Authors: 3 Top Ways to Get Book Reviews

In the last few days, I've had several newer authors ask me to review their books. What shocked me was the approach some of them used.

“Read my book and then give me a review,” is not the best approach.

A better approach would be to make sure the person you're asking has an interest in the genre.

Prepare to Ask

Before approaching someone to review your book, be prepared. A few of the items you should have available are:

  • Your author bio
  • A book description
  • Contact information
  • Author photo
  • Book cover photo
  • Press kit
  • Video book trailer

3 Top Ways to Get Reviews

1.Those who have already reviewed on Amazon

One way to do this is do a search on Amazon for books in your genre. Check out the reviews. Contact top reviewers to let them know you read their review and feel they would enjoy reviewing your book based on the genre. Of course, ask them rather than tell them to review.

Also check out Amazon top reviewers. They've earned the position of top reviewers because they love reviewing books. To find out who they are go to Create a spread sheet on who they are, the types of books they review and what their reviewer position is.

As with anything, the more well known they are, the more they are asked to review books. Be prepared by giving them enough information to make the right choice. (see list above)

2. Members of Facebook Groups

There are plenty of Facebook Groups filled with members eager to review books. Do a search on Facebook with the words Book Review Groups. You'd be amazed at how many groups there are.

Do your homework on the groups. Some are highly active, while others… a waste of time.

3. Ask your existing readers or fan base

If you have a strong social media following, you have a built in group of reviewers. The more visible you are in the groups, the easier it is for people to say yes.

Additionally, if you belong to associations, writers groups, or online communities, you have potential reviewers.

Be prepared to send a copy of your book to those you ask to review for you. Often, a PDF will suffice. In some cases the reviewer will want a physical copy.

It's a Process

Keep in mind, getting reviews is a process. You have to be organized, focused and consistent. Be sure to thank those who do review based on your request.

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30-Day Marketing Challenges are GREAT for Authors

I've shared the story, many times, of my naivety when I wrote my first book. Like many authors, I thought all I needed to do was write a book and the rest would take care of itself.

Sales on my first books were minimal. Frustrated, I asked some very successful authors why I wasn't selling any books. The question they inevitably asked was, “What are you doing to market your book? What kind of visibility do you have?”

My blank stare and a, “Uhhh, haven't done much of anything to market the book,” gave them all the information they needed to determine why I had not sold more than a handful of books.

Ironically, I'd been in marketing for years, but had a disconnect when it came to marketing my books.

I erroneously believed the, “Build it and they will come,” myth.

Today, I look at the success of a book with a completely different lens.

Today I say….

Build it. Do all you can to let people know you built it. Be willing to sell it.

Interpretation… Write it. Market it. Sell it.

You MUST Be Visible

Authors need visibility… as do their books, IF they want to maximize their opportunities.

The more visible you are, the more books you'll sell. Yet, many authors continue to shy away from the spotlight.

Shying away from the spotlight means hiding out from potential readers. If your books are designed to help readers improve some aspect of their life, if you're not doing all you can to be visible, you're actually depriving people from tapping into your brilliance.

The first step to successful book sales is to accept you must become visible. One of the best ways to do this is commit to doing something every day for 30-days, without fail.

Getting Through the Clutter

In the past, gaining visibility was a lot tougher than it is today. Yet, today there is more noise and competition to contend with.

Even though it's easy to gain visibility, avoid a haphazard approach. This is the greatest benefit of a 30-day challenge.

I've participated in various types of challenges including health, nutrition, blogging, marketing and in a few days, I'm starting two video challenges.

I must admit, years ago when I participated in my first blogging challenge, I was all over the place with what I blogged about. Even though I did the challenge, I didn't get the results I got on my most recent 30-day Blogging Challenge.

Have a Plan

With the most recent blogging challenge, hosted by Paul Taubman and Danni Ackerman, I determined from Day One on a theme. I also decided what my long-term goal was with each post.

My primary focus was on book marketing. Not only was I clear on what I would blog about, I was also very, very clear that I would use the challenge as a way to build my subscriber list, get people in to my Power Up for Profits Facebook group and generate revenues.


Had I not had a clear plan of what I wanted my end result to be, I likely would have had results that didn't come anywhere close what they are.

The Video Challenges

With both video challenges, I am very clear that again, I will focus on shooting video that teaches viewers about book marketing. I also know I can make a nice offer for something free that continues the training and dialogue on book marketing while building my subscriber list.

What I love about doing both challenges at the same time is how much it will stretch me. One challenge focuses on doing Facebook Live while the other is all about YouTube videos.

