How far are you willing to go for your speaking success?

The dream of becoming a professional speaker took hold many years ago. I was working for a small radio station in Santa Rosa, California. My primary job was to sell airtime. Yup! I sold air.

Because the station was so small, it was easy to wear many hats. Within a very short period of time I realized that I could more fully serve my clients by not only selling them the air time, but also to write and voice their commercials.

The year was 1989. Two years prior I had a completely different life. Prior to this period I was nearly broke, couch surfing and had no job. I would read and listen to virtually anything I could get my hands on that would help me achieve a success mindset and deepen my spiritual well-being.

Most everything I read or listened to was obtained from garage sales or the Goodwill. Scraping by from day to day required I get very creative in how I fed my voracious appetite for knowledge. The kind of knowledge that could get me out of the desperate way of life I had ended up in.

Out of all of the books in my personal library, my favorite was The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. I read it morning and night without fail. It was during this time one of my top clients, Scott, introduced me to the works of Tony Robbins. Scott owned a full service gas station with nearly 40 employees.

On a beautiful winter day, I stopped by to drop off the cassette that contained Scott’s most current ad spot. He and his office manager took me into their office to listen to the demo tape. After we were done with the usual business, Mary asked me if I had ever heard of Tony Robbins. I hadn’t. tony robbins

They were very excited to introduce me to his work. Putting the full set of tapes for Unlimited Power in my hands, Mary said, “Take these home and listen to one tape each morning and then again at night. If you listen for the full 30 days your life will never be the same. After the 30 days we want you to present to our entire team about what you learned. We host an annual company meeting and this year, we want you to be the speaker. We’ll pay you for your time.”

“But I’m not a speaker.” The words came out of mouth as if they had a mind of their own.

“What we love about you, Kathleen, is how positive you are. Our staff needs to find out how you got from where you were, to where you are now. With your own life experience and what we know you’ll get from Tony’s tapes, you will do great!”

For the next 30 days I listened religiously. I noticed my thoughts (and actions) shifting in a really amazing way. I became aware of things I hadn’t paid that much attention to like my daily habits, my thoughts, my focus on what was going on in my head and my willingness to take risks.

I stayed the course for the full 30 days, all the while knowing I would be sharing my perception and point of view with Scott’s staff.

When the evening for my presentation arrived, I was fully prepared. I had so much fun with the preparation for the evening, I wondered what it would take to become a full time speaker; the kind of speaker who could impact people around the globe.

After all, Tony Robbins had turned his life around and was impacting men and women around the world and making a great living doing so.

The evening went off without a hitch. I did great! The group loved my presentation and Scott couldn’t have been happier.

As I was preparing to leave a silver haired gentleman approached me. “I’m Scott’s father. I really liked what you had to say,” he smiled and extended his hand to shake mine.

“I have a group of people I would like you to speak to tomorrow night. You can do the same presentation. I don’t have a budget, but this will give you more experience.”

I suppose I should have realized I wasn’t as good as I thought if he was giving me the opportunity for “more experience.” But I ignored this fact, beaming with excitement.

Wow! Here I had given only one talk and already I was being asked to speak to another group. I knew I had arrived. Without asking anything about the group, I jumped at the chance.

The following day dragged on, raining nonstop. I anxiously counted the minutes before I would once again be doing what I was destined to do, motivate an audience by getting on the platform with my inspiring message.

At the appointed time, I arrived at the facility, dressed in a smart black business suit, heels and carrying my briefcase. I was somewhat taken aback to walk into a room of hundreds of tow truck drivers and their spouses.

It was apparent the drivers had not had time to go home to shower and change. I was witness to several beer chugging contests. It didn’t take but a few minutes for my judgments to set in.

Barely two years clean and sober, a part of me wanted to turn and hightail it out of the huge room.

“With risk comes reward,” rang a small voice in my head. “With risk comes reward.”

I decided to tough it out even when a few audience members made it abundantly clear they had no desire to listen to me.

Trying not to let this impact me, I dove headfirst into my presentation. The more I spoke, the louder a few of the drunk audience members booed.

“Get that woman out of here,” could be heard from a couple people around the room.

I was devastated. How could I have ever thought I could be a speaker? Feeling knocked down emotionally, I swore I would never, ever, ever get in front of an audience from this point forward.

