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Authors: Are you worthy of this one thing?

Like many people, I belong to a number of Facebook groups. This morning a question was posed in one group that made me realize how often people say they want to achieve an outcome, but are not willing to invest the time, money or energy into achieving their goal in the most effective way possible.


ANSWER: Absolutely. I've been investing for years in both personal and professional areas. I've hired some of the best business consultants to assist me in getting my business, or a specific area of my business, to where I want it to be. I'm talking large investments that paid off. The caveat is that I applied the information.

I also invest in information products to help me learn more about specific areas I need to develop.

What drives me bonkers are those people who spend money thinking that's where the result resides. They do one or two things, then drop the ball and say, “This stuff doesn't work,” or “You're so lucky things work so well for you.”

It's the same with my health. I have a strength/fitness/nutrition trainer who kicks my butt in my training sessions. He doesn't baby me, nor should he. I take his advice and recommendations to heart and apply them. If I did nothing in between our sessions, ate in a way that didn't support my goals and basically ignored his advice, I may as well throw my money down the drain.

The results from working with him are phenomenal. My specific goals are to do a sprint triathlon for my 65th birthday. In the two years leading up to that, I am working on overall strength, fitness, energy, mindset and breaking through any limiting thoughts I may have that prevent me from being the best I can be.

I apply the information I hire someone to teach me. Otherwise, as previously mentioned, I may as well throw the money down the drain.

Sooooo, long answer to a short question…YES! I invest and I invest wisely.

Authors Need to Invest

As an author, there are likely investments you need to make… if you plan to promote your book.

You can go the route many authors choose which is to either do nothing or do all your marketing material yourself. A better choice may be to hire qualified experts to make your material pop.

Additionally, you can search and search for information on how to market, or you can invest in resources designed to cut days, weeks, even months off your learning curve. This also applies to hiring coaches and consultants.

The response (rather reaction) I often hear from those who know they need to invest, but resist doing so is, “I don’t have the money.”

You don’t need to jump into high-end programs or coaches right away. There are plenty of cost effective training programs you would benefit from. Again, when you apply the information.

Case in Point

For example, I created the Book Accelerator program especially for authors who want to do the marketing themselves. Perhaps they have more time than money, budget is a concern or they have not yet realized the benefit of putting a team together. Perhaps they work with a team and they want them to be fully equipped with how to launch a book. The Book Accelerator program can help them with this.

For a nominal monthly investment you have access to some of the best book marketing information available…. if you apply it.

When you market a book, you must think about launching a full-blown campaign. This includes a pre-launch, launch and post-launch.

The more strategic you are, the better. In a recent blog post I share some of the things I am working on to promote my memoir. Although the book won’t be released for several months, I am already putting things in place to optimize the book’s visibility and sales.

In addition, I know the more book sales I have, the greater my chances for other opportunities to open including, but not limited to, speaking engagements, consulting, coaching, interviews, JV partnerships, and invitations to write for blogs with a market reach I would benefit from.

Whatever results I experience won’t be based on luck. They will be based on the fact I developed a plan, implemented the plan and adjusted as needed.

Are you ready to take your book marketing to the next level? If so, join The Book Accelerator program today. You’ll be glad you did.


Authors: Make Your Mess Your Message and Then Promote It Like Crazy

In a few months, my memoir will be published. I feel like I'm opening a door to an amazing future.

Writing a memoir has been a dream for decades.

I talked about it, thought about it, dreamed about it. Yet, I didn’t do anything to move closer to writing it.

Part of me romanced the idea of sharing a very dark period in my life.

Another part of me kept my story carefully tucked away. It was safer this way… so I thought.

Inspired by Greatness

When I read, Maya Angelou’s memoir, Gather Together in My Name, something inside of me woke up. I was stirred beyond belief.  I thought, “Here’s someone I have so much admiration and respect for who shared some of the darker periods in her life. If she can do it, so can I.”

This coincided with attending a mastermind meeting in San Diego. During one session on achieving a long-time goal, I made a commitment, right there, right then, to get the first draft done by a specific date.  I went so far as to write down my goal and share it with the woman sitting next to me. I turned the goal into a commitment.

With several books already published, hundreds of articles written, thousands of blogs posts posted, writing was not the issue. Revealing things about myself I kept carefully tucked away for years was.

Yet, something inside of me had woken. I reached a point where I could no longer hide out. I could wait no longer to tell my story. It was one of those, “I don’t want to carry my story to my grave.”

Researching Other Stories

For months, I read dozens of memoirs from people I greatly admire. What was most revealing about this process is how vulnerable each had allowed themselves to be.

It became apparent each had made their mess their message. Amazingly, my admiration for each of these men and women intensified after reading their story.

Through sharing their “secrets” I've been inspired to share the experiences of my life that cultivated me into the person I have become. The dark times. The tough times. The ugly times.

I'm ready to let go of the secrets.

