510,000 comments every 60 seconds on Facebook

When social media first hit the Internet, most people had no clue how big several platforms would become.

For example, every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. (Source: The Social Skinny) This simply means there are a lot of engaged and active users, but also a huge amount of information competing for their attention, so quality and strategy on your part is essential.

It’s the same with YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. The amount of content being loaded by the minute is staggering.

Social media has allowed us to reach our market in a very user-friendly way. What with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, you can get your message in front of hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of people in a very short period.

You may think all you need to do is have a presence on the four main platforms, but if you’re not strategic about how you’re posting, and what you’re posting, you could likely be wasting your time.

What worked early on, no longer works. Simple as that. Early on for me was the late nineties. That's 20 years ago. Holy heck. Time flies!

Truth be told, if you are still using strategies you used when you first started, there’s a great chance your results are poor at best.

It Took a Lot More Back in the Day

When I started my business in 1994, gaining visibility was a much more laborious process than it is today. In the past, we were limited in the ways in which we gained visibility.

However, back in the day, there wasn’t the amount of competition for the consumers attention like there is today.

We are on information overload. At every turn, something is vying for our attention.

There are so many more options today than in the past. However, to get the most out of your efforts, it’s important that you have a consistent look and feel to what you are doing. This is where branding, banners, sales letters, memes, and all your messaging comes in.

A Huge Challenge

One of the greatest challenge is to present the look and feel that is most appropriate for your message and market. It's important to be clear on who you are trying to reach. The old adage, “Everybody is my market,” absolutely will not fly on social media.

Clarity equates to opportunity.

Throwing Mud at the Wall

The approach many people take to their social media presence is to do what can be referred to as “throwing mud at the wall.”

This is where they take a haphazard approach, putting up messages, memes, quotes, videos and whatever else they can think of without much thought at all to a strategy behind the process.

Before you begin, think about who you want to reach with your message. What would appeal to them? If you are dealing with a conservative market, your branding needs to reflect this.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a progressive, edgy market, how you present yourself will be very different.

My market tends to be progressive and they’ve grown to expect me to be an “color outside of the lines” kind of person. With this in mind, it’s necessary for me to make sure my messaging reflects this.

Whether it be my copy, my images and photos or what I have to say, my message will appeal to some while not to others.

To determine where you need to focus your attention, let’s take a look at the four most popular social networks; LinkedIn,


LinkedIn is by far most the important social network to reach out to business buyers and connect with professionals. Whether you are in a job search, wanting to reach businesses who might be able to utilize your services, or connect with other high-level professions, LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the best social networks around.

LinkedIn allows you to build relationships, establish thought leadership, generate leads, gain insights, conduct market research, improve reputation and build online communities.

One of the very most important aspects of LinkedIn is your profile. It’s amazing how many people put very little thought into how they are presenting themselves. Or… their profile reads like a resume.

Whatever your reason for using LinkedIn, job hunting, prospecting for qualified leads, or networking in your industry, you need to have a professional, eye-catching LinkedIn profile to make sure you are found by the right people at the right time. A great profile helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Rather than simply posting your resume, write your profile in the first person. Write as if you are talking to someone directly. Additionally, use video and images strategically.

Be sure to use catchy titles, keywords and keep in mind how people might search for someone with your skills.

To see what I mean, check out my profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleengage/


Facebook is likely the most popular social network platform around. It represents a huge potential market for your social media efforts, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Learn about the statistics and growth of Facebook here. https://zephoria.com/top-15-valuable-facebook-statistics.


Without a doubt, video is here to stay. Indications are viewer interest will increase. However, due to the quality of devices we can shoot video on, consumers are becoming more demanding.

YouTube personalities are showing up by the day. A great example is AwakenWithJP. JP takes a humorous approach to spiritual topics. He has become a favorite of viewers around the globe…including me.

Popular YouTube channels address food, health and nutrition, humor, business, meditation and pets.

