Authors… are you using speaking to sell your books?

It's a fact… speaking is one of the best ways for an author to sell books. Not only can you sell books, if you're an author who also consults and coaches, speaking is one of the best ways to fill your client-base.

There is ample opportunity for authors to get on the platform, when you know what to do.

The first thing you need to do is identify the types of groups you need to get in front of. This is directly related to the topic of your book.

If you have a book on parenting, find groups that are specific to parenting. If your book is on team building, there are ample opportunities to speak to associations, corporations, non-profits, and businesses of all sizes.

What about a book on sales? You could speak to groups similar to someone who writes about team-building.

However, it takes more than having the desire to speak. You need to know how to craft your presentation, what materials you need when you are seeking out speaking opportunities and what type of follow up process you need.

Why speaking?

It’s a fact… presenting to your “sweet spot” market is by far the best way to turn prospects into high-paying clients. It’s also the best way to move lots of product quickly. And it’s a lot easier than most people realize… when you know what to do.

Why me?

I’ve been speaking on the platform professionally for nearly 25 years. In that time, I’ve been able to travel, make great money and impact men and women from all walks of life.

Imagine being able to do the same.

Because I saw such a great need for authors, coaches and consultants to know how to get on the platform, I created a full program teaching you exactly how to get lots of speaking opportunities.

It's called Speak, Sell, Profit.

In the time this program has been available, men and woman have found it to be one of the best resources on how to create lots of opportunity.

Yet, all good things must come to an end. I'm actually retiring this program in a few days.

Because of this, I'm offering it for 80% off until December 24, 2017. After that, the program will no longer be available in its current form.

With my program Speak, Sell, Profit here’s just a bit of what you’ll learn…

  • Pre-qualify clients before you ever have a conversation with them, cutting out 80 – 90% of the time you spend trying to qualify people who are NOT a fit for what you have.
  • Make five and six figures from small, intimate groups of potential clients with incredible conversion rates. My two most recent small group gatherings converted at 37.5% and 100% and generated a handsome six figures.
  • Host your own events, so that you never have to depend on a meeting planner giving you permission to speak to your ideal clients.
  • Build a handsome revenue stream right in your own backyard with free presentations that you don’t even sell at. You will learn how to turn “butts in seats” to warm leads to hot prospects to high-end clients, with a proven formula for success I used in a downturn economy.
  • Host large events that are profitable even before you step foot on the platform.
  • Fill your rooms, learn the conversation to secure paying sponsors and have people pay you for the opportunity to speak at your events.
  • Get invited to speak at association meetings that are filled to the brim with potential clients.

There’s just one thing; I’m retiring this product.  As I move into 2018, my focus will be on promoting my memoir through a number of proven methods. Speaking will definitely be one of the best ways.

I will be using the very strategies I teach in this program.

If you’ve been thinking of getting on the platform, this program can show you how. And! You can save 80% off the regular price.

But remember, Speak, Sell, Profit will be taken away for good in 5 days.



Authors… which of these fears do you have when it comes to speaking?

A member of a Facebook group I belong to posed a question about fears to do with speaking.

Things like fear of forgetting what you were saying, fear of being judged, fear of being misunderstood, fear of failure and fear of success.

The list consisted of well over a dozen fears.  This got me thinking about my nearly 25 year speaking career.

As an expert who speaks as a way to influence, inspire, enroll clients into consulting programs and sell  books and information products, I would be doing myself, and my market, a huge disservice if I let fear hold me back from getting on the platform.

Not so Fast Bucko!

Prior to embracing my desire to become a speaker, fear stopped me from getting on the platform.

My greatest fear was making a fool of myself. Fear of failing on the platform was also ever looming. There were others, but these were the biggest fears. Yet, I made a decision not to let fear hold me back.

Simply making the decision to speak did not miraculously remove all fear. Nope, I had to work through the fear by working at the craft of speaking.

