Use your business as a vehicle to influence positive change

businessCan our businesses contribute to solutions to many of the world problems we are experiencing more frequently every day? As entrepreneurs, are we able to fuel much needed shifts in perceptions, beliefs and reality of what is possible? Is it wise for entrepreneurs to speak their truth publicly beyond simple business as usual?

Personally, I believe we have a responsibility to be more visible with what is possible to make life better for others. Our businesses are a powerful vehicle to fuel the change.

Demand what you want (naught)

Recently, there was a post on Facebook that simply read, “Demand peace.” This got me thinking about what it means to demand anything.

Sure we can demand something, but demanding accomplishes very little over the long-haul. Demanding equates to blowing smoke. demand

Do not demand what you seek to experience, but rather, live it. It is in living what we desire, we will have more of whatever it is we desire.

Focus matters

What we focus on, we do get more of. There is so much evidence of this and the focus must be consistent. You cannot set the intention for something, make a commitment to staying the course and then after a day or two, go back to old beliefs and behaviors.

Remembering_Mother_Teresa“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” Mother Theresa.

Commit to change

Change occurs when we are more committed to the change rather than the comfort of the familiar.

If you want more love, you cannot demand someone love you. The way to have more love is to be more loving. ‪#‎beloving‬

If you want more health, you cannot demand your body to suddenly become healthy. You must take healthy actions on a daily basis. ‪#‎healthychoices‬

If you want more understanding, you cannot demand someone to understand you. ‪#‎understandfirst‬

If you want peace, you cannot demand people. You must live in peaceful ways. ‪#‎liveinpeace‬

Demanding something may get a temporary result. However, for long-term results and true change, it is up to each one of us to live in the space of love, hope, caring, compassion and forgiveness.

It is never too late to shift one’s perception and recognize the fact that children take on beliefs, actions and assumptions based handsone what they see, hear and are taught through the behaviors of others on a daily basis.

May we walk hand in hand with others from all walks of life in the solution from this moment forward.

In reality, our businesses are vehicles for change. And change we must. We must change what it means to contribute. We must change what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. We must change our level of willingness to contribute in a positive way.

The world of business HAS changed in some amazing ways. To hold on to the old way of doing things is counterproductive and in many cases a waste of our resources.

Many entrepreneurs go into business for more than simply to make money. We start businesses to make a difference, impact change and influences the lives of those we are privileged and entrusted to work with.

What are you committed to making a difference with?

For those who offer information products and coaching/consulting services, you can impact change through your coaching skills, consulting excellence, books, information products and speaking engagements. It simply takes the willingness to allow the information to work through you. change

For those who have store fronts and sell various types of products, you can impact change through the care you put into how you run your business, how you treat your staff, how much you care for your customers and the conversations you engage in.

Change can, and must, happen.

Change Save







Turn Tire Kickers into Raving Fans

biteYou’re finally ready to bite the bullet and invest money into Facebook advertising. After all, you’ve heard for months now this is a MUST DO.

Your goal is to find lots of people who will opt into your subscriber list and then jump at the chance to buy your products and services.

You have a budget. You’ve hired someone who claims to be an ad expert. You have your landing page set. Your follow up messaging is ready.

You sign the agreement, send a PayPal payment to your ad person and wait with excitement for business to explode. And you wait. And you wait. And you wait.

Frustrated, you wonder why people aren’t clamoring to do so much as opt in, let alone buy something.

After all, people who know you love your products and services. But getting strangers to give up their name and email address is surrendernear impossible. Here’s why… people are so overwhelmed with the latest and greatest free offer, more times than not they are ignoring what happens to show up in the feed or side panel, especially if they’ve never heard of you.

There’s a huge difference between those who know us and those who don’t. It’s a cold, hard fact. Nowadays you have to warm people up before they are likely to opt-in for something, regardless of how amazing you think your offer is.

One of the best ways to do this is by gaining lots of visibility through content distribution. Often you’ll be better off using a portion of your ad dollars to drive traffic to blog posts and videos before driving them to an opt in page. Granted, your content has to be stellar. The better the content, the more likely cold traffic becomes warm traffic, eventually becoming hot traffic.

Cold traffic needs to be warmed up. You can do this by driving traffic to your blog, articles, videos, etc.

Warm traffic knows a bit about you but they are neutral in how they feel and respond to you.

Hot traffic are raving fans. They definitely want to do business with you.

Gone are the days of people opting in to whatever offer is put in front of them. Now, more than ever, you have to be book coverincredibly strategic about how you gain someone’s attention, what you do once you’ve got their attention and how much effort you put into value added information.