Fast forward nearly three decades and I have hundreds of presentations under my belt. Not only do I know the formula for making six figures in revenue from self-hosted events, I’ve been a featured keynote speaker at dozens of industry conferences. Meeting planners reach out to me. I’ve sat on expert panels and generate multiple six figures annually in my business. It’s a good thing I changed my point of view on speaking on the platform!

I’ve spoken in almost every state in the union, as well as speaking in Canada and Europe. I’ve heard the applause of highly inspired audiences, autographed my books for those who wanted to “take me home” with them and dealt with some of the craziest unexpected events a speaker can experience.

Today, I love the platform and I know that regardless of what is going on with the economy, I have ample opportunity to generate revenue, great revenue at that!

I’ve also discovered the power of knowing how to host my own events to enroll high-end clients. I’ve learned the benefits of celebrity within a market to sell books and home study programs to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of hours, and the importance of not giving up.

If you are an expert who…

  • Wants to increase your client base
  • Desires to get in front of more of your ideal clients
  • Is ready to cut the sales process exponentially
  • Wants to be viewed as the “go-to” authority
  • Dreams of closing more business
  • Knows you can make more money
  • Is ready to enjoy the process

Then you are in the right place at the right time. Now it’s up to you what you are willing to do to get in front of those who you are meant to impact.

The world needs your message. And you need a platform to share your message. Join me on this incredible journey called speaking. A journey that can reward you financially like virtually nothing else.

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The dangers of running… unless you take this precaution

tempeI’ve been on the road off and on for a couple of weeks. First, Tempe, Arizona for a professional women’s summit facilitated by Sandra Yancey to Duluth, Georgia to meet with my business mentor, Matt Bacak, and my Profit Coalition mastermind buddies.

I’m now headed to Myrtle Beach where I will meet up with other lead coaches and Suzanne Evans for the 10k Intensive. There are nearly 200 members of the 10k group. Anxious to see all those in attendance.

The entire time I’ve been on the road, I stayed committed to my running regime. The best part of all is that my distances each morning have been outstanding with a few five miler days.

What I love about running, regardless of where my travels take me, is this; it’s a sport I can do with very little prep or equipment. Other than my running shoes and outfit, I don’t need much else besides the desire to get out and run.

From start to finish of my run, I’m very aware of my environment, clothing and side of the road I run on. Yet, there were times that no matter how bright my shirt or shoes, it was as if I was invisible. There was more than a few close calls with drivers who just didn’t see me.

lightThat all changed with one simple device; a LED headlamp. I now wear it on every run without fail. Set on flashing mode, I’m like a neon sign that indicates to drivers to proceed with caution.

I’m thrilled when drivers slow down, give me plenty of space and often give me a thumbs up.

The thing I love most about running, besides the obvious health benefits, is the time I can spend simply being in the moment thinking about my blessings.

I usually start off with how blessed I am to have the life I do. This often moves me into running a mental list of all I have to be grateful for like my family, animals, home, where I live, my business and the clients I work with.

More times than not I will process ideas for a project I am working on. I get fresh ideas and insights from all the oxygen my brain is getting.

Before I know it, I have a few miles under my belt.

What I know to be true is this; my health is something that takes more than thinking about it in order for me to be as healthy as I possibly can be.

It’s the same with my business. In order to accomplish all I say I want, give my clients the best I can and stay on the leading edge, I have to put 100% into what I’m doing. This includes attending conferences, having top notch mentors, participating in mastermind groups with entrepreneurs who encourage me to grow, and speaking at conferences.

So often, entrepreneurs get stuck in ruts. They do the same old, same old even though they know they would benefit from getting out from behind their computer to meet face to face with others by joining in on mastermind retreats and attending conferences.

If you were to ask most successful entrepreneurs if they attend conferences the answer would be a resounding YES!

event-namsIn a few weeks I’m headed back to Atlanta for one of my favorite conferences, NAMS. Not only will I be able to learn from some amazing colleagues, I also have the distinct privilege of being one of the keynote speakers.

A unique benefit to those who attend NAMS is this; you can schedule one on one time with many of the instructors, myself included.

We spend quality time laser focusing on your goals. It’s amazing what can be accomplished during these sessions.

