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Why resolutions set you up for failure

Traditionally, this is the time of year lots of people reflect on the resolutions they set at the beginning of the year. Realizing many of their “this time I will do it” resolutions resulted in giving up, they are preparing for the next round of resolutions. Often,  they will set the same ones in the coming year as they did the previous year.

The most common being:

  • Lose weight
  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise
  • Quit smoking
  • Get out of debt
  • Drink less (or quit all together)
  • Get in a relationship
  • Get out of a relationship
  • Quit their job
  • Find a new job

According to at the beginning of 2015, “Health and wellness were top priorities for U.S. consumers as January took hold, as data from a new Nielsen survey highlight how “staying fit and healthy” is our top resolution, coming in at 37%, followed closely by “lose weight” (32%). And based on the survey results, just a handful of us are throwing in the towel and not making any resolutions (16%).”

Guess what? It's likely health and wellness are at the top for a great majority of people as we move into 2016. Yet, the likelihood of those who begin their health regime at the start of the year and sticking with their goal longer than a few weeks is minimal at best.

It's the same with quitting smoking and drinking. Those who are using January 1st as their target date to quit are likely to pick up a cigarette or drink within a very short period of time.

And then you have those who swear they will make dramatic changes in their business starting in the new year. Whether it be to organize their office, improve on time management, or do a better job at reaching out to past clients and prospecting for new clients, their intentions are sincere, but their behaviors will likely not match their intentions.

Thus, more resolutions are finding their way into the pit of frustration and the cemetery of good intentions. The reality is this; waiting until a specific date (in this case, January 1st) to make much needed changes that can be started right here, right now, is keeping you stuck.

Those who will stick with their goals are those who are not waiting. They are willing to put their stake in the ground and do what needs to be done immediately.desire

In the case of health and fitness, if your health is in need of improvement, why in the world would you wait another six weeks to make the necessary changes? If your health is that important to you, start today.

If you keep saying to yourself, “I really need to quit smoking,” do you really think waiting another six weeks is going to give you the motivation you need to put cigarettes down once and for all.

Now before anyone says, “Kathleen, you don't understand. Quitting smoking is really hard!” Yes, I do understand. I quit in April of 1994. When I lit up for the last time I had had it. I was done. I didn't need to wait for a specific date to make that decision.

With your business, can you really afford to wait six more weeks to pick up the phone to prospect? Can you wait until January 1st to get more organized? Are a few more weeks going to give you more desire to reach out to clients you haven't spoken to in  a while? Why not make those changes today?

Over the past week, I've had several conversations with quite a few entrepreneurs who say they absolutely must generate more money in their businesses. A simple solution for generating more money is to immediately get rid of any distractions that are keeping you from the very activities that will generate revenues.

It's actually quite simple to do this. Not always easy, but definitely simple. You make a decision. Once the decision is made, you stick with it. Simple.

What is it that you want to commit to in the coming year? On a scale of 1 – 10, with ten being incredibly important, how important is this change for you?

If you're closer to a 10 than a 1, why would you wait six weeks to make the change? Why not start today?

Are you ready to live the life you claim you want? If the answer is yes, today is the day to begin. No excuses…. just the actions to support your claim.decide

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What does your “digital footprint” say about you?

A couple of days ago I read a post on Facebook about a woman who wrote a book on a topic I have great interest in. Being that it was a third party endorsement, I was even more eager to buy the book than if the author had touted the benefits of her own book.

Since there was no link in the post for me to read more about the book, I did what the majority of people would be inclined to do… I hopped over to

I have to admit, I was frustrated (and disappointed) I could not find the book. Worse yet, there was no trace of the author on Amazon.

I couldn’t help but think how many sales this woman was losing by not having her book on Amazon. After hitting a few dead-ends with a general online search, I gave up looking for the book.

It’s likely the author has no idea how many opportunities she is missing to not only sell her book, but be invited on podcast shows, media interviews and speaking opportunities.

In today’s digital world, when we have an interest in a book, we usually head right over to Amazon.

If we meet someone, or hear about them from a colleague, listen to a podcast they are the featured expert on or read an article by them, it’s likely we will go directly to their website and blog. Then we check them out on social media. If they have a presence, or lack thereof, we form an immediate opinion; good or bad.

Regardless of whether or not we do so consciously, we immediately decide if we will explore further. Here are a few areas of consideration.


  • Does their site look good?
  • What does the copy convey?
  • Do we want to know more about them?


  • Are the posts on their blog worth reading?
  • Is the content well written and relevant?
  • Does it convey their expertise?