If you are established in your expertise, you would be well served to consider video.


Whether you are a fan or not, President Trump increased the interest of Twitter users. Twitter is one of my favorite places to get up to the second news on current affairs and trending topics.

It’s also a great way to follow experts you are interested in.

Keep Branding in Mind

There are plenty of other social networks to choose from including Instagram, Pinterest, and industry specific networks.

Regardless of what social networks you choose, make sure you have a consistent look and you keep your branding in mind.


Authors: Are Facebook ads for you?

“Run ads!

“Facebook is the way to go!

“Drive traffic to your offer and you will never have to sell a day in your life!”

Not so fast!

Running Facebook ads isn’t for everyone. Especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. You can lose a small fortune if you don’t understand the strategy behind advertising.

You also have to find someone who clearly understands the analytics of your ad campaigns. It takes more, much more, than putting up an ad with, “Get my thing!” or “Buy my thing!”

Case in point…

Recently, I received a message from an author who spent a small fortune on Facebook advertising. He was extremely disappointed with the results.

“I didn't sell one single book from the ads,” he complained.

“Did you send people directly to the sales page for your book?” I asked.

“Yes. That should have been enough to get them to buy,” he responded.

Wrong! It's not. To simply drive complete strangers to buy anything is a waste of money. It’s NOT a good use of your ad spend.

Getting the Most Out of Your ad Spend

To get the most out of your ad dollars, you have to test the waters first. You absolutely need to know your ads are showing up in front of people who are interested in what you have to offer. In addition, you have to build trust.

My experience has cost me dearly

A few years ago, I hired an ad specialist who claimed I would get a great result under her careful guidance. According to her, she got great results for other well-known experts in my industry. I did my homework and it seemed all she said was true.

With complete confidence, I invested in her substantial fee and a hefty ad spend. I had no reason to believe we wouldn’t get a great result.

And I waited and waited and waited.

After a couple of months of lukewarm results (and thousands of dollars), I realized I was NOT going to get the promised results.

The mistake she made was to over promise.

A different story

“We needed more time,” was what I was told.

“But you told me we would get results from the beginning,” I said.

“Well, it seems this is not a responsive market,” she insisted.

Talk about disappointed. I had been promised one thing and delivered something completely different.

Close Analysis

After the shock of my results wore off, I decided to give it another shot with someone else. Before signing an agreement, we had several conversations in which I expressed my concern based on my previous experience. What I liked about the gentleman I was about ready to contract is his overly cautious approach.

“It will take careful analysis of every dollar invested before we increase our ad budget. We will start with $5 – $10 a day, analyze your results and when we get the type of results we are looking for, we increase our daily budget,” he advised.

This time, my results have been very, very different.

Lesson Well Learned

Before putting any money into a campaign, I wanted to have a very clear understanding of what was to be done, what my investment in the daily ad spend would be and what I could expect for a return on investment.

The process involved more, much more, than simply driving people to an offer. I already knew taking people to a sales page was not going to result in much of anything. What I came to find out is even a free offer straight out the gate won’t result in much of anything.

Rather, to get the best result, there are steps that need to be taken first. One is to clearly determine who the ideal candidate is to see my offers. This allows us to see who is even remotely interested in my information.

Our goal is to build engagement, familiarity and trust before asking for anything, like a name and email address.

Upon determining who is most likely to be interested in my information, we can increase the ad spend.

This allows for a great ROI (return on investment).


By first driving visitors to my blog, we can re-target the ads on Facebook to a similar demographic.

The conversion will be a heck of a lot higher by doing it this way. This assures a higher conversion rate to my subscriber list.

Once on my list, I can engage subscribers with pre-programmed autoresponder messages. I also continue to create value and build trust.

Is this a longer process than sending directly to my sales page? Yes!

Is it more effective? Absolutely.

If you think FB ads don't work, it could be it's not that they don't work, it could be how you are doing them.