Simply Writing is NOT Enough

For some authors, simply writing their stories is enough. It’s a very cathartic process.

For others, we know we must do all we can to get our story in front of as many people as possible. We know our story will impact, transform, inspire and encourage others to break out of their own limitations.

For me, simply writing my story is not enough. I must also focus on raising awareness about the book.

Rather than sit on the dream of “I sure hope it sells,” I’m being very proactive about the success of the book.

Plan Your Success

Many authors spend an inordinate amount of time writing their book, but very little, if any time planning how their book will get in the hands of readers.

My plan is to do as many interviews, podcast shows, speaking engagements, webinars and teleseminars as possible leading up to, during and after publication.

I will also post on my blog, do a blog tour, guest blog and write for appropriate publications to further promote the book.

Then there’s the actual online book launch. My primary focus will be to drive potential buyers to Amazon to buy the book during a specific period. The purpose is to drive the numbers on Amazon, get the book rankings to number one in each category and as close to #1 overall as possible.

Will I achieve my outcomes? The only way to be sure I do is put 100% of my effort into the result I desire.

Marketing Starts Now

Even though the book will not be published for several months, there are things I’m already doing for promotions. In that I will be traveling across the United States and Canada to promote the book through live appearances, book signings and speaking engagements, it’s essential to prepare promotional material.

I’m currently working with a videographer on a speaker video (sizzle reel), a photographer on current photos, my speaker one sheet, media kit, and all other promotional items.

My team is fully aware of what my goals are. My OBM – (online business manager) and I have had numerous meetings about what needs to be done including a launch site.

I have someone who will work with me on securing interviews and blog tour opportunities.

I’m working with someone who will secure speaking engagements for me.

I have a social media expert who is laying the foundation for my ad campaign. All of this is in the works months before the book is to be published.

I am also reaching out to colleagues, friends and people in my circle of influence for their support to participate in the book launch. Some will be sending broadcast messages to their community. Others will interview me on their podcast and radio shows. Still others will post articles on their blogs. While others will be a part of the blog tour.

There will be a series of media releases distributed on PR Web. As well, my local media will be contacted directly. Local media loves to interview local authors.

This is just a portion of what I am doing to get the word out. Again, if I want the book to get in the hands of as many readers as possible, it’s up to me to be as proactive as possible.

What are you doing?

As an author, you must plan out your campaign. Sure, you can write and publish the book and hope it grows legs. Or, you can take full responsibility to do everything possible to raise awareness about your book.

Because I know how critical the plan and implementation are to the success of a book, I am launching a new group training designed for serious authors who are tired of lukewarm results for their books. Whether you are writing a memoir, business book, health, how to, spiritual or any book you want to reach lots of readers with, this training will assure you greater success than if you go it alone.

Be watching for details to be released soon about the training.

If you leave things to chance, your chances of success are a lot less than if you get in the driver’s seat with a very focused approach.

To assure you receive information on the training, I invite you to download my FREE report – Hit #1 on Amazon.

By opting in, you not only receive a very content driven report on book marketing, you also receive updates about the training.



Authors: Gain LOTS of free publicity with media releases

“I don’t have a budget for marketing,” I’ve often been told by authors when I ask what they are doing to market their books.

My response to this is two-fold.

  1. You must budget a little something to market your book. Part of marketing is sending out review copies, inquiries to the media, press kits, and time.  It may not be a huge budget, but a budget none-the-less.
  2. Find ways to get your message out that don’t require money such as converting all your marketing material and your book into an electronic format.  This allows you to have inexpensive ways to distribute your material. Even when you minimize hard costs, it will still require you put time into the marketing.
  3. You may need to rethink your thinking around real costs for marketing. After all, when done right, marketing gives your book visibility that often equates to great sales. You've put money into the cover design, editing, publishing … don't skimp on marketing.

Why market?

The primary reason for marketing is to gain visibility for your book and you, the author. The more publicity you can get, the better. Add to that the many ways to obtain FREE publicity with the many avenues available online, when done right, your book will get noticed.

A simple way to gain free publicity is to write and distribute a well-written and well-formatted press release. A good press release is one of the most effective, and yet, most underutilized, of publicity tools.

What is a Press Release?

A press release (media release) is an announcement you send to magazines, trade journals, newspapers, and newsletters. Also to radio and television. Often what you send to radio and television are referred to as a PSA (Public Service Announcements).

I have one client who hosted an event and submitted one well-written and well-distributed press releases to the media. When the release made it in print, they went from having a 50% booking for their event through some direct mail efforts to filling up the entire room in less than 48 hours. This was worth a substantial amount of money to them.

Necessary steps

Prior to writing a press release, determine the following:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What is your target media?
  • Who is the contact person at the media outlet?
  • What is the time-frame for submission?
  • Do you have an attention-grabbing headline?
  • Do you know the who, what, when, where, why, how?
  • Do you have good quotes, research and technical date if appropriate?

Develop a system for writing and distribution of releases. Stay organized. Know how to send the press release to a specific media outlet and person.

