How important are reviews?

There are tons of ways to grow your business online and one is to get reviews for content you provide.

If you are a content provider on blogs, online radio, article directories or podcasts, the more people comment on your information, the better. The more they share it, the better.

Here’s why… every comment others post the more traction and eyeballs and ears consuming your information.

One of the best ways to get feedback is by providing great content. Another is to tweet about it. Yet another is to simply ask.

Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien

Recently, I launched Power Up for Profits Podcast. My guests read like the Who’s Who of business including Susan Lassiter-Lyons, David Perdew, Jason Fladlien, Michele PW, Rick Raddatz, and more.

Rick Raddatz

My team and I are doing a lot to gain visibility for the podcast. Coming out of total obscurity a few days ago, the show is now getting some nice rankings.

But nice doesn’t cut it. Great rankings are what we are after. Why? Because the information from each and every guest is a game changer.

Not only have I announced the show to my thousands of subscribers, we have a social media plan in place and to sweeten the pot, I am holding a contest.

I’m giving away some really great prizes and all someone (that would be you) need do is visit and listen to any (or all) of the episodes.

Then you simply leave a rating (we love 5 stars) and a review.

To assure I know you did so, send me an email to and you are automatically entered into the contest.

You can win gift cards, some of my very best information products, laser coaching sessions, tickets to Power Up for Profits Live! and other exciting gifts.

Not sure how to leave a ranking on iTunes. This short video shows you how.  Click here to watch a short video explaining the process.

For full details of the contest go to

Together we will Power Up for Profits.

Now comes the ask… would you click the share buttons on this post so others can join in on the contest and enjoy great content from all my experts? I sure would appreciate it as will those you share it with.