Facebook Live

Just like it sounds, Facebook Live is real time video. It's a great way to interact with viewers real time. You can have an open Q&A to engage viewers. This allows you to know what's on people's minds. You can read comments from those on the live view.

What's great is once the video is done, it can be posted on your Facebook wall or in a group you run for later viewing.

You may have only a few people on the live event, but after the fact you can have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of views.

Want to learn about FB Live and the 30 Day Challenge from Lou Bortone? Click here to check it out and join in. No cost to join.

Lou is making the opportunity irresistible. When you enroll before August 1st, Lou's throwing in his Facebook Live 101 course as a free bonus! (A $97 value – Yours FREE!)

How cool is that?

Tube Ritual

With a different focus on video, Tube Ritual is the brainchild of Brian G. Johnson. During the 30 days, Brian will be sharing ideas, insights and tips on how to get more engagement with your YouTube videos.

Here's the deal. This is not about using the same video for both platforms. Nope! It's about learning each platform and committing to doing videos for each.

What I love about Brian's challenge is this; if you are willing to make a minimal financial investment (under $20) you get a full YouTube training program with immediate access.

I've watched several of the training videos and am blown away by the information.

Go for the Gusto

If it were me, I'd register for both challenges. Oh! I did and I highly recommend you do too. Both Lou and Brian are masters at what they do. Each can teach you tons about video and video marketing.

If you're serious about your marketing, seriously join both. IMHO

30-Day Challenge to Promote a Book

There's nothing better the a good challenge to stay to course with your book marketing. However, it's not just about saying, “Buy my book.”

Nope. It's about using content from your book to come up with ideas.

Let's say you have a book on dog training. List 30 things you could teach dog owners about how to train their dogs. On the list you could have things like:

  • Unruly behavior
  • Reward based training
  • Digging
  • Jumping
  • Ball aggression
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Etc.

Map out how you want the information to unfold. Get a wall calendar and add a topic for each of the 30-days. Whether it be video or blogging, make a commitment that, no matter what, you get great content out to market for a 30-day period. No excuses!

Be sure to let people know where they can opt in for something like a checklist, report or a more in-depth video. When they opt-in, this is your opportunity to continue to create high value.

In your videos or blog posts you can include a link to your Amazon page. Or, you can send broadcast emails to those who opted in with a direct link to your book page on Amazon.

My Own Book Marketing

My memoir will be published at the end of 4th quarter this year. I plan to be very, very consistent with my marketing, both online and off. 30-day challenges offer me this opportunity.

Prior to that time, I'm using the challenges to build a community of potential book buyers. Yes, hopefully that's you.

Soon I am going to start a 30-Day BOOK CHALLENGE for members of my Power Up for Profits Facebook group.

In the meantime, to create as much value to my group as possible, I will be posting live videos about marketing a book. Want to learn how to market your books? Click the Facebook image below.



Authors… frustrated that your free offers aren’t converting into subscribers?

Whatever your interest, curiosity or question, there's going to be information available through a quick YouTube or Google search.

Many times, you're directed to a website or blog for the information. Once you hit the site, there's a good chance an opt in box pops up, encouraging you to give your name and email address in trade for a video, report, checklist, cheat sheet or spot on a webinar or teleseminar.

The benefit to you is getting the “thing.” The benefit to the person giving you the “thing” is the opportunity to turn you into a paying client or customer.

Reverse the Scenario

As an author, if you plan to make money with your books, it's imperative you do what you can to build a subscriber list.

With a targeted list, you have a greater opportunity to sell lots of books quickly with each book you publish.

Although most authors know they should build a list, many have yet to start. One of the most pressing questions they have is, “How do I build a responsive opt-in subscriber list?”

Maybe you've heard you just need to give something away and people will eagerly give you their contact information.

So you give it a shot, put together an offer and wait and wait and…. wait.

Offer something of high value

List building does work. However, what you offer has to be the “right” thing for the end user.

Simply throwing up an offer page, telling people to get your “thing” and kicking back like a tiger in wait, is not the most effective way to build your list.

The best way to build a list is offer something to your community that aligns with your expertise and their need for a solution.

Think Long-Term

Rather than simply putting an FREEBIE together, determine how the giveaway aligns with your book(s). In essence, you're taking subscribers on a journey that hopefully ends up with them buying your book.

The more there is an obvious connection to your products and services, the higher your conversion rates to other offers. A book is a product. Plain and simple.

Solve a Specific Problem

The more your gift solves a specific problem, the better. For example, one of my popular free offers is How to Hit #1 on Amazon.  One opt in page offers a report and the other a webinar. Both cover different aspects of how to hit #1.

