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2014 is going to end up like every other year unless…

This is the time of year many people set goals for the coming year. Call it what you may, resolutions, intentions, outcomes, goals, it’s all the same. We set an intention to do something and more times than not, within a few days, give in, give up and say it’s just not worth it.

Why is that? Why do we end one year, and begin the next with a specific outcome in mind and within a very short period of time go back to our old habit?

Whether it be to lose weight, quit smoking, be more loving, increase revenues, or exercise more, it doesn’t take much for us to give up.

Sure, we try different wording. Rather than lose weight we say, “I will get to my optimum weight.” Rather than quit smoking we say, “I will be smoke free.” Rather than…

Then we attempt to achieve our outcome by journaling about it. Or we say affirmations. Or we vision what we want. Or we…. you fill in the blanks.

The fact is, until we are completely committed to an outcome nothing we try will work. The reason? We are trying instead of simply doing.

Whatever it is you claim you want in the coming year, it will happen in one simple way; doing things differently than you have done in the past.

If it’s weight you want to lose, it will happen when you change what you put in your mouth. What you put in your mouth will change by what you get at the grocery store or order at the restaurant.

If it’s to quit smoking it’s a matter of not buying the pack of cigarettes. Or of not accepting the offer of a cigarette by someone who sees you stressing and thinks they are actually doing you a favor by offering you a cigarette.

Whatever it is that you claim you will, or will not do in the coming year, it is done one day at a time, one hour at a time and often one moment at a time.

It is not done in one fell swoop. It is done in baby steps. Simple as that.

Whatever you want, need and are willing to work for, you have to be so flipping committed to it that you cut off all other possibilities.

There is no blaming others for you not achieving what you want. If losing weight is your objective, you cannot point to the finger to someone else who offered you a piece of cake and simply to be polite you said yes.

If you want to build your business it will take more than simply wanting it. You have to be willing to do things differently than 99% of the people who say they are committed to building their business.

It may mean staying off social networks for the majority of your day in order to focus on revenue producing activities. it may mean spending one hour a day studying a new technology that will take you to the next level. It may require you turn off your phone and not get caught up in someone else's drama.

It might mean attending a networking event in your local community in order to meet other goal oriented entrepreneurs even though you'd rather sleep in another hour or two. Maybe it means attending industry specific conferences.

Whatever it is you say you want to achieve in the coming year, it is really up to you whether or not you do so.

Maybe you are finally ready to write that book you’ve been talking about for the past five years. The only way it will happen is for you to commit to working on the manuscript each and every day… no matter what.

Success doesn’t happen with the big actions we take, but rather with the little things we do day in and day out.

Begin today to take one small action toward the outcome you say you want. By doing so, when you look back over 2014 you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you did all you could to change your life once and for all.

Your willingness to do what it takes to excel is the biggest factor determining if you WILL excel. This determines if you will triumph while others struggle. This determines if you will finish while others falter. A


7 Steps Any Author Can Take to Build A Must-Have Platform

I belong to quite a few author groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Recently, several members of a Facebook group weighed in on a discussion about securing an agent.

Many members expressed frustration with what is required in securing an agent. The primary frustration is that an author absolutely must build a platform.

A platform simply means the author has visibility and authority. According to one agent, in order to have a “sellable platform” the following is required.

  • Klout score of 60+
  • 20+ paid speaking engagements of $5,000 or more
  • Subscriber list of 25,000
  • Social media following of 150,000 plus
  • Syndicated column
  • TV or radio show
  • Blogger for major blog

Although this is what one agent requires, it’s not what every agent insists upon. However, most agents do require you have some type of presence. After all, book publishing and sales goes beyond a well written book. It’s about business.

Yep! The business of writing is about the business of writing. The sooner an author realizes this the better.

No matter what route an author takes, you (the author) still need to know specifics about your market.

Developing a platform is needed whether or not you are represented by an agent.

I am both a speaker and author. The combination of the two is very powerful to both sell books and get speaking engagemntes. The two definitely go hand in hand.

I began my professional speaking career nearly 20 years ago. Back then, newbie speakers thought all would be wonderful if we could be represented by a bureau. It was the same “catch 22” of needing to have a strong platform before a bureau was interested.

It can take years to develop a great platform, so it is best to start right where you're at. Do something every single day to build your platform.

The fact is, it all takes work. Whether you're self-published,  published by a traditional publisher, represented or not represented by an agent you have to be actively involved in the marketing of your book.

Imagine where you'll be in a year if each and every day you focus on building a platform. And imagine where you will be in a year if you DON'T focus on building a platform.

Momentum begets activity. As you focus on gaining visibility, magical things begin to happen.

It pays for an author to know how to raise awareness about their book.

Here are a few things worth knowing:

Who is your reader?
Where do they hang out?
What social networks do they belong to?
What forums do they belong to?
What blogs do they read?
What radio shows do they listen to?
What experts do they follow?

The reason you want to answer these questions is so you can focus your visibility efforts to get in front of your readers and fans. . For example, by knowing what experts they follow you will know who to form aligned partnerships with. By knowing what blogs they read, you will know where to focus your guest blogging efforts. By knowing what forums they belong to, you will know what forums you need to participate in.

