Authors… which of these fears do you have when it comes to speaking?

A member of a Facebook group I belong to posed a question about fears to do with speaking.

Things like fear of forgetting what you were saying, fear of being judged, fear of being misunderstood, fear of failure and fear of success.

The list consisted of well over a dozen fears.  This got me thinking about my nearly 25 year speaking career.

As an expert who speaks as a way to influence, inspire, enroll clients into consulting programs and sell  books and information products, I would be doing myself, and my market, a huge disservice if I let fear hold me back from getting on the platform.

Not so Fast Bucko!

Prior to embracing my desire to become a speaker, fear stopped me from getting on the platform.

My greatest fear was making a fool of myself. Fear of failing on the platform was also ever looming. There were others, but these were the biggest fears. Yet, I made a decision not to let fear hold me back.

Simply making the decision to speak did not miraculously remove all fear. Nope, I had to work through the fear by working at the craft of speaking.

Fast forward to today… Fear of failure and/or success is nonexistent at this point. Maybe it's age… maybe experience… maybe I’ve dealt with these fears, but they simply don’t enter my realm of thinking.

However, being a professional speaker for so many years, I’ve had the opportunity to work through a wide variety of fears.

Plenty of Time For Mistakes

In 25 years, I've had plenty of things go wrong while speaking. Windows breaking, electricity shutting down, people falling asleep, people walking out, a group of drunk tow truck drivers (they were off the clock) booing me and yelling, “Get that woman off the stage,” having the flu so bad I had to leave the room several times throughout the day long workshop and on and on.

I've also had standing ovations, people tell me I've changed their lives, people who enrolled in my private programs because of what they heard while I spoke and I've made incredible money on the platform.

Good Outweighs Bad

The good outweighs the bad. No two ways about it. Especially being able to inspire people. I’m very clear that my purpose while on the platform is to help audience members have a shift in perception, look at their own limiting thoughts, and be inspired to do what they are in this life to do… whatever that may be.

7 Ways to Get Through the Fear of Speaking

1. Determine what you're really afraid of

Often, fear resides more in our imagination than in reality. What are you actually afraid of? Once you are aware of the cause, you can do something about it.

2. Practice

No two ways about it, practice helps to minimize fear. I've talked to inexperienced speakers who say, “I like winging it.” Amateurs wing it. Professionals respect their audience enough to practice. This does not mean you need to memorize your talk, but put effort into making it the best it can be.

Granted, the more years of speaking you have under your belt, the less time you need to put into practice. Yet, practice is a great practice.

3. Join Toastmasters

Toastmasters is an outstanding organization for those who want to sharpen their leadership, speaking, presentation and communication skills. There are groups, called clubs, all over the world. I went to my first Toastmasters meeting in 1993. I got the bug to speak from that point forward. There was no going back.

4. Surround yourself with a peer group of speakers

There's nothing quite like hanging out with people who have similar interests as you. Regardless of what your interest is, finding like-minded people you can surround yourself with can only help you to improve. In addition, when fear shows up, you have people to talk to who will do more than say, “You need to get over it.” They will likely say, “Let's look at what's causing the fear and what you can do to get to the other side of fear.

5. Learn from experts

If you really want to stretch yourself, learn from speakers who are considered experts in speaking. Why? Because it's likely you'll discover the very thing you are going through, they did too. The main difference between the experts and everyone else is this; experts stuck with it… in spite of, or maybe because of, fear.

6. Speak … and then speak some more

The best way to get through the fear of anything is to do it again and again and again. Speaking is no different. The better you get, the less likely you will have the kind of fear that is designed by your EGO to quit. Don't do it. Keep going. Learn and know this; there are those who need to hear your message.

7. Accept you will never meet everyone's approval

This one is HUGE! Some people erroneously believe that if they just try hard enough, everyone will approve of what they say, their speaking style and their philosophy. I'm here to tell you, you will meet with those who want nothing to do with hearing you and those who will travel long distances to hear your talk. If you are true to who you are, you will likely create a community of people who really appreciate what you do.

Fear is Ready to Rear Its Ugly Head

In 2018, I'll be traveling around to promote my memoir. If I were to say I have no fear about this, I would be lying. My book is a big reveal of many things that will surprise, amuse, shock, and inspire readers and audience members.

Yet, the main message of my book is this; no matter where you’ve been, you don’t have to stay there. No matter what has stopped you, you can change your life for the better.

I long ago learned, I can play it safe and not do things I'm afraid of, thus never knowing what my full potential is.

Or… I can deal with the fear head-on and be amazed at what is possible in one person’s lifetime.

The choice is mine. The choice is yours.

What will you choose?

