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Cavalia gives insights as to why many never live their passion

Watching someone live their passion can be one of the most incredible experiences ever.

Recently, I had just such an opportunity when I attended Cavalia with my dear one.

The performance was incredible, the VIP lounge amazing and the show beyond compare.

What the audience didn't see is what goes on in between the shows; rehearsals, lessons, instruction and mentoring.

In virtually any industry excellence takes hard work, commitment, and time. The excellence the 2.000 plus men and women in the audience enjoyed watching the connection between the horses and performers didn't happen by chance. It happened over time and with a ton of commitment.

It's the same with any passion one has who desires to turn the passion into their livelihood. One will never know their greatest potential until they literally put in the time, effort and commitment. To think otherwise is the wisdom of fools.

Yet, so many people are misguided in thinking they don't have to work for what they want. Or if something is a passion they need do nothing more than have the desire and all will fall into place with no effort on their part.

If anyone has that formula for achievement with no effort I would be interested in learning what it is. My experience in the decades I have been cultivating, grooming, growing and expressing my passion is that it takes work. This does not mean it has to be a drudgery.

Actually, just the opposite is the case. But it does take work. No two ways about it.

Is your passion writing, speaking or teaching in a way that you are impacting the lives of others? Wondering if your message will reach the most people possible? Not sure where to start to get your message out?

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You’re wasting money on information products if you’re doing this…

Countless dollars are wasted every day on information products. People may as well flush their money down the toilet.

You might be wondering why someone who makes their living selling information products would say this. Here's why.

More people than not buy product after product in hopes that the “next one” will be the magic bullet. They may have the best intentions when they hit the “buy now” button, but in quick order they get sidetracked, bored or realize it actually takes time, effort and work to get a result.

Then you have those who invest in products and do all they can to gain a high return on investment. With focused attention they likely achieve great results.

I've had more than one occasion where someone contacts me to ask if my program will finally be the one program that “works.”

“I've gotten dozens of programs, spent thousands of dollars, listened to countless experts but nothing has worked.”

When I get this type of inquiry I tell the person NOT to buy my information. Not because the information doesn't work, but because I'm not naïve enough to think I will be the exception to the rule. I know my programs will be yet another in their long line of “programs that don't work.”

Over the last year I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in my professional development. I have bought programs that range in price from $10 to $1,000, $2,000 and more. When investing in the higher priced programs I make sure the expert selling it is the real deal.

I also make sure I'm willing to invest time and effort into learning the material and implementing what I learn.

Amazingly, not one of those programs “didn't work.” As a matter of fact I made money from each and every one.

I'm not alone in these results. Every day men and women around the globe are making money online, but they don't assume for a minute they don't have to put effort into gaining results.

As we move into the New Year many entrepreneurs are planning for the coming year. In order to get the most out of 2012 try this:

Take  an honest inventory of all the programs you have purchased in the last year. List everything you can think of. Prioritize the items according to what is likely to give you the quickest return on investment.

Commit learning and implementation time to each in order to get a return on investment. As you see your revenues grow, commit a percentage of your income to future programs.

Only buy those programs that will truly benefit you. (And yes, there are programs we need to grow our business)

Decide which experts you want to learn from. Resist the temptation to buy from those who promise great returns with no effort whatsoever. This kind of promise is a red flag.

Each time you buy a program commit to putting time and effort into the material. After all, the more you expect to offer your market the more you will have to put into your own development.

When you follow this simple formula you will be amazed at the results that are possible.

One expert who is the real deal is Connie Ragen Green. Connie has an incredible ability to generate massive revenues from affiliate marketing. She has a formula for success second to none.

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10 Tips to Make 2012 Productive, Profitable and Blessed

This is the time of year many professionals set goals and resolutions for the coming year in hopes of making the coming year better than the year before.

Unfortunately, most goals are forgotten within a short period of time.

Often this is due to trying to do too much with too little.

Here are a few tips that will allow you to free up time and energy.

1. Evaluate online subscriptions to determine if you need to continue receiving them. If you don't need them, unsubscribe. This one action will save you lots of time by eliminating unneeded emails and clutter in your inbox.

2. Use the first hour of your day to monetize your business. Most people dive right into emails first thing in the morning. This may likely be one of the greatest time wasters in that emails tend to get us sidetracked very quickly, sucking up valuable time and energy.

3. Write a “to do” list at the end of each workday for your priorities for the next day. Here is a short video that will show you how to fully prioritize your “to do” tasks as well as big projects

4.  Think about the next 12 months. Commit to one project per month that will generate revenue for your business. I personally like to develop at least one new information product per month. It can be a report, a homestudy course, a teleseminar, a webinar or an MP3. By committing to one project per month you will be amazed at the momentum you will gain as well as the revenue you can generate.

