Thank you for your recent endorsement of Power Up for Profits! The Smart Woman's Guide to Online Marketing.

The response has been incredible.

The official launch for the book takes place from July 22nd – July 29th. There are lots of exciting ways we will be getting the word out.

One of the most exciting aspects of this launch is the affiliate opportunity.

This is not a typical “give them a bunch of useless bonuses” campaign. This is the most robust book launch Kathleen Gage has ever done.

There will be ample opportunity for affiliates to promote the launch and make great money on the back end.

Lots of ways to “cookie” people in.

  • Free 3 part video series
  • Free chapter giveaway
  • FREE Live teleseminar hosted by Kathleen Gage
  • Expert series – dozens of experts share their best online marketing strategy
  • Book sales page

All leads from will be funneled into a post launch webinar that sells our newest program, Power Up Fast Track to Profits Home Study Course and live virtual training. You receive 50% for every sale made through the webinar that is tracked to you.

The expert series is very unique in that we are asking for a short, up to five minute “best practices” tip on how to build an online business.

Visitors to the special landing page will be invited to opt in for the tips. We will NEVER ask them to buy these tips. This is strictly to serve the listener and cookie in anyone an affiliate sends our way.

We would love to include your best tip for building an online business that we can include in our expert mini series.

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