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Productive…or not… it’s your choice

Seems lots of people are “doing it differently” in 2015. No resolutions, no goals, no pen to paper with “this is what I am going to do.”

There's a trend underfoot of simply going with the flow. Not that there is anything wrong with going with the flow… people have been doing this since the beginning of time. But there is something to be said with writing down what we want.

I think about the many times I've headed to the grocery store with my shopping list in my head. I'd get to the store, go through my “I don't need to write this down” list in my head and just as I was pulling into my garage realized the main thing that I headed to the store for is the one thing I forget.

“Shoot, I got plenty of other things but I forgot the toilet paper. And that's what I really needed on this trip. Dang! I did it again,” I would think with a great deal of frustration.

If I had a list it's likely I wouldn't be wondering if tonight was the night I would run out of toilet paper at the most inopportune time.

It's great to do things differently, but there are times when something tried and true is the way to go; like writing a grocery list.

Studies have shown that you actually can save an incredible amount of time and money when you write and follow a grocery list.

According to Larry of One True Larry blog, writing a list does in fact save you money.

It's the same with writing out a To Do list for your daily business activities. Lists can also be very helpful with personal matters like cleaning out closets, getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit, or getting in shape.

I'm amazed at how many people resist writing a daily To To list or if they do, they rarely refer to it, they use it wrong or they put so much on the list there is no way in God's green earth they can possibly finish what's on the list.

“One tool many entrepreneurs use to get organized and improve focus is to create a To Do list. This can be a very helpful tool. Unfortunately, in my opinion, about 85% of the population is using the To Do list in a completely ineffective manner. Here’s why: most people are using their To Do list as a measure for self-worth…and this is a huge mistake.” Vanessa Loder writes.

Okay, so that's Vanessa Loder's two cents worth. I agree with her. I also feel that the avoidance of a To Do list is a convenient way to not hold yourself accountable for the very things you know you need to do to improve your health, grow your business, or complete the “I'll get to it someday” project around your home.

Something I recommend to my high-end clients is to write their long term goals in addition to daily goals in the form of a To Do list. Some jump in with both feet while others not so much.

The ones who get on board with this process tend to complete needed tasks faster, more efficiently and with less stress than those who don't.

I know this is true for me. When I wing it and just “flow” with my day, I can get to the end of my day and wonder where the time went. When I have specific tasks I need to get done, write these things down on my To Do list and commit to completion of the list, my days are incredibly productive.

Many of my clients host their own events. Filling events is not always as easy as some people would lead you to believe and yet, one of the most effective ways to fill an event is to pick up the phone and call people. I always suggest my clients pace themselves by making a minimum number of daily calls to potential attendees of their events. And yes, I suggest they write a list of the people they will call and add that to their To Do list.

I've seen it happen over and over again where someone would insist it is not necessary to add the names to a list and after a few days they are so far behind in what they planned they wonder why they thought doing an event was ever a good idea.

Believe me, I know what this is like. I've been guilty of it myself. This likely would not have happened if they had a list to follow and check off.

Or let's say you've been to a networking meeting and you walked away with a stack of business cards convincing yourself that you would call each and every person you got a card from. With every intention of calling people when you get to your desk, something else grabs your attention and before you know it, days, weeks, even months have passed and no one received a call from  you.

Had you paced yourself and had a list to work from, it's likely you would have reached out to each and every person rather than day in and day out staring at the stack of cards until one day you grab the entire thing and with the finesse of a champion basketball player, you toss the stack into the garbage.

It's all very fine to want to free flow in life, but truth be told, free flowing in some situations is pure BS. Running a business takes focus, commitment and in many cases urgency of the tasks at hand. Ask some of the most successful people you know what they do to stay the course, get a lot done and have time for activities outside of their business and they will likely tell you they write things down.

So if you want to fool yourself into thinking you're productive, go for it. But if you want to organize your day in a way that you get a lot done in a short period of time write your list.

Will Indie author, Patrick Shannon McGoey see success like Amanda Hocking?

Recently I wrote a blog post entitled, 5 Must-Know Trends of 2015.

One trend I mentioned was the leveling of the playing field for indie authors, singers, artists and creatives willing to put their work out to market.

Barriers to entry for the work of Indies are almost nonexistent.

Shortly after publishing the post I received an email from an irate woman asking me if I've been living under a rock due to leaving out one challenge for indies, but definitely not a barrier to entry. To her it was a barrier, to others it isn't.

The fact is, virtually anyone can create just about anything and have an audience for it. If ever there was a barrier, it's the gray mass between one's ears.

josh videoCase in point, one indie video artist/producer has a following of millions. Josh PalerLin gets millions of downloads for his videos.

Recently, there was a controversy over the authenticity of one of Josh's videos. It had to do with an alleged homeless man Josh gave $100 to in order to see how the homeless man would spend it.

Turns out the guy bought food for other homeless people. Some critics said Josh staged the entire thing.

Regardless of the controversy, or maybe because of it, Josh's name is all over social media.

The thing is, Josh had an idea and created a video based on the idea. He didn't wait for permission. He didn't hold himself back out of fear of criticism, nor did he stop when he did get criticized.

Here's the deal, the more visible you are, the more you open yourself up to criticism.

With all the opportunity available to Indie's there's really nothing stopping anyone from sharing their story and possibly winning the lottery with their message.

Amanda Hocking (@amanda_hocking) is a great example of someone who simply lived her passion. She wrote for the love of writing. A small group of people told another small group of people about Amanda who told another small group of people who told…. you get the idea. Those small groups turned into millions of loyal and raving fans.

Now when Amanda releases a book, it becomes a hit in record time. Is it because she's lucky or she put her work out there? Maybe a combination of the two.

Recently, Patrick Shannon McGoey did what many Indie authors fail to do. He wrote for the love of writing, figured out how to create a Kindle book and a few days ago released his first Kindle book.kisses and poems image

KISSES and POEMS: with a hug is not at all what one would expect from someone like this author. With a passion for hiking, biking, motorcycles, and other rough and tough sports, the author takes readers on a journey of the heart through his own conscious streaming thoughts.

Putting a price tag of only 99 cents on his book, it's likely there will be those who download more out of curiosity than anything else. There's also a darned good chance that those who read the book will tell a small group about it who will tell another small group about it who will tell another small group about it… you get the idea.

How do I know? Because I read the book and I love it. Rarely do I read books in this genre but in that Patrick Shannon McGoey is my brother-in-law, I decided to get the book. Little did I know how fabulous his writing is. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!

kisses and poemsORDER YOUR COPY NOW!

So you see, by me posting my thoughts on my blog there's a darned good chance you will hop over and get your own copy. I encourage you to do so. Come on… it's only 99 cents.

I also encourage you to take a risk. Do what you love as an Indie and do what it takes to get your work in front of those who will love it. I daresay, you might be pleasantly surprised. I know Amanda Hocking, Josh PalerLin and countless others have been.

The best part of all is when you are willing to put it all out there, you get to write your own rules. Rules that allow you to create and create and create and possibly make great money in the process.

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7 Common Ways People Sabotage Their Success

Have you ever said you wanted something so much all you can think of is the “thing”, but your actions said something different? I daresay at some point most everyone has, myself included.

Such was the case with Oregon Ducks wide receiver Darren Carrington. As the result of a bad choice shortly before the College Football Playoff National Championship against Ohio State, Carrington was suspended from the playoffs. Simply put, he sabotaged his success.

According to several reports Carrington failed an NCAA-sanctioned drug test. Allegedly, he tested positive for marijuana.

Not only did he let himself down, he surely let his team, fans and even his opponents down.

It’s one thing to give up on your goals and resolutions. It’s completely different to do something that sabotages your success with the world watches.

This post is NOT about passing judgment on Carrington’s behavior, nor is it about whether it’s right or wrong to use marijuana as much as it is about his timing. Lord knows I’ve made my fair share of bad choices. And many times my timing on choices could have been better.

Actually, it’s quite common for highly accomplished individuals to sabotage their success. And the more accomplished one is the more evident their self-sabotaging behavior becomes.

With visibility comes public scrutiny. If one is not well known, a public figure, a celebrity, or a superstar athlete, not many people will know when choices are made that sabotage our success.

Yet, it happens all the time. There’s the sales professional who would benefit from picking up the phone and calling prospective clients, but rather he or she spends hours watching training videos without implementing their learning.

Or what about the woman who wants to drop 20 pounds and rather than take a daily thirty minute walk after work she flops down on the couch in front of the television immediately upon arriving home from work where she stays until heading to bed.

Then there’s the employee who won’t go the extra mile until they are compensated for their efforts.

Maybe it’s the business owner who knows they’re not good at handling their liquor and during an important meeting with a client they order a drink only to find themselves sloshed within a short period of time risking behavior that could lose them a great relationship with their client.

We can speculate as to all the reasons one would sabotage themselves. Simply put, it might be a lapse of common sense. It may be fear of success. It could be not feeling deserving of the very thing we say we want.

Whatever the reasons, a higher level of consciousness in the way we live and conduct ourselves minimizes our chances of sabotage.

Common forms of sabotage are:

  1. Perfectionism. It’s incredible how many people won’t get something done because it has to be perfect.
  2. Procrastination. Putting things off until you’re in a complete crunch to get things done.
  3. BSOS – Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. It’s true, there’s a lot vying for our attention. It’s also true that it takes discipline to keep on track and stay within time frames and budgets.
  4. Budgeting time and money or actually, lack thereof. Far too many people will start projects with a “someday I’ll get it done” attitude or “the money will manifest.” To succeed you need to put a time limit on what you're doing and you need to set a budget. Otherwise, both can cause you to fail.
  5. Failure to stretch yourself. The bottom line is this; you have to take risks and you have to get out of your comfort zone. Things are changing so rapidly that if you don’t train yourself to respond quickly you’re going to get left behind.
  6. Failure to spend enough time marketing your business. It takes more than a post or two on your Facebook wall to gain the visibility you need with your market. Not having a targeted approach is a form of sabotage to the success of your business.
  7.  Making poor choices that don’t align with your values, beliefs or goals. A great example is what Darren Carrington did that got him suspended from one of the most important games of his college career.

Regardless of what you say you want, your actions, or lack of actions, will determine a great deal. As Joel Osteen has said, “One choice can change the course of your life forever. ”

Think through the choices that can take your life in a direction you don’t want to go and make sure you don't do that which will haunt you forever.

Most importantly is this; recognize that the choices we make are not just about us. Others are impacted by our choices whether we want them to be or not.

What's your most effective way to avoid sabotaging your success? Comments encouraged and welcomed.

Fitbit ChargeHR – Good marketing or bad planning

I’ve been passionate about health and fitness for a number of years. Decades actually. That doesn’t mean I’ve always done exactly what I know I need to do to stay in top physical shape, but I do know when I’m focused on eating healthy and committing to some strenuous physical activity, I tend to do better in all areas of my life, especially business.

Wanting to push my own limits, I made a decision to participate in a full marathon for my 61st birthday. There’s nothing quite like making a public announcement about something to hold myself accountable. 1897965_10152013708932842_957222859_n

To complete the marathon without injury I know there’s a lot of prep work. Not only do I need to get in top condition with my power walking, there is also the nutrition, sleeping, mindset and proper planning that contributes to my success.

Knowing that I am going to be doing some pretty intensive training, I’ve been doing a ton of reading and research on proper nutrition, form, clothing, shoes and performance measurement equipment.

Nowadays, there are devices and apps of every description to help stay the course. I’m not much of a gadget person, but something I do love using is an activity tracker. I’ve tried several models and types. Everything from very basic $20 Timex pedometers to higher priced Sync Fit Wristband and lots in between.

One company that has been getting a lot of press and viral activity lately is #Fitbit. The various devices from Fitbit run the gamut of simple measurements to just about anything you might want to measure with a performance measurement device.

If you’re a fan of Parenthood, you may have seen the episode where for Zeek’s (Craig T. Nelson) birthday, the family gives him a Fitbit to help him get in shape after they find out he has heart problems.

Talk about instant celebrity for the device. Sales likely went through the roof. Add to that the Fitbit blog. It’s full of great information including articles, case studies and videos.

With all the buzz about Fitbit I decided this was going to be top of my Christmas wishlist. But I didn’t want just any Fitbit, I wanted the Fitbit ChargeHR. The ChargeHR does everything the Charge does plus measure heart rate.

You can view your progress and analyze trends, record workouts, see a monthly exercise calendar, share and compete with friends, log food fast with a barcode scanner, calorie estimator, and expanded food database.

If you’re into earning badges you can set goals and get progress notifications and celebrate fitness milestones.

Pretty cool, right? Yes, super cool. But there’s just one problem. The Fitbit ChargeHR wasn’t available when the buzz began. The Fitbit Flex was, but the higher end models were not.

More than once I wondered if the Fitbit ChargeHR was ever going to hit the market. I visited their site more than I care to admit.

Visitors to the site could leave their email address to get notified when the ChargeHR would be out to market. Like countless others, I opted in to get the notification.

In addition, there are videos people can watch about the ChargeHR. Then there’s the Facebook Page. Oh my. Talk about building a community of loyal fans. At last count there were 588,190 page likes. The page is populated on a regular basis, which keeps the community involved.

More than once I thought of going with a different brand, but truth be told, I’ve got the Fitbit bug. So I’ve waited and waited and waited.

Recently, Fitbit announced the ChargeHR can now be purchased from their website, but since I recieved a gift card from Best Buy for Christmas, I’m going to wait a couple more weeks to trek over to the local store and get my Fitbit ChargeHR. This way I can have someone show me all the bells and whistles.

So I wonder, was holding off on the release date of the Fitbit ChargeHR incredible marketing or bad planning? I tend to believe it was great marketing.

After all, they’ve continued to build community, get great product placement on major shows, are doing some amazing social media campaigns and building a super loyal community by keeping us in the loop, providing inspirational information and implementing that one super strategy of getting our email address so they can let us know the actual release date.

Now that’s a marketing charge I can get behind.

Are you a professional woman who is planning on participating in a half or full marathon? Looking for a community of other women you can share your journey with? Check out the Facebook community Marathons and Marathoning for Female Entrepreneurs. Join at

From $10 in my pocket to this…

“Stop. Let’s go in here,” I turned to Wayne, as we drove down auto row just outside of Sacramento, California.

After abruptly leaving a town in Nevada, I was starting my life over. With a little over 100 people in the off-the-beaten path town and having experienced my fair share of trouble, I was literally being forced to leave because of my bad choices and actions.

Actually, I was 86’d from the town. You’ve likely heard of being 86’d from a bar. Well, I was such a master at mess ups that I got 86’d from the entire town.

I was determined to get my life together. It was early 1980, and I was ready and eager to start fresh. I was hoping beyond hope for a miracle. The kind of miracle where someone would give me a break that would get me on a better path. A break that, for all outward appearances, was nowhere in sight.

But I had a “feeling” that someone would help me with a hand up. Not a handout, but a hand up.

Wayne pulled into the parking lot of the small, used-car dealership. Late model, low-priced cars and trucks of every description were scattered around the lot. The typical string of plastic triangular and very colorful mini-flags were strewn from one end of the lot to the other.

Wayne no more than parked his car, when I fumbled for the handle to get out and make my way to a 1963 light blue Riviera.

A tattered sign hung in the window. It read $1,000. With less than $10 to my name, I was torn between walking off the lot or heading toward the office.

“If only,” I thought. “If only I could afford this, but there’s no way.”

As quickly as the first thought entered my mind, a second came flooding in. “Why not? What’s to stop you? What do you have to lose? The worst they can say is no!”

Just then my eyes glanced over to the small office building, with a highly visible window sign that read: “Absolutely NO Credit. Cash only.”

The decision to stick around was made with the simple statement: “She’s a beauty,” from a friendly looking middle-aged man. He seemed friendly enough, encouraging me to take a test drive.

“Take her for a drive. See how she handles,” he said with a huge smile that went from ear-to-ear.

“She sure is, but I don’t have $1,000,” I said as I ran my hand on the edge of the hood.

With the chaos of the life left behind by only a matter of days, a voice in my head whispered, “There is no way you deserve this. You may as well leave right now.”

