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No matter the industry… video works

Regardless of what industry you're in video can boost your visibility and engagement with your community.

For the last couple of days I've been at #BlogPaws2015. Wow! What a great experience. There are just about as many dogs, cats and ferrets as people.

With breakout sessions, keynote presentations, sponsors and networking opportunities, Blog Paws is the place to be.

One session was facilitated by my friend and colleague, Denise Wakeman. She shared great insights about using video in your marketing and branding. I loved her session and immediately found the desire to shoot a short video with Louie the French Dog.

Denise emphasized the importance of being willing to experiment and not worry about things being perfect.

This is an area lots of people get caught up in; they want things to be perfect. Truth be told, you're better off to get your content out to market on a regular basis. If perfectionism is in your nature, this is something you have to work through. Otherwise, while others are getting their message out, you're still tweaking, tweaking, tweaking your content.

If you tweak too much you will be left behind.

Before taking advise from someone…

There's no shortage of people who will tell you what you should do in your business. The problem with listening to unsolicited (and even solicited) advice is that often those doling out their thoughts have no idea what's involved with your decision.

Recently, there was a posting on Facebook by someone seeking input as to whether or not she should start a radio program. Apparently, she had been invited by a company to start a show on their platform.

Although hosting a show seems like a fun idea, there are lots of considerations before saying yes or no.

Many people were quick to say, “Go for it.” Only a few responded with questions for considerations.

One woman who has hosted a show responded with, “It depends on the opportunity as not all are worth your time and energy. I have done a lot of online radio and it can be a huge time drain with very little return in the end.”

Most were along the lines of, “If you feel passionate/excited about it – then yes!!!”

Although passion is important, it takes a heck of a lot more than passion to make business decisions. Passion alone does not pay the bills. Strategic planning is a must-do with most choices such as starting a radio program.

Running a business involves careful evaluation as to the pros and cons of decisions you make. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new idea and yet, that's how many entrepreneurs stay stuck and get into financial trouble.

Although the following questions were specific to hosting an online radio program, you can just as easily apply these questions to decisions such as writing a book, creating an information product, hosting an event or anything that takes time, money and energy.

1. What is the outcome you hope to achieve?
2. What is the time commitment?
3. What is the financial commitment?
4. Will you need to hire someone to help you?
5. Does this fit into your overall business goals?
6. Are you wanting to do it because it IS a good idea or just seems like one?
7. Will you be flying solo or will you have guests?
8. How will you find guests?
9. Is this necessary at this time?
10. What are the downsides to having a show?
11. How will you market your show?
12. Is this a BSO – bright shiny object?
13. Will you spread yourself too thin in time and effort to make this worth it?

It's great to have people tell us we should do something but often, people make decisions without thinking out all the pros and cons. This is why having a mentor you can bounce your ideas off of.

Until one digs in and actually does a show, most people have no clue how much work it really takes. This is true with just about anything we do. It's great to stand on the sidelines and say, “Go for it.” It's something completely different to actually put effort into the outcome.

Again, the questions listed can apply to just about anything. And yes, passion is massively important in your business, but so is strategic thinking and common sense.

How do you make your business decisions? Comments and input welcome.


Get over writer’s block and transform your writing

If you've been dreaming of writing a transformational book, have you done so? If not, why?

From the aspiring authors I've spoken to there's one main reason. They didn't know quite where to start. A second reason is writer's block.

Here's a fact…every aspiring author dreams of seeing their book at the top of the best-seller list.

And, every author who ends up on those lists all did one thing you haven’t done… YET!

They wrote their book.

If you want to be a best-selling author, you’ve got to write!  That’s the first step to success.

Second, you need to get over “writer’s block.”

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Podcasting is a GREAT way to gain visibility

You’ve got the book. You’ve got the speech. You’ve got the expertise, but very few people know you exist. It takes more than simply having the “thing” to be successful. You also need the visibility.

Years ago there wasn’t much competition online. Seems like whatever an expert introduced to market was a novelty and people ate it up. It was also much easier to stand out because of the fact there were very few people vying for people’s attention.

Today, this is definitely not the case. Today, your message is likely, unless you position it correctly, to be one among many, literally getting lost in the shuffle.

You have to also find ways to be viewed as more than a commodity. One way is to let your personality shine through. For example, I’m very transparent about my love of animals, my involvement with rescue issues and my passion for power walking.  Click here to see what I'm currently involved with. AfterD1

A great way to move from commodity to exclusivity is to get visibility and as much as you can, for you, your message and your point of view. Why? Simple. The more visible you are, the more you are unique to the “middle of the road” experts, the more people will turn to you for solutions they seek.