If you’ve been thinking of attending a conference and you live in, near or can drive or fly into Atlanta, why not get your spot reserved for NAMS14. The lineup of instructors and speakers is beyond compare.

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How I survived one of my worst speaking engagements

If you speak in front of enough audiences, you will have incredibly positive experiences AND you will have a few doozies. You know the kind, you're in the middle of something and you wonder how you're going to get through the experience.

It can feel like you're gambling with your reputation.

A huge part of minimizing the risk of something going wrong with your presentation for a specific audience is to find out as much as possible about the group you are presenting to.

Ask Who They Are

For years, requesting the meeting planner complete a pre-event questionnaire has been a part of my prep work. Yet, more than once, what the meeting planner told me and what the reality was didn't match. Not by a long shot.

99% of the time you should be able to make things work no matter how far off the meeting planner is. But there's always that one time no matter what you do, everything goes south.

One such occasion occurred about five years after I became a professional speaker. I was contacted by a woman who had heard me speak a few months prior to receiving her call.

“You're the best speaker I've ever heard,” she gushed.

Thrilled to lock down a $4,000 contract (plus all expenses including flight, hotel and meals) for a 30 minute keynote, I went about doing my homework.

I talked with the meeting planner more than once to assure I had as much detail about the audience as possible.

The Audience Was Not What I Expected

Confident I was prepared, I was shocked to discover that, rather than the young group of mostly volunteers eager to hear me speak, the ballroom was filled with hundreds of elderly men and women, dressed to the nines, many whom had arrived in limousines.

Most of the women were wrapped in furs and dripping in diamonds. I cringed at the thought of all the animals who gave up their lives for hundreds of silver haired ladies. A part of me wanted to hightail it out of there as fast as possible.

From the moment I had been introduced, to the minute I finished my presentation, you could have heard a pin drop. You see, I had been hired to talk about success and here was a group of obviously very financially successful men and women who would be hard-pressed to learn anything from someone way below their position in society.

The worst part was, many couldn't hear me very well. That became very evident when, the next day, I talked with the meeting planner to find out what the heck happened. Very aloof and not much in the mood to talk with me, with a little pressing on my part, she swore up and down that a couple of men in the group were convinced I used profanity.

“They were appalled,” she said with disdain.  

I was shocked and told her I absolutely did not, but nothing I said convinced her otherwise.

 “You recorded my presentation, didn't you? What I recommend is that you review the tape. I'm sure then you will see there was no profanity on my part,” was the last thing I said to her.

Needless to say, I never got a testimonial from the woman. I also knew she would never recommend me to other meeting planners. Nor would she take any more calls from me.

Confused Was an Understatement

What happened????? I'm not quite sure, but I do know this; the experience didn't kill me and it made me realize that life can throw you a curve ball no matter how well you prepare. All you can do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward.

To this day I've never figured out what went wrong, but I didn't let one experience define me as a speaker. To do so would have been a grave mistake.

If I had, I may have given up on my speaking dream. And what a pity that would have been. Yet, I often see people give up when something goes wrong. 

Trust me… when  you're in the game long enough, poop happens. It simply does. That's a part of life. And when the poop hits the fan you have one of two choices; throw in the towel or learn from the experience. 

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How to get lots of speaking engagements

When I first dreamed of being a speaker who had the ability to influence people in a way that it literally transformed their lives, I wasn’t quite sure where to find audiences who would want to listen to me.

What I did know was this; if you want to be successful at something, find someone who is successful at the thing you want to achieve and find out what they did.

I learned that life-changing insight from none other than Tony Robbins. I had gone through his full 30 day Unlimited Power series when they were still being sold on cassette.

With this in mind, I set out to find experts who were making a living from speaking. It was at that point I tapped into the National Speakers Association.

It was beyond amazing when I walked into a room full of men and women who were making a living speaking. I was in hog heaven (okay my farm life is showing 🙂 )!

One woman, Lori G., who made over $100,000 a year at that time gave me one bit of advice that I took to heart and have never forgotten.

“The more you speak, the more you speak.” It took me hearing this a few times until I completely understood what she meant.

What this simply means is this; the more people see you, hear you and are inspired by you, the more opportunity seems to come out of the woodwork.

