Life offers us many opportunities to dig deep and find meaning

Aline The last couple of months have been challenging, yet, rewarding. During a time that personally my life transformed in a number of ways, I have also been involved in an amazing project that brought me much comfort and fulfillment.

Many months ago I got involved in a book project in which I was not only a contributing author, but also the marketing director.

Little did I know that when I first got involved in the project I would be going through much of what I have. Because of the way everything has unfolded, this book has taken on a deeper meaning to me.

Myself and 37 other men and women have contributed to one of the most inspirational books you will find. In my chapter, Second Chances, I share about my teen years in which I made some very poor choices that led me down a road with little choice but to either keep going like I was or make some much needed changes and turn my life around.

I also share about how making different choices gave me a second chance to have an amazing relationship with my father. Again, little did I know when I wrote my chapter how much it would mean by the time the book was published.

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I encourage you to get your own copy of this newly released book. It is a special book that will bring comfort during even the most challenging times in life.

How would you answer these 5 questions to bring Spirit in Your Business?

CouchOver the last few weeks I have had a very unique opportunity to literally be still enough to evaluate various areas of my life. As you may recall, I had a minor accident that left me with a broken ankle.

Little did I realize the amount of adjusting it would take to do even the littlest things like prepare a simplest meal.

Additionally, I have not been able to work from my home based office, but rather from my living room couch and on a few occasions from bed. Doctors orders have been to be extremely still until the pain subsided.

This has forced me to shift my focus regardless of whether I wanted to or not. It’s amazing how many distractions there are in our day. When we are literally forced to “sit still” we see things from a completely different perspective. In many ways we have no choice but to take stock of various areas of our life.

One area I have been looking deeply at is my business. The following five questions came up:

  • Am I congruent with my deepest convictions?
  • Am I doing what I love?
  • Does my business have deep meaning to me?
  • Am I serving my customers to support their highest good?
  • Am I set up for ongoing prof

itability while maintaining a high level of integrity?

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Are you merely existing or are you living your life with passion? Are you saying, “Someday I will do what I love and live my Saturday?” or are you among the sleep walkers of life?
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