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“Someday I’ll get my Kindle book done!”

If you’re a skilled author who has already published one or more books, this post is not for you. If, on the other hand, you’ve been thinking of writing a book and getting it up on Kindle, then what I have to say will likely be of interest.  kindle

In the years I’ve been writing Kindle books I’ve talked to countless experts who swore upside down, inside out, top to bottom, they are committed to writing books, but have yet to get their first book done.

According to Book Catch dot com over 80 percent of adults in North America dream of writing a book. That’s huge. And yet, very few will ever realize their dream.

There’s a very simple reason why the majority of people who dream of writing a book never will; they don't have a clear route on how to get it done.

Does this describe your situation? Want a clear route? Finally ready to get your book done? Want to use your Kindle book to increase sales opportunities? Ready to quit talking and take action once and for all?

If your head is nodding up and down, then join me on August 11th for The Power & Profit of Kindle Books.kindle1

During the training you will…

  • Discover how simple it is to create a Kindle book and start making money right away
  • Learn the #1 mistake most experts make that prevents them from making money on Kindle
  • Find out how to put a proven process in place to create sustainable revenues with Kindle
  • Learn what you can do to create multiple streams of revenue with each and every Kindle book you create

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I’m not talking theory on this webinar. I’m going to share what really works so anyone who is ready to take action can get results…fast!

You’ll get proven information on how you can become a Kindle author in record time.



Social Media Marketing Plan Built During Free Workshop!

Get Your Social Media Plan Built for You by These 7 Special NAMS Experts Live on Thursday, July 16th!

You are so lucky! You know how important it is to have a viable social media plan. But you also know how tough it is to build one that gives you the results you want.

On Thursday July 16, 2015, 7 NAMS Insiders and Instructors will show us exactly how to get BIG results on their favorite platforms.  Click here.
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These experts reveal:
  • Their favorite Top Tool they use to create their social media plan
  • The steps and strategies to devising a social media plan that works
  • How to deligate and outsource the day-to-day work needed to make their social media plan pay off
And these experts are:
  • Sarah Davidson -Instagram
  • Brian Basilico – Podcasting
  • John Paduchak -Hangouts on Air
  • Ray “The Video Guy” Lane – YouTube
  • Ellen Britt – Facebook Communities
  • David Baer – Facebook Advertising
  • Nile Nickel – LinkedIn.
What is a Micro Workshop anyway? Find out CLICK HERE
A workshop means focusing on implementation. And most live workshops are weekend or weeklong events in a hotel and require airfare. A micro workshop is virtual using Google Hangouts techology.
And it's built in two parts:
Part 1 is Discovery
We dig into an essential business topic, grill the experts, and extract as much specific and actionable information as possible from them that we can duplicate to build our success.
Part 2 is Implementation
We take everything we learned in Part 1 and build a checklist / project plan for implementing all the strategies and techniques revealed by the instructors.
Students who attend these workshops get access to the Mindmap and checklist for the entire implementation.
Normally this Micro Workshop sells for $197. MyNAMS Insiders get access to all of our 2 dozen micro workshops as part of their membership!
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7 top reasons to attend live events

I just returned from a live event in Miami. What a great experience. Not only did I get energized by all the great information, I was one of the trainers AND I'm on fire with a renewed sense of why I'm in business.

If you've ever wondered if attending live events is worth it, I can assure you,  when you pick the right events there's no better use of your time.

Far too many people have gotten comfortable with “hiding out” behind their computers to the detriment of getting out and being seen. Although what you do behind your computer is incredibly important, don't miss opportunities to attend live events.powerliveaudience

Some of the best reasons for attending events are…

1. Get out of your office. It's amazing how “safe” our offices have become. Whether your office is in your home or offsite, we can fool ourselves into believing sitting behind the computer is going to get us all the results we want and need. Periodically you need to get out of your office. A change of scenery can be incredible for our creativity, energy and vision. Events are a great way to do this.

2. Reconnect with colleagues. When I was in Miami I had the opportunity to see people I love hanging out with.  There's a lot of power in meeting face-to-face. Even though email and phone conversations are good, there's nothing better than sharing time with those you feel really connected to.