5.  Commit to investing a minimum of 3 – 5% of your revenues to your learning and studies. I personally invest about 10%. You cannot possibly be at the top of your game unless you are at the top of your knowledge base.

6.  Join a mastermind group that will stretch you personally and professionally. Mastermind groups are an essential part of your business growth.

7.  Determine all the tasks that must be accomplished to run your business. Once you have a list compiled determine what you can outsource and what you absolutely must do yourself. Make a commitment to outsource those tasks that are time suckers and would be much more cost effective for a virtual assistant to do than for you to take your time to accomplish. This will free up your time to do what is most valuable for you, your business and your customers and clients.

8.  Commit time for family and friends. So often we get caught up in growing our businesses to the detriment of our personal relationships. Granted, growing our business is important but the growth need not prevent us from enjoying family and friends. After all, when all is said and done it is our family and friends who are with us through thick and thin.

9.  Take personal care time. This is an area many entrepreneurs fail miserably. If you don't take care of yourself you won't be much good for very long.

10. Give thanks. Give thanks for all your blessings, both personal and professional. Give thanks  for the opportunity to express who you are by way of your business. What an amazing blessing it is for us to be able to create an incredible life as a result of a successful business. Not only can we live an extremely comfortable life, we are able to contribute time and money to our communities and organizations we believe in, we are also given the opportunity to leave our legacy.

It doesn't get much better than that.

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Is fear preventing your from serving your market?

Think about what it takes to get your message to market. Do you get excited or does fear stop you from reaching as many people as possible?

If you believe in what you do and know your message will have a positive impact on your market, but fear is holding you back from getting your message out you are doing not only you, but also your market, a huge disservice.

Unfortunately, many people never reach their full potential due to fear. Most fear is imagined yet our response to it makes it real, very real.

In order to get through the fear that may be holding you back ask yourself these questions.

  • How will my information benefit others?
  • How committed am I to getting my message out?
  • What will it take for me to live in a “no limits” mindset?
  • What is the footprint I am meant to leave when all is said and done?

Think of it this way; life is short. We don't have forever to do what we came here to do. What will it take for you to do all you can to do your life's work?

Leave your comments on what you believe will help others get through fear. What have you done to do so?

Why are you in the business you are in?

Have you given thought to why you do what you do? Why are you in the business you are in? What motivates you to work with the clients you work with?

In the last few years the energy of business has shifted dramatically. With all the spirit-driven businesses currently in existence and those that will be created there is an incredible shift taking place. If you are reading this chances are you are aware of this transformation.

If you are not yet aware of the shift the fact you are reading this means there is a slight ray of light shining through your consciousness.

It is in this awareness we know we have the ability to influence change on many levels. What an awesome opportunity and responsibility this is.

There are reasons beyond money we are in business. Our primary purpose is to serve. Granted, not everyone agrees with this and that's okay. My job is not to make someone wrong for what their priorities are. My job is to be clear on my priorities and purpose.

In order to stay focused on my primary purpose I sit quietly and visualize my mind as a vessel that channels information from Source. When I am able to allow myself to reside in this space everything becomes simple.

Do not confuse simple with easy. There are times the actions I must take to fulfill what I am called to do can be challenging, time consuming and require a high level of trust of the unknown.

Truth be told, every day is a day of unknowns. The more we can stay fully present in the present moment the easier it all becomes.

Again I ask, “Have you given thought to why you do what you do? Why are you in the business your in? What motivates you to work with the clients you work with?”

Is it for the material gain you will obtain or is it for a high level of service that results in consciousness raising shifts?


Simple quiz reveals who is cut out for Internet marketing

Not everyone is suited to Internet marketing.  There are a number of reasons for this. Many will not succeed due to their unwillingness to face reality.

The reality is it takes time, knowledge and effort to succeed in the world of online marketing. Regardless of what you are marketing there are principles of success that apply.

For some reason many people fail to realize building a business online is exactly that; building a business.

Wonder if you have what it takes? Take this simple quiz to find out.

  1. I realize that the Internet is not about getting rich quick, but rather about building wealth over time?
  2. I am willing to put the time into learn from reputable experts?
  3. I am willing to face my fear of not knowing something by investing time in gaining appropriate knowledge?
  4. I understand one of the best ways to build a successful online business is with information products?
  5. I know others will benefit from my knowledge and am willing to learn how to package my knowledge in the most effective way?
  6. I know it takes an investment of time, money and effort to achieve success in any area.

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you have what it takes.

When you think of those who are succeeding with online marketing do you say, “They're so lucky,” or do you say, “If they can do it so can I. With the right information and training I will learn how to create a successful business using the Internet.”

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