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Power Up for Profits Podcast is live and we have another winner!

newkathleengagePower Up for Profits Podcast is live. My team and I have been working on the show for quite some time and it is now ready for you to enjoy hearing from top experts who share what it took to build multiple six, seven and eight figure businesses.

In celebration I'm giving away gift cards, my full Six Figure Product Creation course, signed copies of Power Up for Profits! book, tickets to Power Up for Profits Live! and other juicy gifts.Lots of people will be receiving any one of these gifts and here's all you have to do to be considered.

Go to, click the subscribe to iTunes button, listen to any of the episodes, leave a review and rating (we sure would love a 5 star), send a copy of the published review to and you’re entered in.

Here's why I'm doing this. iTunes ranks podcasts by the number of downloads, subscribers, reviews and ratings a show gets. My goal is to make my podcast incredibly visible in order to reach as many listeners as possible.

cindyWe've already given away one super prize to Hector Avellaneda. Our next winner is Cindy Schulson. She wins a $25 gift card.

Way to go Cindy.

The content of the podcast is incredible. I'm interviewing the best of the best in a wide cross-section on industries.

You’ll enjoy the likes of Jason Fladlien, Susan Lassiter Lyons, Rick Raddatz, Nick Unsworth and Denise Wakeman just to name a few of my featured experts.

Each episode is around 20 – 25 minutes. I purposely kept them short so you could access great information in as short a period of time as possible.

Winners will be announced via my blog, ezine and on social media. What a great way to get some nice visibility while enjoying hearing from leading experts. This is your chance to get inside their heads and find out what makes them tick.

So head on over to right away.

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And the winner is!

newkathleengageI'm running a contest where anyone who reviews and ranks my new podcast station can win big.

I was going to draw winners on May 15th  – which just happens to be my 60th birthday celebration.

I don't know if it's the fresh Florida air, jet lag from a 12 hour travel day or just feeling like I want to give something away, but today, I am announcing the first winner.

Hector Avellaneda is the winner of my full program  – Fast Track to Online Profits. Whooo hooo. Big cheers for Hector.hector

Hector wins The Fast Track to Online Profits, two tickets to Power Up for Profits Live!, Six Figure List Building, Increase Your Revenues, Position and Expert Status Through the Power of Telesummits and other really great resources.

Check out all he won…

Have you entered the contest? It's easy. All you need to do is go to iTunes, listen to my new podcast show (with my amazing featured experts) rate and review and you are entered to win.

The next winner will receive a $25 gift card. I will announc that winner on Saturday so get your review and ratings done today.  amazon

Full details at

Hector Avellaneda is the winner of my full program  – Fast Track to Online Profits. Whooo hooo. Big cheers for Hector.

The experts I feature on my show are all highly successful entrepreneurs. People like Michele PW, Brian G. Johnson, Susan Lassiter-Lyons, Dr. Daphne Clark-Hudson, Ken McArthur, David Perdew, Jason Fladlien and other luminaries.

If you haven't entered yet, be sure to. But! you must leave a review and rating on iTunes to qualify.

This is a win/win. Win for you in that you get inside the head's of these amazing men and women. Win for me in that you help get higher rankings for my new show. And… win for my featured experts in that they continue to impact people from around the globe.

How a day filled with Power and Profits.

And be sure to listen to the show to get inside the head's of successful entrepreneurs.

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How important are reviews?

There are tons of ways to grow your business online and one is to get reviews for content you provide.

If you are a content provider on blogs, online radio, article directories or podcasts, the more people comment on your information, the better. The more they share it, the better.

Here’s why… every comment others post the more traction and eyeballs and ears consuming your information.

One of the best ways to get feedback is by providing great content. Another is to tweet about it. Yet another is to simply ask.

Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien

Recently, I launched Power Up for Profits Podcast. My guests read like the Who’s Who of business including Susan Lassiter-Lyons, David Perdew, Jason Fladlien, Michele PW, Rick Raddatz, and more.

Rick Raddatz

My team and I are doing a lot to gain visibility for the podcast. Coming out of total obscurity a few days ago, the show is now getting some nice rankings.