One way to warm your market up is with a highly valuable book. When the book is FREE you have a great opportunity to warm someone up quickly. See what I mean by accessing my FREE Kindle book – Power Up Your Sales – CLICK HERE.



5 Must-Know Trends of 2015

2015 promises to be an amazing year for small business owners. In the coming year there will be some incredibly important marketing trends that will impact the way you do business.

Some are minor and simply a continuation of what is already happening. Others are major and will heavily impact all you do.

thoughtKnowing what is coming will allow you the opportunity to offer products and services that address the needs of your customers and clients.

1.  Obesity will continue to increase and yet, more people will be willing to take 100% responsibility for their own health through more organic eating and consistent exercise.According to the McKinsey Global Institute the global weight-loss market is worth an estimated $586.3 billion. But obesity continues to rise with over 1.4 billion adults being overweight.

If you’re a health and fitness expert you are in a great position to educate the market, offer long term solutions, teach others how their habits are keeping them fat, unhealthy and toxic.

2.  Women will take on more leadership roles and have the willingness to take bigger risks personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.mentor

Robin Ely and Colleen Ammerman of Harvard Business School, and Pamela Stone of Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center, recently released a paper based on a study of more than 25,000 Harvard Business School graduates, focusing their research on baby boomers (ages 49-67), generation X (ages 32-48), and millennials (ages 26-31) of both genders.

According to their findings, “There is a growing belief that not only do women bring a different and effective approach to management, but also that this difference is beginning to positively influence the organization in very specific ways. The stereotypical masculine view of leadership, alongside preconceived opinions of what it takes to be an effective leader, are inexorably giving way to leadership traits that are more inclusive, interactive and nurturing in style.”

3. There will be a huge increase of those 50 plus starting a business for the first time. For some, it is by design, for others, out of necessity.Due to fewer people having retirement funds, minimal savings and higher expenses, 2015 and beyond will see a dramatic increase in first time business owners over the age of 50.

The greatest challenge will be for those who are not business savvy, do not have the entrepreneurial mindset and in dire need of understanding what it takes to start, run and thrive in business.confusion

4. Nonsensical videos will continue to clutter the Internet costing businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity. With the increase of technological capabilities and the number of devices with video shooting capability, we will see an increase in the number of videos loaded up on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

According to Business Insider, “Smartphones, time-wasting websites and gossip can cost U.S. companies an estimated $650 billion a year.

5. The increase of indie authors, singers, artists and creatives willing to put their work out to market will level the field more than in the past.

Barriers to entry for the work of Indie artists are almost nonexistent.

With increased distribution channels there will be increased opportunity for Indies. Yet, the greatest barrier to success for any Indie is their knowledge on how to market their works.

These are only a handful of the trends in the coming year. You might be wondering how this impacts you. Find out on January 15th when I share more trends that will impact how you run your business in 2015 and how you can benefit from these trends.

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Why most people never get a return on their investments

fb groupI belong to a private Facebook group with over 400 entrepreneurs who each invested right around $750 in a very topic specific program. Anxious to learn as much as possible, I immediately dug into the content.

One of the greatest benefits of the investment in the full program is the private group. What’s interesting is this… we each invested the same amount and yet most of the people in the private group are not utilizing all that is available to them. There are 5 – 10% of us who are doing anything.

One of the greatest benefits of the group is the expert who created the program is incredibly active in the Facebook group. This, in and of itself, it worth so much.

Those of us who jumped in with both feet (even though we all started in the same place of knowledge level – minimal) are gaining the most value, moving forward quickly due to our involvement and we support of each others goals.

What I’m learning from the investment in the program and the group is yet another strategy I will be using to generate a very high stream of revenue. The amount of time I am putting into this before I make my first dollar with the information is substantial. By launch date (no later than April 21st) it will be over 2 months of my time and two virtual assistants (VA) on my team and my partner’s time.

The financial investment is considerable, what with the program,  my VA’s time, software I need for this and other needed items. Yet, with the foundation we are laying I KNOW the return on investment will be huge.

Back to the Facebook group. Although there are hundreds of members, it’s likely only a few will recoup their investment, let alone make a profit.

It’s not that those who will profit are any luckier or less busy than the ones who won’t. Nope, it’s that we have different priorities.

The ones who are jumping in and doing what we need to do including investing time, money and energy are all very busy. For me, I have a webinar a week each week until launch time on April 21st, I have several radio interviews, we are re-launching three product lines within the next 30 days, I have Power Up for Profits Live! in May – and a few other things.

Click here for Power Up for Profits Live! tickets.  powerliveaudience

No one escapes being busy. It’s really about prioritizing.