Now, I impart that wisdom to virtually anyone I talk with who says they want to get lots of speaking opportunities.

You have to be proactive in your approach to getting on the platform. You will be well served in learning from those who have been there, done that.

With well over 20 years of professional speaking experience under my belt and an income many experts who dream of getting on the platform would love to have, I’ve made it my mission in 2016 to share as much about how to make money speaking as I possibly can. Beyond the money, I am committed to teaching experts how to influence, be considered thought leaders, and have the courage to speak their truth in ways that can literally change the world one audience at a time.

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Why Experts Should Speak

I began speaking on the platform long before there was Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and the now nostalgic voice that we eagerly awaited to hear, “You’ve got mail.”

Back in the day, the only way to get speaking gigs was to literally pound the pavement. I began right where most speakers started; as a complete unknown.

The year was 1994. I had just left my corporate job with GTE Health Systems. I was convinced all I needed to do was have the desire to speak and the rest would take care of itself.

Rough Times Ahead

Truth be told, I was in for a rude awaking. And yet, competition back 20 plus years ago was a lot less than it is today.

In the day there were fewer people who called themselves speakers. If you wanted to showcase your talent there were plenty of associations willing to let you present at their monthly meetings. Whether it be your local chamber, the local chapter of a women’s association or large companies in town that brought in experts on Fridays to present during the lunch hour, there was ample opportunity to get in front of an audience.

Fast forward to today and the playing field is a lot different. The “secret sauce” of showcasing your talent by offering to speak for free is no longer such a secret. Where you used to be one of a handful of experts who spoke on a particular topic, today there are dozens,  if not hundreds, even thousands, of experts standing in line waiting for someone to say, “Sure, we would love to have you present on XYZ topic.”

Teleseminars Hit the Radar

At one point, many seasoned speakers realized they could actually reach more people and make a ton of money by offering teleseminars.  It was around 2005 when I realized this was a literal cash cow. I could make tens of thousands of dollars by getting on the phone, teaching a topic and making an offer on the back-end. And I could do it in my pajamas because my audience would not see me with the platform of teleseminars.

Then came webinars. Those of us who were willing to muddle through the limited technology available back then could not only be heard, we could put up a slick slide presentation and add another element to our speaking.

Initially, the online ways to reach our market were as much of a novelty as were the in person showcase presentations, but it didn’t take long before lots of experts got wind of how big a market they could reach and how truly profitable this could be.

That was the great news. The bad news was this; people who called themselves experts, but really weren’t, got on the bandwagon and the market got really crowded and the quality of information went downhill.

Lots of newbies who heard all you need to do is showcase an area of expertise by getting in front of your audience came on board and quickly gave up because it wasn’t as easy as they had been led to believe. Even bona-fide experts became disillusioned and gave up way too soon because they realized they didn’t have it all figured out.

They would compare themselves with those of us who had been around for a decade or two (or three or four) and wonder why it wasn’t as easy as they had been led to believe.

Here’s a few reasons:

  1. They expected to hang their shingle and hoards of people would flock to listen to them regardless of how little effort they put into honing their craft.
  2. They hadn’t clearly honed an area of expertise that others would identify them with. They jumped from topic to topic never giving one thing a chance to grow.
  3. They were crappy presenters. This one speaks for itself.
  4. They put very little effort into gaining visibility and recognition. They were minimally known to the very people who could make the decision to bring them in for a speaking engagement or those who would put an hour aside to listen to them on a webinar or teleseminar.
  5. They gave up before they gave the process of building name recognition a chance to work.
  6. They didn’t differentiate themselves by writing a book (or books).
  7. They had no way to generate revenue on the back-end with products and services. They truly believed they would make their money solely from speaking.

There are plenty more reasons but these are some of the primary reasons experts who want to speak will fail. Sadly, there are plenty of people out there who claim you can make great money as an expert who speaks with very little effort. Any level of success takes effort. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong, incredibly wrong.

Visibility is a Must

The truth is, you MUST put effort into what you’re doing AND you have to gain name recognition for opportunity to come knocking.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating the environment to showcase your skill, expertise and knowledge. And to do it in front of those who give a darn.

It’s about you taking control of the opportunities in front of you. The best way to do this is by hosting what are called self-staged events.