But nice doesn’t cut it. Great rankings are what we are after. Why? Because the information from each and every guest is a game changer.

Not only have I announced the show to my thousands of subscribers, we have a social media plan in place and to sweeten the pot, I am holding a contest.

I’m giving away some really great prizes and all someone (that would be you) need do is visit and listen to any (or all) of the episodes.

Then you simply leave a rating (we love 5 stars) and a review.

To assure I know you did so, send me an email to and you are automatically entered into the contest.

You can win gift cards, some of my very best information products, laser coaching sessions, tickets to Power Up for Profits Live! and other exciting gifts.

Not sure how to leave a ranking on iTunes. This short video shows you how.  Click here to watch a short video explaining the process.

For full details of the contest go to

Together we will Power Up for Profits.

Now comes the ask… would you click the share buttons on this post so others can join in on the contest and enjoy great content from all my experts? I sure would appreciate it as will those you share it with.

Behind the Microphone – A Great Online Marketing Strategy

Chances are you are looking for effective online marketing strategies. The beauty of the Internet are the vast choices available for marketing and promoting to gain massive visibility. One of my favorites is Internet radio. One of the most well known platforms is Blog Talk Radio.

Radio is a fabulous medium for a number of reasons. You can reach a global market, easily position your expertise and optimize your personality.

A new favorite is podcasting.

Lots of people are extremely intimidated by the thought of going on air, but when you consider what it can open up for you, it might be time to walk through your fear. You have a message to get out to the world. When you keep this in the forefront of your thinking, speaking on the air becomes much easier. A good coach can help you address your fears, polish your presentation style, and shine. Those who are skilled at the interview process were not born that way. The more you practice, the better you get, and radio presentation is no exception.

In the past two decades I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times on radio, in teleseminars and webinars, and at conferences, but I wasn’t always comfortable about speaking in public. I was often too concerned about things being perfect, setting myself up for failure, or coming across as nervous. With time and experience these things became nonissues.

An interview is simply a conversation. The more relaxed you are, the more natural the conversation and the more you can be yourself. The more you are yourself, the more people will like you for who you are.

Radio is a great vehicle for increasing the market’s perception of you as an expert, and hosts are always in need of entertaining and informative guests. An advantage of web radio is that when your show information is posted, you gain Google ranking. And a podcast of the show can be posted on the radio-show website, so your interview can continue to attract attention for a long time. You never know how many opportunities will show up after a great interview.

I used to fear a host trying to stump me. That has proven to be an unfounded fear. There are very few Howard Stern types in the world. In most cases, a host wants you have a great interview because when you do a good job, they succeed in the audience’s ears. Rarely does a host come from an adversarial position unless what you are talking about is extremely controversial. Even when that is the case, you can still come across as professional and create an incredible opportunity for you and your business or cause.

From the Comfort of Your Home

It’s exciting that you can reach a global market from the comfort of your home. This definitely wasn’t the case years ago. And depending on your schedule you can be interviewed several times in a day.

I have had occasion to do as many as five interviews in a day from my home office. In between interviews I took my dogs for walks, worked on other projects, or just took time to regroup.

I’m not recommending you go from zero to five in a day, but just know that the number of interviews you can set up is unlimited. If you are promoting a book, an event, or a new information product, radio is a great marketing strategy.

Be a Star Radio Guest

Think on your feet when being interviewed (and when conducting an interview). Radio is a mix of news and entertainment, and though you’re not expected to act like a seasoned entertainer, you should think in terms of how to engage your audience.

