Blab… Fad or Fabulous?

blabThe first I heard of was when my buddy, Brian G. Johnson posted on Facebook he was hosting a Blab. Shortly thereafter, Joel Comm was promoting his Blab. Before I knew it, many of my friends and colleagues were Blabbing and having a great time doing so.joel 5

My initial thought was, “Oh no! Not another BSO – bright shiny object.”

With all the new distractions on social media, I truly thought this was just one more to add to the bone yard of soon to be forgotten ways to mindlessly fill time online.

Knowing Brian and Joel the way I do, Blab warranted further investigation. After all, both of these online rock stars seem to always be on the leading edge of how to serve their communities.

After closer examination I got the bug. AND I predict Blab is going to create immense opportunity to those who strategically utilize this platform and the incredible capabilities Blab offers.

The great thing about Blab is there are virtually no barriers to entry. Unlike Google Hangouts, Blab is very user friendly. Even the most non-techie person can get the hang of it from the start.

As with anything, there are always Pros and Cons. Here is my take on the Pros and Cons.


  • What I really like about Blab is you can use it as an open discussion forum, training platform or oppsimply talk about trending topics.
  • Limited number of on-camera participants. Some people think that having only four people on camera at a time is a major downside. Personally, I like this feature. This prevents a free for all conversation that could quickly get out of control.
  • If you’re the host of the Blab you have complete control on how long you let someone stay on camera. In other words, if you have someone who is inappropriate, tries to take over the conversation with their own agenda or is just an out and out jerk, you can X them out.
  • The user interface is very simple and yet, it has room to grow.
  • One of the nicest features is the Twitter integration. While on a Blab you can tweet out to all your Twitter followers by the click of the button that reads “Tell a little bird.” Participants can do the same. In very short order, your Blab is being tweeted out to untold numbers of people.
  • From what some experts are claiming, they are picking up quite a following, their subscriber lists are increasing and their visibility is going through the roof.
  • Another nice feature is the ability to record your session. Many experts are using their recorded Blabs for membership sites, podcast shows and creating more value for their community.
  • You can go live immediately or schedule your Blab in order to let your community plan accordingly.

NOTE: At the time of writing this blog post, I have a Blab scheduled for later today.

Although the Pros are plentiful, there are some downsides. Yet, the upsides far outweighs the downside.

  • You don’t have privacy on Blab. Once you go live, anyone can join in.
  • Blab has already proven to be a BSO for some people. The phrase, “Addicted to Blab” is starting to surface.
  • If someone is using Blab simply for the purpose of filling their time, you can end up wasting preshniycious time searching out high content Blabs.
  • From what I’ve seen, there are more “time waster” Blabs happening than really useful ones.

Getting the most out of Blabs you host and/or participate in

The following recommendations are for those who want to use Blab to enhance their market reach, visibility and position their expert status.

  • Use the Blab platform as you would any other training environment. In other words, treat the time of participants with respect and give them something useful from your Blab.
  • Make sure the whatever shows on camera is not distracting. For example, don’t do the Blab in yourbed bedroom with an unmade bed showing.
  • Avoid noise and distractions while hosting, or participating on camera, with the Blab.
  • Record the session in order to re-purpose into a podcast episode, content for a membership site, or added value for your subscribers.
  • Dress and act the part you want to convey to the viewers. I can’t believe the number of people I’ve seen on camera with messy hair, eating their lunch or dinner on the Blab, picking their nose (yes, I did see one person pick their nose) and/or looking bored while others are talking.
  • Have fun. This is key to others having fun. If they see you enjoying yourself, it’s likely they will too.
  • Keep things on target. Unless your Blab is a free for all, keep the conversation on topic. It will keep your viewers more engaged.
  • Acknowledge people as they join the Blab. A quick hello works great.

Ready to jump on the Blab bandwagon? Join me for my Blab Speaking to Build Your Business and Brand. Tuesday, September 22nd – 2 p.m. Pacific.

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9 reasons millions know and love Joel Comm

joel 5 If you've been online for any length of time, you've likely heard the name, Joel Comm. Acknowledged as one of the most influential experts online, by far, Joel Comm is one of the most recognized names in the space of Internet Marketing.