As someone who has not only survived, but thrived, in the ups and downs of the economy, shifts in how business is grown, technology creating incredible opportunity and competition, I long ago figured out what a golden opportunity this can be.

Truth be told, if I can figure it out, so can you. And to make things really easy, I’ve put together a special report that walks you through the exact process of how to create your own cost effective events so you never have to worry about whether or not there is competition, what’s happening in the economy, what changes occur online, or any other factor that dissuades those not committed to using speaking to position their expertise.

It’s called, The Step-by-Step Guide of How I Make Over $100,000 a Year with FREE Presentations. It’s yours for the taking. Go to   This report is perfect for speakers, authors and consultants.

And the next time you tell yourself the stories that prevent you from growing your business with speaking, read through the report to once again realize how really simple it can be….when your willing to do the work and stay in the game.


Experts who speak on the platform achieve more…. or do they?

Have you ever wondered how two people can start a business right around the same time and  one skyrockets to success while the other one struggles, barely able to make ends meet?

While one is enjoying all the perks that come with high visibility the other is saying, “It's not fair. She/he is no more intelligent, gifted or talented than me.”

If you look at virtually any industry where experts are rocking it, it's likely they are using one secret weapon that isn't so secret. They are not hiding out AND they are eager to share their message on the platform.

In other words, they realize the power of SPEAKING on the platform.

In the over 20 years I've owned my business the most powerful marketing and sales tools I've implemented is getting on the platform, having a great time sharing my message, making an offer that people are interested in and watching the revenues pour in.

This is not about “get rich quick.” Quite the opposite. It's about being incredibly strategic in reaching your potential “sweet spot” clients with your product and service offerings.

Speaking on the platform is not a hit and miss process. The more strategic you are, the greater your results.

Opportunities to speak are all around.  Here are just a few of the many ways you can get on the platform.

  • Association meetings in your local market.
  • Brown bag lunches.
  • Chamber meetings
  • Meet up groups in your local area
  • Chapter meetings of associations you are a member of that take place outside of your local market.

Let's take brown bag lunches. You can create your own series, or research companies who offer this type of opportunity.

If you're hosting your own there are costs involved such as venue, marketing and materials you will provide participants. Plan to hold these once a month for a few months in order to gain traction for your efforts.

If you are invited in by a local company, the venue is provided and you have a built in audience. More times than not you can negotiate to have your training material duplication taken care of by the company you are speaking for.

It is also possible to make an offer. However, make sure to get the thumbs up on this before doing so. In most cases, if your offer is something that enhances work performance, productivity, health or just about anything that gives employees a better quality of life, there will be no objection to an offer. But again, get permission first.

Your offer should not be an afterthought. Plan it out, take your time with it and avoid downplaying the benefits of your offer.

This is just one example of how to get on the platform and generate revenues by offering a free presentation.

After your presentation, follow up with whomever invited you into the company. Ask for a testimonial and ask if they know of other companies you can offer a similar presentation to.

If you've done a great job before, during and after AND you make this a part of your overall business strategy, within a short period of time you likely will have lots of great opportunities.

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You're going to find out how to find engagements, what to sell to make great money and how to increase your profit margins.


5,000 experts on the platform to share their message

5,000 experts on the platform in 2016! That's my goal and my vision…to help 5,000 experts get their message out in one of the most powerful ways possible.

I plan to do this in a number of ways; through webinars, teleseminars, training programs, workshops, masterminds and one-on-one mentoring.

Why 5,000? Why not!

The fact is, one expert can have a major impact on dozens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of people with their message. With the resources available online, such as social media, they often can reach hundreds of thousands and in some cases, millions of people.

For quite some time I've believed, and I've said this during many of my presentations, “The world is in a world of hurt. The world needs those experts who are willing to take a stand and quit playing small. The world needs those who have information to improve our personal, professional, spiritual, emotional, physical and financial well-being.”

So how does one find opportunities to get on the platform? Where do theyregister start?

To learn how you can get on the platform in a big way, join me on January 21st for Speak, Sell, Profit Webinar –

Let's start with what's going on that absolutely proves this is a perfect time for an expert to get on the platform.

