogs. You will have the opportunity to provide a link back to your blog when you fill out the requested information in the “comments” box. This commenting strategy works especially well on blogs that are frequented by your target audience and the professionals who serve them. You will quickly become known as an authority on your topic.
  • Respond to comments! Authors who respond to comments generally get a lot more comments than those who ignore their readers.
  • Use social media to promote your blog posts. Announce your new posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.

The more ways you can find to promote your blog online, the more visitors, readers, subscribers, and followers you’ll get. That means the more people you’ll reach with your message and the more people you’ll be able to introduce to your book.

D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. and Marketing Wizard has been marketing online since 1994. She is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online. Visit her blog at: Get your free guide to Guest Blogging and check out D’vorah’s upcoming course on Virtual Book Tours for Authors at

Secrets to becoming a super affiliate

I am thrilled to share with you the following information from my dear friend and colleague, David Perdew. Find out how to get your affiliates to take action like never before. You will also learn how you can gain access to some amazing incentives from David. He da' man!

Expert Blog Post from David Perdew
When I was a Boy Scout many, many moons ago, I learned to sell door-to-door to earn prizes.

Like any good Scout, I subscribed to Boys Life magazine. Inside the back cover, there always was a company who recruited kids (especially Boy Scouts) to bang on the neighbors door and present them with something they would need very soon.

In the fall and winter, I sold seeds. Flower seeds and vegetable seeds always sold well at that time. In the summer, I sold Christmas cards and they were delivered in October in plenty of time to get a re-order made before Christmas.

That was one of the best business experiences of my life for a few reasons. By the time I was 13, I learned:

1)      About selling a product in hungry market. (Right product at the right time at the right price equaled a sale.)

2)      Approaching people face-to-face with a smile on my face got a lot better results than a grumpy or sheepish approach.

And this was probably the most important lesson:

3)      I responded to sales incentives, and so did 1000s of other boys like me.

The ads in the magazine were full page spreads that displayed the dozen or so awards I could win by selling just the right number of products.

If I needed a new baseball bat in the summer time, I knew exactly how many packages of seeds I had to sell in the winter to take delivery of the Louisville Slugger before the season started.

So, I set a goal.

Selling meant earning something better in my life. And I knew exactly what I had to do to achieve that goal. I made a plan to get it.

I did too.

For years, I earned different awards. One of the reasons it worked for me was that I got exactly what they depicted and it was always something of high quality – and exactly what I wanted.

Winner-take-all sales contests energize only the most competitive sales people, but sales incentive programs can energize and army of hawkers for a product.

That's why I've started a significant sales incentive program for my affiliates at And it's paying off.

When I launched MyNAMS Premium Membership (at in August, the program hinged on a very aggressive and graduated sales incentive program that basically offer affiliates a substantial award determined by the number of new referrals. All the awards could be exchanged for an Amazon Gift Card or cash.

I gave away computers, Kindles, iPads and lots of cash totaling about $4,000. But I also had more than $8,000 per month in new members in less than six weeks.

Affiliates are great. But they only move when their motivated. And if they're not motivated to move by your promotions, your pool of leads will dry up. Whether you hire people to work the phones (which I can't stand) or you recruit an army of affiliates, motivation is the key to selling.

With my new sales incentive program, I've created 20 levels that include awards at the top end that seem to be unachievable for most. But there’s a ton of buzz about those awards. And they will attract the super affiliates with large lists. They include:

  • $100,000 cash
  • BMW 3 Series Coupe
  • Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic
  • 5-Day Kenyan Safari
  • and much more.

To see the full list of incentive awards, visit

Major awards like $100,000 in cash may scare away a new affiliate. So, I created $15 awards as well that were easily achievable. And I leveled the playing field with a weekly drawing in addition to the award.

But let’s look at the top award: $100,000 Cash.  What does that mean realistically?

To earn $100,000 cash, an affiliate has to earn $100,000 in new member commissions in one calendar month.

At the current membership price an affiliate would have to sell 13,369 monthly memberships. A two percent conversion would require 668,450 people on the prospect list. That’s actually pretty doable.

Remember, the award is for new member referrals that month. Essentially, I’d match their commission – or make a 100% commission – for the first month.

Guess what happens in the subsequent months?

The affiliate receives 50% commission and I get 50% of the referral or $100,000 per month myself. So, for the first month, I’m giving away the profit so I can reap big rewards in later months.

But since every new member is important…

The random monthly drawing for a $100 Amazon Gift Card levels the playing field for all affiliates.