Fast forward to today… Fear of failure and/or success is nonexistent at this point. Maybe it's age… maybe experience… maybe I’ve dealt with these fears, but they simply don’t enter my realm of thinking.

However, being a professional speaker for so many years, I’ve had the opportunity to work through a wide variety of fears.

Plenty of Time For Mistakes

In 25 years, I've had plenty of things go wrong while speaking. Windows breaking, electricity shutting down, people falling asleep, people walking out, a group of drunk tow truck drivers (they were off the clock) booing me and yelling, “Get that woman off the stage,” having the flu so bad I had to leave the room several times throughout the day long workshop and on and on.

I've also had standing ovations, people tell me I've changed their lives, people who enrolled in my private programs because of what they heard while I spoke and I've made incredible money on the platform.

Good Outweighs Bad

The good outweighs the bad. No two ways about it. Especially being able to inspire people. I’m very clear that my purpose while on the platform is to help audience members have a shift in perception, look at their own limiting thoughts, and be inspired to do what they are in this life to do… whatever that may be.

7 Ways to Get Through the Fear of Speaking

1. Determine what you're really afraid of

Often, fear resides more in our imagination than in reality. What are you actually afraid of? Once you are aware of the cause, you can do something about it.

2. Practice

No two ways about it, practice helps to minimize fear. I've talked to inexperienced speakers who say, “I like winging it.” Amateurs wing it. Professionals respect their audience enough to practice. This does not mean you need to memorize your talk, but put effort into making it the best it can be.

Granted, the more years of speaking you have under your belt, the less time you need to put into practice. Yet, practice is a great practice.

3. Join Toastmasters

Toastmasters is an outstanding organization for those who want to sharpen their leadership, speaking, presentation and communication skills. There are groups, called clubs, all over the world. I went to my first Toastmasters meeting in 1993. I got the bug to speak from that point forward. There was no going back.

4. Surround yourself with a peer group of speakers

There's nothing quite like hanging out with people who have similar interests as you. Regardless of what your interest is, finding like-minded people you can surround yourself with can only help you to improve. In addition, when fear shows up, you have people to talk to who will do more than say, “You need to get over it.” They will likely say, “Let's look at what's causing the fear and what you can do to get to the other side of fear.

5. Learn from experts

If you really want to stretch yourself, learn from speakers who are considered experts in speaking. Why? Because it's likely you'll discover the very thing you are going through, they did too. The main difference between the experts and everyone else is this; experts stuck with it… in spite of, or maybe because of, fear.

6. Speak … and then speak some more

The best way to get through the fear of anything is to do it again and again and again. Speaking is no different. The better you get, the less likely you will have the kind of fear that is designed by your EGO to quit. Don't do it. Keep going. Learn and know this; there are those who need to hear your message.

7. Accept you will never meet everyone's approval

This one is HUGE! Some people erroneously believe that if they just try hard enough, everyone will approve of what they say, their speaking style and their philosophy. I'm here to tell you, you will meet with those who want nothing to do with hearing you and those who will travel long distances to hear your talk. If you are true to who you are, you will likely create a community of people who really appreciate what you do.

Fear is Ready to Rear Its Ugly Head

In 2018, I'll be traveling around to promote my memoir. If I were to say I have no fear about this, I would be lying. My book is a big reveal of many things that will surprise, amuse, shock, and inspire readers and audience members.

Yet, the main message of my book is this; no matter where you’ve been, you don’t have to stay there. No matter what has stopped you, you can change your life for the better.

I long ago learned, I can play it safe and not do things I'm afraid of, thus never knowing what my full potential is.

Or… I can deal with the fear head-on and be amazed at what is possible in one person’s lifetime.

The choice is mine. The choice is yours.

What will you choose?