When someone opts in, they are taken to a Thank You page directing them to check their inbox. But while they're waiting, they can watch a short video.

The video makes another offer for a $197 product that they can invest in for only $20.

Every offer, from the free to the $20 aligns with getting a book to #1.

The sketch is a simple conversion funnel I outlined for a client. It's very, very simple and virtually any database program has the capability of accommodating this level of funnel to build your list.

Less is More

When it comes to what you ask people to give you, less is definitely more. In other words, the less information required, the better. You will get a higher opt in rate if you only require an email address compared to an email and name. Ask for a name, email and phone number and opt-ins continue to plummet.

However, when you send broadcasts messages, having a name included does increase conversions. I prefer asking for name and email rather than just the email.

Big Challenge

The greatest challenge today is information overload. Most everyone is so overloaded with information that the idea of getting on “one more list” is not very appealing.

As long as what you offer is incredibly high value AND solves a problem, people will opt in and stay on your list. If all you do is sell, sell, sell, they will grow tired of your emails that appear to only care if they buy your stuff.

This is when opt-outs skyrocket.

Make Creating a Nice Gift a Priority

Avoid falling into the trap of thinking you don’t have time create something to offer.  Ethical bribes that are incredibly high value are the cornerstone of building your online business, selling books as well as other products and services you provide.

I have dozens of “giveaways” that I have developed over the years. Everything from eReports, eBooks, teleseminars, ezines, a 4-day email course and more. This has allowed me to build a list from the ground up (this means I started with nothing and built a highly profitable list of subscribers).

As an author, when you have a subscriber list one place you can encourage them to visit is your Amazon page.



Marketing Your Book Every Day Doesn’t Mean Marketing ALL Day

If you're serious about selling books, you have to accept that marketing is a must do.

Daily marketing is ideal.

Keep in mind, marketing every day is not marketing all day.

Objections Abound

In a recent blog post, I talked about using speaking as a way to sell books. I did receive a few objections regarding speaking.

“I don't like to speak in front of others,” is a common frustration people have when I recommend speaking to sell books.

Here's the deal,  you don't have to do anything you don't want to. I'm simply sharing what has worked for me and countless other authors.

I do not believe in a cookie cutter approach, but I do know fear can definitely hold one back from accomplishing all they are meant to accomplish.

In the case of Martha, whose vocal chords were affected by a stroke in 2009, it makes perfect sense to find other, more conducive ways to get her message out.

When you don't do something because you just don't want to, or fear is rearing its ugly head, you may want to step back and rethink your objections. IMHO.

There are many, many ways to market. You don't need to do them all. You just need to decide what works best for you, your market and your goals.

One Day It All Changed

In a recent interview, I was asked what's changed in the way I market my books today compared to when I marketed my first book years ago.

Simply put…a clear plan. Over the years, I've become realistic about what it takes to sell lots of books.

Most authors want to sell books, but many never will. At least not more than a handful.

That was my own story with my first book. I had no plan. I believed I would somehow get discovered. I was incredibly naive.

Today, I know it takes effort to get my books in the hands of readers. Here are a few things you should do to get your books sold.

  • Identify your ideal reader
  • Determine where they hang out
  • Have a plan of how you will become visible to your potential readers
  • Work the plan
  • Be consistent
  • Do something every day

Identify your ideal reader

The more you know about your reader, the better.  One things for sure, “everyone” is not your market/reader. There are those who will devour your words while others will care less about what you write. The more you know who will eagerly consume your words, the easier it is to reach them.

Understanding who your reader is, is the first step in knowing where they hang out.

Where do they hang out?

You can have a “throw it at the wall and home something sticks” marketing approach or you can be laser focused. When you know the type of blogs they read, what social networks they frequent, what magazines they read, radio and podcast shows they listen to and even what television shows they enjoy, the easier it is to reach them.

Create a plan

What is the end result you want to accomplish with your books? Is it simply to sell books  or is it to use the books to create other opportunities such as speaking, consulting, coaching or having them attend your live events?

When you know what you ultimately want to accomplish, this gives you the foundation for a plan that is likely to be more successful.

With my book, Power Up For Profits, The Smart Woman's Guide to Online Marketing, my goal was to have book buyers attend a three day event. At the event, I introduced a year-long coaching program. I successfully enrolled several clients into the program.

Had I not had a clear vision and plan, I would not have generated the type of sales I did. Simple as that.

Work the plan

Putting the plan together is only as good as how well you work the plan. To not take action is a huge mistake.

