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A trend every creative entrepreneur needs to understand and embrace

I work primarily with women and men who know they are meant to have a positive impact on their market. Call it community, tribe, family or market, in essence it's all the same.

My customers and clients are creative entrepreneurs who want (and need) to know how to package and promote their message for maximum impact in their market.

Expertise runs the gamut with my tribe; health and nutrition, photography, art, writing, speaking, financial planning, business consulting, hand analysis, healthy parenting, intuition development and relationships to name just a few areas my clients specialize in.

Although extremely diverse in their offerings, there is one thing each and every customer and client has in common; they have a message they want (and need) to get to market and are always on the lookout for the most effective ways to do this.

In light of some major trends and “must knows” I encourage you to learn and understand one of the most important trends facing all of us today; mobile marketing.

Those who embrace this way of marketing will be able to more fully serve their market.

And isn't that why you are in business, to serve your market?

Regardless of whether you are just getting in the game of mobile marketing or you've been doing so for some time this article on Mashable Business is a must read.

4 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Click Here

What is your experience with Mobile Marketing. Share in the comments box.

Leading Experts Share Top Reasons Why They Won’t Promote for Others

Anyone who's been online for even a short period of time has likely heard how beneficial joint venture (JV) and affiliate partnerships can be. It's true!

With aligned partnerships you can increase your revenues, subscriber list, credibility and market reach.

Yet, most men and women who seek out partners get turned down more than they hear the coveted words, “Yes! I would love to promote for you.”

There are very good reasons why this is so. It's not because we don't want to partner, it's because what we are being asked is not a great fit at that particular time.

Over the past two weeks I've had no less than 10 requests to promote products and services. Some individuals offered an affiliate commission while others made the request simply because “you have a good list.”

I turned down all but one request. Here's why; every single one wanted me to promote either that day, or within a few days of their request.

The one I accepted was from a trusted friend and colleague. I am familiar with the product he asked me to promote and what he offered is a great fit for my market. Additionally, the price point was low enough that I didn't need to do much prep at all with promotions other than let my community know about the offer. Another reason is his commission structure is very generous.

With the others, even though I know them from my social networks and they are likely on my subscriber list, I turned them down for  one (or more) of the following reasons.

  1. What they wanted me to promote was not a good fit for my what my market expects from me.
  2. The time frame was way too short.
  3. Commissions were poor or nonexistent. Not that I have to get compensated for everything I promote, but if commissions are not in line with what is standard I likely won't find it appealing enough.
  4. I am not familiar with the product they want me to promote.
  5. I don't want to overload my list more than they are already overloaded with the day in and day out emails they are blasted with.
  6. The price point was incredibly high and too much of a risk for a first time partnership.
  7. I plan campaigns out as much as six months in advance with the average being at least 2 – 3 months.
  8. Not one person I have not worked with yet offered me their product to preview. If they approach me then they must be willing to let me review the full product. It's different if I approach someone to promote their product. In that case, I should be willing to purchase it.

I'm sure some of the individuals I turned down were frustrated with my response, but my primary concern is for the well-being of my subscribers above and beyond anything else.

Wondering how other experts feel about these type of requests, I asked some of my closest friends to weigh in on these type of requests.

David Perdew NAMS Founder Click Here to access David's information.
Your post about last-minute promotions comes at an interesting time for me. Yesterday, I finished my most successful online promotion, and the 5-day sale was conceived and executed within 24 hours. So why would I say that it’s a terrible idea to do last-minute promotions, and expect people to promote?

The main reason: I probably could have done 10 times as much business if I had planned 4 weeks in advance.