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Power Up Your Sales: Generate Leads for High-End Sales Through Public Speaking

The dream of becoming a professional speaker took hold many years ago. I was working for a small radio station in Santa Rosa, California. My primary job was to sell airtime. Yup! I sold air. Because the station was so small, it was easy to wear many hats. Within a very short period of time I realized that I could more fully serve my clients by not only selling them the air time, but also by writing and voicing their commercials.

The year was 1989. Two years prior I had a completely different life. Prior to this period I was nearly broke, couch surfing and I had no job. I would read and listen to virtually anything I could get my hands on that could help me achieve a success mindset and deepen my spiritual well-being. Most everything I read or listened to was obtained from garage sales or the Goodwill. Scraping by from day to day required I get very creative in how I fed my voracious appetite for knowledge. The kind of knowledge that could get me out of the desperate way of life I had ended up in.

Out of all of the books in my personal library, my favorite was The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. I read it morning and night without fail. It was during this time one of my top clients, Scott, introduced me to the works of Tony Robbins. Scott owned a full service gas station with nearly 40 employees. On a beautiful winter day, I stopped by to drop off the cassette that contained Scott’s most current ad spot. He and his office manager Mary took me into their office to listen to the demo tape. After we were done with the usual business, Mary asked me if I had ever heard of Tony Robbins. I had not.

They were very excited to introduce me to his work. Putting the full set of cassettes for Tony Robbin’s Unlimited Power in my hands, Mary said, “Take these home and listen to one tape each morning and then again at night. If you listen for the full 30 days your life will never be the same. After the 30 days we want you to present to our entire team about what you learned. We host an annual company meeting and this year, we want you to be the speaker. We’ll pay you for your time.”

“But I’m not a speaker.” The words came out of mouth as if they had a mind of their own. “What we love about you, Kathleen, is how positive you are. Our staff needs to find out how you got from where you were, to where you are now. With your own life experience and what you’ll get from Tony’s tapes, we know you will do great!”

For the next 30 days I listened religiously.  I noticed my thoughts (and actions) shifting in a really amazing way. I became aware of things I hadn’t paid that much attention to, like my daily habits, my thoughts, my focus on what was going on in my head and my willingness to take risks. I stayed the course for the full 30 days, all the while knowing I would be sharing my perception and point of view with Scott’s staff.

When the evening for my presentation arrived, I was fully prepared. I had so much fun with the preparation for the evening, I wondered what it would take to become a full time speaker; the kind of speaker who could impact people around the globe. After all, Tony Robbins had turned his life around and was impacting men and women around the world and making a great living doing so.

The evening went off without a hitch. I did great! The group loved my presentation and Scott couldn’t have been happier. As I was preparing to leave a silver haired gentleman approached me. “I’m Scott’s father. I really liked what you had to say,” he smiled and extended his hand to shake mine. “I have a group of people I would like you to speak to tomorrow night. You can do the same presentation as you did tonight. I don’t have a budget, but this will give you more experience.” I suppose I should have realized I wasn’t as good as I thought if he was giving me the opportunity for “more experience.” But I ignored this fact, beaming with excitement.  Wow! Here I had given only one talk and already I was being asked to speak to another group. I knew I had arrived. Without asking anything about the group, I jumped at the chance.

The following day dragged on, raining nonstop. I anxiously counted the minutes before I would once again be doing what I was destined to do, motivate an audience by getting on the platform with my inspiring message.  At the appointed time, I arrived at the facility, dressed in a smart black business suit, heels and carrying my briefcase. I was somewhat taken aback to walk into a room of hundreds of tow truck drivers and their spouses. It was apparent to me that the drivers had not had time to go home to shower and change. I was witness to several beer chugging contests. It didn’t take but a few minutes for my judgements to set in.

Barely two years clean and sober, a part of me wanted to turn and hightail it out of the huge room.  “With risk comes reward,” rang a small voice in my head. “With risk comes reward.” I decided to tough it out even when a few audience members made it abundantly clear they had no desire to listen to me. Trying not to let this impact me, I dove headfirst into my presentation. The more I spoke, the louder a few of the drunk audience members booed. “Get that woman out of here,” could be heard from a couple people around the room. I was devastated. How could I have ever thought I could be a speaker?  Feeling knocked down emotionally, I swore I would never, ever, ever get in front of an audience from this point forward.

Fast forward nearly three decades and I have hundreds of presentations under my belt. Not only do I know the formula for making six figures in revenue from self-hosted events, I’ve been a featured keynote speaker at dozens of industry conferences. Meeting planners reach out to me. I’ve sat on expert panels and generate multiple six figures annually in my business.  It’s a good thing I changed my point of view on speaking on the platform! I’ve spoken in almost every state in the union, as well as speaking in Canada and Europe. I’ve heard the applause of highly inspired audiences, autographed my books for those who wanted to “take me home” with them and dealt with some of the craziest unexpected events a speaker can experience.