You have numerous options to position your point of view and perspective.


itunesThis is one of my favorite strategies to get in front of my community. Leveraging podcasting can give you an incredible marketing edge that can substantially increase your online visibility, build a loyal following and increase lead-generation and client-conversion rates.

You can certainly host your own show or, if you want incredible market reach, why not be a featured guest?

Want to learn how to become an in-demand expert on podcasts? Join my good buddies, D’vorah Lansky and Doug Foresta for a FREE webinar

dvorah-250-w-bg-150x150Expand Your Reach and Increase Your Credibility by Being

Featured on Other Peoples' Podcasts!

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Hangouts are fast becoming a favorite of many experts, who not only want to build solid connection with their community, but also to get great SEO.

Hangouts have a very low startup cost and yet, a very high perceived value when done right. A few things to keep in mind when either hosting or participating in a Hangout is what viewers see in the background.

Whatever is within view needs to be consistent with your branding. In other words, no unmade beds in view.


An all-time favorite, teleseminars are once again on the rise in popularity as a great way to reach a market with a strong message. There are plenty of free services for anyone on a limited budget.


Although some videos get no traction at all, many have been known to get hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and even millions of views. With over four billion views per day, it’s no wonder smart entrepreneurs are using YouTube as a huge part of their promotions strategy.

To get lots of traction, add short videos on a fairly regular basis to your subscribers. After all, if they subscribed obviously they want to see more of your videos.


There’s no shortage of people saying that media releases are a thing of the past. This is absolutely not true. There is plenty of call for well-structured media releases.

An eye-catching media release can get the attention of writers, publishers, journalists and freelancers for trade journals, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and other publications that cover your industry. Don’t underestimate the power of a well thought-out media release.


The best part of blogging is that you have complete control over what you write about. There are virtually no barriers to entry on stating your perspective and point of view. You can be as low-key or as controversial as you want.


For anyone seeking lots of exposure to a specific market, guest blogging is a great choice. Guest blogging also increases your credibility. After all, when you are a featured expert on someone else’s blog, you are considered an expert right out of the gate.


Going the same route as media releases, there are plenty of people who claim article marketing is dead. Article marketing is alive and well.

Actually, writing and distributing lots of articles is one of the best ways to gain visibility, position your expertise and reach more of your market.


When you partner with other experts on their campaigns, or yours, you are again positioning your expertise in a very effective way.

Imagine what kind of traction you can get by partnering with anywhere from six to twelve experts promoting one another. It’s a powerful way to jumpstart your visibility.


Although not an online strategy, speaking at industry conferences is a highly valuable way to stand out. Not only are you an assumed expert, there likely will be online promotions by the conference coordinators, thus giving you even more visibility and credibility.


Visibility is absolutely essential for any expert who wants to be viewed as more than a commodity. To achieve the greatest result for your efforts, have a well thought-out plan, commit to consistency, and be willing, in a big way, to be completely who you are.

The more you are authentic and transparent, the more you will build a following of raving fans.

Here’s one thing you can do to skyrocket your visibility to get in front of your sweet spot clients. Join my good buddies, D’vorah Lansky and Doug Foresta for a FREE webinar

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WTF or WTG? What’s going on in your head?

Have you ever had one of those light bulb moments where something became incredibly clear? I had one of those moments this morning.

My light bulb moment was this; to go from lukewarm to passionate is often as simple as changing one tiny thing… a letter of the alphabet.


WTF = What the F&*K!

WTG = Way to Go!

One letter apart with a world of difference in the meaning and outcome.

Here's a real time example in my business.

I’m working on a new branch of my business requiring time to learn, study, implement and test. In addition, there’s a financial investment I’ve made and continue to make.

I have an incredible mentor who is teaching me step-by-step what to do.

“Don’t expect to make money right away Kathleen,” my mentor cautioned. “You’ll likely need to test, test, test several times before you hit the target. Once you do it’s magical,” John stated.

I've taken his advice to heart. The first attempt at this new endeavor did not give me a huge windfall of success. Quite the opposite. And yet, it was the first attempt. I could quit with a huge, resounding WTF or I can continue with WTG. I choose WTG and will keep going.

I chose to study under this expert because of his results. He is recognized as one of the most successful people in this particular industry. Last year he made $1,800,000 selling a particular product online. Yes, you read right… one million, eight hundred thousand.

Another reason I decided to work with John is his attitude. Not only his business attitude, but towards his family, friends, clients, God and life. People often tell him how lucky he is. Actually, luck is not his secret weapon. Attitude is.

Building his business didn’t happen without obstacles, setbacks, failures and frustration. Yet, in spite of this (or maybe because of this) he maintains an incredible attitude.

I’m not talking a Pollyanna, head in the clouds type of attitude, but rather one that allows him to manage his energy when things don’t seem to be working out.

It’s the attitude that when you hit a wall you don’t keep beating your head against the wall saying, “WTF… why does this always happen to me?” but rather the “WTG… you figured out one more thing that isn’t working.”

You can learn the strategies. You can use the latest and greatest system. You can put a ton of money into training, advertising and a team and STILL get crappy results based on a crappy attitude.

95% of your business success is based on your attitude. An attitude where you are willing to put the time into learning what you need to, manage your energy when things don’t outwardly seem to be working and stay the course with an attitude of gratitude.

Just because you didn’t get the sale on your first call, you didn’t sell thousands of dollars’ worth of “stuff” with one email and you had only a handful of people show up on your teleseminar, webinar or live event, does not mean you’ve failed. It means you likely have more work to do.

Lots of people dream of running a successful business where no problems exist and everything works the first time they launch it. To me that’s a huge WTF!

Want to find out what it really takes to succeed? Why not ask experts who have highly successful businesses? I can assure you, they have crap happen all the time.

Crap that would likely shock you. Yet, when the poop hits the fan they don’t say, “This isn’t fair. Why did this have to happen? This is way too hard.”

Nope! They manage their thoughts and energy. Sure, they may have brief periods where they fall victim to an attitude that is not serving them, but they are quick to shake this off.

They evaluate the situation, adjust accordingly and start again.

If it seems you are hitting roadblock after roadblock you would be well served to pay very close attention to what you say to yourself and others. What attitude do you wake up with and hold on to throughout the day? Do you take responsibility for your actions or do you blame outside circumstances for why things are not working in your favor. Outside circumstances can be other people, the economy, competition, increased vendor costs, etc.

Whether or not you believe this, your energy is one of the most significant aspects of success. As has been said, “It’s not what happens that matters. It’s what I do with it that makes all the difference.”

Some people are so conditioned to stay in the WTF attitude that even when they make a sale they say, “Yeah but, I need more sales.” Or when a solution is offered by someone who’s been where they are at they say, “Yeah but!” to the solution.


The only butt you need is the one you sit on.

So what can you do to shift your attitude? Here are a few things I do on a daily basis that took me from an attitude that literally ended me up on the streets in my mid 20’s to one where I have such an appreciation for the blessings in my life that regardless of outward evidence, I KNOW things are all working out in my favor.

  1. Count my blessings by focusing on what I have to be grateful for each and every day.
  2. Surround myself with others who also live in the space of gratitude.
  3. Realize that what I see in the natural is not all there is. The Universe is conspiring in my favor for things to work out. What may seem like a roadblock may be the very thing that’s necessary for me to be open to something bigger and better than I could ever think up on my own.
  4. Manage my energy through prayer and meditation.
  5. Have a mentor who I can confide in when I’m feeling small.
  6. Find out what others did to achieve their success and rather than say, “That’s easy for you, but I’m so flipping unique, it wouldn’t work for me,” I say, “If you can do it, I certainly can too. I just need to find out what to do and then do it.”
  7. Find someone who is less fortunate than me and help them out. When we willingly serve others from the heart it’s amazing how fast we get out of our “stinking thinking” and into a place of gratitude.
  8. Get 100% honest about how much focused effort I am putting into a project. I can easily fool myself into believing I’m giving 100% to an end result by constantly checking emails, playing around on Facebook, cleaning out a drawer or any number of things that keep me from doing the one thing where I may get rejected so I completely avoid it. And if I’m not avoiding it, I’m kicking and screaming the whole way thus sabotaging my success.
  9. Exercise on a regular basis. This one is huge. I’ve gone through periods where I’ve been totally committed to my physical well being and other times, not at all. During the times I put my health on the back burner, things go south pretty fast. I don’t feel good, my mood is not as good as it could be and I may even fall into the “life sucks” mode. By exercising I am getting much need oxygen that keeps my mind clear, my heart beating and my attitude on track.
  10. Avoid living in regret of the past and learn from those things that didn’t work the way I had hoped. Vow to do things differently.
  11. Stay as present in today as is humanly possible. Step #4 is crucial to being able to stay present.
  12. Repeat #1 throughout my day.