Each has their own preference as to how they want to receive it. It will be to your benefit to find out. In the past, you often had to contact the media source to find out how they wanted the information sent; fax or snail mail. Yup! That’s how we did it “in the day.”

Today, most media sources will have something listed on their website. You can also use paid services such as PRWeb to distribute your release. There is a hefty cost for some of these services, but when you look at the reach, it can be worth it.

If you’re doing something locally, put a couple hours into creating your list in a spread sheet and then sending your information out. Once created you can use the list over and over.

If you want a wider reach, such as nationally, a paid service may be the way to go.

Allocate a budget

With my upcoming memoir, we are allocating a budget to post a few releases with PRWeb. Their reach can’t be matched. To achieve the goals I have with the book, it’s necessary to budget for media and marketing.

Make yours stand out

Editors are inundated with information. If you want their attention keep the release short and to the point. During busy times, like before a huge event in a city, they will be on information overload.

Avoid using massive amounts of buzzwords such as all-new, interactive, cross-platform, new multimedia solution. Avoid jargon. The public will have no idea what your industry jargon means and editors rarely will take time to find out.

Link to enhance interest

Enhance your release with links to relevant information. Links to video clips, websites, images, and other engaging information goes a long way to increase interest. For your book, you can link to the book on Amazon, B&N or other locations it is available.

The 5 Ws of writing a press release or PSA

Give them the who/what/when/where/why as articulately as you can. Make sure your information is complete. Incomplete information is far more likely to get your press release in the trash bin than anything else.

  • Who is the release about? Who is the information for?
  • What is taking place? What is being promoted?
  • When is it happening?
  • Where will this occur?
  • Why would people be interested in the information?

Sending press releases

Nowadays, the preferred method of delivery is either email or submitted through a form on the source website. A service like PRWeb can be a huge time saver. The release goes over the news-wire. Once on the news-wire it can be picked up by dozens, hundreds, even thousands of outlets.

E-mail should be sent as a plain text file: the simpler, the better. Do not send a press release via email with an attachment. Most media people will automatically delete due to the concern of a virus.

When an editor calls for more information, respond to their call as quickly and professionally as possible. There is no substitute for building good relationships with the media. Never assume you are too busy for them.

By making yourself available for the media, they tend to make themselves available for you. And what more could you possibly ask for?

The following is a release for an event I am hosting. It’s simple and to the point. In that it’s for a local event, the focus for distribution is media in the Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.


For Immediate Release

Contact: Kathleen Gage – 541.746.5551

Smart Entrepreneurs Use Video to Gain Massive Visibility – One Day Workshop Shows You How

Portland, OR July 29, 2017, Visibility experts, Jeany Park and Kathleen Gage, have joined forces to teach entrepreneurs how to gain massive visibility through the power of video.

Join Jeany and Kathleen on September 12, 2017 in Portland, Oregon for a one-day experience where you will learn exactly what you need to do to create power-packed videos and get lots of visibility in front of your ideal clients.

Information and registration at

You will learn:

  • How to do DIY video yourself, and make it look professional
  • The right mindset behind visibility for video
  • How to write copy for video
  • How to brand yourself on video so you don't sabotage your business
  • Where to get the greatest results on visibility for your efforts
  • How to avoid the most common mistake entrepreneurs make when trying to become visible
  • Step-by-step implementation strategy to gain massive visibility
  • Hands-on video instruction, with YOUR SMARTPHONE

FACT! Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139% ­- Unruly 

FACT!  By 2018, 79% of all Content online will be Video ­- ReelSeo

FACT!  Social Video gets shared 1200% more than links & text combined ­- Brightcove

FACT!  96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity, of which 73% report positive results to their ROI ­- ReelSeo

FACT! Smart entrepreneurs are getting in the game of using video to market their businesses.

If you're an entrepreneur who is ready to gain lots of visibility through the power of video…this hands-on workshop is for you.  Information and registration at

Jeany Park is the CEO and Founder of Compass Rose Video, a boutique videography agency based in Portland, Oregon, that helps small businesses to connect with their tribe and create massive lead generation by creating polished & effective marketing videos. She leads a team of talented videography professionals who are passionate and dedicated in their craft, and under Jeany’s leadership, partner with clients to help realize their vision into reality. Jeany started out as on camera talent for 15 years, was in the Acting Company of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and is also a certified Life Coach. She lives in West Linn with husband Geoff, who’s the CTO of Compass Rose, and with their daughter, Hannah, who’s a Junior at Oregon Episcopal School.

Kathleen Gage is a woman of a certain age who is known as the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist, and owner of Power Up For Profits. Kathleen works with other woman of a certain age who identify as conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to quit playing small in order that they can get their signature message out in a BIG way through speaking, writing, information products and a targeted online presence.

Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice. As an early adopter of online marketing, Kathleen is known for cutting through the fluff and helping people leave their sob stories behind so they can stop focusing on the past and start looking towards the future. She speaks and teaches about what she believes are the core elements of a successful life: accountability, integrity, honesty, and living with passion and hope.


Are you using this powerful method?

If you have yet to get in the game of media release, this is a great time to start. You never know what will happen as a result. At a minimum, a few outlets will post your information. You may also create interview opportunities, sell books (if that’s what your promoting), fill events and, best of all, get some free publicity.

Be sure to join the Power Up for Profits Facebook Group



Authors: 3 Top Ways to Get Book Reviews

In the last few days, I've had several newer authors ask me to review their books. What shocked me was the approach some of them used.

“Read my book and then give me a review,” is not the best approach.

A better approach would be to make sure the person you're asking has an interest in the genre.

Prepare to Ask

Before approaching someone to review your book, be prepared. A few of the items you should have available are:

  • Your author bio
  • A book description
  • Contact information
  • Author photo
  • Book cover photo
  • Press kit
  • Video book trailer

3 Top Ways to Get Reviews

1.Those who have already reviewed on Amazon

One way to do this is do a search on Amazon for books in your genre. Check out the reviews. Contact top reviewers to let them know you read their review and feel they would enjoy reviewing your book based on the genre. Of course, ask them rather than tell them to review.

Also check out Amazon top reviewers. They've earned the position of top reviewers because they love reviewing books. To find out who they are go to Create a spread sheet on who they are, the types of books they review and what their reviewer position is.

As with anything, the more well known they are, the more they are asked to review books. Be prepared by giving them enough information to make the right choice. (see list above)

2. Members of Facebook Groups

There are plenty of Facebook Groups filled with members eager to review books. Do a search on Facebook with the words Book Review Groups. You'd be amazed at how many groups there are.

Do your homework on the groups. Some are highly active, while others… a waste of time.

3. Ask your existing readers or fan base

If you have a strong social media following, you have a built in group of reviewers. The more visible you are in the groups, the easier it is for people to say yes.

Additionally, if you belong to associations, writers groups, or online communities, you have potential reviewers.

Be prepared to send a copy of your book to those you ask to review for you. Often, a PDF will suffice. In some cases the reviewer will want a physical copy.

It's a Process

Keep in mind, getting reviews is a process. You have to be organized, focused and consistent. Be sure to thank those who do review based on your request.

Ready to Get Your Book to #1? Get my FREE report at


30-Day Marketing Challenges are GREAT for Authors

I've shared the story, many times, of my naivety when I wrote my first book. Like many authors, I thought all I needed to do was write a book and the rest would take care of itself.

Sales on my first books were minimal. Frustrated, I asked some very successful authors why I wasn't selling any books. The question they inevitably asked was, “What are you doing to market your book? What kind of visibility do you have?”

My blank stare and a, “Uhhh, haven't done much of anything to market the book,” gave them all the information they needed to determine why I had not sold more than a handful of books.

Ironically, I'd been in marketing for years, but had a disconnect when it came to marketing my books.

I erroneously believed the, “Build it and they will come,” myth.

Today, I look at the success of a book with a completely different lens.

Today I say….

Build it. Do all you can to let people know you built it. Be willing to sell it.

Interpretation… Write it. Market it. Sell it.

You MUST Be Visible

Authors need visibility… as do their books, IF they want to maximize their opportunities.

The more visible you are, the more books you'll sell. Yet, many authors continue to shy away from the spotlight.

Shying away from the spotlight means hiding out from potential readers. If your books are designed to help readers improve some aspect of their life, if you're not doing all you can to be visible, you're actually depriving people from tapping into your brilliance.

The first step to successful book sales is to accept you must become visible. One of the best ways to do this is commit to doing something every day for 30-days, without fail.

Getting Through the Clutter

In the past, gaining visibility was a lot tougher than it is today. Yet, today there is more noise and competition to contend with.

Even though it's easy to gain visibility, avoid a haphazard approach. This is the greatest benefit of a 30-day challenge.

I've participated in various types of challenges including health, nutrition, blogging, marketing and in a few days, I'm starting two video challenges.

I must admit, years ago when I participated in my first blogging challenge, I was all over the place with what I blogged about. Even though I did the challenge, I didn't get the results I got on my most recent 30-day Blogging Challenge.

Have a Plan

With the most recent blogging challenge, hosted by Paul Taubman and Danni Ackerman, I determined from Day One on a theme. I also decided what my long-term goal was with each post.

My primary focus was on book marketing. Not only was I clear on what I would blog about, I was also very, very clear that I would use the challenge as a way to build my subscriber list, get people in to my Power Up for Profits Facebook group and generate revenues.


Had I not had a clear plan of what I wanted my end result to be, I likely would have had results that didn't come anywhere close what they are.

The Video Challenges

With both video challenges, I am very clear that again, I will focus on shooting video that teaches viewers about book marketing. I also know I can make a nice offer for something free that continues the training and dialogue on book marketing while building my subscriber list.

