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Indications You May Be the Bottleneck in Your Marketing

Regardless of the size of your business, your niche and what you offer, if potential customers and clients don’t know you exist, they can’t buy your products or services.

How visible you and your company are has a lot to do with how effective your marketing is. Marketing your business is a must.

Many solo entrepreneurs think they should be the person doing their marketing. In some cases, this may be true. But more times than not, trying to do your own marketing can be a huge bottleneck in your company. The very bottleneck that prevents you from growing.

With micro and small businesses, marketing may be delegated to a staff person who neither has the skill, experience or desire to effectively market. However, with the right training, they may come up to speed.

An alternative to doing the marketing yourself, or delegating the job to an unqualified staff member, might be to hire an expert to walk you or the staff person through the process. This is what is referred to as Done with You programs.

Yet another alternative is to hire someone to do Done for You programs. As the name implies, the consultant or company does your marketing for you. A costlier way to get your marketing done, but for many entrepreneurs and companies, this is the best choice.

Regardless of what choice you make, you need to consider ROI – return on investment.

You might be wondering which is most effective. It depends.

Information Products

If you’re on a limited budget, and you’re willing to do the work yourself, information products will likely be the most likely solution.

You name it, there’s an information product for it.

The greatest challenge with information products is finding the time to study the information. If you don’t prioritize the learning, you won’t get a good ROI.

A solution to not having the time is to delegate the learning and implementation to a virtual assistant. Obviously costlier than doing the study and work yourself, but still cost effective compared to other choices.

Marketing Coach

If you have more to financially invest, hiring a coach or mentor may be the next indicated step. A mentor who works on your marketing strategies can get you further along in a few hours than you will likely do on your own. For example, a one-on-one strategy planning day can result in great ideas.

With clients I mentor in this way, we meet, either in person or via a platform like Zoom. The meeting lasts several hours.

Many coaches end with the meeting. Myself, I love putting the best ideas that surfaced into blueprint.

This is a written document that outlines step-by-step actions the client needs to take to achieve their outcome in the most time effective way possible.

Virtually every client I’ve developed a blueprint for has used it for months, even years, to grow their businesses.

Done for You

Another option for those who have limited time or human resources, is a Done for You program. This is where you contract with a company to take care of all the details in achieving an outcome based on your specific goals.

When a client hires my company to do their marketing, I always start with a full assessment to determine the outcomes they seek. I also need to know if they are realistic in their expectations.

To assure the best results, I look at an integrated approach to how I help my clients.

In-house Contractor

Another, very specialized option, is in-house contractor also known as fractional marketing director (FMD) or Fraction Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

For many small organizations, it’s not financially feasible to hire a full-time marketing director or CMO.

Contracting a highly specialized and skilled FMD may be just the solution a company seeks. An experienced FMD can quickly identify areas most in need of attention. Many companies may find their marketing needs vary based on the time of year.

A FMD may be just the solution for companies who may not need to hire a full time CMO, but need marketing expertise and strategies.

According to Rachel Dukeman, “Fractional Marketing means you get the skills and experience of a full-time CMO AND access to their network of marketing professionals to tackle all kinds of projects, from content strategy and execution to impartial executive marketing development.”

For those of us who enjoy working on larger projects, this is a win/win. The company receives outstanding solutions and the consultant works in a capacity where we can help our clients receive a great outcome.


An option for many small, midsize and large companies is to contract a trainer, or trainers, to facilitate specialized training. The training could be done one time, or over a period depending on a number of factors including how complex the problem and the budget.

Choose What Works Best for You

No matter what your budget, there is a solution. However, avoid the mistake of thinking the least expensive (or most expensive) solution is the best one.

The best solution is the one that gives you an excellent ROI, helps you achieve your outcomes in an efficient way, and helps your company gain the visibility, traffic and results you desire.

Authors… are you using speaking to sell your books?

It's a fact… speaking is one of the best ways for an author to sell books. Not only can you sell books, if you're an author who also consults and coaches, speaking is one of the best ways to fill your client-base.

There is ample opportunity for authors to get on the platform, when you know what to do.

The first thing you need to do is identify the types of groups you need to get in front of. This is directly related to the topic of your book.

If you have a book on parenting, find groups that are specific to parenting. If your book is on team building, there are ample opportunities to speak to associations, corporations, non-profits, and businesses of all sizes.

What about a book on sales? You could speak to groups similar to someone who writes about team-building.

However, it takes more than having the desire to speak. You need to know how to craft your presentation, what materials you need when you are seeking out speaking opportunities and what type of follow up process you need.

Why speaking?

It’s a fact… presenting to your “sweet spot” market is by far the best way to turn prospects into high-paying clients. It’s also the best way to move lots of product quickly. And it’s a lot easier than most people realize… when you know what to do.

Why me?

I’ve been speaking on the platform professionally for nearly 25 years. In that time, I’ve been able to travel, make great money and impact men and women from all walks of life.

Imagine being able to do the same.

Because I saw such a great need for authors, coaches and consultants to know how to get on the platform, I created a full program teaching you exactly how to get lots of speaking opportunities.