The reason I share this is because I see the same thing with virtually any product or service on the market.  There are those who buy something, think it’s cool, but never do anything with the information and then say, “This stuff doesn’t work.”

Or they admit they just didn’t make the training material and launch of the information a priority.

You are the only person who can make the decision of what’s most important in your business.

I get it that people are busy. We all are.

The bottom line is this… you must make the decision of what is most important in order to take your business to the next level.

One of the best places to get a great jump start, network and get on track with taking your business where you want it to go is to meet me in Phoenix in May.

Click here to grab your spot. video 1

I have people who will say, “Kathleen, it’s easy for you to make the investments you need to in order to grow your business. For me I have this and this and this going on.”

What I invest today is considerably more than in the past but I had to start somewhere. If my palms don’t sweat I’m not playing big enough.

Every step of the way you must make decisions on what you will invest in.

How big do you play?

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Quit spinning your wheels with social media marketing

Knowing how to get the most from you time in social networks can be a huge challenge.

Not only have I been marketing online for well over 15 years, I’ve been involved in various social networks for as long as I can remember.

Knowing how to effectively use our time and get the most from our efforts can be a huge challenge.

I’m always on the lookout for great information on how to get the most from the time I spend in social networks.

I was thrilled when super affiliate, Lynn Terry, created the ultimate social media marketing program.

Now that I’ve gone through quite a bit of Social Marketing Results I am even more convinced than ever this was a great investment.

On the upside the content was complete, easy to understand and implement.

Lynn shows how you can get incredible results in just 15-30 minutes a day without spending a dime on ads. She gives very specific strategies that anyone from the newest newbie to the most experienced marketer will benefit from.

Best of all, the information can apply to just about any industry.

With the good there is a bit of the bad. The downside is that Lynn has given so much content that you do need to plan your study time. If you’re looking for a short, fluffy program, Social Marketing Results is not for you.

But if you’re looking for a content rich program created by one of the world’s most renowned experts, then you need to check this out right now. Click here


You don’t have to spend money on Facebook ads ever again!

choiceWhen you look at all the options on how to get the most out of social media, it quickly becomes overwhelming. Worse yet, it’s hard to know who to listen to. Nowadays, someone reads a book, listens to a teleseminar, watches a video and immediately calls themselves a social media expert.

It’s scary when you think about how many people are “experts” and yet, not getting the kind of results they say they can teach you to get.

Yet, there are some experts who are definitely the real deal. They’ve accomplished what they are teaching.

Recently, I saw a post from my friend, David Perdew, about a recently released program by Lynn Terry.lynnterry

Having known Lynn for many years, and knowing she is definitely a tried and true expert, I decided to check the program out.

In less than 15 minutes I got more great tips on how to drive traffic, build market reach, get raving fans and make money with social media than I have in quite some time.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best programs on the organic side of social media out there.

Actually, Lynn shows you how to get results in just 15-30 minutes a day without spending a dime on ads.

This really appealed to me. Especially since last month alone I spent nearly $1,000 on FB advertising.

The difference between paid traffic and organic is this; organic traffic tends to be much more loyal and a heck of a lot more interested in who you are.

If you want to learn from someone who is down to earth, generous in her knowledge and a stellar expert check out Lynn’s program.


SlideShare -The Sleeping Giant of Social Networks

With all the choices of social networks and social media marketing you might wonder where your time is best utilized.

The standard locations are:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+

One social network proving to be incredibly valuable is SlideShare.

Although I’ve known about SlideShare for quite some time, it’s been only in the last month I’ve actively utilized this great resource.

SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. With 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views, it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world. Besides presentations, SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars.

Whether you want to spread the word on a PowerPoint presentation, an article or a video, you will benefit greatly from incorporating SlideShare into your marketing mix.

With one recent presentation I posted I had over 335 views in just a few hours. Those are 300 potential opt in subscribers to my list. They are also 335 potential buyers of my products and services.


Not only did I get a lot of views with this presentation it streamed as Hot on Facebook. This is an added benefit that generates even more visibility for my presentation and my expertise.sli

Here are a few tips to get the most out of SlideShare.

  • Give your presentation a name with keywords your market uses in their searches.
  • The content on your slides is automatically transcribed, which will boost your SEO. As with the title, use keywords throughout your presentation.
  • Use images in your presentation especially on the title slide. This is more engaging to your viewers.
  • Add a slide or two with a URL directing viewers to an opt in page. If your presentation is outstanding viewers will definitely want more of you.
  • Put a promotion strategy in place before publishing your presentation.
  • Promote your presentation once it’s uploaded on SlideShare. This will increase views which increases position.

It’s definitely time to check this out as part of your marketing mix.

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Over one billion Facebook posts per day!