3. Meet potential clients. Again, it's one thing for others to get emails from you, see you on social networks and read your blog, but there's a heck of a lot more power in potential clients seeing you in the flesh. It's much easier for someone to make a decision to do business with you when they see you in person. Even though the decision may not be made right there and then, face-to-face encounters accomplish a lot and set the tone of what comes next.

4. Get out of your “safe bubble” and mingle. As with point #1, you have to be willing to get from behind your computer to shift your energy. Far too many people fool themselves into believing they are being productive by never getting out from behind their computer. We need human interaction to get the creative juices going.

5. Build alliances. It's amazing how many joint venture partnerships began when we met someone face-to-face. As with the previous points, when your colleagues meet you in person, it's a lot easier to strike up deals. There's a high level of trust that's built.

6. Recharge. If you've been feeling stuck, events are often the very thing that will recharge you. Again, when they are the right events for you. Attending an event simply to be attending an event may not be the right reason. However, if it's an industry specific event, one with lots of networking opportunities and one where you will learn great information, there's a great chance you will return to your office on fire with enthusiasm.

7. Learn. As an entrepreneur you should always be learning. What better way than an event specific to exactly what you need to know to build your business. The best way to learn is to go into the experience with the intention of learning. This means, be fully present, avoid distractions and give it your all. 

These are only some of the great reasons to attend live events. Myself, I regularly attend, and speak at, live events. I know how essential attending events is to my business growth. I always leave with more enthusiasm than I started with.

I am very strategic about the events I attend. They must be in alliance with my overall business goals. After all, I am investing time, money and energy with each one I participate in.

If you're in need of an infusion of ideas, energy, passion and focus for your business, the right event can give you all this and more. I designed Power Up for Profits Live! with all of this in mind. It's three days of learning, connecting, brainstorming and networking.

Power Up for Profits Live! is perfect for any entrepreneur who's ready to get an infusion of energy to take your business to the next level.

Join me on October 22 – 24, 2015 in Vancouver, Washington for Power Up for Profits Live!

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Do you have the disease of more?

More money. More time. More love. More business.

I want more!

Never enough. Always more.

Seems this is a condition that plagues countless individuals. No matter what they have it will never be enough.

Not that wanting more is wrong, but if you are not happy and grateful for what you currently have, more of the “thing” still won't bring you happiness.

It's somewhat of a paradox. In order to have more to be grateful for you are well served to be grateful for what you already have. When you are grateful for what you already have you get more to be grateful for.

It's about being happy with what you have AND also visioning and working for more of what you have. Hmmm. Seems such a contradiction, but those people who seem to manifest “at will” are usually the people who are incredibly happy with what they already have. They know happiness is an inside job.

Living in the space of “this is never enough” sets you up for never having enough which likely leads to being restless and discontent regardless of how good things really are.

For example, you could have a windfall of business and rather than giving thanks for the new business your response is, “It should have been more.”

I've seen this happen with far too many people. They sign a few new clients and then bitch about those they didn't sign.

Energetically, whatever we profess to be true becomes a reality. When you sign the new business, give thanks. Treat those who “chose” to do business with you as valuable. When you do, you attract more.

If you begrudge the fact that “some got away” you set yourself up to lose what you already have.

Life is an ebb and flow. Outward appearances don't tell the whole story.

As with the seeds planted in your garden, there is a lot going on under the surface that can't be seen. You have to “act as if” the seeds will grow. Take care of the soil, fertilize, water and “know” you will get a result for your efforts.

The next time you find yourself saying, “This isn't enough,” try expressing appreciation for what you have. Do so with a lot of sincerity. Feel the feeling of gratitude.

You also must get really honest about how much effort you are putting into your outcome. Are you doing the necessary footwork to get the outcome you desire?

For example, if you are want to get in top physical shape are you eating and exercising to support this desire.

If you say you want more business, are you reaching out to potential clients on a regular basis or are you sitting around bitching about what you don't have and not taking any action.

Whatever you say you want more of actually has a simple formula for success.