Be Consistent

Consistency is another essential aspect of your success. Which leads into the next point…

Do something every day

A common reaction I get from authors who are resistant to marketing is, “When will I have time to write if I have to market every day?”

Marketing every day is NOT marketing all day. It simply means you put a specific amount of time to market each day. As little as 30 minutes a day will get you a greater result that 99% of authors. Why? Because most authors do minimal marketing thus resulting in minimal sales and back-end oppopportunities.

For more ideas on how to market your books, access my FREE report Hit #1 on Amazon at

Stand Out

The #1 way to sell books is to do whatever you can to have your book stand out from the millions of others that are out there.

7 very easy to implement “stand out” ideas.

1.  Article marketing
One of the oldest online marketing strategies is still one of the most effective. Writing articles should be very easy. After all, you are a writer.

Even if you don't have a lot of time on your hands, you can create several articles from the content of your book.

At the end of the article add in a free offer that drives readers back to your blog, website or landing page to opt in for something of value. Yes, ethical bribes still work.

Once you have people on your list, you can drive them to your Amazon book page.

2.  Tell people
You need to let your friends, family, colleagues, clients, peers and just about anybody know that your book is published. After all, if you're not willing to talk about your book, others may not be either.

3.  Reviews from happy readers
Third party endorsements (verbal or written) are a great way to have your book stand out. Ask readers to leave reviews on Amazon. Often, readers don't think about writing a review unless asked to do so.

Never pay for reviews.

4.  Facebook
Start a Facebook group. Groups are a great way to build a community of raving fans.

Once you start the group, let people know about it.  Be actively involved with those who joined the group. Otherwise, the group is stagnant and a huge waste of time to members.

A powerful way to get the most out of your Facebook efforts is to build a community of raving fans. This is one of the most important things you can do on Facebook.

Ready to learn how to do this? Join me on July 31st as Denise Wakeman, digital marketing strategist extraordinaire, will share exactly how to do this with members of Book Accelerator group.

This is open to current members. To join Book Accelerator go to

5.  LinkedIn groups
A fantastic way to build a loyal following of potential buyers of your book(s) is to start a LinkedIn group that is specific to the theme or genre of your book.

Does a group take work? Yes. But so do all the other methods outlined in this post.

The fact is, anything you do is going to take effort.

6.  Blogging
By far one of the best things you can do to build visibility, credibility, market reach and SEO is blogging.

You can also guest blog. This gives you even more reach. One thing blog owners seem to like is to host someone who has content already published. This is one reason you should post on your own blog as frequently as possible.

7.  Videos
Without a doubt video is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to promote your book.  You can do book trailers, short readings, or simply share stories as they relate to your book. Be sure to be animated during your shooting and use keywords both in the spoken part of the video and the title and description.

Want to learn more about video creation and marketing? Join me on September 12th for an intimate gathering in Portland, Oregon for Visibility and Video One Day Workshop. Go to for full details.



38% of Authors Have No Idea Where to Start When It Comes to Marketing

Ask any cross-section of authors what they struggle with the most with book marketing and the answer is likely to be, “I don’t know where to start.”

I liken this to asking someone who needs to lose weight for health reasons saying, “I don’t know where to start.”


With so much information readily available through books, Google searches, websites, blogs and social media groups, it’s not for lack of knowing that stops most people from achieving an outcome. It’s taking the first step. It’s also about the fear of doing it wrong that holds many people back.

Survey Says

Not long ago, I surveyed several hundred authors. I wanted to know what stops the majority from selling more than a handful of books.

Actually, I DO know why they don’t sell many books… marketing … or lack thereof. What I really wanted to know is more about their resistance to marketing.

“What’s your greatest challenge with marketing and selling your book?” was the only question I asked.

The results were as follows:

38% knowledge
33% time
17% money
7% fear
5% other

Google Rocks

If knowledge is your challenge, start with the obvious; a Google search. There’s ample information available online on how to market a book.

Therein lies part of the problem. There’s so much information, one can easily become overwhelmed. Overwhelm can stop us in our tracks. It can also make us chase squirrel after squirrel after squirrel.

Not only is there ample information, there’s conflicting information. The question arises, “Who do I listen to?”

Whenever I want to get good, even great, at something there are three primary places I seek out information.

  • Those who have succeeded at “the thing”
  • Coaches … with a track record
  • Mastermind groups

Successful Authors

When I think of successful authors, I think of those who make money with their books and in most cases, are bestselling authors.

Granted, you don’t need to be a bestselling author to be successful, but often the two go together.

The term “bestselling author” can be misleading. Many people claim to be bestsellers when they get in the top 100 of an Amazon category.