Over one billion Facebook posts per day!

Whoa! When I read this statistic I was floored. This is only one of 100 statistics I found incredibly revealing.

Check out the others at The Social Skinny.

If you’re not in the game of social media, you need to be. No matter what industry, what size company, what market or what your products or service you offer, chances are social media will help you to achieve your overall business goals faster.

However, it’s not just a matter of posting a few tweets, commenting on your Facebook wall and putting fun videos up on YouTube. It’s about being very strategic with your time, money and effort invested.

Consider the following:

  • What is your primary purpose for your social media activity?
  • What social networks does your market (tribe/community/family) utilize?
  • How much time will you invest daily (or weekly) to building your presence in various social networks?
  • Do you need to outsource some of the activities required to give you a professional edge?
  • What is your budget for outsourcing?
  • How does your social media activity fit into your overall business model?

Regardless of whether or not you see value in social media, those who do and know how to wisely utilize what is available, will not wonder why they got left in the dust.

What is your best tip for using social media? Comments encouraged and welcomed.

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Endorsements are useless!

If you’re like me you love when a client sends you a testimonial for a job well done.

Not only do testimonials influence buying decisions, it feels great to be acknowledged in this way.

However, lots of testimonials and endorsements are useless and bogus.

Here’s what I’m referring to; in the last 30 days I’ve received at least half a dozen requests from people I don’t know asking me to endorse them on their quality of work.

They likely read somewhere how important endorsements are, but what they fail to understand is this; asking people they have not done business with to give them a glowing testimonials dilutes the effectiveness of what is being said.

When I receive a request from someone I don’t know, I simply tell them I don’t endorse people I’m unfamiliar with.

I would be hard pressed to believe anything positive said about this person. After all, how many of the “glowing reports” they have are from people who couldn’t say no to their request.

On the flip side, when testimonials and endorsements are true they can (and do) carry a lot of weight.

Here’s a great example. Recently I made a huge investment for one day with a very skilled consultant.

No way would I invest thousands of dollars for one day with this expert (plus travel and lodging costs) if I didn’t do my homework. 

First, I didn’t simply believe “glowing reports” about her. Nope. I did my homework by checking her out with friends and colleagues, did a very in-depth web search, and gave myself a cooling down period before making the final decision.

I can assure you if I found out the endorsements were bogus my investment would have never happened. 

Do endorsements work? Absolutely! But they have to be real and sincere. Otherwise they are useless.

The same holds true for book reviews. They are useless unless truthful by someone who has read your book.

What’s the best way to get a glowing report? Do an incredibly great job while continually bringing high value to your community.

It’s actually that simple.

What are your thoughts on giving and receiving endorsements? You comments and insights welcomed and encouraged.





Marketing books with social networks… worth it or a complete waste of time?

A very heated debate in many circles is whether or not social media marketing and social networks are a good use of time or simply the activity of fools. One writer’s group I belong to recently had just such a discussion.

The mud slinging by a couple of members got so intense the moderator of the group said, “Enough is enough.”

I discovered this when my post was rejected. Not for content but because the moderator felt the discussion had reached a point of nonproductivity.

I was in complete agreement with her stand but felt shortchanged in that up to that point there were lots of reasons why someone should or should not use social networks to market a book but very little on exactly how to effectively use social media.

As an author and a book marketing expert I can’t imagine not using social networks to market either my books or those of my clients. However, a very targeted approach is essential.

There are dozens upon dozens of things that can be done. Here are three that can prove to be very effective.

1. Facebook ProPage. Build a following for you and your book with a professional page. This does take time, effort and commitment. Avoid simply starting a ProPage and doing nothing beyond that. 

Be visible, add value and interact.  The more involved you are the more the members will be inclined to want to read your books. (If you add value)

2. Facebook event postings. When you have any type of event as it relates to your book(s) you can post on FB. However, avoid posting every single one or potential attendees may not pay as much attention.

3. LinkedIn Groups. You can begin your own group specific to your market and genre. Groups are a wonderful way to keep in touch. As with Facebook you need to continually add value.

If you do events in your local market you can either start, or join, a group specific to a geographic region. The video I posted shows exactly how.

A local group could be one of the best ways to build community and a loyal fan base.

In conclusion. All of these methods do take time. However, the payoff can be huge. To get the most out of your social media efforts keep an eye on just how much you are doing and what the results are.

Otherwise you will be on the side of the discussion where people say, “Social networks are a complete waste of time.”

I will be the first to admit that social networks can be a huge time sucker with very little result other than people knowing what you had for breakfast.

I will also stand by my position that in today’s world of book marketing social networks and social media marketing are incredible additions to a well planned campaign.

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