What I love about doing both challenges at the same time is how much it will stretch me. One challenge focuses on doing Facebook Live while the other is all about YouTube videos.

Facebook Live

Just like it sounds, Facebook Live is real time video. It's a great way to interact with viewers real time. You can have an open Q&A to engage viewers. This allows you to know what's on people's minds. You can read comments from those on the live view.

What's great is once the video is done, it can be posted on your Facebook wall or in a group you run for later viewing.

You may have only a few people on the live event, but after the fact you can have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of views.

Want to learn about FB Live and the 30 Day Challenge from Lou Bortone? Click here to check it out and join in. No cost to join.

Lou is making the opportunity irresistible. When you enroll before August 1st, Lou's throwing in his Facebook Live 101 course as a free bonus! (A $97 value – Yours FREE!)

How cool is that?

Tube Ritual

With a different focus on video, Tube Ritual is the brainchild of Brian G. Johnson. During the 30 days, Brian will be sharing ideas, insights and tips on how to get more engagement with your YouTube videos.

Here's the deal. This is not about using the same video for both platforms. Nope! It's about learning each platform and committing to doing videos for each.

What I love about Brian's challenge is this; if you are willing to make a minimal financial investment (under $20) you get a full YouTube training program with immediate access.

I've watched several of the training videos and am blown away by the information.

Go for the Gusto

If it were me, I'd register for both challenges. Oh! I did and I highly recommend you do too. Both Lou and Brian are masters at what they do. Each can teach you tons about video and video marketing.

If you're serious about your marketing, seriously join both. IMHO

30-Day Challenge to Promote a Book

There's nothing better the a good challenge to stay to course with your book marketing. However, it's not just about saying, “Buy my book.”

Nope. It's about using content from your book to come up with ideas.

Let's say you have a book on dog training. List 30 things you could teach dog owners about how to train their dogs. On the list you could have things like:

  • Unruly behavior
  • Reward based training
  • Digging
  • Jumping
  • Ball aggression
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Etc.

Map out how you want the information to unfold. Get a wall calendar and add a topic for each of the 30-days. Whether it be video or blogging, make a commitment that, no matter what, you get great content out to market for a 30-day period. No excuses!

Be sure to let people know where they can opt in for something like a checklist, report or a more in-depth video. When they opt-in, this is your opportunity to continue to create high value.

In your videos or blog posts you can include a link to your Amazon page. Or, you can send broadcast emails to those who opted in with a direct link to your book page on Amazon.

My Own Book Marketing

My memoir will be published at the end of 4th quarter this year. I plan to be very, very consistent with my marketing, both online and off. 30-day challenges offer me this opportunity.

Prior to that time, I'm using the challenges to build a community of potential book buyers. Yes, hopefully that's you.

Soon I am going to start a 30-Day BOOK CHALLENGE for members of my Power Up for Profits Facebook group.

In the meantime, to create as much value to my group as possible, I will be posting live videos about marketing a book. Want to learn how to market your books? Click the Facebook image below.



Authors… frustrated that your free offers aren’t converting into subscribers?

Whatever your interest, curiosity or question, there's going to be information available through a quick YouTube or Google search.

Many times, you're directed to a website or blog for the information. Once you hit the site, there's a good chance an opt in box pops up, encouraging you to give your name and email address in trade for a video, report, checklist, cheat sheet or spot on a webinar or teleseminar.

The benefit to you is getting the “thing.” The benefit to the person giving you the “thing” is the opportunity to turn you into a paying client or customer.

Reverse the Scenario

As an author, if you plan to make money with your books, it's imperative you do what you can to build a subscriber list.

With a targeted list, you have a greater opportunity to sell lots of books quickly with each book you publish.

Although most authors know they should build a list, many have yet to start. One of the most pressing questions they have is, “How do I build a responsive opt-in subscriber list?”

Maybe you've heard you just need to give something away and people will eagerly give you their contact information.

So you give it a shot, put together an offer and wait and wait and…. wait.

Offer something of high value

List building does work. However, what you offer has to be the “right” thing for the end user.

Simply throwing up an offer page, telling people to get your “thing” and kicking back like a tiger in wait, is not the most effective way to build your list.

The best way to build a list is offer something to your community that aligns with your expertise and their need for a solution.

Think Long-Term

Rather than simply putting an FREEBIE together, determine how the giveaway aligns with your book(s). In essence, you're taking subscribers on a journey that hopefully ends up with them buying your book.

The more there is an obvious connection to your products and services, the higher your conversion rates to other offers. A book is a product. Plain and simple.

Solve a Specific Problem

The more your gift solves a specific problem, the better. For example, one of my popular free offers is How to Hit #1 on Amazon.  One opt in page offers a report and the other a webinar. Both cover different aspects of how to hit #1.

When someone opts in, they are taken to a Thank You page directing them to check their inbox. But while they're waiting, they can watch a short video.