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12 Things a Speaker Can’t Afford to be Without

12 Things a Speaker Can't Afford to be Without by Jackie Lapin

One of the most effective ways to attract new clients, sell more books or change lives is to embark on a public speaking campaign. This doesn’t yet need to be delivering high level professional keynotes in front of thousands of people. It can be a consistent outreach at local venues that welcome your wisdom and inspiration. You can also take advantage of a travel schedule, by marrying business trips or family visitations to speaking engagements in cities where you are already slated to be.

Consider some of these types of venues: women’s organizations, spiritual living centers, churches, fraternal organizations, monthly business gatherings, chamber of commerce meetings, recovery centers, conferences and conventions, bookstores, lifestyle expos, health and wellness centers, universities and colleges, etc.

But to do this you should be well prepared in advance. You want to present yourself as accomplished, an expert in your field, and a respected presenter. To convince bookers to take a chance on you, you need to make them feel confident that you can be a benefit to their audience—and you won’t embarrass the booker on stage!

If you are embarking on a speaking campaign, you there are 12 things you cannot afford to be without. Make sure you’ve got these nailed down!

You need to have:

1. A Great Benefit-Driven Speaker One-Sheet

The one marketing tool that every speaker needs is a One-Sheet. This single page document (printed onone glossy paper if used as a handout), should contain all the information to impress the booker about your skills as a presenter, the value of your content, why they should book you, your expertise and what other people have said about you or your presentation. Most importantly, it should speak to how it will benefit the audience…What’s In It for THEM! Your expertise isn’t enough. Your great presentation skills aren’t enough. You need to give them a reason on how the audience will grow, change, learn and get motivated. What’s the benefit and expected outcome!

2.  A Compelling Contemporary Website

The first thing a booker will do is review your website. If you have a 10-year-old website, or one with old links and old blogs, you are doing yourself more harm than good. Make sure you have a contemporary website—one that is horizontal in nature with big photographs, video if possible and minimal words on the home page. The colors must also reflect today’s trends (orange and yellow together, for instance, is straight from the late 1960s) Your logo, if you are using one, should be crisp and simple. The site must speak to today’s values, client needs and user accessibility—with very easy navigation and little clutter.

3. Current Photos

Integrity in presenting yourself is key, so if you are using a 10-year-old photo to make yourself look younger, there is a disconnect in honesty between you and the person who books you or between you and the audience. You’ve already shot yourself in the foot if you show up looking very different. So let go of your fear of rejection at how you look today, put on your best face and go get new photos taken!

4. Video

The most effective way to convince people you are worth booking is to show them how great you are in front of an audience! Arrange for someone to video your next presentation, edit it down to the best 10 minutes and post this on your website or any speaker presentation site on which you may have posted your profile (eSpeakers, Women Speaker’s Association,, etc.

5. One Compelling Presentation that Moves People Emotionally and Drives Them To Take Action

People who are gripped by emotion are more likely to engage with you. First they are moved with your story, then they are moved by how you make them feel about themselves. If they feel a great need or void — and you state clearly how you can help fill that need, you’ve got them! So plot your presentation carefully to touch on the emotional high points. And offer them a clear path for redemption or salvation.

6. A Total of 3 Presentations Adaptable for Different Audiences, Including a 90-Minute to 3-Hour Introductory Workshop

Not every presentation is right for all audiences…for example a more spiritual presentation may turn off a business-driven audience. So be prepared to have different presentations for different audiences. Give the booker a choice and show your versatility. Also have a 90-minute to 3-hour version that can be presented as a workshop. This provides revenue for you and often times a revenue-split for the venue.

But it also gives people a way to engage with you more deeply. Your initial presentation can actually act as an enrollment introduction for your workshop.

7. Testimonials

Want to convince a booker you are worth presenting to his/her audience? Show what other people have said about having you on their stages or how audience members have responded. Gather and present testimonials!

