Create endless opportunities to be featured on blogs, podcasts, ezines….

visibleYou’ve likely heard, “Success breeds success.” In order to get more of something, you have to do more of something.

Many experts know they must gain visibility so their market will find them, but seem to struggle with how to do this. The best way to be visible is to be visible.

This might seem a play on words, but truth be told, many people are waiting to get discovered rather than being proactive about getting their name out to market.

You absolutely must drive your opportunities to gain visibility. Here are five simple ways.

1. Blogging. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or in the beginning stages of gaining visibility, one of the most important things to do is post on your own blog. This allows you to position your perspective and point of view.

You’ll need to promote the content in as many locations as possible including to your email subscribers, social networks and anywhere your market “hangs out.”

Put together a posting schedule which will keep you on track with consistent posting. You can’t expect to do one blog post and miraculously have opportunity drop from the heavens. Getting your name out to market requires consistent effort.

2. Social media. What social networks does your market frequent? Pick 3 -5 networks you can focus on and then go deep into each of these. The challenge resides in all the choices available.

Rather than spreading yourself too thin, focus only on the 3 -5 you have determined will get you the greatest result. As with your blog, be consistent.

3. Interviews. There are plenty of podcast and web radio show hosts looking for experts to interview. If you have an area of expertise, find shows you can be a featured expert on . iTunes and Blog Talk Radio are both great choices to get your message out to market.

Search for shows that would be a great match for your expertise. Listen to a few episodes to get a feel for the format. Based on your research, contact the host to see if you can be a guest on the show. dvorah podcast

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a featured expert on D’vorah Lansky’s podcast show, Podcasting Success Secrets for Authors and Entrepreneurs. Not only did I have a great time, D’vorah is very proactive in marketing her show. A win/win/win. Win for the audience who will learn awesome info. Win for D’vorah in that her audience will appreciate the content. Win for me in that I gain visibility to my “sweet spot” market.

4. Teleseminars/webinars. Host your own telesminar or webinar. This offers the opportunity to position your expertise with your market. It will require you promote the teleseminar/webinar. Put a promotions plan together and then work the plan…consistently.

5. Guest blogging. The easiest way to create opportunities to be a guest blogger is to have a solid online foot print of your writing. What this means is the more you are visible in a number of locations the more opportunity you will experience.

With guest blogging, as with interviews, do your research to find those blogs that are a good match for your expertise and market. Study the blog and then contact the blog owner to inquire about guest blogging opportunities.

No matter where you want to be seen, do your research and be fully prepared to jump on opportunity.

The more organized you are the better. As soon as an opportunity presents itself, respond in a timely fashion. Be easy to work with and provide outstanding content and you will have ample opportunity to increase your market reach.

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Animal enthusiasts turn their passion into businesses with BlogPaws

blogpawsNot long ago I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at the BlogPaws 2015 Conference – the only conference of its type in the world.

BlogPaws is the Professional Pet Blogger Network that provides a range of marketing program opportunities, along with growth and development benefits to help animal bloggers define and achieve their goals.

The fact is, for most pet bloggers, it’s about more than just money. It’s about the love of animals and the desire to educate the public about all things animals. However, in order to do more of what they are here to do, animal bloggers do know it sure helps to monetize their efforts.

BlogPaws Conference is one of the most important events hosted by the BlogPaws crew. It is also highly supported by incredible sponsors, speakers, and of course attendees.

DoggyRoadTripSponsors included MARS Petcare, Cesar Canine Cuisine, Dentastix, IAMS, Temptation, Nutro, Greenies and many more. The lineup of sponsors was spectacular.

What I loved most about BlogPaws were the number of four legged critters their humans brought to the event. Never have I been to an event where pets were allowed in such numbers, let alone encouraged, to attend.

Ironically, until a few months ago I never heard of BlogPaws or the conference.

I teach my clients and those who attend my workshops, masterminds and various training courses this; when you follow your passion, show up to a calling, do the foot work, and let go of the outcome, amazing things happen.

So how does someone who is recognized for online marketing and business consulting, is the author of countless information products on the topics of speaking, writing, product creation, and visibility as well as the author of one of the most content filled book on online marketing end up speaking at a conference to a market she normally doesn’t work with… until now?