It could also be that running ads is not in your wheelhouse of expertise.

Far too often, authors try to do everything themselves. This can be very, very counterproductive.

You may need to consider hiring an expert. But before taking their word for how great they are, do your homework and check with people they've worked with.

And, if they promise you the moon in an unrealistic time frame, rethink your decision. I know I have.

Learn More on Marketing for Authors

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Over one billion Facebook posts per day!

Over one billion Facebook posts per day!

Whoa! When I read this statistic I was floored. This is only one of 100 statistics I found incredibly revealing.

Check out the others at The Social Skinny.

If you're not in the game of social media, you need to be. No matter what industry, what size company, what market or what your products or service you offer, chances are social media will help you to achieve your overall business goals faster.

However, it's not just a matter of posting a few tweets, commenting on your Facebook wall and putting fun videos up on YouTube. It's about being very strategic with your time, money and effort invested.

Consider the following:

  • What is your primary purpose for your social media activity?
  • What social networks does your market (tribe/community/family) utilize?
  • How much time will you invest daily (or weekly) to building your presence in various social networks?
  • Do you need to outsource some of the activities required to give you a professional edge?
  • What is your budget for outsourcing?
  • How does your social media activity fit into your overall business model?

Regardless of whether or not you see value in social media, those who do and know how to wisely utilize what is available, will not wonder why they got left in the dust.

What is your best tip for using social media? Comments encouraged and welcomed.

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What if you really don’t need social media marketing?

If you haven’t heard how important social media is in your overall marketing you likely have not been paying attention. To not incorporate social media into your promotional activity is a huge mistake.

However, you need to think through why you are using social media as well as what outcome you desire.

The really amazing thing about social media marketing is how rapidly it is growing. This can be a major challenge for many. Trying to keep up can drive even the sanest man or woman a bit crazy.

Over the last few years an incredibly powerful industry cropped up with virtual assistants, project managers, consultants, speakers, authors and content experts who assist business owners at all levels with their social media marketing needs.

Another area that is growing in leaps and bounds are the DIY (do it yourself) entrepreneurs who may prefer to do their own social media marketing because it is so fascinating to them or they are simply not in a position to hire someone.

Regardless of what level of involvement you have you do need to keep up on some degree of information. For example, lots of people think of social media in terms of only their computer when in fact iPhones and other such devices allow interaction virtually any time, any place.

To help with this I found a blog with 70 Plus Free iPhone Apps for Social Media Mavens. Click here to access.

Something else I have for you to take your Social Network knowledge to an incredibly high level is a free webinar with two leading experts, Sean Malarkey and Lewis Howes.

Both are recognized around the globe for their knowledge, expertise and easy to apply strategies to give you optimal results for your efforts. Lewis Howes is the author of LinkedWorking that teaches individuals how to generate revenues and success using LinkedIn.

Sean Malarkey is a highly sought after mentor and consultant recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Join us on April 5, 2011 for Advanced Social Media Training. http://kathleengage.com/socialmedia.htm


What do successful authors say about social media?

It’s amazing how many people just don’t realize the true benefits of social networking and social marketing.

Putting the power of social networking to the test, not long ago I sent out a message to members of an author’s group I belong to on LinkedIn. The request I posted was this, “I am writing an article/report on social marketing/social media. I would love to hear success tips from members of this group.”

Within a very short period of time, I received lots of responses. Below are a few that I wanted to share with you for a couple of primary reasons. One, to show you how quickly you can get what you need if you simply ask. Two, to show by example, how powerful social networks truly are. Within a very short period of time, I received several outstanding responses that gave me what I need for an excellent article and blog post.

Many people are of the belief that writing articles and blog posts are difficult. This simply is not true…if you know where to look. And they are both great ways to market books, teleseminars, live presentations and more.

But I digress. This is a topic for a future article. For now, take a look at what these authors (who also know the importance of marketing) have to say.

Response I
“Viral marketing means many things, including e-mail and fax blasts, article publishing, blogging and writing on others' blogs, social networking on every possible site, creating multiple web sites and blogs, creating video book trailers, posting on Twitter regularly, maintaining pages at LinkedIn, Goodreads, Facebook, MySpace, Filedby, Multiply, Ziggs, Ning, You Tube, Yahoo, etc.

Video book trailers have become a viral marketing avenue. Each and every electronic source for promoting a book should be exploited.

Never assume that your book will sell to your heart’s content just because it appears on Amazon, Borders or Barnes & Noble. So do a million other such books. For effective marketing, you must create a viral wave of interest via electronic promotion. Wherever people congregate electronically, your book must reside.”

Charles Weinblatt
Author, Jacob’s Courage

Response II
If you are already writing an e-newsletter, you can archive the issue which creates a URL that you can share across your social media platforms — thereby leveraging your expertise to people who don't already subscribe. I do this with my Constant Contact newsletters and the results have been great.

[Read more…]

Internet marketing – Facebook changes the rules

Just when you think you have it all figured out with Facebook, they change the rules. Such is the case with contests.

Recently, I ran a contest for a Fan Page to increase our fan numbers. We hit the target in that within a very short period of time our numbers increased substantially.

Basically, we were giving away books from several authors to 20 different people whom we were going to select randomly. People got pretty excited about this and joined by the hundreds.

We did our random selection, announced the winners, sent out the books to those who responded to our request for their mailing address and all was good in the world. That is until my own Social Marketing VA send me an email to let me know we could not longer do this.

Aggggghhhhhh. It was working so well. Definitely one of those things we can be tempted to pulll our hair out over.

So what is happening with FB and contests? Facebook expert, Mari Smith tells all. Click here to read what she has to say.

What has your experience with Facebook been? Your comments are welcome.

I’m giving away three 12 packs of my bestselling book!

It seems at every turn there is something new that is the “latest and greatest” regarding social networking. As of late, FaceBook Fan pages are getting a lot of press. The challenge is in knowing if this is the next best thing to “jump on board” with.

Since getting booted of Facebook a few months ago, I am constantly on the watch for ways to optimize my Facebook presence, yet not risk getting kicked off again.

After a fair amount of research I have concluded Fan Pages are the way to go. Many of my colleagues agree.

Granted, there were a lot of mixed reviews early on, but now most people seem to be on board with the idea of having a Fan Page.

This short post by Dave Rigotti explains more about how beneficial Fan Pages can be.

As with anything, the pages are only as good as the people who know about them and join them. One way let folks know about your Fan Page and encourage them to join yours is to have a contest of some sort.

This is what I am doing with mine; on July 1st I will be giving away not one, but three 12 packs of my book The Law of Achievement. I will select the three recipients from those who are members of my Fan Page.

The book is a great gift idea and you might be one of the lucky three people who will have 12 you can give to others.

There's absolutely nothing you need to do but join my Fan Page.

Do it now, while it is fresh on your mind. http://companies.to/kathleengage/

To join simply click the Yellow Flag to the right of the title Kathleen Gage The Street Smarts Marketer in the blue bar near the top of the page.



To learn how to set up your own Fan Page, check out this video.

Are You Guilty of Annoying Others via Social Networks?

The saga of
my recent Facebook ousting continues. Not only have I not been able to get back
on FB, I still have no idea as to why I got “excommunicated” in the first

However, I
have found the experience to be one of introspection. As a matter of fact, many
people, myself included, are evaluating our past, current and future
involvement on social networks in general.

Take Twitter.
With the ability to automate the Direct Message feature, the number of emails clogging
inboxes everywhere with useless messages has gotten way out of control. For
those who don’t know about this feature, basically you set it up so when
someone follows you an automatic welcome message goes to the person who just
requested the follow.

this may seem like a great idea in theory, in reality it is a pain in the
backside for most of us. Here’s my experience; daily I was getting lots of auto
DMs from folks I don’t know who immediately tried to sell me something, encourage
me to look at a site with useless information, or what not.