It's called Speak, Sell, Profit.

In the time this program has been available, men and woman have found it to be one of the best resources on how to create lots of opportunity.

Yet, all good things must come to an end. I'm actually retiring this program in a few days.

Because of this, I'm offering it for 80% off until December 24, 2017. After that, the program will no longer be available in its current form.

With my program Speak, Sell, Profit here’s just a bit of what you’ll learn…

  • Pre-qualify clients before you ever have a conversation with them, cutting out 80 – 90% of the time you spend trying to qualify people who are NOT a fit for what you have.
  • Make five and six figures from small, intimate groups of potential clients with incredible conversion rates. My two most recent small group gatherings converted at 37.5% and 100% and generated a handsome six figures.
  • Host your own events, so that you never have to depend on a meeting planner giving you permission to speak to your ideal clients.
  • Build a handsome revenue stream right in your own backyard with free presentations that you don’t even sell at. You will learn how to turn “butts in seats” to warm leads to hot prospects to high-end clients, with a proven formula for success I used in a downturn economy.
  • Host large events that are profitable even before you step foot on the platform.
  • Fill your rooms, learn the conversation to secure paying sponsors and have people pay you for the opportunity to speak at your events.
  • Get invited to speak at association meetings that are filled to the brim with potential clients.

There’s just one thing; I’m retiring this product.  As I move into 2018, my focus will be on promoting my memoir through a number of proven methods. Speaking will definitely be one of the best ways.

I will be using the very strategies I teach in this program.

If you’ve been thinking of getting on the platform, this program can show you how. And! You can save 80% off the regular price.

But remember, Speak, Sell, Profit will be taken away for good in 5 days.



7 words banned in CDC reports may be the straw that broke the camel’s back


With the recent pen stroke prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases — including “fetus” and “transgender” — in official documents being prepared for next year’s budget, this may be the very thing that will get people to stop talking about “ain't it a shame” and actually getting involved.

Every day we are watching actions that, in and of themselves, may seem small, but you add them up and it's turning into an avalanche of changes that may be irreversible.…/f503837a-e1cf-11e7-89e8-ed…

What Can Be Done?

The question I have is, “What can we do?” I mean this sincerely. We can't just watch, day by day, things stripped away with a stroke of his pen.

The challenge in all of this is to step back and sincerely ask, “How does this impact me? Not just today, but tomorrow and beyond?”

Yet, many people are digging their heels in without looking beyond their religion or political party.

They Came for Me

It reminds me of the poem by Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). Niemöller was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

It Doesn't Matter to Me

Recently, I've read comments on Twitter and Facebook such as, “I don't care about the outcome in Alabama, I don't live there.” or “I don't care about Net Neutrality because I can give up the internet.” or “I don't care about the shootings in the malls because I don't go to malls.”

Just because we think something doesn't directly impact us, some day it may.

And, this is not about attacking anyone. There are those who want people to attack each other without considering what this actually does.  When we attack through words or actions, we are not being rational.

When we are not rational, it's difficult to move forward. It's like being stuck in time.

It's time to be very rational and determine what the best steps moving forward are.

It's not Them vs Us

It's gotten to the point this is not a republican or democrat issue. It's not about what religion we identify with.

It's about all of us. You may think it's about “them” but the fact is, we are all them.

What other changes will happen with the stroke of a pen and when will we say, “Enough is enough?”

Make 2018 hugely successful with this plan

Plan the coming year.

Something many people say they are going to do, but few actually get around to more than a few days of planning.

Imagine if you were to actually plan out the coming year. What would be different if you had a road map for the next 12 months?

Did you know that magazines put together an editorial calendar? The people who gain the most from this, besides the staff and management at the publication, are the people who work with the magazine's schedule.

Plan your program releases

Ask any successful content marketer where most people fail to plan and they will tell you in the actual planning of a launch.

There are a lot of moving parts to a campaign. When you put a plan together you are more likely to succeed.

Imagine if you could plan your programs, content and promotions for an entire year.

You can with Your 12 Month Marketing Calendar from Coach Glue.

Check it out. Use Coach Glue Content to Create a Digital Workshop + or Bootcamp + or Ecourse or Go Offline with it and Host a Weekend Workshop in a Gorgeous Location Using Our Materials to Teach Your Community.

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Check it out

The amount of content you receive is amazing. There are 4 modules chock full of great information.

Take a look at what's in Module 3. Designing Your Programs

How to identify your design techniques with your audience for a hot-selling program offer.