Here’s how… by doing exactly what I encourage others to do; be transparent about what I’m passionate about and believe in it so much I couldn’t imagine not putting time, effort and money into my passions.

For more years than I can count my spouse and I have been involved in animal rescue. We’ve taken in dogs, cats, horses, a ferret and even a goat. Most of the rescues came from abusive situations.dustin

We also donate a great deal to our favorite animal charities. A little over a year ago, on one of the rainiest days of the season, a small, unidentifiable dog showed up on our property. Stinking to high heaven, barely able to stand up, her eyes filled with infections, and lumps all over her belly, this dog had obviously been used and abused until one day she was all used up and discarded.

In that we live in a very rural area it took quite a miracle for this near dead dog to make her way to our home. Immediately we took her to the vet and groomer. The vet determined the dog was between 8 – 10 years old. She had not been spayed which meant she was likely held captive by a backyard breeder. The lumps on her belly turned out to be mammary cancer.

While at the vet’s office she got her new name; Delaney. Delaney Before

Karen, myself, the vet and the groomer all felt Delaney had one, maybe two, weeks left. Yet, Delaney surprised us all. After a few weeks we began thinking in terms of how to increase Delaney’s quality of life rather than simply making her comfortable until she passed.

Her biopsy results indicated that surgery would likely give her a great quality of life. But there were so many tumors it required two surgeries.

After over $1,000 out of pocket for her first surgery, and knowing the second one would be close to $2,000, I decided to reach out to my community for help. I created a low priced information product and used the revenues to offset the second surgery.

I launched the campaign as I would any product launch which meant proactive marketing and getting as much visibility for the promotion as possible. Within less than 48 hours I raised enough to pay for the first and second surgery.

Throughout the process I documented Delaney’s progress.Delaney After

On one of my daily rituals of checking my email inbox, one message stood out with a request for me to speak at the 2015 BlogPaws Conference.

I immediately went to the BlogPaws webpage. I was impressed with all the things happening with BlogPaws.

I hopped on the phone with Yvonne DiVita, one of the key players with BlogPaws including the annual conference that attracts hundreds of animals bloggers.

“We’d love for you to come out to the conference to talk about how animal bloggers can make money blogging,” Yvonne said.

“But my market is not those in the animal industry. I’m not opposed to it and I do have a few clients who are in the animal industry, but it’s not what I’m known for,” I responded.

“But you love animals and you know how to make money online,” Yvonne calmly stated.

“That’s true,” I replied and a moment later I committed with a resounding, “I’m in.” I loved the idea of visiting Nashville, Tennessee, one of the few cities I have not spoken in and hanging out with a bunch of four legged critters and their humans.

By far, BlogPaws Conference has been one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Not only was the entire BlogPaws team over the moon amazing, the sponsors were engaging, fun and informative and the participants and the four legged critters memorable.

Something even more amazing occurred. Since that time, other opportunities to speak to, and work with those whose businesses are all about animals, have presented themselves.

What incredible evidence that when we show up for our passion, do the foot work and trust the process, amazing results happen.

Thumbnail-Raving-FansOne things for sure… I’m now a huge fan of BlogPaws and all they do and stand for. A great organization. Check it out.

What’s your passion and what do you do to honor an expression of this? Are you willing to step out, do the footwork and trust that amazing opportunities will show up? Comments welcome.

5 Simple Steps to money -making visibility for your blog

It makes little difference what industry you are in, a blog is essential to the success of your marketing and promotions.

A blog allows you to promote a brick-and-mortar business, introduce new products to market, sell as an affiliate, position you and your company, increase search-engine rankings,  as well as increase your market reach and expert status.

Blogs are perfect for the famous and the not-so-famous. They are great for a pet supplier who wants to educate the market and sell products from his or her blog. Blogs are great for politicians to keep in touch with constituents.

Authors definitely benefit from having a blog, as do small business owners who are trying to secure business in a specific geographic area.

It’s no coincidence that thousands upon thousands of people all around the world are making money, have positioned their expert status, and tapped into their life’s passion through blogging.