8. A Way for People to Engage with You After the Presentation

If you are presenting on a stage, you are remiss if you don’t present them a way to stay further engaged with you. This could be by giving away something free or conducting an on-site a raffle, buying a book, signing up for your newsletter or a free opt-in gift, offering them an opportunity to enroll in your next workshop, coaching program, mastermind, telesummit, private consultation, etc. You have a captive audience. Make sure to find a way to keep them in your community. Before you get on stage have a plan for engagement!

9. A Convenient Way to Sell in the Back of the Room

When you complete your presentation, it is likely many people will rush up to you with questions, conversations, and demands for your attention. How do you manage to sell your books and products when your attention is distracted? Fortunately new technology has given you a simple answer. Your smartphone or digital device has become the modern day cash register. The Square, Paypal and others have developed an easy way to take credit card purchases with a swipe and a signature. So preload the prices (including any taxes) of your merchandise or your merchandise bundles (more than one product you often sell together), and then show either an assistant/friend or someone predesignated by the venue how to use this simple system while you are otherwise occupied. By preloading the merchandise pricing, it takes the guesswork and mistakes out of the picture. But don’t forget to bring a cash box, with change and smaller bills as some people still do transactions the old-fashioned way!

10. Confidence

10k 2Even if you don’t feel fully confident, “act as if” while on stage. Confidence makes people feel they are in good hands. But the way to get confident is to practice! Know your stuff.

You shouldn’t be presenting from rote, but you should know where you are headed. Work from a general outline in your mind. Do it enough times and it becomes easier and easier. By the time I did 50 radio interviews for my last book, I honed my presentation so effectively that my next in-person speaking engagement was a breeze! I was able to focus on connecting to my audience because the content just flowed …  as I had done it dozens of times before.

11. Honest Self-Evaluation to Determine if More Training is Needed

Be honest with yourself. Could your delivery or your presentation use some improvement? If so, then there are wonderful speaker trainers available to you. A good place to begin is the resource page at Conscious and Transformational Speakers: . You’ll find speaker trainers who cover the full spectrum of speaking –from presentation skills to the business side and those that specialize in specific areas (storytelling, humor, enrolling people from the stage without being “salezy” ), etc.

12. The Time to Find Your Tribe: To get booked, you have to spend time engaged in the process of finding the right venues, connecting with bookers, providing your materials and then locking down the details. If you don’t have a speaker’s bureau or an assistant to book you, it’s all on you! However, if you have a message of personal, global or prosperity transformation, I might just have a shortcut for you! It’s called SpeakerTunity™ and it’s the twice-a- month speaker leads tip sheet. We’ve got direct contacts for venues, organizations and events that welcome awakened, enlightened transformational leaders! Visit com for the details!  Save time, money, energy and research by letting us provide these contacts directly to your desk!

jackieJackie Lapin is the founder of SpeakerTunity™, The Transformational Speaker Leads Tip Sheet, which delivers direct contacts for speaking engagements to subscribers—saving time, money, energy and research! Jackie is known as the Transformational List Diva, for the array of resources she provides to authors, speakers and transformational messengers.



Three things experts MUST do to give a great presentation

As an expert, one of your greatest opportunities to build your market reach and client base is to get on the platform and give a “knock their socks off” presentation.

If you’re an entrepreneur, there are very few strategies that compare to getting on the platform in order to build your credibility, visibility, market reach, client base and revenues.

As an “expert” your job is to give the best presentation you possibly can. The long-term benefits of using speaking to build your business are beyond compare.

Three “must-do’s” for HOT presentations are:

  • Know your audience
  • Tell stories
  • Give it your all

Know your audience
It’s all very fine to be a good, or even great, speaker, but even great speakers need to know who’s in their audience. The more you know who your audience is the more you can customize your presentation to their needs.

Knowing your audience requires time upfront. There are a number of ways to become familiar with your audience including a pre-event questionnaire, one on one conversations with a cross-section of the audience and studying the website of the group you are presenting to.

By taking time upfront to know your audience, it’s a sure bet you will stand head and shoulders above other speakers.