You can sell ten books and get in the top 100. When someone calls themselves a bestseller by simply getting in the top 100 of a category, they are not a “real” bestselling author. It’s super easy to get in the top 100 of a category. Avoid falling into this misleading bestseller status trap.

Becoming a “real” bestselling author takes a heck of a lot more than selling ten books on Amazon.

If you want to find bestsellers, look to those who are in the top ten overall in Amazon. That takes work.

Or look to these lists on ABA IndieBound (ABA),  Barnes & Noble (BAN), Publishers Weekly (PBW),  USA Today (USA),  The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and The Los Angeles Times (LAT).

Getting on the top of any of these lists takes a heck of a lot more than selling ten books. You must sell thousands upon thousands of books within a specified period of time.

Putting a list of authors together from these resources will give you lots to work with when it comes to identifying marketing strategies.

Once you compile a list of target authors, research what they’ve done in their marketing. Granted, some of what they do may be costlier than you care to invest.

However, you will be able to find places they’ve been interviewed such as podcast shows, radio and television, magazines, blogs and trade journals.

This list is a great place to start your outreach for interview opportunities. Interviews open lots of opportunity such as other interviews, speaking invitations and people hopping right over to Amazon to buy your book while they are listening to an interview.

Follow authors and experts

One author I follow is Cheryl Strayed. As the author of several books, it was her persistence AND the release of her wildly successful book, Wild, that put her on the map…big time. Lots of people think she was an overnight success. Nothing could be further from the truth. She worked at her craft for decades before Wild turned things around.

Her level of success is one I admire. Additionally, those who enjoy her memoir, would likely enjoy my soon-to-be-released memoir. Thus, I look to her strategies as those that would work well for me.

I also follow what Reese Witherspoon is doing. In that she is the person responsible for the movie Wild being released, she is worth learning from.

Coaches and mentors

There’s nothing to compare with knowledgeable coaches and mentors to help you through the times you most need a skilled guide. I’ve worked with some amazing coaches in various areas of my life including business, speaking, writing, health, fitness and finances.

Currently, I have a writing coach (even though I’ve been writing for decades). As well, I have a fitness coach (even though I’ve studied health and fitness extensively).

I doubt I will ever outgrow the need for coaches. The day I think I have it all figured out is the day I’m destined to fail.

Coaches push us, guide us, get us through the times we hit a wall.

A good book marketing coach is worth their weight in gold. However, make sure you hire someone who really knows what they are doing.

Mastermind Groups

I can’t say enough about the power of a mastermind group. Basically, a mastermind group is a group of like-minded individuals with a common goal.

The first place I learned about mastermind groups is in the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. A classic, Think and Grow Rich is a favorite of entrepreneurs around the globe.

It would be worth picking up a copy and immersing yourself into the information outlined by the author to learn more about mindset, mastermind groups and success.

There are mastermind groups of every type. Overall, they are designed to provide support, inspiration, problem-solving and ideas.

Some groups have a specific leader while other groups change out leadership. As with anything, there are groups you will resonate with and others, not so much.

The goal with a group is to find those who will push and encourage you while stretching you to be the best you can be.

Do It Yourself or Hire Someone

If you’re serious about becoming a successful author, do what successful authors do…learn how to market and/or hire someone to help you with your marketing.

Even when you hire someone, it helps to know as much about the marketing as possible. The more you know, the more you will gain visibility as an author. The more visibility you gain, the more books you will likely sell. The more you sell, the more you can keep doing what you love to do…write books.

After all, isn’t making money while influencing others through our writing the dream of most authors? It sure is for me.

Think You’re Ready

On August 24 – 25, 2017, I'm hosting a very intimate gathering in my office for serious minded authors who are READY to deep dive into their book marketing. This is NOT for those who are not willing to play full out and have a fully developed plan at the end of the two days. Limited to six participants. To find out if this is for you, please email me at Subject line: 2 Day Author Deep Dive Inquiry.

Find Like Minded Authors in our Facebook Group

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Authors: are you jumping over big money to save a little now?

In the years I’ve been in business, I’ve watched incredibly talented people stumble when it comes to where to invest their marketing dollars. To save a few bucks, they will spend hours and hours searching out an answer…for free. Basically, they are jumping over big money to save a little now.

I see this frequently with authors. They know they need to invest, but literally freak out when they think about parting with their money.

It’s one thing to be conscientious on how you are investing, it’s something completely different to not be willing to part with even $50 to save days, weeks, often months of time trying to piece information together.