Great radio guests are not easy to find. Treat a radio interview as a great opportunity, because it is. When word gets around that you do a great interview, lots more opportunities will likely show up. There were several occasions when I finished an interview and within minutes received an email requesting an interview from someone who had been listening. Here are some simple tips to help you shine:

  • Provide the information the host needs as soon as possible.
  • Prepare a short bio to send to the host.
  • Prepare a selection of questions.
  • Avoid background noise. It is essential to control the background noise during a call. Too many distractions can literally ruin your interview.
  • Avoid using jargon most people won’t understand. Unless it is a technical show, talk in basics.
  • Be brief with your answers. Practice so you know what main points to address.
  • If you are being interviewed about a book you wrote, send a physical copy of the book, but don’t expect a show host to have read your whole book, and don’t be offended when they haven’t. But you need to know your book very well, as they may ask questions about specific information in your book.
  • Use a conversational tone. Be engaging. Be entertaining.
  • When there is dead air time (silence), immediately pick up the slack. Even a short period of silence is a no-no in the radio world.
  • Invest in a media coach if you are not a seasoned show guest.
  • You are being interviewed to inform, educate, entertain, or inspire. The producer doesn’t care about anything but that. However, if you make arrangements ahead of time, you may be able to promote your product.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Pace yourself.
  • Make sure you are using a quiet location.
  • Let others in your home know you are recording a session.
  • Close doors and windows.
  • Get dogs and children out of earshot.
  • Mute all other phones within earshot.
  • Don’t check email while you are on the call.
  • After the interview, send the host a thank you card or letter.

The last point is a big one. I’ve been shocked at the number of hosts who have thanked me for sending my book ahead of time and a thank you card after the interview. Really?!?!

This is common sense. Treat your hosts with the utmost respect before, during and after your interview.

Check out the Power Up for Profits Podcast. Go to

You can win some really cool prizes just for subscribing, rating and reviewing.

Details here.


One incredible way to grow your business

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve hosted open Q&A calls where I hop on the phone and those who join in can ask me as many questions as they have in the time allotted. I've been offering these with no opt-in and no replay. It's amazing how many people are showing up live. I suppose it's because I am emphasizing no replay.

The calls are being very well received. Lots of great questions and interaction. Yesterday’s call was one of the best.

There were several questions about attending live events. Hands down, live events are incredibly beneficial and one of the best places to begin, or strengthen, joint venture and affiliate relationships.

Whether your business is Internet based or not, events are a definite must if you want to take your business to the next level.  If you’ve not been attending events you may be doing yourself a disservice.

However, it takes more than just going to an event. You have to be willing to “put yourself out there” to get the greatest return for your time, money and energy invested.

Years ago, I hosted lots and lots of events. I was living in Salt Lake City and promoted primarily in the local market.

When I moved to Oregon, nearly eight years ago, I changed my business model and focused entirely on virtual events. It worked well and my business continued to grow.

There came a point where I realized the combination of both was a great idea. After a short sabbatical from attending in-person events, I knew it was a great idea to go to a few rock solid events. Most required travel to wherever they were being held.

At the live events I was able to connect with men and women I had known online for some time and meet new people face-to-face.

It’s amazing how much of a bond you get with people you meet at  live events.

About 18 months ago I decided to once again host live, in-person events. Wow! What an amazing shift this was. Beyond great!

There was one big change in how I was offering events. Rather than focus solely on the local market, I reached out to my global community. The response was fabulous. People from around the globe attended.

Fast forward to today. I now host both virtual and in-person events. Each has their advantage in serving my market.

Here’s the next virtual event I’m hosting – The Power and Profits of Massive Visibility Livestream.

The benefit to participants of the virtual events is you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office. A real plus.

Yet, you do miss one important aspect that only live events can offer; networking.

With live events there is obviously more of an investment for those attending, but the return on your investment can be incredible. I love hearing the success stories from participants about the relationships they began at one of my events. And even better is when someone tells me how financially beneficial the relationships are.

One woman told me she more than tripled her revenues due to the people she met at Power Up for Profits Live! in October, 2013. Triple!

In just a few months she now has more business than ever before.

If you’ve been thinking of attending a live event you’re in luck. Power Up for Profits Live! happening in May and I have a huge surprise for you – FREE tickets.

This event is going to rock it!elite image

When’s the last time you attended an event outside of your local community? If it’s been a while isn’t it time you quit hiding out?

And Power Up Live is a perfect environment for you to meet movers and shakers and build rock solid working relationships.

If you’re reading this you're really in luck. Right now I’m giving a handful of tickets away to Power Up for Profits Live! May 15th – 17th in Phoenix.

All you need do is go to and claim your spot.