Tell stories
Facts and figures may be a huge part of your message, but stories make your points memorable. People love stories. If you’re not a good storyteller, put effort into learning how. The ability to be a storyteller will take you from an average speaker to a memorable speaker.

Keep your stories short and make a point with your story. Avoid starting your story with, “I’m going to tell you a story.” Simply go into your story.

Give it your all
When people give you their time by sitting in your audience,  your job is to give 100% to the experience. To not do so is doing your audience a disservice.

  • Make your audience feel as though they are the most important people around.
  • Have fun.  When you have fun your audience will to.
  • Stay excited throughout. This doesn’t mean you have to jump around and bounce off the walls. It simply means be fully present throughout the presentation.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, if you want to be viewed as the go-to expert, presentations are, by far, the best way to do so. They are also the best way to sell books, information products and enroll clients into your high-end services.

Learn how to get on the platform to Power Up Your Sales with my most recent Kindle Book – Power Up Your Sales; Generate Leads for High-End Sales Through Public Speaking.

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How I survived one of my worst speaking engagements

If you speak in front of enough audiences, you will have incredibly positive experiences AND you will have a few doozies. You know the kind, you're in the middle of something and you wonder how you're going to get through the experience.

It can feel like you're gambling with your reputation.

A huge part of minimizing the risk of something going wrong with your presentation for a specific audience is to find out as much as possible about the group you are presenting to.

Ask Who They Are

For years, requesting the meeting planner complete a pre-event questionnaire has been a part of my prep work. Yet, more than once, what the meeting planner told me and what the reality was didn't match. Not by a long shot.

99% of the time you should be able to make things work no matter how far off the meeting planner is. But there's always that one time no matter what you do, everything goes south.

One such occasion occurred about five years after I became a professional speaker. I was contacted by a woman who had heard me speak a few months prior to receiving her call.

“You're the best speaker I've ever heard,” she gushed.

Thrilled to lock down a $4,000 contract (plus all expenses including flight, hotel and meals) for a 30 minute keynote, I went about doing my homework.

I talked with the meeting planner more than once to assure I had as much detail about the audience as possible.

The Audience Was Not What I Expected

Confident I was prepared, I was shocked to discover that, rather than the young group of mostly volunteers eager to hear me speak, the ballroom was filled with hundreds of elderly men and women, dressed to the nines, many whom had arrived in limousines.

Most of the women were wrapped in furs and dripping in diamonds. I cringed at the thought of all the animals who gave up their lives for hundreds of silver haired ladies. A part of me wanted to hightail it out of there as fast as possible.

From the moment I had been introduced, to the minute I finished my presentation, you could have heard a pin drop. You see, I had been hired to talk about success and here was a group of obviously very financially successful men and women who would be hard-pressed to learn anything from someone way below their position in society.

The worst part was, many couldn't hear me very well. That became very evident when, the next day, I talked with the meeting planner to find out what the heck happened. Very aloof and not much in the mood to talk with me, with a little pressing on my part, she swore up and down that a couple of men in the group were convinced I used profanity.

“They were appalled,” she said with disdain.  

I was shocked and told her I absolutely did not, but nothing I said convinced her otherwise.

 “You recorded my presentation, didn't you? What I recommend is that you review the tape. I'm sure then you will see there was no profanity on my part,” was the last thing I said to her.

Needless to say, I never got a testimonial from the woman. I also knew she would never recommend me to other meeting planners. Nor would she take any more calls from me.

Confused Was an Understatement

What happened????? I'm not quite sure, but I do know this; the experience didn't kill me and it made me realize that life can throw you a curve ball no matter how well you prepare. All you can do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward.

To this day I've never figured out what went wrong, but I didn't let one experience define me as a speaker. To do so would have been a grave mistake.

If I had, I may have given up on my speaking dream. And what a pity that would have been. Yet, I often see people give up when something goes wrong. 

Trust me… when  you're in the game long enough, poop happens. It simply does. That's a part of life. And when the poop hits the fan you have one of two choices; throw in the towel or learn from the experience. 

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How to get lots of speaking engagements

When I first dreamed of being a speaker who had the ability to influence people in a way that it literally transformed their lives, I wasn’t quite sure where to find audiences who would want to listen to me.

What I did know was this; if you want to be successful at something, find someone who is successful at the thing you want to achieve and find out what they did.

I learned that life-changing insight from none other than Tony Robbins. I had gone through his full 30 day Unlimited Power series when they were still being sold on cassette.

With this in mind, I set out to find experts who were making a living from speaking. It was at that point I tapped into the National Speakers Association.

It was beyond amazing when I walked into a room full of men and women who were making a living speaking. I was in hog heaven (okay my farm life is showing 🙂 )!

One woman, Lori G., who made over $100,000 a year at that time gave me one bit of advice that I took to heart and have never forgotten.

“The more you speak, the more you speak.” It took me hearing this a few times until I completely understood what she meant.

What this simply means is this; the more people see you, hear you and are inspired by you, the more opportunity seems to come out of the woodwork.

Now, I impart that wisdom to virtually anyone I talk with who says they want to get lots of speaking opportunities.

You have to be proactive in your approach to getting on the platform. You will be well served in learning from those who have been there, done that.

With well over 20 years of professional speaking experience under my belt and an income many experts who dream of getting on the platform would love to have, I’ve made it my mission in 2016 to share as much about how to make money speaking as I possibly can. Beyond the money, I am committed to teaching experts how to influence, be considered thought leaders, and have the courage to speak their truth in ways that can literally change the world one audience at a time.

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Experts who speak on the platform achieve more…. or do they?

Have you ever wondered how two people can start a business right around the same time and  one skyrockets to success while the other one struggles, barely able to make ends meet?

While one is enjoying all the perks that come with high visibility the other is saying, “It's not fair. She/he is no more intelligent, gifted or talented than me.”

If you look at virtually any industry where experts are rocking it, it's likely they are using one secret weapon that isn't so secret. They are not hiding out AND they are eager to share their message on the platform.

In other words, they realize the power of SPEAKING on the platform.

In the over 20 years I've owned my business the most powerful marketing and sales tools I've implemented is getting on the platform, having a great time sharing my message, making an offer that people are interested in and watching the revenues pour in.

This is not about “get rich quick.” Quite the opposite. It's about being incredibly strategic in reaching your potential “sweet spot” clients with your product and service offerings.

Speaking on the platform is not a hit and miss process. The more strategic you are, the greater your results.

Opportunities to speak are all around.  Here are just a few of the many ways you can get on the platform.

  • Association meetings in your local market.
  • Brown bag lunches.
  • Chamber meetings
  • Meet up groups in your local area
  • Chapter meetings of associations you are a member of that take place outside of your local market.

Let's take brown bag lunches. You can create your own series, or research companies who offer this type of opportunity.

If you're hosting your own there are costs involved such as venue, marketing and materials you will provide participants. Plan to hold these once a month for a few months in order to gain traction for your efforts.

If you are invited in by a local company, the venue is provided and you have a built in audience. More times than not you can negotiate to have your training material duplication taken care of by the company you are speaking for.

It is also possible to make an offer. However, make sure to get the thumbs up on this before doing so. In most cases, if your offer is something that enhances work performance, productivity, health or just about anything that gives employees a better quality of life, there will be no objection to an offer. But again, get permission first.

Your offer should not be an afterthought. Plan it out, take your time with it and avoid downplaying the benefits of your offer.

This is just one example of how to get on the platform and generate revenues by offering a free presentation.

After your presentation, follow up with whomever invited you into the company. Ask for a testimonial and ask if they know of other companies you can offer a similar presentation to.

If you've done a great job before, during and after AND you make this a part of your overall business strategy, within a short period of time you likely will have lots of great opportunities.

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You're going to find out how to find engagements, what to sell to make great money and how to increase your profit margins.


#1 Way to build market reach, position expertise and generate great revenues is with speaking

If you love to speak on the platform, you’re really good and you have outstanding material, getting paid to speak is a great way to make a living.

The dream of many experts is to have a full calendar of paid speaking engagements. Nice dream and yet, for some, it is far more profitable to create complimentary speaking opportunities to “showcase” their expertise.

How can this be? After all, if you get paid right out of the gate, it’s like a bird in the hand being worth more than two in the bush.

Not so fast! For some of us, we’ve cracked the code of how to make the so-called free engagements incredibly profitable… to the tune of six figures, even multiple six figures, for one event.

Granted, there is upfront work that goes into a six figure event, but with the right preparation, delivery and follow up, you are in a great position to book out ongoing revenues you will enjoy for months to come.

The most important aspect of an event that showcases your expertise is mindset. With the right mindset everything else becomes manageable, doable and fun.

image blog postShowcasing simply means you, the expert, gives your audience a taste of what you do. With the right presentation, the right mindset and a clearly defined offer, you become unstoppable.

Even though your audience is not paying money to attend your presentation, they are paying with something that is far more precious; time. Make their time 100% worthwhile and when you make your offer they will be incredibly receptive.

When making an offer, it has to be specific to the audience you are presenting to. You absolutely must convey how this offer will benefit them. It’s not so much the features they care about, it’s how it will give them an outcome they seek.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time when you are making the offer. The mistake I often see speakers make is they get so enamored with their presentation, they rush through their close.

In reality, your close happens throughout your presentation by way of case studies, examples and mini offers leading up to the big offer.

If the presentation is hosted by you, you are the one who creates the rules of when the offer is made.

In other cases, you won’t be able to make an offer during your presentation. It will be done during the follow up which might be done via email, direct mail or a phone call.

A great place to showcase your talent is at association meetings. There are thousands upon thousands of meetings taking place every month throughout the United States and Canada. Of course, Europe has association meetings too.

Regardless of where you speak, the key is to make sure audience members fit your profile of an ideal client.

There is a caveat to all this; if you’re just starting out and need platform experience, my recommendation is to speak to as many people as possible without too much concern for whether or not they will invest in your products and/or services.

On the other hand, if you are a seasoned presenter, then be extremely targeted with the people you get in front of. This is where the incredible revenue opportunities reside.

In the 21 plus years I’ve owned my business, hands down, the number one way I’ve built market presence, positioned my expertise and generated great revenue (while serving others with my information) has been by getting on the platform.


If you’re fed up … you need to speak up!

Have you heard of the documentary Fed Up? I came across it as a result of a search online to do with healthy eating.

In a nutshell the documentary, created by filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and journalist Katie Couric, investigates how the American food industry may be responsible for more sickness and obesity, especially in children, than previously realized.

To say I was shocked at what I saw is an understatement. It's appalling what has happened due to greed and lack of integrity in the name of success and profits.

Yet, I would have never had access to this information had the filmmaker and Katie Couric not been willing to speak up about the health epidemic impacting our world.

2014 film Fed Up is an advocacy documentary. Its message:

  • There is a worldwide epidemic of obesity.
  • It is endangering our children.
  • Increased sugar consumption is responsible.
  • The food industry is responsible for our increased sugar consumption because it puts hidden sugar in processed foods, bombards us with advertising, favors profits over health, and lobbies against regulation.
  • The government is responsible because it has failed to control the food industry.

It's because someone was willing to speak up about an important issue the film was made and people around the globe are being made aware of a shocking truth.

There are plenty of issues and causes people believe in who are willing to speak up and yet, there are countless individuals who have something to say, but have yet to find their voice or a platform.