Investing is a MUST

Here’s the deal… you have to invest in your marketing. If you don’t, you’re hindering your success as an author who might also be a speaker who might also be a consultant.

Granted, you can invest your own time to save money, but how much are you actually spending in lost productivity, stress, and overtaxing your time by trying to do everything yourself?

If you’re not willing to invest in your marketing, it’s difficult for people to find your books. If they don’t find your books, they can’t buy them. If they don’t buy your books, they may not fully understand your brilliance.

I'm on Amazon

“But I have my book on Amazon,” is a common response.

Great! You have your book on Amazon. Yours and millions of other books are listed. Have you thought about how to drive traffic to your Amazon page?

This is an absolute must to be successful in selling your books on Amazon. Not sure how to do this? Get my FREE report, One On Amazon by clicking here.

Have you thought about what comes next? Do you have a way for people to get on your subscriber list? Can they easily find you on social media? Do you have a long-term plan on how to serve your readers?

Most authors have never, ever given this thought. There are a handful of authors who have. The ones who have are usually making more than those who haven’t.

Maybe This Isn't You

Granted, not all authors want to make money, but the authors I work with do. They often use their book as a way to position their expertise, raise their market visibility, generate leads and increase revenues.

If this is not you, no problem. There’s nothing wrong with writing and publishing books for the sake of writing, but if you want to make money, you do have to look at things differently.

Whether it be to offer something inside the book that encourages readers to opt in for a high-value gift or have a page in the book that tells your readers about other products and services you have available, the more you plan the journey the reader will take, outside of reading the book, the better.

Case Study

When my book, Power Up for Profits, was released, I offered a ticket to a live, three-day event in Portland, Oregon to those who invested in the book during a specific time period.

Not only did I drive sales during this time frame, I filled seats at my event and when I made an offer at my event, I enrolled serious entrepreneurs into my private programs.

All told, this equated to multiple six figures. Very few authors can claim that their book generates six figures, let alone, multiple six figures.

I don’t share this to impress anyone, but to impress on you, it’s about systems, goals, vision and implementation.

Currently, I am working on my memoir. As I write, I also work on the marketing plan. I have BIG plans for my book. Not only the sales of the book, but speaking engagements, private clients, interviews on radio and podcast shows, television, blogs, and anywhere I can reach my potential reader.

This takes more than wishful thinking. It takes discipline.

Recently, an author asked me, “If you market every day, when do you have time to write?”

A valid question. Marketing every day does NOT mean all day. It means a little every day.

My answer to her was, “I schedule in the time for both. For example, when I write a blog post that ties into the theme of a book, I can have links to the purchase page on Amazon. I then have a checklist of places to promote the permalink such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, my email subscribers and other social networks such as Pinterest and Google+. All of that is part of the promotions.

Recently, I wrote a blog post that shows how I linked up a book I mentioned directly to Amazon. That one post has been sent out with the list mentioned above to thousands of people all over social media.

Does that mean thousands will read it? Not at all. That's why daily action is essential. Here is the post.

In the post, I have ways for people to get on my subscriber list, which gives me even more traction with the marketing.

Again, it’s not just what happens when you post your book to Amazon, it’s everything you do before, during and after.

Not sure what to do? Get the Book Accelerator Checklist to find out. No opt-in required. Instant download.

Think You're Ready?

On August 24 – 25, 2017, I'm hosting a very intimate gathering in my office for serious minded authors who are READY to deep dive into their book marketing. This is NOT for those who are not willing to play full out and have a fully developed plan at the end of the two days. Limited to six participants. To find out if this is for you, please email me at Subject line: 2 Day Author Deep Dive Inquiry.

Again, only serious authors respond. This is NOT for tire kickers.

You Can’t Please Everyone… So Why Are You Trying So Hard To Do So?

Whether you’re an author, speaker, consultant or entrepreneur, if you’re at all visible online, you open yourself up to criticism, unsolicited feedback and sometimes, weirdos. I wish I could say the negative and weirdo stuff will never happen to you, but it does.

I don’t know if was mercury in retrograde, the way the wind was blowing or due to sending out more updates than usual, but a few days ago I received several messages from people on my subscriber list.

Before I share what their  messages were about, let me set the stage for why I sent so many emails in a short period of time.

Challenges Work

Recently, I joined The Ultimate Blog Challenge – a 30-day writing challenge – hosted by Paul Taubman and Danni Ackerman. I joined to be a part of a community of people who all want to write and distribute lots of great content online via their blogs.

Check it out at

What I like most about the challenge is the community involvement and the support from Paul and Danni.