Truth be told, you, and only you, are responsible for your mindset. Your mindset determines the kind of actions you take and the energy you bring to the game. Your actions are what create the juice in life.

You can live a lukewarm life or you can be so on fire with passion that people are incredibly attracted to you and what you have to offer.

Granted, not everyone wants what you have. However, I can guarantee that there is a community of people who could be rabid fans if you would simply give them the chance and get excited about all the possibilities that life has in store for you. Are you sure this community knows you exist? And if they do, what energy are you giving them…WTF or WTG?

It’s up to you.

Want to really manage your mindset? Join me in June in Portland, Oregon for Live Your Life on Purpose Mastermind Retreat.

Millions of Facebook and email accounts are fake

Chances are many of the people you believe to be friends on Facebook are “ghosts.” That's right. They don't exist.

I'm not talking ghosts like in the spirit world. I'm talking out and out fake. Actually, Facebook has no way of knowing exactly how many accounts are fake but it could be as high as 11.2% according to many accounts.

If there are that many fake accounts on Facebook imagine how many fake email subscribers you likely have on your prized subscriber list.

Not only bogus email address, but dead addresses, those that were input wrong and any number of reasons why the number of subscribers you believe you have is actually way off.

If you've been wondering why your open rates are getting lower and lower, you don't need to wonder anymore. It's gotten completely out of control.

“Why is my open rate so low?” many people ask with great frustration in their voice. I've had countless conversations with clients about the need to use more than email marketing to reach people.

It's gotten to the point many people throw up their hands in frustration feeling like the only solution is to throw in the towel.

Don't be so hasty. Rather than making it an all or nothing proposition, there are other ways to reach your potential clients. Granted, if all you want to do is sit behind your computer to make money  that's a completely different conversation. If, on the other hand, you are looking for effective ways to position your expertise AND reach your market, read on.

1. Pick up the phone. As much as some people avoid the “800 pound gorilla” the phone is one of the most effective tools you have. Sure, not everyone will want to hear from you, but if you make it a regular practice to call a few people daily, you may be incredibly surprised with the results. Sometimes it's to let people know about an offer you have. Other times, it's simply to connect.

Many people have been so out of touch with using phone calling as part of their marketing they have an actual phobia of picking up the phone.

2. Direct mail. It's amazing how effective this can be. Whether it be a postcard, letter or lumpy mail, sending something the good old fashioned way, when added to other forms of marketing, can generate interest in what you have to offer. Sure, there is a cost to this, but what would you rather… minimal response from something that cost virtually nothing to do (like email marketing) or an increased response with something that requires an investment of time and money.

3. Social media. Many people believe social media marketing is a complete waste of time. Granted, it can be, but  to make it work you have to have more than a hit and miss approach to social media marketing. The more value you bring to people, the better. As with anything, a targeted approach on a handful of platforms is going to get you a better result than throwing mud at the wall and hoping something sticks.

Surprisingly, you don't need to spend a lot of time on social media to leave a solid foot print. And leaving a foot print is a great idea. Many potential clients will check you out on social media before making a decision to do business with you.

4. Networking meetings. Ahhhhh, good old face to face networking. For many people this is a lost art. And yet for others, it's like money in the bank.

When you attend networking meetings be willing to reach out to people, but avoid instantly trying to sell something. Rather than trying to see how many business cards you can collect each time you attend a networking meeting, go for quality connections with a few people.

Take a genuine interest in other people. Have conversations rather than simply trying to see how many people you can give your “elevator” speech to.

5. Presentations. By far, this is one of my favorites. Organizations, associations and companies of every size are on the lookout for experts who can offer quality information to their members and employees. This does take more effort than the previous four strategies, but the payoff can be huge.

First,  you position your expertise and message. Second, you stand apart from others in a big way by doing what many experts are deathly afraid of. Third, you are serving others in a very powerful way by presenting high value information.

In order to really stand out, reach your market and get your message heard, you absolutely must use more than one method to promote what you're doing. And you have to get really honest about how much effort you're putting into what you're doing. If you're relying solely on sending emails out or posting a few things on social media, chances are you're missing a lot of great opportunity.

You have to take a more well rounded approach to what you're doing. Ready to stand out, be seen and be heard? Then you're ready for Live Your Life on Purpose Mastermind Retreat.

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