  • Are they on Amazon?
  • Is the pricing of their book competitive?
  • Does the book description compel us to press the buy button?

Anyone who is not up to speed with their digital footprint is likely losing much more than they realize; revenue, credulity, opportunity.

As someone who has a huge digital footprint, I am often asked what someone can do to gain more visibility. First and foremost is to be strategic about what you do.

Avoid taking a haphazard approach to being seen. Put a plan in place and each and every day work the plan.

Know who your market is and do what you can to get in front of them in a way that conveys your desired messaging. Invest in the development of a professional looking website as well as s strong social media presence.

If you are serious about building your business, start by building your online presence. Yet, don’t let the need for a solid presence stop you from reaching out to those who want to do business with you. Avoid hiding out by hiding behind the wall of the Internet.

Your visibility online is not intended to replace your physical presence at networking meetings and conferences. Your online presence is intended to enhance your face to face encounters.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are you easy to find online on various platforms?
  • What message does your presence convey?
  • Do you have a strong digital footprint?

Think through the impression you want to make and invest accordingly in order to get the best return on investment possible.

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Why it takes more than intentions for success to occur

I’m on a flight returning from a couple of days of high energy, teaching, networking, inspiration and motivation. I had the opportunity to keynote and coach at a private event for over 150 private clients of powerhouse entrepreneur, Suzanne Evans.

Suzanne EvansAs is true for most conferences, participants left on a high note with a lot of information to process. Most left filled with the thought they would implement so much of what they learned. I sure know I have a lot to process and have every intention to implement the most important things I committed to.

You see, even as one of the faculty, I always learn something that is going to be instrumental in my personal and professional growth.

Although the intentions of 99% of the entrepreneurs are sincere, the reality is, many get caught up in their usual routines putting off until tomorrow what they committed to starting today.

I’ve been on both sides of the participant and trainer fence at conferences for years. In the decades I’ve been attending and speaking at conferences, I’ve watched what seemed like magic happen for some, while most fell right back into their daily habits.

The thing that amazes me are those people who will go to conference after conference, buy book after book, invest in training after training, and not do all they can to implement all they can that applies to them. They continually look for the “one thing” they need to do to make changes, yet, what they ignore is the “one thing” has been shared with them over and over and over.

What is the “one thing?” Different action for different results. Different actions will likely take effort, risk and money. Contrary to what one popular office supply store would have you believe, there is no easy button. Success takes work. Success takes effort. Success is not always convenient.

No matter how often some people hear this they continue to search for the easy button, the magic dust, the quick fix pill. Truth be told, none of these things exist.

Many people have a misguided belief that when someone who is extremely successful is having fun, being playful and having an outright incredible attitude that this means the person didn’t have to make any sacrifices for their success.

Consider this; one reason people who are incredibly successful are having so much fun is they know what they had to do to get to where they are at. Mind you, incredibly successful is relative to one’s definition of success. It’s not based solely on the externals. Actually, many of the externals people enjoy are a result of first starting with what goes on inside their head.

They learned to manage their state, focus on their big why and take action in spite of setbacks and obstacles that would stop most in their tracks.

Although most people can use a daily shot of inspiration and awareness, most appear not to do anything to get on track with a great state of mind.

I experienced this throughout my morning. From the 20 minute cab ride from the hotel to the airport I was a very captive audience to the miserable cab driver who packed years of how unfair life had been to him into a nonstop monolog, to the airline representative checking my bags telling me how unhappy and tired she is of her job, to the security team who must have all swallowed their sour pills and just about every traveler I observed, most seemed to be in a very grumpy mood. Granted, I don’t know what their personal situations are and yet, I do know that our mood isn’t dependent on outward circumstances, but rather our perception of what is going on around us.

As with taking action on an idea, consciously choosing to be happy is just that; a choice.

Every day we make choices. Most are unconscious due to our daily routines and habits. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to become more aware of what we are doing. Be fully in our bodies moment by moment. Be aware of how we are impacting others in either a positive or negative way.

It’s amazing what this can do, not only for our well-being, but for the domino effect it has on others. We never know what the impact of being kind to the person who seems to need kindness can do. Often, something as simple as calling the security guard, clerk or ticket agent by name and sincerely thanking them for what they are doing can have an incredible impact on them.

By being fully present in the moment we tend to get more done in our day. We are more aware of the time wasters and energy suckers that are obstacles to achieving what we say we want.

Life truly is about choices. The choice to be kind… or not. The choice to be happy… or not. The choice to take action on what we committed to… or not.

What is your choice for today?

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