  • There’s an increase in business speaking opportunities in virtually every industry.
  • According to Convention Industry Organization 205 Million people in the United States attend 1.8 million conventions, conferences, trade shows and exhibitions, incentive events and corporate/business meetings each year.
  • Self staged events are on the rise and very, very profitable to solo entrepreneurs and experts in various fields.

In order to realize the greatest results from your efforts, it's essential to determine where to focus your time and attention.

A few considerations are:

  • Who are the ideal meeting planners?
  • Who is in the audience?
  • What associations do they belong to?
  • What conferences do they attend?
  • Where do they congregate online?

One way to find out what conferences are coming to your area is check with your local Convention and Visitors Bureau. They will have at least a partial list of what's coming to the area.

There are ample opportunities to speak to local groups such as:

  • Kiwanis
  • Lions
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary
  • Chapters of national groups

When I began speaking on the platform, well over two decades ago, I realized the more you speak, the more you speak. What this simply means is, the more you are seen and heard the more likely other opportunities will open up.

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speak webinar


#1 Way to build market reach, position expertise and generate great revenues is with speaking

If you love to speak on the platform, you’re really good and you have outstanding material, getting paid to speak is a great way to make a living.

The dream of many experts is to have a full calendar of paid speaking engagements. Nice dream and yet, for some, it is far more profitable to create complimentary speaking opportunities to “showcase” their expertise.

How can this be? After all, if you get paid right out of the gate, it’s like a bird in the hand being worth more than two in the bush.

Not so fast! For some of us, we’ve cracked the code of how to make the so-called free engagements incredibly profitable… to the tune of six figures, even multiple six figures, for one event.

Granted, there is upfront work that goes into a six figure event, but with the right preparation, delivery and follow up, you are in a great position to book out ongoing revenues you will enjoy for months to come.

The most important aspect of an event that showcases your expertise is mindset. With the right mindset everything else becomes manageable, doable and fun.

image blog postShowcasing simply means you, the expert, gives your audience a taste of what you do. With the right presentation, the right mindset and a clearly defined offer, you become unstoppable.

Even though your audience is not paying money to attend your presentation, they are paying with something that is far more precious; time. Make their time 100% worthwhile and when you make your offer they will be incredibly receptive.

When making an offer, it has to be specific to the audience you are presenting to. You absolutely must convey how this offer will benefit them. It’s not so much the features they care about, it’s how it will give them an outcome they seek.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time when you are making the offer. The mistake I often see speakers make is they get so enamored with their presentation, they rush through their close.

In reality, your close happens throughout your presentation by way of case studies, examples and mini offers leading up to the big offer.

If the presentation is hosted by you, you are the one who creates the rules of when the offer is made.

In other cases, you won’t be able to make an offer during your presentation. It will be done during the follow up which might be done via email, direct mail or a phone call.

A great place to showcase your talent is at association meetings. There are thousands upon thousands of meetings taking place every month throughout the United States and Canada. Of course, Europe has association meetings too.

Regardless of where you speak, the key is to make sure audience members fit your profile of an ideal client.

There is a caveat to all this; if you’re just starting out and need platform experience, my recommendation is to speak to as many people as possible without too much concern for whether or not they will invest in your products and/or services.

On the other hand, if you are a seasoned presenter, then be extremely targeted with the people you get in front of. This is where the incredible revenue opportunities reside.

In the 21 plus years I’ve owned my business, hands down, the number one way I’ve built market presence, positioned my expertise and generated great revenue (while serving others with my information) has been by getting on the platform.


If you’re fed up … you need to speak up!

Have you heard of the documentary Fed Up? I came across it as a result of a search online to do with healthy eating.

In a nutshell the documentary, created by filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and journalist Katie Couric, investigates how the American food industry may be responsible for more sickness and obesity, especially in children, than previously realized.

To say I was shocked at what I saw is an understatement. It's appalling what has happened due to greed and lack of integrity in the name of success and profits.

Yet, I would have never had access to this information had the filmmaker and Katie Couric not been willing to speak up about the health epidemic impacting our world.

2014 film Fed Up is an advocacy documentary. Its message:

  • There is a worldwide epidemic of obesity.
  • It is endangering our children.
  • Increased sugar consumption is responsible.
  • The food industry is responsible for our increased sugar consumption because it puts hidden sugar in processed foods, bombards us with advertising, favors profits over health, and lobbies against regulation.
  • The government is responsible because it has failed to control the food industry.