But these were the attributes that made my last-minute promotion successful:

  1. The value was through the roof. It was the kind of value and price that made people think, “Holy cow, how fast can I promote this and how often!”
  2. I didn’t think about approaching people to promote this for me if we didn’t have a substantial business relationship already.
  3. If my top affiliate partners brought in some of their best affiliate partners, they got a referral bonus.
  4. I made sure affiliates expended zero effort by providing all the link, login and promotion tools they needed to be successful.
  5. I took “No” for an answer. Because my affiliate referrals are tagged automatically in the database tagging system, many of the affiliates were already making sales on the promotion from the prospects they had driven into pipeline previously. If partners couldn’t promote, I promoted for them.
  6. Relationships matter. If I don’t have one, I need to make that happen first.

SIDENOTE – David's was the one campaign I immediately said yes to. I know, like and trust David, we have worked on several campaigns together and what David was offering is a great fit for my market.

Denise WakemanBoost Your Visibility Click Here to access Denise's information.
While it may be tempting to reach out to the influencers in your niche to promote your launch, without a prior relationship, the answer is most likely going to be “no.”  Before you send that request ask yourself the following questions:

1. Has there been any previous communication between you and the potential high profile JV partner?
2. What have you done for the prospective JV partner lately?
3. Have you promoted the JV prospects products or services?
4. Do you read and comment on the prospect's blog?
5. Do you actively contribute to the prospect's social networks? Are you retweeting their tweets, sharing their blog posts and commenting on their Facebook page?
6. Have you purchased any of the prospects products or services?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then how are you going to make this a win-win for your JV partner?

How much lead time are you giving your JV partner? Most high profile marketers require a long lead time as their own promotions and other JV promotions are scheduled months in advance. 3 days notice doesn't cut it.

Most importantly, do your research. Is your product or service a good fit for their audience? Have your provided access to your product so they can see for themselves if it's relevant for their audience.

Don't be offended if they say no. There's a lot of factors that go into a decision whether to promote or not. First and foremost there needs to be a relationship established and you can get attention by giving without asking for anything in return. That will get attention.

Ellen Britt The Future of Ink Click Here to access Ellen's information.
“I totally agree with all of the really excellent questions that Denise Wakeman suggests you ask yourself before approaching an influencer in your niche. Certainly you should do as many of the things listed as you possibly can AND if it is at all feasible, make it a priority to actually meet the influencer in your niche in person by going to a conference they are going to attend.

Most influencers will let their subscribers and social media followers know about any upcoming events they are attending. Often, they will be promoting that event. If this is the case, then purchase your event ticket through their affiliate link. If they are presenting at the event, then make sure you attend their presentation.

Ask thoughtful questions during the Q&A time that add to the value of the material being presented. Afterwards,take a few minutes and introduce yourself to them, referencing any communication or promotion you have done for them in the past.

Ask them if they are open to a ten minute conversation during one of the breaks about possibly being a partner in your launch. They still may not say ‘yes' to your launch invitation, but you will have made an indelible impression on them by going out of your way to meet them in person. Avoid asking them if they will have lunch or dinner with you. Most influencers event schedules are completely packed with meetings and pre-arranged get togethers with clients and colleagues.”

Susan Lassiter-LyonsClick to access Susan's information.
JV partners are one of the best ways I know of to spread your message.  When approaching potential JV's here's a tip that's always worked for me.  Make sure you are offering value first and be prepared to build and nurture the relationship.

Most JV's have marketing calendars that are planned way in advance, but they are always looking for ways to make their promotions better.

Be sure to share recent results other well known JV's have gotten promoting your programs especially EPC (earnings per click).

Sharing best practice or other creative promotional strategies in your niche will go a long way in establishing credibility and that relationship.  Then, when they do promote be sure to pay on time and do something special around the holidays.  We always send our top 10 affiliates a bottle of Dom Perignon or Cristal for Christmas and we'll usually get on the calendar with no problem!

In conclusion
Partnerships are definitely a great way to serve your market. Based on what my four colleagues have shared, is it time for you to revisit the way you approach potential partners? If so, now's the perfect time.

Be watching for more information on how to build great joint venture and affiliate partnerships in future posts.