Yet I could “see” myself driving this car. I really wanted this car.

Before I knew it, the man I was talking to, who happened to be the owner, gave me the keys and said, “Go ahead, take her for a spin.”

The grin on my face was the first big smile I had had for a long time. As I slid into the driver’s seat, Wayne went around to the passenger side. Within minutes of driving off the lot, I knew this was to be my car.

Not quite sure how I was going to manage coming up with $1,000, which may as well have been a million at that point in my life, I decided to trust whatever was going to happen next. After all, I had been sleeping on Wayne’s couch, since being run out of the small town. So what made me think I could figure this one out?

What happened next can hardly be explained. A different voice said, “Trust the process. Things are different. This will work out.

Pulling back into the car lot, I got out of the car, handed the keys to the owner and said: “I would love to get the car, but I just don’t have the money.”

“Can I offer you a cup of coffee?” he gently asked. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I followed him into his tiny office.

With one or two questions, the middle-aged man found me giving him a story that would likely make him wonder how the heck he got into this conversation.

“And so…,” I concluded my recap of the past few months and how my bad choices ended me up without a job, car or more than $10 in my pocket. “I just need someone to believe in me. Someone to give me a chance.”

“I’m not sure why I’m going to do this because I NEVER give credit, but something tells me you’re telling me the truth.”

He leaned back in his squeaky chair with his hand on his chin, “Okay, I will give you the car, and you pay me when you can,” he said with a smile as he extended his hand.

He pulled out a small piece of paper, wrote: “I owe $1,000 to ______. To be paid as soon as possible.”

I scribbled my name on the bottom piece of paper. I knew I would be coming into money from an insurance settlement for my other car that had been wrecked in the small town. So as soon as I got it, I would pay it off.

I also knew I needed a car to give me the mobility to do a job search. At this point in time, any job would do, as would just about any car.

I could hardly believe what was happening. Years before, I had read The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol.

The book is about how our thinking and what we visualize become manifest. When I first read it, the content seemed so far-fetched for someone like me. And after literally being run out of the small town, I had lost most belief that anything good could ever happen to me.

But here was someone willing to give me a chance. Here was someone willing to believe in me until I could believe in myself.

Even though this was almost too good to be true, we sealed the deal with a handshake and signature. Off I drove in my newly acquired blue beauty.

The next step was to get a job and get one quick. Holding onto the great feeling I had from the car experience, I just “knew” I would find a job.

Within 48 hours, I was offered three jobs. All were minimum wage, but I knew saying yes to one of them would be the next step to getting my life on track.

The most ironic part of all of this is, within a couple of weeks, several other serendipitous episodes happened, and I paid the car off in full.

Looking back 35 years to where I was then and where I am now, my life doesn’t even come close to resembling that young woman. And yet, it is the experiences of who I was then that created the person I am today.

Has it been a walk in the park since that time? Absolutely not. At times, life was downright grueling. And yet, if I ever get to a place where I don’t feel like things are on track, I simply have to take a walk down memory lane and remember how frightened, lost and uncertain I was back then.

Do I ever go through uncertainty now? Absolutely. And yet, I have evidence that if I put one foot in front of the other, take action and adjust the course as needed, everything manages to work out. Thus, the times of uncertainty are minimal and few and far between.

The lessons I learned from my life literally hitting rock bottom in my twenties have served me well in business. What I know to be true is, no matter what the outward appearances, if we are willing to change our thinking, beliefs and actions to ones that are resourceful and productive, amazing things happen.

Although the past does not determine the future, what we do today creates our future. One of the most important things I have learned to do, and to do often, is to express gratitude for that which I have.

I hold a belief that the more I express what I have to be grateful for the more I have to be grateful for. It’s all about energy.

Energy is at the core of all we do including our relationships, health, finances, business, spiritual wellbeing and impact on others.

Lately, I’ve talked to quite a few people who say they want to incorporate a more spiritual flavor to what they do in business. Many have the belief that it has to be an either/or proposition.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The world needs entrepreneurs who are willing to incorporate spiritual principles into what they do, teach and offer.

The caveat to all of this, though, is that if you teach it, it helps it you live it.

Plenty of people have been down and out, turning their misfortune into their fortune. People like Russell Brand, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and Tony Robbins to name just a few. Each of these amazing people turned their own misfortune around to become incredible leaders who inspire millions of people.

It’s their story that appeals to those who love them. It’s also their story that polarizes those who don’t care a bit about who they are.

What’s your story? Where did you have obstacles to overcome? What are you doing to inspire others with your journey?

If you’re ready to inspire others with your experiences, then you’re ready for Speak, Sell, Profit Intensive Retreat.

Join me on February 4 – 6, 2015 in Portland, Oregon for a life changing retreat. To determine if this is for you go to

Do you know how this one trend is impacting your business right now?

Trends come and go. Some trends are playful, insignificant to quality of one’s life and just plain dumb. Circa December, 1975; Pet Rock.

The Pet Rock craze lasted about six months, ending after a short increase in sales during the Christmas season of December 1975.

Virtually any social gathering consisted of conversations around the people who had the easiest to care for pet around; the Pet Rock.

By February 1976 Pet Rocks were discounted due to lower sales, Dahl sold 1.5 million Pet Rocks and became a millionaire.

A fun trend, but not life changing to anyone other than Dahl, the manufacturer and distributors.

Then there are trends like the one that is huge in 2015; transparency in who you are and how you run your business. This one trend is absolutely essential to pay attention to.

According to transparency will become the most important tool of marketing. Consumers will demand what they want and what they want is more transparency from the companies they deal with.

Transparency has been more widely accepted and implemented by micro companies and solo entrepreneurs. Many of the larger companies are still holding onto the notion of the best, most entertaining stories that may not be completely authentic.

Due to the speed at which consumers can get information and because of the viral aspect of the Internet and social media in particular, those who are willing to give an accurate and real time picture of what they are doing in the interest of the consumer, at any given time, will come out ahead. They will build more trust and trust equates to stronger working relationships.

In line with this trend are those who will document experiences, product rollouts and personal journeys. Example…

Do you know other important trends that will definitely impact how you do business and how your market responds to you?

Join me on January 15th to learn about more essential trends sure to impact how you run your business in 2015 and how you can benefit from these trends.

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Do you have 16:09 minutes to improve your business and life?

Over the last few days I've had numerous conversations with friends, colleagues and clients about thier desire to create more balance, abundance and purpose in all they do.

Additionally, most want far less stress in their life and business. The topic of meditation came up several times. What I know to be true is this; when I take time to meditate my day flows. When I don't take the time, I'm more susceptible to reacting rather than responding to the ins and outs of my day.

“But I don't know how to meditate,” is often the reason people give for not attempting meditation. This is likely due to not understanding how simple meditation can be and how many choices we have in how to meditate.

Over the last several decades I have tried countless methods for meditation. Some I really enjoyed, others not so much.

What I've learned is this; in anything I can take what I need and leave the rest. What I know to be true is this; for me, I NEED to meditate. It centers me, allows me to become very present, move into a space of gratitude and be much more effective in my business. I have a greater level of efficiency and productivity. I enjoy my business much more when I meditate than when I don't.

For me, it's simple; meditate to appreciate the blessing my business is to me and to my clients.

My friend, Debra Berndt, has one of the most pleasurable meditations I have found. It's 16:09 minutes that puts me in a centered space to do what I am here to do.

If you've been seeking a way to create more balance, enjoy what's in front of you more, appreciate the people you do business with and have a higher level of gratitude, why not give Debra's process a try? I would venture to say you will be amazed at the results.

Rather than try it only once, why not commit to starting every day for a week off with Debra's soothing process? It's likely the energy you bring to your day will shift in amazing ways.


Top 10 Trending Videos of 2014

Video has become one of the best ways to get your message out to market. There are videos for virtually anything you might have an interest in. Some are fantastic, while others leave a lot to be desired.

Video marketing is a hot trend that you should consider adding to your marketing mix if you have not already done so.

Do you know what the top 10 trending YouTube videos in 2014 were? Shira Lazar and Yousef Erakat, AKA FouseyTUBE, show you the hottest video trends (videos, channel and stars) of 2014! Including…

  • Top prank
  • Top wedding proposal
  • Top Channel
  • Top mainstream musician
  • Top mainstream celebrity
  • Top traditional brand
  • Breakout viral video of the year
  • Music video of the year
  • Music video parody of the year
  • Most viewed trend of 2014

Watch the full video about the top 10 videos at

You might be wondering why you should care. Here’s why; when you see what’s trending, the number of views the videos get and the number of subscribers a channel gets, it’s likely there is a great opportunity for the creators of the videos and channels to hear “Cha Ching!”

It’s always a great idea to pay attention to what’s grabbing attention. Who knows, you might get a few ideas before creating your next video.

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What is your calling?

It’s not uncommon to look at someone who seems to have it all together and compare our insides with their outsides.

Dig deeper and you may be surprised that even the most successful people deal with fear, doubt and uncertainty. The difference though, is they have a different way of handling situations.

Successful people can also have these universal questions come up:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here for?
  • What should I really be doing with my life?

Sure, not everyone goes through this, but it is a lot more common than most people realize.

A primary reason we doubt what we are doing, or even who we are, is not honoring our inner compass.

This happens in business all the time. It may seem easier to create a business around what is familiar because that's what one's background is about. Yet, this may not be what you are being called to do.

Getting to the place of honoring one’s truth and who we really are can be a painful journey. A primary reason is this flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

Additionally, it is not something a lot of people want to talk about. We’ve been taught to “look good at all costs.” Including the cost of our emotional, spiritual, and soul well-being.

What would life be like if you were truly honoring who you are and doing those things that brought you incredible fulfillment?

Finding the answer to this may take time. It doesn’t necessarily happen in one fell swoop. Nor is it a black and white, either/or situation. On your way to discovering your true calling it may be necessary to keep doing much of what you are currently doing, but it is also necessary to take some type of action toward what you believe you are called to do.

It’s also about trusting the process by not living in the past of “If only I would have done…..” or living in the future of, “What if this doesn’t work? What if I can’t make money at this? What if….?”

It may be that you will not make a living from your calling. It may be that by feeding your soul you will be more fulfilled in your business, thus finding a new definition of success.

The bottom line is this, life can be fulfilling and joyful or it can be miserable and empty based on the choices we make on a daily basis.

One of the most powerful ways to move into the space of fulfilling and joyful is to focus on what is working, what we have to be grateful for and the wonders of waking up each day with a blank slate of 24 hours to make choices, take actions and be fully present to the gift of possibility.

What will you do with your next 24 hours? How will you answer your calling? How will you serve those you are intended to serve at the highest level?



Have you watched this video?

Chances are you've received messages from friends saying, “You just have to see this!” while sharing the latest and greatest videos ranging from simple “how to” videos, cute animal videos, business training videos, spiritual videos, and everything in between.

There are incredible advantages to creating videos to spread your message to the masses. By far, videos are one of the best ways to build name recognition, create a following, become a recognized expert in your industry and so much more.

No one will argue that video is HOT! But what makes one video go super viral while others barely get seen? There is a definite formula for success.

There are billions of views every single day on YouTube. Then there are the videos hosted on websites, posted on social media and other video locations. It's mind boggling.

Imagine getting just a tiny bit of the daily views. 1/100th of 1% would be incredible for virtually anyone.

Let's assume you are creating business videos and you want lots of traffic. To get the most out of your efforts the following tips will make a huge difference.

1. Focus on current events. Videos that deal with current events and timely issues tend to do much better than those that are not relevant to what is happening in an industry, market or client-base.

2. Utilize keywords viewers search on. This is absolutely essential to the success of your video.

3. Controversy works. Think about the videos you are “drawn” to. Many likely have controversy as part of the appeal.

4. Make the videos engaging.

Not sure how to get the most out of your efforts. My buddy Lou Bortone definitely knows the latest and greatest about video creation and marketing. Actually, Lou is recognized as one of the earliest adopters of video and a world renowned and undisputed expert of video.

Lou created a short (get this) video series on how to create great videos; those that get watched, shared and create a buzz.

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