Yet, some newbies (and even a few old timers) in this space may wonder why Joel seems to be “so lucky” to be seen everywhere.

Ever wonder what Joel's secret is? Wonder no more… here's why:

1. He's been around for a long time. (okay Joel, it does mean you're getting older and aren't we all 😆 )

While most people were still wondering if they should get online, Joel was laying the foundation for an incredible virtual foot print. A Google search of Joel's name brings up information dating back 20 plus years. He's got a “Big Foot” imprint.

2. Joel Comm has consistently delivered great content  for decades in various ways on a number of platforms. He didn't settle for just one thing, but rather, has his fingers in many pies. He is always willing to put new information to market.

joel 33. He's connected with, and joins forces with, others realizing there's power and influence in the right partnerships. Evidence is his recent book launch of the most recent version of Twitter Power. There was a period during the launch where images of people reading his book were popping up all over the Internet. This certainly wasn't by chance, but rather it was due to a community of influential thought leaders rallying around Joel to make people aware of this information filled book.

4. Joel Comm loves what he does. Regardless of what he's doing, Joel always seems to be enjoying himself. He has a definite, “can do” attitude. No matter what the outward evidence, Joel has the innate ability to see beyond the physical into the unseen and unknown.

5. He pushes the envelope with many of his ideas. While lots of people might have an idea and then stop short of implementation due to fear of criticism, Joel jumps in with both feet knowing not everyone will like his ideas, but also knowing millions of people might. Therein lies the secret to his success.

Case in point – iFart Mobile. The app was joel 4launched in December 2008 by Infomedia, a technology company owned by Joel. Apple’s acceptance of iFart Mobile appeared to mark a change in the company’s policy towards humorous apps.

Once the app took off it seemed to be everywhere. Kathie Lee and Hoda demonstrated the iFart on the Today Show. How's that for powerful messaging?

6. Not everything he's done has been on target, but doesn't let that stop him. I'm sure Joel would be more than happy to share some of his “not so sizzling” ideas with those who say “he's so lucky” to prove luck is not about doing nothing and opportunity just drops in your lap. Luck is about jumping on opportunity, creating opportunity and keeping in motion.

Yet, for each idea that didn't work, he learned something, refused to let this stop him and found a way to keep going. A rare quality indeed.

7. He rarely, if ever, rests on his laurels. When some people think they have “arrived” by publishing one book, Joel has several bestsellers to his name.

Additionally, he is always coming up with more valuable ideas and information to literally make the world a better place. Some might argue that the Fart App didn't make the world a better place, but when you think of how healing laughter is and how many people laughed because of this one tiny app, I rest my case.

8. Joel won't be heard saying, “Oh my gosh, this is going to take so much work. How will I ever get this done?” but rather, “This is going to take effort. Let's put a plan together and start working that plan?” (Okay, this is my own conversation of how I imagine Joel's self talk goes and I know I am likely spot on)

9. Regardless of whether Joel is presenting to a crowd of thousands, or a few dozen, Joel delivers his message with humor, passion, quirkiness and transparency.

While many talk about living with complete authenticity, Joel is doing it. He's not waiting for permission nor is he trying to please everyone. Joel seems to live with the belief that life is far too short and you have to go for the gusto… today!

You don't have to wait for the stars to align, the moon to be in the 7th house, permission from someone else, or everything to be perfect to play full out. Nope, you have to do it today.

Evidence of this is Joel's recent talk at Mile High TedX talk. Speaking to a packed house of 2,200 people, Joel edutained the audience like few experts can.joel 2 (Educated and entertained. A must do with today's short attention span experienced by most adults)

No question about it, Joel Comm earned the right to be on this stage.

While many people fantasize about this type of opportunity, thinking that if they put it on their vision-board, meditate about it, apply Law of Attraction strategies to the outcome, Joel is out doing the footwork. That's not to say he may not have meditated on it, visualized, and tried a few attraction strategies, but the most important thing he is doing is daily footwork.

He's also saying YES! to various opportunities while giving 100% to each and every one regardless of how big or small.

So the next time you wonder why people like Joel Comm seem to have been born under a lucky star, realize that luck is when opportunity and preparedness meet.

Joel certainly was prepared when the powers that be from the Mile High TedX talk came a knocking for him as he will be when other opportunities show up.

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