See you in the land of sun.

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If you’re not defining success like this… you’re wrong

What is the measure of success? Ask ten people and you'll likely receive ten answers.

It’s important to base your definition of success on what it means to you, not what others say it is. Although no one can define what success means to us, plenty will try. There are those who go as far as to say, “If you don't define it according to my rules, you are wrong, dead wrong.”

To some, it’s about the cars, houses, bling-bling, fancy restaurants and other such things. To others, it’s about the experiences they create. Some base it on a deep connection to God. To yet others, it’s about the friends and love they have. Then there are those who base it on how healthy they are. While others base it on their level of contribution. For some it’s about the career they have chosen.

And for many, it’s a combination of all of the above. Only you can decide the truth for you.

In the years I’ve been online I’ve seen much confusion about what success is by way of the Internet. As with overall success, there are many roads to success online.

Some do it by creating their own products. Others do it by joint venturing. Still others do it through selling products as an affiliate. Others choose to use the internet to drive traffic to live events. While others do it by way of writing lots of Kindle books. Yet others do so by having online radio and podcast shows. Then there are those who ghost write and find their clients online. While others are incredible virtual assistants working with highly visible clients.

There is not one, and only one, definition on what being successful online is about.

Whatever path you choose, make it yours. Don’t assume for a minute that because someone is doing something you should be too.

I see it all too often that someone will listen to an expert talk about what they do and say, “You mean I have to do that or I won’t be successful?”

No, you don’t. There are many, many roads to success and only you can define what that means to you.

There will be times when what you knew was success will change. As we grow and change, our definition may grow and change. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others is the willingness to be flexible and let our lives transform as new information and experiences enter.

Whatever success means to you there’s one thing for sure; be willing to give 100% to your journey in order to taste the sweetest nectar of success.

To me, one huge aspect of success is living in the space of gratitude and passion. I want to make sure I give each day as much gusto as possible. I want to be a model of what is possible, not a warning of what not to do.

Take turning 60. As I approach this milestone birthday, I could think of no better way to do so than with a three day celebration and you're invited.

Check it out. Power Up for Profits Live! happens on May 15th – 17th.



Internet marketing doesn’t work!

Internet marketing doesn't work. Shocking but true. Permit me to explain.

Lots of people are using old and outdated methods for making money online. They are actually hiding out and hoping beyond hope they will figure out how to make money online.

Sure, you can make money, but if you are relying solely on sitting behind your computer, sending out emails or playing around on social media, chances are you are missing the mark.

Everyday we hear stories about online marketers making thousands upon thousands of dollars online. What they don't tell you is what led up to them doing so.

99% of the successful online marketers, or those using the Internet to make money, do so by the relationships they've built. Most of those relationship were developed offline at conferences, mastermind meetings, networking events and any number of environments where they met face-to-face with those they are now doing business with.

A few years ago I attended a conference and met a woman who, although a stranger to me before I attended the conference, is now one of my strongest allies and a dear friend.

susanSusan Lassiter-Lyons and I became fast friends over Sushi. Not only have we become great friends, I have complete confidence promoting her information as she does mine.

The last affiliate check she sent me for an online product launch was five figures. That's right, five figures.

I can tell you this much, if I had not met Susan face-to-face we would not be doing the things we do together online – most of all Joint Venturing and making great money together.

Think about your own experience. Chances are some of the best working relationships you have are with those you met at a conference. This is true for so many people yet, they somehow forget this and are hiding out, hoping beyond hope, to achieve their highest level of revenues and accomplishment.

If you're still hiding behind your computer, wondering why you are not able to forge relationships with people who can make a huge difference in your business, it's likely time you attend a live event.

Never one to address a problem without offering a solution, you are invited to join me in Phoenix.

Join me on May 15th – 17th where you WILL meet some of the most amazing entrepreneurs around. Not just that, you'll also be immersed in three days of learning how to build your business with the likes of me and Susan Lassiter-Lyons.

Would Susan be speaking at my conference if I hadn't met her face to face? Nope!

It's time to get out from behind your computer and join in to Power Up for Profits!

Go to: