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Cathy DemersI've been in business a very long time, and I've had my share of success, but joining Kathleen's Platinum Program is quite simply, one of the best investments I have ever made. After just 2 months in Kathleen's program my revenues took the most dramatic jump I have ever experienced – ever! I've already seen a 5-time return on my monthly investment.

And it's not a “flash in the plan” either! Using Kathleen's expert guidance, and astute business mind, we’ve put together a realistic and exciting plan that leverages both my business and personal assets – in ways I never could have imagined or done on my own.

Every success-minded business owner needs the best mentor they can find. If you want a mentor who truly cares about your success, has deep knowledge of business and marketing, and who will keep you on track, while supporting you to accomplish what you are truly capable of, and creating the success you crave…get Kathleen Gage on your team.

Cathy Demers
Business Success Cafe' Founder

Christine KloserIn less than 24 hours my book made it to #1 in several categories and was recognized as a #1 bestseller in Hot New Releases.

“When I thought about who could help me take my book to bestseller status on, Kathleen Gage was the person I knew I wanted to work with. I am grateful I made the decision because Kathleen’s expertise is beyond compare. Because of Kathleen’s commitment to the success of the launch for The Freedom Formula my book quickly rose up the Amazon charts. In less than 24 hours my book made it to #1 in several categories and was recognized as a #1 bestseller in Hot New Releases. Kathleen made the process very simple, she is easy to work with, went above and beyond and made sure all details were handled. Not only did I become a bestseller on Amazon, I was featured in dozens of blogs, secured several interviews and am still reaping the benefits.”

Christine Kloser
Bestselling author, speaker, conscious business mentor
The Freedom Formula Founder of The Freedom Formula Experience

Dr. Joe CapistaFrom a complete unknown to a #1 bestseller in several categories.

I have always dreamed of being a bestselling author. With the incredible skills Kathleen Gage used to market my book, it went from a complete unknown to a #1 bestseller in several categories.

The amazing thing was how quickly it all happened. Within 24 hours of the launch I was a bestseller. The best part of all are the number of opportunities that this has created. I have had countless interviews and speaking engagements since I began working with Kathleen. I have known for a long time if you want the best, hire the best. Hands down, she is the best at what she does.

Dr. Joe Capista,
Bestselling Author,Speaker, Entrepreneur
What Can A Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success?

Mr. EbayFirst time Teleseminar effort yields $3348 in Sales!!!!

I followed Kathleen step-by step system and generated $3348 in sales from just 2 teleseminars!!!

Wow, all I can say is get this course NOW!!!! It does and will work for YOU!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!
Kevin “Mr Ebay” Johnson

Darlene BradenKathleen Gage took my book, What Stops You?, to a Best Selling position on

Kathleen knows the systems, steps and actions necessary to achieve any goal set. Kathleen is professional, soft, caring and personable while at the same time acting like a pit bull towards the goal; she does not give up and will not be stopped. When working with Kathleen I knew I would get much more than 100% of her efforts and because of this I have achieved more success than I ever thought possible.

Darlene Braden
Best Selling Author “What Stops You?,”

Janet EspositoI just completed Kathleen Gage’s Amazon Bestseller Course and it was an absolute gold mine of valuable information.

Kathleen is one of the best teachers I have come across – she has an incredible fund of knowledge and experience, as well as a talent for sharing information so it is understandable and interesting. She also expresses a heartfelt sincerity in her desire to help others achieve tremendous success and always goes the extra length to over-deliver and make sure everyone gets what they need from her classes. I highly recommend taking this course, as well as any other classes Kathleen offers, as learning from Kathleen is one of the best investments someone can make if they want to learn from a pro!

Janet Esposito, M.S.W., Author, In The SpotLight:
Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing

Lori GiovannoniI made several thousand dollars with my first teleseminar thanks to Kathleen ’s formula. Kathleen has a proven method for success.

“Kathleen taught me a very systematic approach to developing and delivering money-making teleseminars. She really knows what she is doing. It wasn’t a matter of doing teleseminars because I had nothing better to do. It was because I was my husband’s primary caretaker and I needed to make money. Without hesitation I would recommend Kathleen Gage to anyone who wants incredible success for their book, service, product and/or business. She is brilliant at what she does.”

Lori Giovannoni
Award winning speaker, business consultant and Bestselling Author

Rhonda SherI have spent thousands of dollars on other programs on this topic and none have come close to the program you offer. It is worth 10 times the cost you charge for it.

I consider myself a seasoned networker and speaker who has been exposed to many of the very best trainers.

You are in my opinion, the top of the top when it comes to delivering material about how to generate income from teleseminars. Not only is your information complete, easy to read, accessible and practical, it is the ultimate guide to monetize any business using teleseminars.

I have spent thousands of dollars on other programs on this topic and none have come close to the program you offer. It is worth 10 times the cost you charge for it. It is truly the best investment anyone can make when it comes to building your business for speakers and trainers and entrepreneurs. The pricing you set for the course just reinforces how “real and genuine” you are in terms of wanting to help others but making it available at a price that is affordable for everyone. I am recommending this class to everyone I know and suggest that this is a “must” for anyone to wants to build their business using teleseminars and know how to harness the power of social networking.. You are not only an amazing resource but a truly giving person who will help make many many people wealthy in ways that they cannot even imagine. I am blessed to be one of your coaching clients and friends. Thank you for continuing to share your wealth of knowledge.

Rhonda Sher Speaker, author, consultant

Rev. Mandi NeiserYou receive a lot more than you pay for!

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that Kathleen Gage coined the phrase…’promise much, and deliver more’ as this is exactly what you get when you sign up for a course with this amazing marketing expert! On the first call, Kathleen told us to purchase a binder for our materials. She didn’t mention that it should be a two inch binder, because that’s what I needed to hold all the fantastic information she provided for us!

With Kathleen, I can promise you, that you will receive a lot more than you paid for in content, usable materials, her depth of knowledge & presentation. She is an incredible teacher who presents the information in such an easy-to-follow format, that it would be inconceivable to imagine that anyone could fail if they followed her program!

I can’t wait to see what she’s working on next!

Rev. Mandi Neiser
Stoney Creek, ON Canada

Masha MalkaKathleen gave 150% to my best-selling promotion

“Kathleen is not just someone who is highly knowledgeable and very professional in what she does; she is also very caring and attentive. Kathleen gave 150% to my best-selling promotion, doing a lot more than we agreed on. She understood my needs, strengths, and weaknesses very well and was always there for me when I needed her – even after the project was finished! She produced amazing results and I would work with Kathleen again in a heart-beat”

Masha Malka, bestselling author, speaker, coach
The One Minute Coach: change your life one minute at a time.

Kathleen Rich-NewThis is a rock solid methodology!

I have participated in over a dozen programs that claimed to offer advice on how to grow your business; they took my money, but they only delivered a variety of ideas with little methodology to them. At the end of the program I had new ideas and no plan on how to implement them. The problem was the others lacked the specific business grounding, core thinking, and analysis that are required to build a profitable business.

Kathleen Gage provides the most solid, step-by-step advice available to build your teleseminar business. When you complete her program you will know exactly what ideas to pursue, how to research the market, and how to reach and engage your clients. Kathleen’s mantra, “This is not a get rich quick scheme, it is how to build a profitable and sustainable business.”

This is a rock solid methodology on how to develop and grow a sustainable business.

Kathleen Rich-New
The Executive Woman’s Coach

Rosalie LynchI will be participating in other courses you create!

I have just completed Kathleen Gage’s 4-week course on Teleseminars.

I have participated in the best of what the Internet has to offer through other leadership…their message was “you have to have a system” for what you are trying to accomplish and dropped it there.

Kathleen gave us HER system in creating teleseminars and marketing them. There is no guessing. Kathleen went over each and every step during the course and made it simple to learn. A 3 ring binder holds the material she gave us and it is busting at the seams! Kathleen – keep up your good work and I will be participating in other courses you create because you come through and help us to come through.

Thank you!!!

Rosalie Lynch, ASP, CLC
Certified Life Coach