Be sure to share your thoughts on this post and your best insights into building strong partnerships that create win/win/win in the comment box. Win for your market. Win for your partner. Win for you.

3 Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Make Money with Webinars

There are some experts making thousands of dollars with every webinar they host while others are making little, if anything.

The following three mistakes must be avoided if you want to be among those generating great revenues and reaching lots of people who need to hear and see your message.

1. Not being targeted in marketing efforts
2. Failing to track conversions
3. Lack of proper follow up

Successful marketing is more then the mechanics of steps 1, 2, 3. It's also about mindset. Having the right mindset is about believing completely in the impact your information will have on the end user. So much in fact that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the word out about your webinar.

Far too many people fall short of their greatest potential because they don't put 100% effort into their marketing. Avoid this common mistake.

Conversions happen on several levels; visitors to the landing page, opting into your subscriber list, and subscribers to buyers.

Amazingly, most people do NOT pay attention to conversions from beginning to end. Tracking conversions is a must do. When you know your conversions you can make necessary adjustments to increase them when needed.

Follow up
Much of your revenue can be generated days, even weeks, after your event. If you do not have a solid follow up plan in place, begin now to do so.

A common method for follow up is with autoresponder messages. It takes more than one message to gain optimal results.

There are many effective ways to follow up; blog postings, tweets, Facebook wall postings, mentions on LinkedIn and videos with key points from your event to name just a few ways.

To find out more about marketing, conversions and follow up, join my two friends and colleagues, Jeff Herring and Maritza Parra for a HOT FREE webinar –  Learn 5 Simple Secrets of 6-Figure Webinars. Click here to register.

What a Bunch of Gophers Taught Me About Marketing

I live a simple life with simple pleasures. I love our little farmhouse. I love my garden. I love my beautiful lawn. What I don't like is what gophers do to the lawn and garden.

I'm convinced there's a colony of gophers intent on bugging the heck out of me. Each year, they leave their trail of destruction on my beautiful lawn.

A few years ago I would wake each day to find at least two new mounds of dirt where they had dug.

That year I practically went nuts trying to find a solution to get rid of them. I got various ideas from friends on Facebook. I simply asked the question, “How can I get rid of gophers without any danger to my pets?” You see, I have pets who wander the yard which prevents me from using the “quick and easy” kill em dead in their tracks methods.

Amazingly, there were plenty of folks who offered ideas totally ignoring the part, “Without danger to my pets.” I had numerous recommendations of types of poisons. This told me that many people don't pay full attention to what someone is saying and why.

To avoid any danger to my cats and dogs I tried putting chewing gum in the holes. I tried dish soap. I tried a hose in the hole to flush them out with water. I tried waiting patiently near the hole with a shovel so I could bop them on the head. I even tried visualizing my yard void of mounds of dirt. Then I tried prayer. I tried, I tried, I tried….

Bottom-line, nothing worked. That is until my mother-in-law gave me a device that sends off vibrating beeps every minute or so. Apparently the sound and vibration scares the gophers, sending them scrambling in another direction.

I decided it was worth a shot and put two of these gopher sound spikes in the ground. For over a month I saw no trace of the little varmints.

That is until about a week ago when I woke to four piles of dirt.

Urrrrrr! I was irritated to no end. How could this have happened?

Upon a closer look I realized the batteries had gone dead.

I couldn't believe the new damage began again so suddenly.

Off to the store I went to get more sound spikes and lots of batteries.

I spent almost $100 on more “ammunition.” The result? This morning there were no new mounds. Whooo hooo! Gotcha you little varmints.