However, don’t assume that all you need to do is set up your blog and the rest will take care of itself. The “field of dreams” approach is a recipe for failure. You have to do much more than simply build it and they will come.

You need to proactively promote your blog, attract readers and build a loyal following.

But how?

With my report – 5 Simple Steps to money -making visibility for your blog. Right now you can access this report absolutely FREE. That’s right. From Thursday, January 19th – Saturday, January 21st you can access the Kindle version of this report at no cost.

Click here to access your Kindle copy right away while it is still FREE.

What if you really don’t need social media marketing?

If you haven’t heard how important social media is in your overall marketing you likely have not been paying attention. To not incorporate social media into your promotional activity is a huge mistake.

However, you need to think through why you are using social media as well as what outcome you desire.

The really amazing thing about social media marketing is how rapidly it is growing. This can be a major challenge for many. Trying to keep up can drive even the sanest man or woman a bit crazy.

Over the last few years an incredibly powerful industry cropped up with virtual assistants, project managers, consultants, speakers, authors and content experts who assist business owners at all levels with their social media marketing needs.

Another area that is growing in leaps and bounds are the DIY (do it yourself) entrepreneurs who may prefer to do their own social media marketing because it is so fascinating to them or they are simply not in a position to hire someone.

Regardless of what level of involvement you have you do need to keep up on some degree of information. For example, lots of people think of social media in terms of only their computer when in fact iPhones and other such devices allow interaction virtually any time, any place.

To help with this I found a blog with 70 Plus Free iPhone Apps for Social Media Mavens. Click here to access.

Sean Something else I have for you to take your Social Network knowledge to an incredibly high level is a free webinar with two leading experts, Sean Malarkey and Lewis Howes.

Both are recognized around the globe for their knowledge, expertise and easy to apply strategies to give you optimal results for your efforts. Lewis Howes is the author of LinkedWorking that teaches individuals how to generate revenues and success using LinkedIn.

Sean Malarkey is a highly sought after mentor and consultant recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Join us on April 5, 2011 for Advanced Social Media Training.

One simple step to increase traffic to your blog

Traffic If you're looking to increase traffic to your blog or website, be viewed as a credible expert and gain visibility start commenting on other blogs.

However, you have to put some thought into your comments. The best comments are those that have substance to them. For example, rather than writing "great post" and leaving it at that write something specifically about what you liked.

Realize that eyeballs will read your information and judge you on the quality of information. Make your comments worth reading, keep them relevant and of interest to the initial post and the readers.

For example, let’s say you are a disaster-relief expert and you read a blog posting by someone who is viewed as a leading expert in this industry. Say the post writes something about steps communities can take during a disaster.

Add comments with something like, “Excellent points on dealing with a natural disaster. Something I have found to be extremely important is to put systems in place for the protection of pets. This is an often overlooked area during a disaster, but one that most pet owners need to know about.”

This is prime "real estate". A good practice is to have blogs you visit on a regular basis that you can leave comments on. Imagine the traffic you could generate if you were to have 12 blogs you regularly visited that have lots of traffic and you leave comments on a regular basis.

Simply subscribe to the blog and when something comes up you can comment on, presto, in a matter of minutes you've left your mark.

You don't need to comment on all the blogs every day. However, if you schedule 15 minutes a day to leave your comments within a very short period of time you will notice an increase in traffic to your site.

What has your experience been with commenting on other blogs? Leave your comments.


Do you learn from the “real deal” when it comes to your blog?

Fake Everywhere you look there are "experts" who tell you what you need to do to build an online busin ess. They tell you how you can make a fortune by following their system. The problem is, far too many haven't accomplished what they are trying to teach you to do. They don't walk their talk.

How can this be? Simple, they buy a program that tells them what to do, they become an affiliate, use PLR products or they replicate what they read or hear.

Personally, I have a real concern with this. Why? Because I believe if I am going to learn from someone I want to know they really know what they are doing. Conversely, if I'm going to teach something doesn't it make sense I should know it works through my own successes?

Fortunately, there are those who are the real deal and believe as I do about accomplishing what we teach. They not only teach budding and established entrepreneurs how to start or continue to grow a business, they apply their own information to build their business.

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