The video makes another offer for a $197 product that they can invest in for only $20.

Every offer, from the free to the $20 aligns with getting a book to #1.

The sketch is a simple conversion funnel I outlined for a client. It's very, very simple and virtually any database program has the capability of accommodating this level of funnel to build your list.

Less is More

When it comes to what you ask people to give you, less is definitely more. In other words, the less information required, the better. You will get a higher opt in rate if you only require an email address compared to an email and name. Ask for a name, email and phone number and opt-ins continue to plummet.

However, when you send broadcasts messages, having a name included does increase conversions. I prefer asking for name and email rather than just the email.

Big Challenge

The greatest challenge today is information overload. Most everyone is so overloaded with information that the idea of getting on “one more list” is not very appealing.

As long as what you offer is incredibly high value AND solves a problem, people will opt in and stay on your list. If all you do is sell, sell, sell, they will grow tired of your emails that appear to only care if they buy your stuff.

This is when opt-outs skyrocket.

Make Creating a Nice Gift a Priority

Avoid falling into the trap of thinking you don’t have time create something to offer.  Ethical bribes that are incredibly high value are the cornerstone of building your online business, selling books as well as other products and services you provide.

I have dozens of “giveaways” that I have developed over the years. Everything from eReports, eBooks, teleseminars, ezines, a 4-day email course and more. This has allowed me to build a list from the ground up (this means I started with nothing and built a highly profitable list of subscribers).

As an author, when you have a subscriber list one place you can encourage them to visit is your Amazon page.



Authors…Viral Marketing Is Easier Than Ever…If you know what to do

When my first book was published, there was no such thing as online viral marketing, social media marketing or the Internet, as we know it today. It simply didn’t exist.

Getting the word out about your books was costly and, oftentimes, not very effective.

Authors often went unnoticed, simply because they didn’t have the knowledge or financial resources to do effective marketing campaigns.

Fast forward to today. The marketing playing field has been leveled. Now virtually anyone can gain massive visibility for his or her work.

Whether it be books, teleseminars, webinars or live events, opportunities for authors are limited merely by one’s desire to put the effort into spreading the word about what you have to offer.

Enter viral marketing

Viral marketing is a method of Internet marketing that attempts to make content so interesting that viewers will pass blog posts, videos, images and social media posts along to others.

More than ever, stars are born based on uniqueness of content posted online. A book can go from a virtual unknown to bestseller status in record time through the power of viral marketing.

However, it does take work. Lest you think no effort is involved with the process, think again.

The obvious work is in the writing and publishing of the book. Then there’s the actual marketing followed by consistent effort.

Community of Raving Fans

Consider what opportunities the book can create such as building a list of raving fans, opening doors for speaking gigs, consultation contracts and the obvious, the revenues to book can generate. Then there are the media opportunities.

The benefit to a viral marketing is unparalleled due to their work being viewed by potentially millions of eyeballs.

Many authors have not thought through the process of where their works can be viewed other than the obvious, Amazon.

Smart authors are well served to take the viral power of the internet into their own hands. This doesn’t mean the author must do all the work themselves.

There are countless choices of virtual assistants, support teams and other individuals who specialize in aspects of online marketing. Whether it be someone to post your information on social media, help with video marketing or secure interviews for you, the author, when done right, you can focus on your writing, while someone on your team does the push marketing.

Even one mention online has the potential to gain traction in many locations such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and a raving fan's blog.

Checklists Make The Process Easier

The best thing to do is have an actual checklist of what needs to be done every time you want to proactively market your work. Click the image of the Book Accelerator list for immediate, no opt-in access.

What you see below is a great place to start your viral marketing process. To have something this simple is better than having nothing. You can get more elaborate as you get more comfortable with the process of doing all you can to get on the viral train.

  • Blog post
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Slideshare
  • Google+
  • YouTube Video

In the past, authors had to depend on limited avenues to get their work out. Today, it’s merely a matter of focus, commitment and proudly saying to the world: “Hey, I’ve got some creative content here. Listen (look) up. You’re going to love this.”

Are you willing to put the effort into your content going viral? If so, it’s never been a better time to do so.






Authors… 10 ways to build a list of book buyers

One of the best ways to sell books is to have a community of raving fans. The more developed your community, the more likely it is they will buy every book you publish.

This post is not about how to publish your book. It’s about selling your book once it’s published.

It’s all about strategies including list building strategies, marketing and promotions strategies, visibility strategies, and sales strategies.

“Build it and they will come” does not apply to writing books. You build it, and then letting them know you did so is the only way you will sell your books. Successful authors, those who actually make money from their work, know they must take full responsibility for marketing their books.

If you have not embraced this fact you may as well accept right here, right now, that not many people will be reading your work. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you will be the exception to the rule and somehow you will miraculously be discovered.

The first thing that needs to happen is for you, the author, to admit and accept you must take responsibility for the success of your books. Don’t fool yourself into thinking anyone will ever be as passionate about your writing as you are

One of the greatest resources any author can have is a list of potential buyers. With a solid list, you are in a position to sell lots of books each time you write and digitally publish one.