To see an example of how it works, check it out here:

Stay away from sales contests, but I encourage you to include a sales incentive program in your affiliate recruitment process as long as you can. And be generous with the front end because the more you give, the more you get.


Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing

Expert Guest Blog from Janet Esposito

How do you feel when you step up to speak or perform? Are you nervous? Worried? Panicked? Feeling dread and terror?

If you are like most people, you likely experience some degree of stage fright, as the fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears people report. While some people have only a mild case of the jitters, many others have a much higher level of performance anxiety.

While preparation and practice can do wonders in helping people feel less anxious when stepping up to speak or perform, I have found this is often not enough to quell the higher level fear and anxiety that so many people feel. For these people, more is needed to help calm the Fight or Flight reaction that gets triggered when they perceive speaking or performing to be such a threat.

I find that a holistic approach is most helpful for those who struggle with stage fright. Below are some ideas you may find useful based on the approach I write about in my book, Getting Over Stage Fright: A New Approach to Resolving Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing.

BODY: Most people feel very worried about people detecting their symptoms of high anxiety when speaking or performing. The good news is that these symptoms are not as detectable as you may think, though they can certainly be very uncomfortable and unpleasant to bear.

Here are some tips to work on easing your physical symptoms:

1. ACCEPT YOUR ANXIOUS FEELINGS and learn to ride the wave when fear arises. Your fear will begin to ease naturally when you don’t fuel it by being afraid of it.

2.  BREATHE DEEPLY AND SLOWLY and focus on releasing and relaxing any tension that you are holding in your body.

3. CREATE A BODY POSTURE and facial expression that conveys a relaxed, natural ease and a “Can do” attitude.

MIND: It is important to remember we have a choice in how we think and it is up to us to think in ways that support us rather than undermine us.

Here are some tips to help your mind work for you rather than against you:

1. DIRECT YOUR MIND away from any negative, fear-inducing thoughts and toward more positive, empowering thoughts and images.

2. KEEP A GOOD ATTITUDE throughout this process, no matter how challenging your experience may be.

3.  GET PERSPECTIVE on yourself and your situation. Smile and lighten up as you remind yourself you are not giving the State of the Union address nor are you competing in the Olympics.

SPIRIT: Your fear can act as a catalyst for your personal and spiritual growth and lead to many hidden blessings when you approach this challenge in a more conscious and mindful way.

Here are some tips to help you access your spiritual nature:

1.      RELAX YOUR NEED FOR CONTROL after doing the prep work. Learn to go with the flow and allow whatever happens to be okay, trusting that things will work out fine.

2.      BE A WILLING SPIRIT and let go of any resistance you have to speaking or performing. Do whatever is being asked of you with an open and generous heart.

3.      DO NOT MAKE THIS A PROVING GROUND for yourself. Take the focus off yourself, connect deeply with others, and remember, It’s not about you!

Albert Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” In order to resolve our fear of public speaking and performing we need to adopt and practice a new approach.

Janet Esposito, M.S.W.

Janet is a bestselling author, coach, and workshop leader with more than a decade of experience in helping people who fear public speaking and performing.

Her first book, In The SpotLight: Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing, has been an Amazon bestseller for over 6 years. Janet’s second book, Getting Over Stage Fright: A New Approach to Resolving Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing, offers a new, holistic approach to help you get beyond your speaking or performing fear, whether you have just a mild case of the jitters or a full-blown case of stage fright.

Janet also does phone coaching with people from all over the country and abroad and leads Getting Over Stage Fright Workshops for people to practice the methods she teaches.

To learn more about Janet has to offer, visit





What will it take for you to make the changes you know you need to?

Have you ever had reality hit you smack dab in the face yet chose to deny it.

A quick look around would indicate virtually everyone has done this at some point or another.

The fact is we may know there are changes we should make to live a more quality life, but don't. We often postpone taking the initiative to make the change because the thought of the change is more painful than continuing a behavior that may not be serving us at the highest level.

This thought came to me as a result of a discussion with a friend who is a nutritionist.  We were discussing the health choices (or lack thereof) people make.

A mutual acquaintance is in dire need of lifestyle changes. Changes that may be the difference between life and death. Yet, our acquaintance is not taking the necessary steps to make the change.

When I asked our acquaintance what his behaviors were costing him he rattled off things like energy, lack of focus at work, not feeling good about himself and the looming threat of long-term disability.

I then asked him what it would take to live a healthier lifestyle? He was quick to respond that changing his eating habits and incorporating exercise into his daily schedule. Just as quickly as he rattled off the solution he gave reasons why now is not the best time for him to make any changes.