A few things sure to gain you (and your books) lots of visibility are:

1. Secure one radio interview per week. Blog Talk radio has endless opportunities to getting on shows. Hosts are always in search of interesting authors to interview.

2. Write articles and distribute to the various directories. Select six directories where your reader looks for articles. Some say article marketing is dead. I wholeheartedly disagree.

3. Blog on a regular basis – minimum of 2 – 3 times a week.

4. Use media releases to raise awareness. You can create a media release for just about anything.

5. Commit to making 2014 the year you gain massive visibility as an author.

6. Surround yourself with authors who know the importance of marketing.

7. Have fun. The more fun you can have the better.

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What Alex Mandossian and Kathleen Gage have in common

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Are you afraid of criticism?

One of the greatest concerns I hear from emerging entrepreneurs is the fear of criticism. In order to avoid criticism, they will often downplay who they are and what they offer.

The reality is, the more visible you are the more you open yourself up to the judgment of others.

As you emerge into the arena of creating information products, this is yet another arena that you will set yourself up to criticism. You cannot avoid it.

No matter how stellar your products are, there will be those who will pass judgment. Yet, it is in the production of digital products you can create an incredible revenue stream.

When it comes to digital products and online marketing, decide right now that you are willing to take some criticism, because it’s going to happen. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you will never set yourself up for criticism. The fact is, the more visible you are, the more risks you take, the more you put yourself out there, the more of a moving target you are for anyone sitting behind a computer screen to shoot at any type of message that person chooses.

It’s likely someone right now is saying, “Wow, you’re being so negative.” Then there are those who are smiling because they may have recently had something like this happen to them. I’m not writing this to be negative, but to provide a reality check to those people who think they will never receive criticism. When they do, they wonder what they could have done differently to not receive a nasty email, Facebook wall posting, or tweet.

It’s not so much finding a way not to receive criticism. It’s more about handling the criticism in a productive way. To assure you are on track with what you are doing as you gain visibility, here are a few simple guidelines:

  1. Know who your market is and is not. The clearer you are on this, the better. This way if someone who is not in your market lets off some steam, and you get the butt end of things, it really doesn’t matter because they would never buy from you anyway.
  2. Give everything your very best. At the end of the day, when you know in your heart of hearts you’ve done the best you can, criticism is not going to have that much of an impact on you.
  3. Continue to study, learn, grow, and risk. Never, ever let a few bozos stop you from doing what you are passionate about.
  4. Surround yourself with others who will raise you up and at the same time push you to be even more than you currently are.
  5. Know what drives you. What is your big why? When you are clear on your why, it helps you to deal with adversity and frustration.
  6. Realize there are people who NEED what you have. To play small because of the opinion of someone else, their values and beliefs is not only doing yourself a disservice, it’s doing your market a huge disservice.
  7. Play big. Today we have opportunities to impact our markets like never before. The playing field has been leveled. What you do is determined more by your state of mind than by anything else.

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3 Secrets to Live a Life Filled with Miracles

Do you believe in miracles? Does it seem like some people have a life filled with miracles while others wonder if they will ever have a glimpse of one?

Webster's Dictionary defines a miracle as:

1:  an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs
2:  an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

My dear friend, bestselling author and renown success expert Debra Poneman, has created a miraculous life for herself and is one of the most compelling teachers I know. She seems to “attract” miracles wherever she goes.

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Quit spinning your wheels with social media marketing

Knowing how to get the most from you time in social networks can be a huge challenge.

Not only have I been marketing online for well over 15 years, I've been involved in various social networks for as long as I can remember.

Knowing how to effectively use our time and get the most from our efforts can be a huge challenge.

I'm always on the lookout for great information on how to get the most from the time I spend in social networks.

I was thrilled when super affiliate, Lynn Terry, created the ultimate social media marketing program.

Now that I've gone through quite a bit of Social Marketing Results I am even more convinced than ever this was a great investment.

On the upside the content was complete, easy to understand and implement.

Lynn shows how you can get incredible results in just 15-30 minutes a day without spending a dime on ads. She gives very specific strategies that anyone from the newest newbie to the most experienced marketer will benefit from.

Best of all, the information can apply to just about any industry.

With the good there is a bit of the bad. The downside is that Lynn has given so much content that you do need to plan your study time. If you're looking for a short, fluffy program, Social Marketing Results is not for you.

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Speech coach to the stars raises the bar

While there may be some who are making millions while they sleep, leisurely traveling the world, working just a few days a month while enjoying a successful and lucrative business, for most that is simply not a reality.

video line upWhat IS real is that you must learn how to COMMAND the stage and camera and CONNECT with your perfect, ideal customers if you want to CONVERT them into raving fans who will gladly pay you what you’re worth.

“Speech Coach to the Stars” Ruth Sherman is bringing together several master teachers and influential entrepreneurs (including yours truly). And we’re anxious to share our best strategies and tips on how to build a thriving multiple 6 or 7 figure business.

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