Begin today to build an opt-in subscriber list. There are a number of ways to build your list. The easiest is to offer an ethical bribe in trade for the person’s name and email address. The ethical bribe (a giveaway of some sort) needs to be enticing, valuable and in some way connected with the genre of your book.

For example, if your book is on relationships, you can give away a report – The Top Ten Ways to Make Any Relationship Sizzle. The more you focus on building a list of potential readers the better.

The sooner you start the better

While you’re working on your book, invest time each and every day to build your list. This way, as soon as your book is released, you’ll have a built-in pool of buyers.

10 simple ways to build a list of potential buyers:

  1. Blog on the same topic of your opt-in gift (which amazingly is directly related to the topic of your book!)
  2. Announce your giveaway with media releases.
  3. Shoot a short video about the giveaway and post on YouTube directing viewers to the opt-in page.
  4. Post an announcement of your giveaway on your Facebook wall.
  5. Write and submit articles to three top article directories. Be sure to include a resource box at the end of your article with a link back to your opt-in page.
  6. Guest blog for blogs that have a readership similar to your own. Again, at the end of your post direct readers to the opt-in page.
  7. Be a featured expert on online radio programs. Be sure to get permission from the host or producer to promote your giveaway. Often, if they know you are offering something, they will be happy to encourage listeners to download your offer.
  8. Write articles for traditional trade journals with a readership similar to your own. As with article marketing and guest blogging, direct readers back to your opt-in page by having a resource box at the end of your article.
  9. Frequent a few key forums where your potential readers hang out. If you are writing on health and nutrition, find 2 or 3 top forums in which you can get involved. Keep in mind you are not there to simply promote your giveaway. You are there to add value to existing conversations and to begin your own conversations. The more you position your expertise, the more likely it is forum participants will visit your website. Be sure to have your giveaway visible on your site.
  10. Get involved in Joint Venture (JV) campaigns, where you can offer your giveaway as a bonus. JV campaigns are not as well received as in the past for one very simple reason—they got overused, and a lot of junk was being offered. As long as you keep value in the forefront of your mind, you should have no problem making JV campaigns work for you.

Quit Pushing the Boulder Uphill

Any author who wants to sell lots and lots of digital books must have an opt-in list of raving fans. Even though it is possible to succeed without one, it’s like rolling a boulder uphill with a twig. You might eventually achieve your goal, but you’ll likely break your back in the process.

Start now to build your list to secure a pool of eager readers for whatever you publish. Then you too can count yourself among the ranks of successful authors!

Once you have your list, now comes marketing your book. Get my FREE report – Hit #1 on Amazon CLICK HERE. 

Be sure to join the Power Up for Profits Facebook Group.

An Incredibly Effective Book Marketing Strategy Used by Lisa Nichols

If you’re a raving fan of a particular expert, you tend to buy every book the expert has on the market. You also watch them on YouTube, listen to podcast shows they’re featured on, read their blog, and follow them on social media.

If you’re like me, you do all you can to learn as much as you can from those whose message resonates with you.

You Fans Feel the Same

It’s the same with your raving fans. If they are truly raving fans they will buy all your books and online courses. They’ll also tune into podcast shows you’re featured on as well as check you out on YouTube. They’ll follow you on social media AND they’ll attend your live events and/or livestreams.

Some of My Favorites

I’m a raving fan of people like Cheryl Strayed, Michael Moore, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Tony Robbins, Pam Grout, Michael Beckwith and Lisa Nichols. There’s more, but this gives you an idea of the type of people I enjoy learning from.

Each and every one of these men and women have something in common. At some point, they were complete unknowns. That’s right, before they became a “name” very few people, outside of their family and friends, knew of them.

Today, obviously, this is not the case. Now, each enjoys high visibility with the ability to influence massive numbers of people.

It’s likely their raving fans often buy more than one copy of their books. I know I do.

When I enjoy a book, I have been known to give my copy to someone I’m confident will enjoy it. On more than one occasion, I’ve not yet finished the book. If I want to finish the book, I simply buy another copy.

This is only one way to sell more than one copy of your book to your raving fans; write a really good book that they want to share with others.

There are countless ways to incentivize your fans to invest in more than one book. In some cases, you can set up campaigns for people to buy in bulk. Other times, you offer a nice gift with the purchase.

Abundance Now Strategy

A few days ago, I bought a copy of Abundance Now. This is just one of the many books author, Lisa Nichols, has written.

It’s the third copy I’ve purchased. What I enjoyed about purchasing this copy is the process Lisa (and her crew) had in place. It wasn’t just a matter of “buy my book.” Nope! There was a very strategic process in place.

This is likely one reason she sells as many books as she does; strategy.