The formula includes:

  • Appreciation for what you do have.
  • Vision of what you do want
  • Action towards the outcome
  • Letting go of the outcome in order to be fully present in the current moment

Don't confuse simple with easy. Sometimes it's not easy. Always simple, not always easy. The most important ingredient is gratitude.

Energetically, the more you are grateful for what you have the more you have to be grateful for.

Today, in this moment, what are you grateful for? Post your #1 reason for gratitude in the comments box below.



#1 mistake experts make that blocks their visibility

Have you noticed how the more visible experts are the more opportunity they seem to have? This doesn't happen by chance. It likely happens by design… for some experts.

For many experts, it's a huge part of their overall marketing and sales strategy. For others, they simply show up from day to day, do what they are extremely passionate about, and it seems fame and fortune follows them wherever they go.

Imagine being able to tip the scales in your favor by incorporating strategy with simply showing up to your passion. This is a winning combination that can and WILL make you a force to be reckoned with.

Here's the rub though… with visibility comes responsibility. Sure, not everyone would agree with this, but since I'm the one writing this post, this is the perspective I am sharing.

With the resources we have available to us today, virtually anyone can be a Rock Star in their industry, market and online community. Again, the more visible you are the more opportunity presents itself.

Yet, the #1 mistake countless experts make is doing nothing and then they wonder why opportunity seems to evade them.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can increase your visibility, thus increasing your opportunity.

  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Radio interviews
  • Podcast interviews
  • Joint venture partnerships
  • Speaking at industry conferences

To get the most from your efforts it pays to be consistent. With so many BSO's (bright shiny objects) vying for our attention, it's incredibly easy to get sidetracked and derailed from our vision.

The simplest way to avoid this is to schedule time in for your visibility efforts. Another thing that will assist you in staying on track is to focus on one thing at a time until it's done. For example, doing this blog post. I could easily get derailed by checking email, seeing who posted on Facebook, looking at a quick video on YouTube or any number of things that “take just a minute.”

Those things that take just a minute suck us dry. According to an article on “nearly 50% of American employees say they work for only 15 minutes before becoming distracted, while 53% report wasting an hour or more a day because of disruptions. From constant noise to overflowing in-boxes to feeling fatigued or stressed, almost anything can cause people to lose focus.”

That's huge.

So what's the solution. As unsexy as this is, discipline and focus. Simple as that.

We can always find those things that take up our precious time and justify the distraction. Bottom line is this; if you say you want to achieve a certain level of success, then it's up to you to not let anything get in your way. By anything, I'm referring to the piddly ass things that are always going to be there.

Obviously, if there's a family emergency, that's a whole different conversation, but for the run of the mill, everyday activities that are not life or death, they can usually wait.

Want to learn more? Join me for …

Create Rock Star Visibility that Generates Six Figure (and Multiple Six Figure) Revenues Webinar

Monday, July 13th at 10 a.m. Pacific.

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The time has come for you to make a great living doing what you love while making a difference in the lives of people around the globe.

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Why journaling is so important personally and professionally

A while ago I decided to do a public 30 Day Challenge to get me completely on track with one area of my fitness I have often had major challenges with; my eating.

Today marks Day One of my 30 Day Health and Fitness Challenge.

You might be wondering what this challenge has to do with business.
Here's what…in a recent conversation with JV Crum, aka The Conscious Millionaire, we both agreed that the healthier you are the better you perform in your business.
The healthier you are the more clarity you have. The more clarity you have the better you can serve your customers and clients. The better you serve your market, the more success you experience.
Even though I've read countless books on healthy eating, and I know what to do, I haven't always done it. That all comes to a screeching halt today!
Throughout the 30 days I am going to journal about what I am experiencing. Why? Because journaling reveals a lot about where we are spot on with what we are doing, where the “gremlins” show up, and it's a great way to document our progress.
At the end of the 30 days I am going to make my journal public. That's right, if you want my journal, I will make it available to you.
You're going to get inside my head. You're going to be able to see exactly what my process for accomplishing my goal has been.
Are you ready to become your best you? Then you'll want to join in by participating in the 30 day challenge. It's FREE. It's simple. And it very well might change not only your view about health and fitness, but also how you operate your business.
Check out this short (under 4 minutes) video to find out how.

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