After Reading This You’ll Never View List Building the Same

Standing Out Is Difficult, But Not Impossible I began my journey into online marketing in the late nineties. At that time, it was a lot easier to get through the noise than it is today. Now there are so many distractions, one can get lost in the never-ending shuffle of BSOS – Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Granted, back in the ...
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7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

For Every Problem There IS a Solution Have you ever met someone who claims they want an solution to a problem, but when given the answer, they pooh-pooh it? Then they say, "This stuff doesn't work." It's not that the solution doesn't work, it might be they (deep inside) don't want it to work. Some people are so attached to ...
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Are You 100% Committed As An Entrepreneur?

Success Is Determined By Your Commitment In the 22 plus years I've been in business I've seen a lot of people come and go with their own businesses. The majority won't survive, let alone thrive. Yet, some have weathered every storm because they were willing to do what it takes to stay in business. These are the ones others often ...
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How to Know If You’re Running a Conscious Business

Conscious Businesses are On the Rise Over the last few years, there's been a dramatic rise in "conscious businesses." For someone who runs a conscious business, they know how important it is to be congruent with what they are doing and how they present themselves to the world. For others, new to this style of running a business, it may ...
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Professional Women: Are You Settling for the Status Quo?

Doing Good Goes Beyond Status Quo Today I enjoyed participating in a 10k race. It was hosted by EWeb to raise funds for people in Eugene who need help with their utility bills. What a great way to enjoy my Sunday... doing something good for my mind, body and soul while also doing something good for others. The only thing ...
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Content Marketing Gets You Above the Noise Online

The greatest challenge most experts have is getting through the noise online. When I first began marketing online, it was a very different story than it is today. In the "early days" there wasn't anywhere near the number of people trying to get noticed by their market online. Actually, if you were online (in the day), you were viewed as ...
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Are You Getting Your Share of Mailbox Money?

What the Heck is "Mailbox" Money? Mailbox money is income that arrives either in your physical or virtual mailbox, often in a somewhat fixed frequency with a minimum of management, basically the definition of passive income. There are a number of types of revenues that fall under the definition including income property payments, ongoing affiliate commission, membership fees, monthly client ...
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Are you losing untold amounts due to these copy writing mistakes?

Are you losing untold amounts due to these copy writing mistakes?

"How long can I stare at this blank screen?" was often the thought crossing my mind when I had to write sales copy. It seemed I would never understand how to write copy like the "pros." The men and women (mostly men) who seemed to have a flair and knack for the words going from their head, traveling through their ...
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5 Ways to Effectively Market Your Book

One of the most important activities an author needs to engage in is marketing your book. Yet, many leave it to chance and sales suffer as a result. When you sell books, you open up lots of opportunity. When my book, Power Up For Profits; The Smart Woman's Guide to Online Marketing was released, I had been laying the marketing ...
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A Few Must-Knows When Using Images in Your Blog Posts

There's no doubt about it, images increase views on a blog. According to digital marketing expert, Jeff Bullas, "Articles with images get 94% more total views. Including a photo and a video in a press release increases views by over 45%. "60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local ...
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Blogging a book is easier than ever and other benefits of blogging

I've been blogging for years and can't imagine not having this avenue for getting my message out to market. Blogging also allows me to build community, position myself as a thought leader in some circles, generate revenues and write about virtually anything I want to teach on or express my opinion on. I'm always amazed when someone doesn't seem to ...
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How to tell if your business is headed for failure

Why is it that a business will likely fail? From my experience in working with clients, it's lack of focus and continually chasing after BOS's - bright, shiny, objects. When people say, "You can have it all and you need not make any sacrifices," these people are usually broke and closing the doors of their businesses. You DO have to ...
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The Secret Author-Success Factor No One Talks About

This post is part of the virtual book tour for Creative Visualization for Writers When publishing experts discuss how to create a bestselling book, they rarely mention what I call the secret author-success factor. They talk about marketable ideas, author platform, pre-sales, marketing plans, and promotional partners. Don't get me wrong. All of these elements are important—and I advise aspiring ...
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Thunderclap; A great way to sell books

As an authorpreneur you want your book to get in the hands of as many readers as possible. You also want to sell lots of books. The more visible your book is and the more potential readers who know about your book, the more books you are likely to sell. A great way to sell books is word of mouth ...
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How to Get Your Book “Discovered” by the Media

You’ve either completed the book, or you are near completion, and now you’re looking for ways to raise awareness about your book. You’re looking for readers, and lots of them. There are many great ways to gain visibility for your book. However, the sooner you work on publicity the better. Prior to the publication date, not after, is when you ...
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Key indicators to know if your office is set up for success

From 1994 through 2013 I worked out of my home. Like many home based business owners, I prided myself on the fact that the walk from my bedroom to my office was a very short distance. This all changed when I moved my business out of my home to an office space a few miles from home. The greatest advantage ...
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One thing that assures (almost) your book writing success

If you’re thinking of writing a book, one of the most beneficial things you can do (at least for most people) is have a writing routine. I’ve written several books, created countless information products and launched quite a few live trainings. All of this, and more, was accomplished by having routines and discipline while creating the “thing.” One of the ...
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Get You Noticed by the Media by Newsjacking Your Book

The first time I heard the term Newsjacking I was a bit taken back. Newsjacking? What the heck is that? It brought up images of criminal activity. But upon a bit of research, I realized that NewsJacking is a powerhouse way to get noticed by the media AND potential clients. According to the official site for Newsjacking it is the ...
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How to Sell Lots of Books with Teleseminars & Webinars

Teleseminars and webinars are one of the best ways to market your nonfiction books. To get lots of traction create a topic that you can pull directly from your book. For example, with my book, Power Up for Profits; The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing, I have dozens of topics I can choose from based on the content of ...
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What a 9k race and marketing a book have in common

I did it! I finished the Umpqua Strong 9k race. Today’s race was one year to the day that a tragic situation happened at the college in Roseburg, Oregon. Nine lives were cut short by a madman. Today, thousands joined together to show our respect, raise money and create a tight community bond. As I ran the race at a ...
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