Today, I love the platform and I know that regardless of what is going on with the economy, I have ample opportunity to generate revenue, great revenue at that! I’ve also discovered the power of knowing how to host my own events to enroll high-end clients. I’ve learned the benefits of being a “celebrity” within a market to sell books and home study programs to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of hours. I’ve learned the importance of not giving up!

With this in mind, I wrote the book, Power Up Your Sales; Generate Leads for High-End Sales Through Public Speaking.

Contained on the pages of this book are some of the most important aspects of what I want to share with you in order that you can know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how rewarding (and profitable) speaking on the platform can be.  My goal in writing this book is to give you solid strategies to build your business by positioning your message in a very powerful and profound way.

If you are an expert who…

  • Wants to increase your client base
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  • Is ready to cut the sales process exponentially
  • Wants to be viewed as the “go-to” authority
  • Dreams of closing more business
  • Knows you can make more money
  • Is ready to enjoy the process

Then you are in the right place at the right time. The world needs your message. And you need a platform to share your message. Join me on this incredible journey called speaking. A journey that can reward you financially like virtually nothing else.

It is with great pleasure I share with you, Power Up Your Sales; Generate Leads for High-End Sales Through Public Speaking

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Sales – You’ve got it bass ackward

“I’ll invest in sales training as soon as I make the money to do so.”

I can’t even begin to count the number of times someone has said this, all the while struggling to make sales. For some reason, she believes that she is going to figure out what the problem is with sales results, when she has been dealing with the problem for a long time.

Chances are the problem is not knowing how to have a sales conversation.

When sales are slow, people generally use a few standard reasons:

  1. Slow economy
  2. This is a tough industry
  3. People are tight with their money right now.
  4. People don’t buy this time of year.
  5. The price is too high so I need to discount “the thing.”

Often, what someone thinks is a reason is really an excuse. An excuse to hold on to her story and not do what needs to be done to change the way she does sales.

The reality is this: the right kind of training and/or mentorship can solve the lackluster sales dilemma many entrepreneurs deal with in their businesses. Yet, many entrepreneurs hold on to the belief that they will invest after they close some deals.

Did they ever consider that, until they are willing to do things differently (like get trained), they might not close the business they want?

This is especially true in service-based industries, where you are asking potential clients to invest in your services. On the one hand, you are asking for someone to invest in your services and yet on the other hand, you are not willing to invest in your own development.

There’s an inherent flaw with this way of doing business. How can you expect someone to invest in what you have to offer if you won’t do the same? Energetically, there’s a major disconnect.

Another reason sales might be slow is when you don't focus your prospecting efforts where you have the highest concentration of potential business.

Recently, I was talking with a young man, who is very well known in his local market. So much in fact, his name comes up in a very positive fashion in many conversations.

He and I were talking about what he could do to build his business. I said, “Tap into your local market.”

He was convinced he needed to do a bunch of fancy-dancy online stuff to be considered a successful marketer in his business.

“My gosh, no! You have a large group of people locally who know, like and trust you. That’s 90% of the sales conversion process.”

To say he was relieved when he realized he could tap right into his own backyard is an understatement.

I see this quite often. Rather than mining the gold that is within arm’s reach, you think you have to chase after leads elsewhere.

The process of selling is just that—a process. A huge part of the process is determining where you have the greatest likelihood to reach the portion of your market that is interested in what you have.

From there, it’s a matter of having conversations with those people who would truly benefit from your products and services. This is where selling with integrity resides.

Integrity-selling is knowing when to say no to a prospect and when to persuade someone to make a choice that will literally change their life.

It’s also knowing how to handle objections that are fear-based and those that are fact-based. There’s a major distinction between the two and knowing the distinction will put you light years ahead of most people who attempt to sell.

The most important thing to keep in mind with the sales process is this; no matter what your business, you are in the business of selling. And selling is simply giving someone the opportunity to make the best choice for what they say they want.

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The shocking truth about why business continues to be slow

Often people blame the economy as to why business is slow. This is a convenient excuse many entrepreneurs mindlessly use rather than admit it could very well be their own fault.

Poor revenues may have nothing to do with the economy, but rather one’s attitude and how potential clients and customers are treated.

Yesterday was the first time I visited Charleston, South Carolina. What an amazing city. So much to see and do. Of course, no visit to the area would be complete without a visit to Historic Market Street.

What struck me the most in the Market was the contrast between vendors. Not so much in what they were selling, but their level of interest in potential buyers walking by their concession.

lazy marketSome were eager to answer questions while others sat on their backside reading the newspaper or talking on their cell phones without so much as a glance up at those who obviously were interested in their products.lazy two

The booths that were the busiest were those where the vendor (or their employee) took a genuine interest in tourists and locals alike.