With the very real threat of longterm disability looming this gentleman is not willing (at this point) to admit the truth and make much needed changes.

Makes me wonder what it will take, if anything, for him to do things differently.

Sadly, there are things we all know we would benefit from changing, but for our own reasons we don't.

I speak from my own experience.  For years I had very destructive behaviors that ended me up broke, homeless and helpless. I was in my twenties at the time.

It wasn't until I got so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I began the road to a better way of life.

The fact is, we may know we need to make changes yet for any number of reasons we don't. A primary reason may be we somehow feel safer doing what is familiar (even though it may be deadly) than getting out of our comfort zone to make the change.

The bottom-line is we have more control over the quality of our life than many people care to admit. After all, it's in this admission we can no longer live the lie. It's in the denial we can blame outside forces for why our lives may not be where we want them to be.

Do you live with any level of denial of what you need to do to have a better quality of life? Whether it be to do with your health, your finances, emotional or spiritual well-being, your business or job, or any area that is not where you desire it to be – is there an immanent change you need to make?

The first step is to decide what it is you want. Then you must take intentional action that moves you closer to your desire with each passing day.

As a quick fix, instant gratification society we may get discouraged when the results we desire don't happen immediately.

The fact is, whatever needs repair likely didn't get in the shape it is in overnight. Nor will it be fixed overnight.

However, if one takes daily action toward your vision you may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly things do change.

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Thinking About Hosting A Workshop Or Seminar? Here’s Why You Should.

Expert Guest Blog Post from Daphne Bousquet

Are you looking for a new way to grow your business or adding a new revenue stream? Most coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and authors and speakers are always. One powerful marketing strategy that is often overlooked is hosting your own workshop or seminar. Workshops are a great way to boost your visibility, create raving fans, add new clients to your roster and increase your bottom line. Adding an event to your marketing plan will grow your business by leaps and bounds. Here are five reasons why.

#1: Instant Credibility
The advantage of hosting a live event is that is makes you the superstar. Whether you are a self employed professional addressing a room full of prospects at a workshop or seminar or a coach offering intensive training in your field at a multi-day boot camp, you are the center of attention and the obvious expert in the room. This generates instant credibility.

#2: Strengthen Relationships
There is no substitution for face to face communication. With the buzz about social media, Twitter, blogs and Facebook, people tend to think that virtual relationships are enough. While relationships created on social media are certainly real, these relationships are strengthened and reinforced during in person interaction. When you can see a person’s face and body language during a conversation, the communication is much more personal. And of course, sometimes it’s just nice to be able to put the face with the name, instead of an avatar or profile picture.

#3: Get to Know, Like and Trust Faster
People do business with people they know, like and trust and your live event will get you to that step in a record amount of time. As you are in front of the room, teaching your classes and being the expert, your clients and prospects come to know you, or at least they will feel like they know you. Since you are the undisputed expert in the room, they will trust you and hopefully, like you. That will set the stage for them to become raving fans, to do more business with you, buy your other products, invest in one on one coaching or move up to a higher-end (and more lucrative for you) package.

#4: Audience Interaction
Workshops and seminars also offer the opportunity for interaction with your audience. During this interaction you can field questions and explain some of your points in more depth. This is a good way to get feedback of what questions your audience is struggling with and what you might need to improve or laser in on during subsequent presentations. Sometimes this will give you an “Aha moment” and an idea for another product to offer or membership site to create.

#5: Immediate Revenue
Let’s not forget the most obvious reason to host your live event; the immediate revenue stream. Multi-day boot camps or mastermind retreats are generally high ticket items and the income they can easily hit the 5 and sometimes even 6-figure mark. When you add in sponsorships, repurposing the content for a home-study course and other income generating information products, strategic alliances that may ensue and the backend sales that result from your presentations, one live event could produce enough income to double your business in one year.

Hosting your own workshop or seminar will make you a superstar with your prospects and clients, turn them into raving fans and lifelong clients and generate you a well deserved profit. Use this powerful marketing strategy to grow your business to the next level in record time.

For strategies to fill your workshops and seminars without driving yourself crazy, you’ll want to pick up a copy of this free seminar marketing ebook. Click here to access.

Daphne Bousquet, CMP uses her 20+ years of event planning experience to create profitable event strategies and implementation for coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and self employed professionals that want to grow their businesses with workshops and seminars. She is the creator of the How To Get The Butts In The Seats Of Your Next Workshop Or Seminar System, a unique digital course that teaches you how to fill your events with your ideal audience.