It's because someone was willing to speak up about an important issue the film was made and people around the globe are being made aware of a shocking truth.

There are plenty of issues and causes people believe in who are willing to speak up and yet, there are countless individuals who have something to say, but have yet to find their voice or a platform.

Granted, not everyone will make a documentary to voice their message. There are lots of great ways to do so besides a movie.

One of the best ways to speak up is on the platform in front of a live audience. Men and women are doing it every day. Some for causes to improve a community. Some to teach attendees about health and fitness. Others to teach about financial well-being. Still others to show budding entrepreneurs how to grow a business. The list of topics goes on and on.

Whatever the topic or theme, you can have a platform. And as is often the case, you can make a great living in the process.

Case in point; recently I was recognized as one of 10 Pawer Women in the Pet Industry.

This honor came as a result of me speaking out on behalf of animal rights and using my platform to raise money for rescue animals.

Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have thought I would be recognized for my passion to help rescue animals. Recognition was not my motivation. I was simply doing what I was called to do.

At a recent event I hosted about 20% of the audience were pet industry entrepreneurs. Most heard of me through my animal rescue advocacy. Some are now private clients. The event generated a substantial amount of revenues for my company.

If I hadn't been willing to step on the platform, both for my non-business passion and my business passion, I would not have the impact I'm having.

It's the same for you. The platform is one of the most effective ways to get your message out to market AND make great money in the process.

One of the most important aspects of effectively speaking up and making great money in the process is your mindset. Why?

  1. Because not everyone is going to embrace your message. You have to have broad shoulders so you can weather the opinions of others.
  2. You MUST believe in your message.
  3. You MUST believe in the value you bring to the audience.
  4. There will be times your “lesser” self convinces you there is nothing you have to say.

When you conquer these four areas you will have an unstoppable mindset. The kind of mindset that positions you as a thought leader and someone people WANT to listen to.

Imagine what life will be like when you do get your message out in a big way and you make great money in the process.

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The six figure speaker mindset

Get on the platform. Give an incredible presentation. Make a boatload of money selling your products and services on the back-end.

Can it really be this simple? Actually yes…when you know what you're doing and you have the correct mindset.

Experts around the globe are making incredible livings by getting in front of audiences who are eager to hear what they have to say and learn from them. But it takes more than simply getting on the platform to realize how profitable speaking can actually be.

Before getting into what to do, let's look at why getting on the platform is such an incredible way to build a business, especially for soloentrepreneurs, small business owners, speakers, coaches, consultants and authors.

You are able to:

  • Share a message
  • Inspire
  • Start a movement
  • Position your expertise
  • Reach lots of potential “sweet spot” clients at once
  • Make money …. and lots of it

The fact is, more every day there is an increase in business speaking opportunities. According to Convention Industry Organization 205 Million people in the United States attend 1.8 million conventions, conferences, trade shows and exhibitions, incentive events and corporate/business meetings each year.

Imagine getting just a teeny bit of these opportunities.  Fact: seasoned speakers often have more than enough opportunity to pick and choose where they want to speak. Yet, it's not simply a  matter of sitting back and waiting for the flood gates of gigs to flow in. Regardless of how much experience and time in the industry a speaker has, he or she must be proactive in creating opportunities.

One of the best ways is to host self staged events. Actually, self staged events are on the rise and very, very profitable to solo entrepreneurs and experts in various fields.

Simply put, a self staged event is where you create your own speaking engagements.  Hands down, these can be one of the most profitable and flexible types of events for any experts.

When you host your own events YOU decide on the date, location, topic, content and back end offers. There's a lot to be said for this kind of flexibility.

With the last few events I hosted I generated over six figures in each one. You read right; six figures more than once.

Here's the thing though; you can learn all the techniques, strategies and formulas for becoming a successful speaker, but if you don't have the right mindset, it's all for naught. You absolutely must have a mindset that supports your vision of what is possible.

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Planning your speaking engagements

As you move into 2016 here are a few questions to ponder.

  • What do you already have booked?
  • Where would you like to speak?
  • What events can you host to serve your market?
  • What groups and associations can you speak for?

The more you plan this out the more you can fill your speaking calendar.