I had my Twitter account set up so the minute you followed me, you
automatically got a DM with something like, “Thanks for the follow. I do all I
can to tweet useful information.”

Although a
nice welcome, how many people actually read the message compared to how many
get very annoyed with yet another blanket message arriving in their inbox?

Think about
how many of these messages you get from your Twitter connections. How many of
the automated ones do you actually read? Initially it may be something you get
excited about, but in short order it gets to be very annoying and a huge timewaster;
especially if you try to read every single message. Once you realize that it is
automated, the frustration mounts.

After realizing how annoyed I was with all the
junk mail (and knowing I was likely annoying others), I disengaged the DM
feature. Now when someone gets a DM from me it is manually done which means I
really wanted to send you a message of value.

I also
disengaged the automatic DMs I got from others. Daily I was getting dozens,
even hundreds of useless messages that I never read anyway. Now I know that
when I get a DM it is the real deal and the sender actually wanted to send me a
message of value.
Yes, dear readers, many folks are taking a good look at the process and becoming
more selective about who we follow, befriend, tweet, twoot, hoot, capture or
whatever the latest and greatest term happens to be for any specific social
network communication we are involved in.

The whole
idea of social networks is to create value in the relationships we develop. At
least that’s what we would love to think.

automation is great on the one hand, on the other hand it is something that has
impersonalized how we communicate and has become a huge annoyance more times
than not.

Let’s bring
back the days we actually welcome messages and announcements rather than
cringing when we see our inbox cluttered with useless garbage.

As a sidenote, to see what others are thinking about my Facebook ousting, go to FB and find the group, Let Kathleen Gage back on Facebook. I do hope you will take the time to join.

Confessions of a Facebook Reject!

Yes, it’s
true…I’ve joined the ranks of Facebook rejects. Amazingly, I still don’t know
why this happened. There could be any number of reasons from too many friends,
too many messages, too many invitations or being perceived as a spammer.

of the reason, the fact remains; I have to wait for the blessings from the Facebook Powers
that Be
to have my member in good standing status reinstated.

Now mind
you, this is not an isolated situation. Countless others have gone through a
similar situation; patiently awaiting (well maybe not patiently) the Facebook
Heaven’s to open up and shine a light on them. Some gave up waiting and simply
put up a different page and profile.

solution for some, not so simple for others. Depending on the complexity and
reason for one’s involvement with Facebook determines what the best solution

Since this
incident began I have given a lot of thought to what Social Networking really
means. In the truest sense it is about building a community; one in which
people want to be a part of our network.

[Read more…]

I was banned from Facebook…but why?

What a day it has been. I found out last evening I have been
banned from Facebook. I was not given a specific reason for being ousted and given the boot.

I learned of the situation when I attempted to log in to my
account. I got a message telling me my account had been disabled.

Thinking it must be a mistake I once again attempted the log
in. No luck. Amazingly, I was soon to discover this situation is more common
than most people realize.

First thing this morning, I sent a message to my opt-in
subscribers letting them know I was no longer on Facebook. Amazingly, having
one’s account disabled by Facebook is apparently very, very common.

Within minutes I received messages from several people who
had had this experience or know someone who has gone through this. By day’s end
I received hundreds of messages from people empathizing with the situation.

The great majority of folks had no clue why they got the “big
boot” from the powers that be at Facebook. They could merely speculate.

Deciding to do a bit of research to find out how to get back
up on Facebook, I came across a couple of excellent blog postings.

These are well worth reading.

13 Reasons Your Facebook Account Will be Disabled


Banned from Facebook

I will keep blogging about this and welcome you sharing your
own experience if you, or someone you know, has gone through this