I thought I lost my MoJO

Recently I sent out an announcement about my Kindle Bestseller Program.

I'm used to sending out a message about a product and within minutes making sales – and lots of them.

Well, this didn't happen. Actually nothing happened.

“On no! Did I lose my mojo?” I thought. How could I have gone from having highly successful launches time after time to absolutely nothing.

It didn't take but one message from an eager potential buyer to know why my MoJo was gone… something happened to the link to purchase the program.

Even though we tested the link before the message went out something went wrong.

Whoa! Finding this out was a huge relief. Within a very short period of time of fixing the problem withe the link I was again selling the program.

Yes! My MoJo is back.

Why do I share this with you? There are two primary reasons. One, there will be times no matter how careful you are about what you are doing mistakes happen. Although we tested the link before sending it out something happened that was outside of our control.

Two, it's important for you to know how to market and sell. A big part of the program I am offering deals with how to market and sell your Kindle books as well as other products and services.

In other words, how to find your MoJo online.

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Time Management Strategies Quiz: Are you Productive or Are You Busy? How can you tell?

Expert Guest Post – These days, not having enough time has become commonplace. Everywhere you go, people find themselves constantly in a rush, over-booked and over-scheduled with no time off. Life is accompanied by the ongoing stress of not having enough time.

Sometimes doing too much and being too busy can actually be our way of numbing feelings of loneliness or emptiness; not knowing what we want; feeling unfulfilled in our work; masking anger, even depression. Keeping “busy” can be our way of feeling productive. But is this the case? Are we really being productive with our time, or are we just keeping busy to pass the time?

Though it may not always seem so, how we fill our time and how we spend our time is our choice.

Answer “True” or “False” to the following questions in this time management strategies quiz to discover if you’re caught up in the “I'm too-busy” cycle:

1. I constantly find myself doing “urgent” things and trying to catch up.

2. Even though I'm always busy, I feel like I'm going nowhere with my life, business or career.

3. I rarely take the time to do anything for myself.

4. I allow myself to be interrupted and distracted from what I'm supposed to be doing.

5. I don't follow a clear set of time management strategies for myself or my work.

6. I never have a moment alone, yet I have this nagging sense of loneliness inside.

7. I have a hard time saying “no” to others.

8. I find myself running from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night.

9. I've given up on my dreams because of other obligations to my family, job or business.

10. I allow myself to drift into projects without knowing how much time or energy they’ll require.

11. I'm always tired and never feel like I accomplish enough.

If you answered “True” more often than “False,” then you may want to re-examine whether you choose to spend your time being “busy” or being productive. You may need to make a change in your life in these areas.

One difference between being productive and being “busy” is how you feel about how you spend your time. Feelings create thoughts, which result in actions. When you complete a task or project, do you have a sense of satisfaction? Do you feel like you've accomplished something with your time? Does your work make you feel energized and excited?

Another difference between being productive and being “busy” is the result you get with your time. T. Harv Eker says, “You either have reasons or you have results.” Are you making a contribution or are you making excuses? Are you adding value to your business/for your employer? Are you moving forward in your business or career, or are you spinning your wheels?

  • Being productive with your time requires that you set short-and long-term personal and professional goals. Otherwise you'll feel like you're going nowhere and accomplishing nothing day after day.
  • Being productive means you follow proven time management strategies and set up systems to measure and reward your accomplishments.
  • When you're productive, you monitor your progress daily to see if what you're doing with your time is on track with your goals, priorities and what you want to accomplish with your life. If not, you do something about it and correct your course.
  • Using your time productively makes you feel energized and excited about the work or tasks you choose to engage in. You're in alignment with your purpose, values and aspirations.
  • When you're productive with your time, at the end of the day, you feel good about yourself and how you spent your time. You feel optimistic about your future even if you don't always know where you're going.


No matter what you'd like to accomplish, the secrets to using effective time management strategies and achieving success are the same…

Develop Awareness. This is the first step toward being productive using effective time management strategies.

Decide what you want. Be as specific as possible. What can you change? The clearer you are about what you want in your life, the more you're likely to achieve it.

Get Perspective. Most people don't tell anyone what they want or what they're struggling with. So they don't have an outside perspective. They can't see their way out of their current situation and they stay stuck.

Get Support. Very few people achieve anything great alone. Be willing to take responsibility for your life and how you spend your time. Ask for help and support starting today!

If you're not productive with your time, if you're not using time management strategies, if you're not achieving the goals you've set for your personal and professional life, then what's keeping you busy?

Comment on this and let me know.

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