Make 2018 hugely successful with this plan

Plan the coming year.

Something many people say they are going to do, but few actually get around to more than a few days of planning.

Imagine if you were to actually plan out the coming year. What would be different if you had a road map for the next 12 months?

Did you know that magazines put together an editorial calendar? The people who gain the most from this, besides the staff and management at the publication, are the people who work with the magazine's schedule.

Plan your program releases

Ask any successful content marketer where most people fail to plan and they will tell you in the actual planning of a launch.

There are a lot of moving parts to a campaign. When you put a plan together you are more likely to succeed.

Imagine if you could plan your programs, content and promotions for an entire year.

You can with Your 12 Month Marketing Calendar from Coach Glue.

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The amount of content you receive is amazing. There are 4 modules chock full of great information.

Take a look at what's in Module 3. Designing Your Programs

How to identify your design techniques with your audience for a hot-selling program offer.

In this module, your clients will quickly discover…

  • How to Nail Your Brand – It’s not just about your style, and frankly, if you get this wrong, nothing else will work either. We’ll dig deep into branding in this section so you can build a solid foundation for the next steps.
  • 4 Must Have Elements of Every Great Program – Miss even one of these, and your promotions will fall far short of their potential.
  • 3 Elements of a Killer Product Title – Get this right, and your ideal client will know in an instant that she simply must have this program.
  • The Truth About Designing A Hot-Selling Offer – Look out world, we’re coming through! There’s more to it than just having a vision, but this module takes you by the hand so you can quickly create an irresistible offer your ideal client will LOVE.
  • Effective Team Management – Team support is essential for things to run smoothly, so even build a team, keeping them on task can be a whole new learning curve. Don’t skip this section if you want your business to run like a well-oiled machine.
  • The 2-Step, Dead Simple Product Planning System – If you can answer two questions, you can create an in-demand program.
  • The Secret Sauce to Easier, More Effective Marketing – We all want to work less and earn more, and this section holds the key.
  • 5 Tools That Make Team and Project Management Easy – And 3 of them are FREE.

This is just one of the modules. Imagine how powerful your planning will be with all the resources you receive.

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How to Get Everything Done Without Overwork

Do you find yourself filling up your schedule with work, even when you have a chance to enjoy some free time?

If you’re frequently swamped with to-dos, and whenever you have some space in your calendar you feel the need to fill it to avoid feeling like you’re slacking off, the problem probably ISN’T your schedule. It’s how you manage your time, in your calendar and in your mind.

How manage your time in your calendar

If you just go with the flow, work on each task for as long as it takes, and keep working until you’re through your to-do list, you’ll probably reach the end of most days with chores left undone and questions about where the time went.

Instead, here’s a simple, effective method you can use to get all your work done during your working hours, so it doesn’t spill over into your free time:

At the end of each work day, look at tomorrow’s to-do list. Determine:

Which tasks are the most important, and will take the most energy and brainpower.

  1. How long each task will take?
  2. How long you can concentrate without getting distracted?
  3. Assign each task a chunk of time. Put the most difficult ones in the hours when you tend to have the most energy, and the easiest ones during the times when you’ll be tired or distracted.
  4. Discipline yourself to make the best use of your time. Don’t give any one task a stretch of time that exceeds your attention span, and if a task takes longer than expected, don’t let it eat into other tasks’ time unless it HAS to be done today. Reschedule the remainder the chore, and move on to the next one.
  5. Schedule a brief break between tasks. Because you now have a deadline on each action step, you’ll be concentrating harder and working faster, so give yourself 5-15 minutes between each job to clear your head, grab a snack, go to the bathroom, or whatever else you need to do.

How manage your time in your mind

When you have some time for yourself, how do you feel?

Happy and at peace? Or guilty, like you’re failing to pull your own weight and you don’t deserve to succeed?

As a child, you may have heard things like,

“If you have time to play, you have time to get this job done.”

Or, “Look at all the energy you have! Why don’t you use it to do this chore?”

Your parents meant to instill a good work ethic in you, but what parents often don’t realize is that by telling these things to their children over and over again, they plant a belief in their child’s mind that taking time off is selfish or wrong.

This can lead you to fill your free time with extra work, or to work slowly at the end of the day so your last few chores take forever, and you’re spared the feelings of unworthiness and guilt that plague your free time.

So the next time you have some free time, notice what you start to feel. If you feel guilty, be aware that it isn’t because you’re neglectful or irresponsible. It’s because, as a child, you adopted beliefs that don’t serve you.

Taking time to rejuvenate is good, not just for you, but for everyone around you. It sets a healthy example for your children, makes you more pleasant to be around, and enables you to work more efficiently… which means you get even more free time as a reward.

About the author:

stephanieStephanie O’Brien is a copywriter, marketing coach, novelist and self-growth addict. She uses her twelve years of fiction-writing experience to make her writing fun and inspirational as well as effective, and her lifelong study of success and self-growth to help you cultivate the habits and mindsets you need to succeed. To learn more about Stephanie, visit her website at

The time you waste each day will shock you

“Just one more minute,” is often the dialogue people have with themselves as they check their emails for the umpteen time in a day or hop on their favorite social media site to read the latest joke, update or watch a short video.

Several hours later they realize they blew yet another would-be productive day. Then they wonder why they’re not making the kind of money they want to.

In any given day there are ample things vying for your attention. Most of which are not producing notable results.

Recently I wrote a blog post about what I refer to as the Hour of Power.

This came from me realigning how powerful it is to put the first hour of my day aside to monetize my business. I tasked my high end clients with implementation of the Hour of Power. The results many received were nothing short of amazing.

One client increased the value of a five figure contract three fold. Another signed a tidy five figure client. Another got several revenue generating projects done in record time.

If you’re not as productive as you want to be isn’t it time to get honest about how you’re spending your time?

Try this… for a the next three days don’t go onto your favorite social media site first thing in the morning. Avoid checking emails first thing in the morning. Don’t watch any fun animal videos first thing in the morning.

Nope. Rather than doing something that sucks your time from you use the most productive hour of your day to monetize your business.

This would include:

  • Calling potential clients
  • Working on a giveaway designed to build your list
  • Creating a landing page for a complimentary teleseminar
  • Writing a series of emails leading potential subscribers to one of your giveaways
  • Writing an email message that creates value for your subscribers
  • Recording a short training video that will benefit your clients

You will be amazed at the results you get when you focus on those activities that create results rather than watching your day dwindle away due to activities that produce no results whatsoever.

Usually I have one or two people write and say, “My most productive hour is not first thing in the morning. This would be a waste of my time.”

If the first hour is not the best hour to choose, pick another. And rather than immediately discounting the process in order to hold onto your unproductive ways, why not give it an honest effort? You WILL be surprised at the results if you are sincere about what you’re doing.

Not sure where your time is going? Keep a time log for a few days and mark down every activity as well as how much time you spend on each. You’ll likely be shocked at what you’re actually doing (or not doing) that is minimizing your success.

What’s your greatest productivity strategy? Share it in the comment box below.