Within days of starting the challenge, I noticed an increase in blog traffic, I generated revenues as a direct result of the posts and increased my readership because of blogging daily.

To get the most traction for my efforts, I've made sure to post the permalink to the posts on various social media channels and, as mentioned, I sent update emails to my subscribers.

Feedback Abounds

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the number of positive private messages I’ve received from several of my email subscribers about my increased posting. Yet, I’ve also received messages from a few readers not so pleased with my update messages.

Feedback has been everything from, “Oh my gosh! I'm loving getting the daily updates. The content is so useful.” to “You are sending too many updates. Please only send me messages once a week.” to “I can't believe you would actually have a pop up box on your blog. You're better than that. It's like you're begging for business. Tone it down sista!”

I read and respond to the good and bad.  I do consider if what the person is saying is valid enough to make any changes in the way I do things. More times than not, a change is not in order.

What I found interesting is this; within an hour of getting the message about pop up boxes, I read posts on a few blogs I am a huge fan of. All are blogs that have a huge following, are written by industry experts and have great content. All also have pop up boxes.

Some are in the internet marketing space. Some, health and fitness. Others, the book marketing space.

Ironically, I was not at all bothered by the pop up boxes, nor did I feel like the blog owner was begging for business. Nor would I ever think to ask them to tone it down.

I smiled as I saw the boxes appear. I'm sure they get similar conflicting messages from their subscribers.

Avoid Changing Who You are Based on Someone Else's Opinions

I also found the comment, “Tone it down sista!” interesting. From childhood, many of us have had people tell us to get in line, behave, don’t rock the boat, tone it down. There comes a day we realize “not toning it down” is what make us who we are.

Many of the most successful people in the world, in a variety of fields, are the ones who refused to tone it down. And likely, they were told to do so many, many times.

But I digress… the fact is, pop up boxes work. Sure, not everyone likes them, but no matter what you do, you won’t please everyone. It’s impossible to think you can. Yet, some people do try to please everyone. They make changes to their business model, online marketing or content development based on feedback from one or two people.

My goal is to ALWAYS create massive value for my community. In this, I know I cannot please everyone.

If you are going to be visible online, as a speaker or as an author, you better have broad shoulders, not take things personally and avoid basing your choices on one or two comments.

Sure, if you get lots of negative messages in a short period of time, it’s well worth considering a change.  But for the most part, you need to avoid a knee jerk reaction to negative comments. By the same token, don’t assume one good comment means you are on track.

All of this is a process. It’s about testing, adjusting, analyzing and making changes that are in the best interest of your community.

Amazon Opens Us Up to a Lot of Feedback

One place feedback is open for public scrutiny is on Amazon. Book reviews are visible for all to see.

Recently, I published an eBook – Blog Book Tours. The book received a few reviews. Two were very positive and one was a 1 Star by someone who didn’t even read the book. They rated the book at a one due to a typo in the description and the Look Inside Feature.

I immediately fixed the typo in the description, but have yet to fix the one inside. I had to look at the amount of time I wanted to put into the fix of a 99-cent eBook. Not that I like having a mistake in the book, but it's about ROI. The world is not going to fall apart due to one typo in the Look Inside Feature of the book.

What I learned years ago is to take criticism as it is given. Is it constructive or is it simply someone blowing smoke?

Here’s what to do when you get feedback…

Don’t Take It Personally

Everyone has received feedback. How someone feels about your book, info product, presentation, consulting style may have nothing to do with you being inferior or the person not liking you. It’s a chance to look at your part in something and if it makes sense, make a change just like I did with the typo in my Amazon Kindle Book description. The person gave me valid feedback and I took appropriate action.

Consider the Source

Is the feedback coming from a reliable source? Are they someone whose opinion you respect? Do they know the full story?

Look at it From the Other Person’s Perspective

I like to ask myself the question, “I wonder what their positive intention is in giving me this feedback?” Often, someone is trying to help when they give feedback. Yet, their feedback may be based on outdated information. For example, when I chose to let go of wearing business suits, I had a few older relatives who said, “It’s not professional to not wear business suits.” These were people in their 80’s who, in their day, you had to wear a suit to be considered professional. The intention was sincere, the timing outdated.

Respond Without Being Defensive or Snarky

Whenever we get feedback that is way off in left field, wrong or just plain strange, the temptation is to become defensive or respond in a very snarky way. Resist the temptation. As mentioned previously, consider the source. Are they someone who is critical of most people? In the case of a reviewer on Amazon, are most of their reviews low? If so, it may just be their personality. If not, be willing to consider the feedback as valid.