One young man really captured our interest as we approached the booth he was working in. Although cooking is not one of my favorite pass times Antwan’s enthusiasm and willingness to spend time with us made me WANT to spend money on various items he showed us.

spicesBy the time we were done we bought several types of soup, gumbo mixes and spice items.

I had so much fun I even tipped Antwan a few dollars. His eyes opened wide with delight.

“Thank you ma’am,” he said with a big smile.

One woman gave us a demonstration of how her acupuncture massager would relieve the stress most commonly built up in one’s back and shoulders. She spent a good five minutes or so explaining why people tend to get stressed, added in free batteries with our purchase as well as a laminated chart of the various pressure points to target for stress relief.

She didn’t have to ask twice for the sale. I was definitely sold.

Contrast that with a woman talking on her phone rather than get off her butt to answer any questions about her purses. Or the woman reading the newspaper rather than show me the blankets and scarves I was picking up to feel.

From the open air market we strolled over to a shop that sold children and pet clothes and toys. The clerk took such interest in us we ended up getting shirts for two of our nephews and a shirt for Chance, our Pit Bull.shirt

In a matter of an hour we easily dropped a few hundred dollars on a little something here, a little something there.

How often do you hear others say business is slow? Upon closer examination it could be that it’s not that business is slow, but their level of customer concern is sorely lacking.

More times than not there is a very simple explanation for why one business will do great while another struggles.

With every shop we spent money with we felt like they wanted our business. The shop owners and clerks took a genuine interest in us. They answered our questions. Never once did we feel like they could care less.

While those that missed a great opportunity obviously felt reading the newspaper and checking their phone was far more important in that moment than foot traffic in their shop.

So the next time you hear someone say, “business is slow” dig deeper into the reasons why. You may be surprised at what you discover.

What do you most enjoy when you are shopping? What do you least enjoy? comments welcome.

The #1 reason most sales funnels don’t work and what to do about it

If you’ve been online for any length of time you’ve funnelheard of sales funnels. This is where you introduce a prospective buyer to your products and/or services  by way of a free offer (ethical bribe).

Regardless of the industry, sales funnels can (and do) generate lots of money when done right. Sadly, most people never realize their greatest revenue opportunities for one simple reason; they are using a one-off model.

A one-off model is where someone opts-in for your freebie. From there you occasionally make an offer of some sort. Often the offer is an afterthought of what would really benefit the end user.

Most people are not very strategic about what that something will be. Neither have they considered what else they could offer even if the prospective buyer says no to the first offer.

This is when they throw up their hands in frustration and say, “This online marketing stuff just doesn’t work.”

It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s that you’ve not considered what else the end user needs, wants and is willing to pay for.

Rather than getting people into your funnel and occasionally making an offer you will get a greater result when you take people through a systematized sales funnel process. I like to call this the “success journey” both for you and your customers.

So what’s a success journey? This is where your potential buyer enters your subscriber list by way of a juicy offer. From there, you strategically offer them more solutions to their primary and secondary problems.  

When done right you can easily double, triple and even quadruple your results. Your buyer experiences more benefit because you are offering more holistic solutions to them. After all, isn’t that what you are trying to accomplish – offering a greater solution to your market?

Most people leave untold amounts of money on the table by not planning out their sales funnels and offers.

One person who never leaves money on the table is my friend Susan Lassiter-Lyons. Susan is absolutely brilliant at creating and optimizing online sales funnels.  When she sat down with me to show me her process I was floored at how simple it is. I tried it out and immediately generated a five figure result.susan

Susan is not someone who just talks about the process, she consistently uses it. She has created a 7-figure business with her simple formula.

I was so impressed with her process I invited her to share it at my recent three day event – Power Up for Profits Live!

When she shared her Automated Funnel Formula the audience LOVED her.  In fact, she got a standing ovation when her presentation was over.  (When was the last time you saw THAT happen for a session speaker at a live event?!).

Well, since her presentation rocked the house, I convinced her to join me for a webinar so those who were not in attendance could learn her formula.  I was thrilled when she agreed.

I realized what a hot topic this is when I sent out one message to my subscribers. Within a couple of hours over 100 people registered for the webinar. Within a few more hours we quickly realized this session is going to reach capacity.

If you want to learn Susan’s formula you can still register. It happens on Saturday, October 26th but I can’t guarantee  how soon we will reach capacity. Registration will close once we reach capacity.

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  • The “old funnel” vs the “new funnel” and how much money you're leaving on the table
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  • How to create an irresistible offer (and the top 10 most profitable)
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