In this module, your clients will quickly discover…

  • How to Nail Your Brand – It’s not just about your style, and frankly, if you get this wrong, nothing else will work either. We’ll dig deep into branding in this section so you can build a solid foundation for the next steps.
  • 4 Must Have Elements of Every Great Program – Miss even one of these, and your promotions will fall far short of their potential.
  • 3 Elements of a Killer Product Title – Get this right, and your ideal client will know in an instant that she simply must have this program.
  • The Truth About Designing A Hot-Selling Offer – Look out world, we’re coming through! There’s more to it than just having a vision, but this module takes you by the hand so you can quickly create an irresistible offer your ideal client will LOVE.
  • Effective Team Management – Team support is essential for things to run smoothly, so even build a team, keeping them on task can be a whole new learning curve. Don’t skip this section if you want your business to run like a well-oiled machine.
  • The 2-Step, Dead Simple Product Planning System – If you can answer two questions, you can create an in-demand program.
  • The Secret Sauce to Easier, More Effective Marketing – We all want to work less and earn more, and this section holds the key.
  • 5 Tools That Make Team and Project Management Easy – And 3 of them are FREE.

This is just one of the modules. Imagine how powerful your planning will be with all the resources you receive.

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Why Most Book Reviews are Bogus and What to Do About It


Have you ever made a book buying decision based on a review? I know I have. Many times over.

I’ve purchased books because of great reviews and I’ve held off on buying a book due to poor reviews.

As a consumer, I do pay attention to what other readers say about a book as part of my buying decision. I also pay attention to personal recommendations.

As an author, I know how important reviews are. They are worth their weight in gold. Yet, many authors miss this very important part of book marketing… real reviews.

“Book reviews are so important because most people make their buying decisions (not just on books, but on almost everything these days) based on social feedback. People like to see others give a “thumbs up” before they take action and buy something.” Debbie Drum.

How to get reviews

Getting reviews is sometimes as simple as asking. You can ask family, friends, colleagues or clients. There are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to those who like to review books. But the challenge is, who you ask may not be a fit for the genre of your book.

The best reviewers are those who have already reviewed books on any major book selling site, like Amazon, in the same genre as yours. One way to find these types of reviewers is to look for reviews for books that are like yours.

For example, if you wrote a book on dieting, check out other books on dieting and compile the names of the reviewers. From there, you can check their Amazon profile, find them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This is a very targeted, although time consuming process.

Swapping reviews

You can also swap reviews. This can be effective, but extremely time consuming. The downside of review swapping is some reviewers write bogus reviews. Sure, you have a review, but it’s not worth much at all in the big scheme of things.

Review swapping is rather controversial and in many cases, Amazon frowns upon it. Why? As previously mentioned, many of the reviews are bogus.  Amazon looks for real reviews by real readers.

When Amazon sees bogus swaps, they will remove the reviews.

Buying reviews

Don’t. That’s all I have to say about that.

Well, I have a bit more to say. There are some reputable companies that do offer to review for a fee, but for the most part, you want to avoid those who claim they can give you 5 star Amazon reviews without even looking at your book.

Also, avoid going to somewhere like to get your reviews. It's just not worth the risk and misguiding your potential readers.

Learn the easy way

Bottom-line is this, the more your reviews come from those who read your book the better.

Not sure how to do this? Join me on Monday, December 18th where my “getting reviews” expert, Debbie Drum is going to show you exactly how to get lots of great reviews fast.

I was blown by Debbie’s process for getting real reviews in record time. As I get ready to promote my memoir in a few months, what I learned from Debbie is going to be a game changer. You can be sure of one thing; I’ll be using Debbie’s process.

Because I know how valuable this information is to authors, I’ve invited Debbie to share How To Build An Army of People Selling Your Book For You Non-Stop, 24/7 and FOREVER!

It all happens on Monday, December 18th.



6 Ways to Gain Visibility

Being seen is one of the greatest challenges for today's entrepreneur. There's so much activity on line, how do you stand out?

Many people don't. They get lost in the shuffle.

Here are some questions to consider…

  • Are you struggling to be seen by potential clients?
  • Do you feel like there's so much “noise” in the marketplace, you get lost in the shuffle?
  • Looking to stand out in a big way?

If you said YES! it's time to be really clear about how you are spending your time online. If you're playing around on Facebook and Twitter without a clear plan, you likely waste a lot of time in your day that could be used to build your visibility and business.

It's not that playing around on social media is wrong, but if you are sacrificing the success of your business due to this, then there's a problem.

6 Ways to Gain Visibility

A few of the most common ways to gain visibility are:

  • Blogging
  • Live-streams
  • Facebook live
  • Tweeting with a strong opinion
  • Article marketing
  • Podcast and radio interviews
Although all of these are great, it's extremely important to have a strategic approach to what you are doing. Rather than haphazardly take action, be clear on the ROI – return on investment – of your efforts.

There is a Solution

Not sure how to do this? On Wednesday, January 10th, I'm hosting a one day event in Portland, Oregon called Rock Star Visibility. During this up close and personal event.
I'm going to share my best insights on how to become very well known in your market.

Here's why attending will benefit you. In the coming year, my focus is going to be gaining tons of visibility for my memoir. I've been working on the visibility plan for several months.

Anyone who attends will benefit from getting a “pull back the curtain” look at my plan.

I can assure you, the things you will learn are not entry level at all. This event is for those who are serious about visibility.

Ready to make 2018 your most visible year ever? Then you're ready for Rock Star Visibility.