A huge part of Lisa’s strategy is to be found all over the Internet. A quick YouTube search brings up plenty of content-filled videos. She’s also been a featured expert on various podcast shows. Add to that her blog and social media content and one is given plenty of ways to enjoy this dynamic woman.

Recently, Lisa had a one-day event in Chicago. Due to a schedule conflict, I was unable to attend.

Shortly after promotions for the live event began, promotions for the livestream started. Although a nice option, again, due to a schedule conflict, I wouldn’t have been able to attend the live viewing.

No problem…the replays from the livestream would be made available shortly after the live event.

With no reason not to buy a ticket, I reserved my spot knowing full well I could listen at my convenience.

On the Thank You page was an offer to buy Abundance Now! If I bought through this page, I would receive three nice bonus gifts that came directly from Lisa Nichols, not a JV partner.

I bought another copy. Not only for the book, but for the bonus gifts. After all, if I’m a raving fan, I want more of Lisa Nichols’ insights.

Again, this is just one of many strategies to sell more than one copy of books to raving fans.

No Excuses

What are you doing to create raving fans eager to buy your books… once, twice, even three times or more?

Are you doing all you can to get your content out to market to build a community of raving fans who want more of your insights and information?

If not, now’s the time to start. No excuses. Excuses are not what your followers want to hear. They want to hear you. Simple as that.

Discover several ways to effectively market your book(s) with my FREE report, One on Amazon.

Authors: Are you in the Edutainment or Docutainment Realm?

Edutainment: education through entertainment.

Docutainment: A documentary with a focus on entertainment.

I first heard of edutainment at a National Speaker Association meeting years ago, but until last evening, never thought of docutainment. I realized the movie I was watching qualified as docutainment.

Google Reveals One Aspect

Curious to learn more about the term, I went where most people go to get quick answers; Google.

My search brought up the site of one company that is dedicated to docutainment. Appropriately named, Docutainment Films the following is listed on their site.

“Without the constraints of a script, we capture stories of true inspiration and strive to produce engaging and entertaining documentary films that not only educate and enlighten, but provide a compelling cinematic experience.”

One Movie Reveals so Much

This company produces documentaries whereas when I thought of the word “docutainment” I was watching Okja, a Netflix movie. The movie is fiction, but if one knows anything about aspects of the food industry, there is a lot of truth in the story line.

The movie starts by showing a multi-national company, Mirando Corporation (might actually be a take on Monsanto), announcing their new “super pigs.”

The company has a global contest to see who can raise the largest pigs.

For 10 years Mija, a young girl who lives in the isolated mountains of South Korea, has been the constant companion and caretaker of Okja, the super pig given to her family as a baby.

Mija is completely unaware that Okja will be taken back by the company for self-promotion reasons and as a cheap food source,

The movie centers around Mija risking everything to prevent the destruction of her beloved companion. On her quest to save Okja, we are taken on a journey that uncovers the atrocities of companies that are creating genetically modified animals strictly for profit.

The labs, the experimentation and the slaughter of helpless animals… all in the name of profit.

One scene centers around the fact that the company’s powers-that-be know what they are doing is harmful to the animals and those who consume the genetically modified animals, but again, they are merely interested in profits.

“Don’t worry,” assures the head of the company. “If we price it cheap enough, people won’t care. That’s all they care about, cheap food.”

Truth in Fiction

As I watched the film, I realized how true the plot is. For the sake of profit, companies are willing to put animals and humans alike at risk.

It also struck me how much opportunity there is for people to educate the public about harmful actions by companies and individuals through story lines in their books. Books that can be made into a movie, aka docutainment.

Months ago, I spent a full day watching several documentaries about how animals are raised, treated and ultimately slaughtered for our food source. It was at some point that day, December 21, 2016, I made a conscious choice to give up meat. This was based on learning the truth about how cruel animals are treated.

This is a personal choice and one that has not been without the usual, “How will you get your protein? You HAVE to eat meat.”

Protein needs aside, I gave up meat for very personal and ethical reasons.

Had I not taken the time to inform myself, I would likely still be eating meat.

What Do You Stand For?

The point of this post is not to talk about my personal choices, but to let you know, whatever you stand for, whatever you believe in, whatever you want to see change on, you can do so through various avenues such as writing books, creating videos and docutainment.

I think of the number of people who will watch Okja. My hope is that films like this will go beyond people being entertained. My hope is that they will inspire people to dig deeper into the truth and atrocities of what is happening in our world to take whatever action they can to educate the public.

Whether it be animal abuse, child trafficking, destruction to our water supply, air and planet, or any number of issues that are important to you, as an author you can definitely raise awareness in a book that could turn into a docutainment film.

The written and spoken word are powerful ways to be an instrument of change. The only thing required is the courage to do what you can to make the change.

Your Calling is Calling

What is the story you are destined to share? What are you willing to do to get the story out to the public? Are you willing to overcome any obstacles to make that happen?

With all that is available to anyone who has a story to share, there is no excuse to not do what you are being called to do.

Will you answer the calling?