This got me to thinking that keeping the gopher damage under control is like marketing a business. Here's what I see:

  1. To keep  our business going we must market, but how we market makes all the difference in the world as to the outcome we get.
  2. Lots of people have ideas, but most of the ideas will not work.
  3. Some ideas are literally poison to our business. Watch who you listen to.
  4. You can go nuts trying every new idea that comes along. Even though most of the ideas cost practically nothing, that's exactly the result you'll get; nothing.
  5. There is a cost in both time and money for a great solution, but in the long run, the cost is minimal compared to the result.
  6. If we pretend we don't have a problem and avoid seeking a solid solution (which may cost more initially), in the long run it will cost a lot more in repairs and permanent damage than simply investing while the problem is manageable.
  7. To keep things under control it takes more than a one time fix. It's something that must be monitored so that we can make adjustments as needed.

As you think of your own marketing, are you really doing all you can to build your business? Are you using the right solutions or trying every new thing that gets recommended? Are you listening to the right people? In other words, listening to those who are getting long term results rather than those who read about a solution but never tried it themselves.

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My 12 Best Marketing Strategies Are Yours for the Taking

Over the last couple of weeks I have coached over 25 people on how to grow their businesses. To say I have been nonstop on the phone is an understatement. To say I've had a blast is yet another understatement.

It's been delightful learning more about a cross section of businesses, areas of interest, goals, challenges and dreams.

Each session I conducted was specific to one person's needs. I made recommendations based on what I saw as the most urgent need for the person I was coaching.

Although there were many differences in the challenges each and every person faces, there was one common denominator; reaching more of one's market.

The solution resides in how you market. What amazed me though is how many people have an incredibly high fear around marketing and how difficult they make the process.

Yesterday, as I was wrapping up my day, I thought deeply about what could be done to raise the awareness of how simple marketing actually is. And why you DON'T need to make it something it's not.

In a flash I decided to offer a one hour FREE teleseminar where I am going to pull back the curtain on my top 12 marketing strategies.

Something I've learned in the 18 plus years I've owned my business is that great ideas do come in a flash. What I do with them determines how successful they will be.

Well, I got the idea to share my 12 best marketing ideas with my tribe and in return I implore you to take a very important step and register right now for Monday's teleseminar. Even if you can't make it, I will be recording it, but to get the replay you must register.


Are QR Codes a “must have” for your marketing efforts?

I first heard of QR Codes a few months ago. Until recently, I had no idea how great they are to add to my marketing and sales mix.

It didn't take but one experience of using a QR Code for me to understand how great they are for building an opt in list, selling a product or inviting someone to sign up for an event.

You can also drive someone to a YouTube video, make a complete eBook available and drive someone to a specific blog post.

If you're not yet in the game of using QR Codes hopefully this blog post will clarify why you should be.

Let me start with exactly what they are.

QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is  a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) first designed for the automotive industry.

The code consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square pattern on a white background.

With consumers wanting immediate access to what's relevant to them, QR Codes make that possible.

Simply put, you scan (read) a QR Code with your iPhone or other camera-enabled Smartphone to gain access to a web location; a video, a website, a blog post, or an opt-in page.

Creating a QR Code is incredibly simple. All you need is a QR Code generator.

3 Steps to use the QR Code Generator:

  1. Select the type of information you would like to include in your QR code, and then enter your data.
  2. Click “Get your QR code” to preview your barcode.
  3. Right-click on your customized QR code and select “Save Picture As” to save your barcode for future use.

The three step process comes from this site Wasp Bar Code

To scan QR Codes you will need a QR Code Reader. There are tons of them avaiable for free. Do a Google search with the words “QR Code Reader” to select one you want.

I first tested how effective QR Codes are when I spoke at NAMS8 in Altanta in early August.

I had a specific website I wanted to drive potential buyers to. The process of creating the code was incredibly easy.

Once created, I put the QR Code into a simple layout for a postcard. I emailed the PDF of the design to Kinkos.

In a couple hours my order was ready.

Little did I realize how simple the process actually is.

Check out how fun this is. Pull out your iPhone, or any other device that can scan the code below. When you go to the page and the check out add in the coupon code: 400 and to get $400 off the regular price of Power Up for Profits Live!

No phone? No problem. Click here