Granted, not everyone will make a documentary to voice their message. There are lots of great ways to do so besides a movie.

One of the best ways to speak up is on the platform in front of a live audience. Men and women are doing it every day. Some for causes to improve a community. Some to teach attendees about health and fitness. Others to teach about financial well-being. Still others to show budding entrepreneurs how to grow a business. The list of topics goes on and on.

Whatever the topic or theme, you can have a platform. And as is often the case, you can make a great living in the process.

Case in point; recently I was recognized as one of 10 Pawer Women in the Pet Industry.

This honor came as a result of me speaking out on behalf of animal rights and using my platform to raise money for rescue animals.

Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have thought I would be recognized for my passion to help rescue animals. Recognition was not my motivation. I was simply doing what I was called to do.

At a recent event I hosted about 20% of the audience were pet industry entrepreneurs. Most heard of me through my animal rescue advocacy. Some are now private clients. The event generated a substantial amount of revenues for my company.

If I hadn't been willing to step on the platform, both for my non-business passion and my business passion, I would not have the impact I'm having.

It's the same for you. The platform is one of the most effective ways to get your message out to market AND make great money in the process.

One of the most important aspects of effectively speaking up and making great money in the process is your mindset. Why?

  1. Because not everyone is going to embrace your message. You have to have broad shoulders so you can weather the opinions of others.
  2. You MUST believe in your message.
  3. You MUST believe in the value you bring to the audience.
  4. There will be times your “lesser” self convinces you there is nothing you have to say.

When you conquer these four areas you will have an unstoppable mindset. The kind of mindset that positions you as a thought leader and someone people WANT to listen to.

Imagine what life will be like when you do get your message out in a big way and you make great money in the process.

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The six figure speaker mindset

Get on the platform. Give an incredible presentation. Make a boatload of money selling your products and services on the back-end.

Can it really be this simple? Actually yes…when you know what you're doing and you have the correct mindset.

Experts around the globe are making incredible livings by getting in front of audiences who are eager to hear what they have to say and learn from them. But it takes more than simply getting on the platform to realize how profitable speaking can actually be.

Before getting into what to do, let's look at why getting on the platform is such an incredible way to build a business, especially for soloentrepreneurs, small business owners, speakers, coaches, consultants and authors.

You are able to:

  • Share a message
  • Inspire
  • Start a movement
  • Position your expertise
  • Reach lots of potential “sweet spot” clients at once
  • Make money …. and lots of it

The fact is, more every day there is an increase in business speaking opportunities. According to Convention Industry Organization 205 Million people in the United States attend 1.8 million conventions, conferences, trade shows and exhibitions, incentive events and corporate/business meetings each year.

Imagine getting just a teeny bit of these opportunities.  Fact: seasoned speakers often have more than enough opportunity to pick and choose where they want to speak. Yet, it's not simply a  matter of sitting back and waiting for the flood gates of gigs to flow in. Regardless of how much experience and time in the industry a speaker has, he or she must be proactive in creating opportunities.

One of the best ways is to host self staged events. Actually, self staged events are on the rise and very, very profitable to solo entrepreneurs and experts in various fields.

Simply put, a self staged event is where you create your own speaking engagements.  Hands down, these can be one of the most profitable and flexible types of events for any experts.

When you host your own events YOU decide on the date, location, topic, content and back end offers. There's a lot to be said for this kind of flexibility.

With the last few events I hosted I generated over six figures in each one. You read right; six figures more than once.

Here's the thing though; you can learn all the techniques, strategies and formulas for becoming a successful speaker, but if you don't have the right mindset, it's all for naught. You absolutely must have a mindset that supports your vision of what is possible.

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Planning your speaking engagements

As you move into 2016 here are a few questions to ponder.

  • What do you already have booked?
  • Where would you like to speak?
  • What events can you host to serve your market?
  • What groups and associations can you speak for?

The more you plan this out the more you can fill your speaking calendar.