Consider the Long-Term

Comments made online are often permanent. Before doing anything, consider that what you put online lasts virtually forever. Rather than immediately responding to criticism, think in terms of how you will feel if you see your response a week, month or year down the road. Not only how you will respond, but how will others think of you based on what they find you posted at any point in time.

The bottom-line is this, feedback helps us improve, when it’s worth listening to. As you gain more visibility, you do open yourself up to increased feedback. Some good and some not so good.

Keep an open mind, consider the source, and determine if a change is in order.

However, don’t let one person’s opinion of you stop you from being who you are. Play full out, be who you are and do what you are here to do…make a difference.

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Authors (entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants) … Do you abide by this rule of marketing?

One of the first “rules” of marketing is this; don’t try to be all things to all people. The temptation for many entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants is to respond with, “Everyone is my market!”

This happens with authors too. For example, if an expert writes a book on health and nutrition, there are some who would assume the book would be for everyone interested in health and nutrition.

As a woman in my sixties, my needs and interests are different than a woman in her twenties. I likely won’t pick up a book I don’t feel is targeted more towards my specific needs.

As a late bloomer runner, I am more interested in books that focus on running for pleasure rather than how to be an elite athlete.

If someone has an interest in fly fishing, they are more likely to want information targeting them specifically rather than overall fishing.

Focus for Authors Pays Off

The more focused you are as an author, the easier it is to find potential buyers for your books. The more potential buyers you get in front of, the more books you sell. The more books you sell, the higher your rankings on sites like Amazon. The higher your rankings, the more visibility you get.

Keep this very important rule in mind: not everyone is your market.

Although there may be people who need what you have, they may not want it from you.

On the flip side, just because someone wants what you have, they may not be a good fit, for any number of reasons including pricing, personal and professional values, timing, etc.

Case in point…

I work with non-fiction, highly conscious writers who are committed to making the world a better place.  I’m clear that my sweet spot clients are not those who write novels, children’s books, or books that don’t fit my specific area of expertise. Sure, my information can help them, but I am much more effective with authors who fit my “sweet spot” criteria.

Today, I received a message from a woman who was very upset when I told her I likely wasn’t the best fit to help her with her marketing. She insisted I could.

To take on a client who is not the best fit takes up space for someone who is a great fit.

It’s the same in your business. Are you trying to fit a square peg in a round hole?

A few things that will help you clarify your market are…

  • Define the type of person you are most effective in helping
  • Clarify what your expertise is and why someone would choose to work with you
  • Determine if the sweet spot potential clients have a budget to work with you

Regardless of your industry, you need to clearly define who you are meant to work with. When you do so, your marketing becomes a lot easier. Rather than throwing a bunch of mud on the wall, you have a laser approach to all you do resulting in greater outcomes for you and your clients.

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Internet Marketing Sometimes Brings out Angry, Crazy, Over-the-Top People

Yesterday I sent an email message to my subscribers about a bonus webinar I'm offering in 12 days.

There was a mistake in the message. A few people brought the error to my attention.

I appreciate the people who did this. Especially with how nice everyone was with their approach.

There's Always an Exception

Except for one guy. He was over the top livid with the mistake AND went on to tell me what a slime bag I am.

He made it clear he didn't like my approach to letting people know they can opt out from my list. It's the wording at the end of the message he took issue with.

What he was incredibly angry about and basically told me to do “strange things to myself” because of it was the word WARNING! (It's in all my broadcast messages, this one included).

He went on to tell me that I don't care about my customers and shared with me several more of his judgements about my business ethic.

This isn't the first time I've received what could be considered a downright abusive and over the top message from someone who opted in for my information. In reality, it comes with the territory.

Don't Let One Person Ruin Things for You … Most People Are Fabulous

Thank goodness these type of messages (and people) are few and far between. The majority of messages I receive are from great folks in my community.

This is the reality of marketing online. Every so often you get a bad apple. You can't let that stop you from doing what you know you should be doing.

But sadly, many people quit when they get a message like I got from this guy. Or they spend so much time wondering how they could have not upset one person, they forget about all the other people who appreciate what they do and what they offer their community.

Renewed Commitment

The upside of this experience is my renewed commitment to sharing with my community that running a business online is not always a walk in the park. Sometimes it's downright weird.

I'm also committed to letting my community know how fulfilling an online business can be.

With this in mind, I would love for you to accept my invitation to join me on June 22nd.

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I would love for you to join in.

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p.p.s. Ironically, the guy didn't opt out. Making sure to not engage with his energy from this point forward, I did him the favor of taking him off my list. This way, he can find someone else to get upset with. LOL

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